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Ben Tennyson and Julie Yamamoto used to be one of the main couples in the Ben 10 franchise.


Alien Force[]

PPr (272)

Ben and Julie on their first date

Julie first met Ben as a crowd attendant in Ben's soccer game, in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1. She congratulated Ben on his win and told him she heard a lot about him.

In Pier Pressure, after some encouragement from Gwen, Ben hesitantly asked Julie out on a date to the pier, and was scared about Julie's potential reaction to the Omnitrix. Their date was interrupted when an alien named Ship kidnapped Julie. During the rescue attempt, Julie found out about the Omnitrix and found it cool instead of running away like Ben thought. They then decided to keep Ship and went home holding each other's hand.

GCBC (62)

Julie teaching Ben Physics

In Good Copy, Bad Copy, she tutored Ben in Physics in preparation for a test. She appreciated that he was getting better day by day.

StLD (252)

Julie hugging Ben

In Save the Last Dance, Julie tried to help Ben by following Big Chill wherever he went, to get to the bottom of his blackouts. She also openly accepted that if there was any problem in Ben's life, she would be always there for him. At the end of the episode, when Kevin teased Ben for being a "mother", Julie unsarcastically told Ben that he made a great mommy.

In Pet Project, Ben was extremely protective of Julie and expressed annoyance at the fact that she kept Ship. The two reconciled at the end of the episode.

In War of the Worlds: Part 1, Julie and Ship joined the team in their fight against the DNAliens.

In War of the Worlds: Part 2, Julie showed a great deal of concern for Ben. For instance, when Ben went to Augstaka, she said "Be careful, Ben". At the end of the episode, the two got close to kissing, but decided against it, as Gwen, Kevin and Max were all looking on. Instead, Ben promised to walk Julie to school the next morning and she gave him a loving smile and got home by riding Ship.

In Don't Fear the Repo, when Julie was attacked by the Vreedle Brothers, Ben came to her rescue and chased the Vreedle Brothers away. Then, Ben and Kevin travelled halfway across the galaxy to Coda Coda to get Baz-l to tell the Vreedle Brothers to leave Ship alone.

In Singlehanded, Ben's cut-off hand found Julie for help. When Gwen told her that she could not locate Ben through her powers, Julie panicked until Kevin told her that he was alright. When Ben came back to Earth, Julie was very happy to see him alive and gave him a tight hug.

Ultimate Alien[]

In Fame, Ben went to Julie's house in order to avoid the media and then took Julie on a long drive in Ben's new car, the Mark 10. At the end of the episode, Julie kissed Ben on his cheek, reassuring him that she did not hate him after he claimed everyone hated him.

In Duped, Ben made three of himself with Echo Echo so he could do whatever he wanted. When Julie found out, she was upset because the original Ben chose to go to the Sumo Slammers movie, leaving the immature Ben to watch Julie's match, while embarrassing her in the process. In this episode, Ben and Julie both admitted publicly that they were a couple. After Julie found out what Ben did, she got mad and stormed off.

HT (458)

Ben rescuing Julie

In Hero Time, while several news channels relayed the story of Jennifer Nocturne kissing Ben after he saved her, Julie told Gwen and Kevin that there was nothing between him and Jennifer. After meeting Jennifer, her opinion of her changed, and she later took out her anger while playing tennis when Overlord kidnapped her. Ben saved her as Goop, calling her "his girl".

In The Transmogrification of Eunice, Ben believed that he and Julie had broken up (though Gwen indicated that Julie only said they might as well be) and showed an obvious attraction to Eunice and at one point he almost kissed her (only for them to be interrupted by Sunder).

In Eye of the Beholder, Ben initially decided against helping Julie find Ship, but after talking to Jimmy, he changed his mind. By the end of the episode, Ben apologized to Julie for being such a jerk and promised to try to be a better boyfriend, which made her happy.

In Revenge of the Swarm, Julie was kidnapped by Elena Valadis in order to keep Ben from her. Ben saved Julie, only for Elena to attack him. Julie convinced her to stop, saying that she would not hurt Ben if she truly loved him. After Elena killed herself to save Ben's life, Julie comforted him.

TPG (454)

Julie comforting Ben

In The Perfect Girlfriend, their relationship spiked once again when Ben decided to go after Ssserpent as Julie left Bellwood for a tennis tournament. During the entire episode, Elena Valadis made a comeback disguised as Julie, asking what Ben would want. Julie returned to see Ben shortly after Elena revealed herself. Elena, angered, then fought Ben as Ultimate Echo Echo, and tried to kill him by choking him with her nanochips. Julie told Elena to stop, saying that if she kills him, then no one could have him. Elena spared Ben and retreated, saying she now "knows what hate feels like," and swore revenge.

TUE2 (410)

Julie kissing Ben on the lips

Inspector #13 showed Julie and Ben playing a tennis match. After Inspector 13 kidnapped Ben, Julie, along with Gwen and Kevin, rescued him.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Julie talked Ben out of selfishly wiping out all evil in the universe. After he came back to his senses and reverted all humans back to normal, she kissed him on the lips.


RoE (245)

Ben and Julie in Omniverse

In Rules of Engagement, a flashback revealed that 16-year-old Ben was in his room playing Sumo Slammers when he accidentally broke up with Julie when he started talking to her on the phone while yelling at the game at the same time. Julie, believing Ben broke up with her, turned off her phone.

In the present, they have officially broken up and are no longer a couple. However, they agreed to be friends.


  • Ben and Julie's relationship parallels the relationship between Azmuth and Zennith, as they share the same reason for the breakup: Ben and Azmuth simply didn't know that they lost their girlfriends until it was too late to get them back.
    • However, unlike Zennith and Azmuth, Ben and Julie agreed to maintaining a friendship.
  • The out-of-universe reason for Ben and Julie breaking up was that the crew wanted to do something different, and some of the producers didn't care for their relationship in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.[DJW 1]
    • As a result of the breakup, several of the staff started a letter-writing campaign and even threatened to stop watching the show, but Cartoon Network just didn't care.[MW 1]
  • Derrick J. Wyatt never felt their relationship had much chemistry, as Ben did not treat her very well.[DJW 2]
  • Collectimus is a die-hard supporter (or "shipper") of this relationship and will not hear anything else.[DJW 3]


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