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Captain Betts McCabe is an astronaut, considered by Ben to be the greatest pilot in the world. She is known for the prowess to go towards an asteroid and make it dodge.


She is a woman with short black hair, with shaved sides. She wears a gray NASA suit with black boots.


Captain Betts McCabe has a strong and courageous personality. She was not intimidated when Vilgax stole her ship and tried to stand up to it. He also showed no fear at the time his shuttle was down and falling at great speed.


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In the episode, Out to Launch , Captain McCabe is invited by NASA for the test flight of the Pioneer Model-E , but when she enters the ship she discovers two things, that she would not fly the ship but only be watching and that Vilgax also had on board, to try to steal the experimental vehicle.

Powers and Abilities

Betts doesn't have any special powers. However, she has great courage and bravery, having the courage to face Vilgax and pilot her ship when it had a destroyed wing.


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