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Ben to the Rescue was a Ben 10 game on the Cartoon Network website. The game features Tetrax Shard kidnapping Gwen, prompting Ben to chase after him to save her.


Level 1: XLR8: Chase Tetrax, who has Gwen. Level 2: Grey Matter: Break into Tetrax's hideout. Change bulbs' places to advance. Level 3: Wildmutt: Jump onto platforms to escape the lava flow. Watch out for Tetrax's lasers. Level 4: Diamondhead: Use crystal shards to take down Tetrax.

How To Play


Tetrax kidnaps Gwen, and it's your job to get her back. Avoid cars, smash drones and catch him.


  • XLR8's mask is green.
  • Wildmutt's claws are orange like his skin.

Wildmutt jumping TTR.jpg