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Big Ben

Big Ben's tower

Big Ben is a tourist spot in London that first appeared in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1.


The Big Ben is a large bell, located in the clock tower of Tower of Westminster in London.


Ben, Rook, Wes Green and Kai first arrive at Big Ben when they are prisoners of the Forever Knights who are searching for the legendary sword Excalibur. When the group arrive at Big Ben, a moonlight hits the two objects, projecting rays of green light that point into the water, making a stone structure. Kai informs Ben that there is going to be a distraction and tells Ben to fly down and get Excalibur. Suddenly, the Big Ben starts to ring which causes all of the Forever Knights, including Chadwick and the Forever Ninja, to react in pain. Ben dials the Omnitrix and transforms into Blitzwolfer and is immediately affected by the ringing of Big Ben. Big Ben eventually stops ringing and the Forever Ninja attacks Blitzwolfer with arrows. Blitzwolfer stops the arrows with his howling, but the Forever Ninja takes out his swords to attack.

Sir Morton wants to know what's going on and asks the two Forever Knights, who are supposed to be guarding Rook and Wes. Rook and Wes are seen riding down a zipline using Rook's Proto-Tool. Meanwhile, Blitzwolfer knocks away the Forever Ninja, who lands in front of Rook and Wes as he prepares for another battle. Kai attempts to move away, but she falls off but grabs onto the clock hand. Blitzwolfer manages to save her and turns back into Ben. Chadwick appears before them and says that he is ready to claim Excalibur. Ben says that he won't let that happen but looks over and see that both Rook and Wes are surrounded by Forever Knights. Chadwick is now eager to claim the powerful sword. After this they leave Big Ben to travel to the place where Excalibur is situated.

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