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Big Chuck is the combination of Upchuck and Way Big's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix.


Big Chuck has the basic body of Perk Upchuck with Way Big's details. He has Perk Upchuck's shade of green on Way Big's fins on his head, elbows, and shoulders. The bulbs on his head have turned fin-like. He retains Upchuck's "gills" on the side of his head. He has a white face with a grey top and green sides, back, and neck.

The green part from his neck goes down to his chest. He has black stripes on his arms. His legs are disproportional, being very small thighs and very large calves. He has green Upchuck fingers and toes. He has Way Big's chin eyes.

The Biomnitrix is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strong Prehensile Tongues
  • Explosive Vomit
  • Enhanced Strength

Being part-To'kustar, Big Chuck has a degree of enhanced strength almost similar to Way Big, as he was able to take out Eon's servants with ease.

Being part-Gourmand, Big Chuck can eat solid matter and release it back as explosive energy just like Upchuck.





Season 8

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Glutãozão From glutãozão, big glutton.
Russian Большой головастик From большой, big and головастик, polliwog
Spanish (HA) Vomitoncio From vomitón, a baby that vomits a lot; pronounced /boli'tonsio/ instead /bomi'toncio/.


Big Chuck's name is a combination of Way Big and Upchuck.


  • Big Chuck's voice is the same as Way Big's in Omniverse.
  • If Derrick were to have an Omnitrix of his own, one of his aliens would be Big Chuck.[DJW 1]
    • Big Chuck would be considered an outliner because he can only be accessed using the Biomnitrix.


Derrick J. Wyatt

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