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Hunh... First rule of showmanship, razzle dazzle!

– Bezel.[1]

Bezel is master magician who first appeared in Third Time's a Charm.


Bezel assumes the form of a lowly school janitor, sporting simple clothes, and is almost never seen without his leaf rake. In his true form, he wears a red robe and hat, as well as the Charm of Resurrection around his neck. He has several pouches around his waist.


Despite being known as the greatest magic user of all time, he hates real magic because there are no rules, and he prefers prestidigitation because they are nothing but rules. While he is certainly capable of fulfilling requests others ask of him, he much prefers to be indirect in his approaches to give an element of excitement. This makes him seem mildly eccentric in his mannerisms.



Bezel created his charms a very long time ago during his quest for magical power. The creation of the charms, along with their destruction and recreation over the ensuing years, softened the veil of reality that separates our dimension from Legerdomain. This weakened the barrier between realities enough for other magic using humans like Hex or Charmcaster or whoever to tap into the power of Legerdomain, as well as eventually letting them enter the other realm.[DJW 1]

He eventually more or less retired from being a sorcerer and learned sleight-of-hand while employed as a janitor at Gwen's university.[DJW 2]


Bezel made his debut in Third Time's a Charm, where he watched Ben's team solve the mystery of Gwen's disappearance. All the time he was joking with the heroes, asking them to take a card from the deck. After some time and Charmcaster's attack, Bezel admitted that he was a magician and helped the heroes. He was changed by Charmcaster into a totem and put in her bag. After Gwen, Hex, Addwaitya, and Darkstar were freed and Charmcaster defeated, Bezel left unnoticed.

Powers and Abilities

Despite preferring fake magic, Bezel is the most powerful sorcerer of all time. He has been shown that he can easily teleport to an area of ​​his choice, turning a door into a teleportation portal. Bezel has the ability to change costumes by hitting his broom into the ground, alternating between his janitor and sorcerer attire. He can throw energy sparks from his hands and can summon his broom whenever he wants.


Bezel's dislike for real magic means that he's less likely or willing to opt for direct approaches, as shown when he tried to perform a card trick instead of getting Ben, Kevin, Rook and Zed into Hex's library. He admits that he's fully capable of doing so (such as breaking Charmcaster's barrier or causing her to disappear), but he'd prefer not to. This caused him to be willingly turned into a totem.



Season 8


  • Originally, Bezel was an advanced civilization rather than a person.[pop-up 1][pop-up 2][2] In Omniverse, however, Bezel was revealed to be an actual character.
    • The out-of-universe reason for this is due to the fact that the Omniverse creative team on the show did not have all the information from the pop-up trivia episodes. Derrick J. Wyatt stated that he "tried to get a list of all those pop up facts a couple times but never got them".[DJW 3]
  • Bezel stems from Matt Youngberg's dislike of the use of magic in the super hero genre. That's why Bezel thinks stage magic tricks are better, but real magic is a big cheat.[DJW 4]
  • It was Derrick's idea for Bezel's voice to be similar to Charles Nelson Reilly. Likewise, his outfit is based on Derrick's idea of Rincewind from Discworld.[DJW 4]
  • Bezel is a parallel of The Amazing Mumbo from Teen Titans,[DJW 4] as both of them share similar body designs and are voiced by Tom Kenny. They can also use real magic, but have an attraction to stage magic.
    • The main difference is that Bezel could already use real magic yet became disillusioned by it and took a shining to stage magic, whereas Mumbo was a stage magician who obtained a real magic wand, resulting in real magic powers and a loss of sanity.


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