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Ben's the name, turning alien is my game.

– Ben.[3]

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson[4][5] is the titular main protagonist of Ben 10. He was a normal ten-year-old kid until he found a mysterious alien watch called the Omnitrix, a powerful device that allows him to turn into ten different aliens with a simple touch - each with their own awesome power! Though immature and clumsy, he uses the Omnitrix to stop evil, but that doesn't stop him from using it for his own personal needs.


Regular Appearances[]

Ben wears a black and green t-shirt with the number 10 on the top left corner, dark green cargo trousers, blue boxer shorts, white socks, and black low profile sneakers. His eyes are green, his skin is fair, and his hair is brown. He wears the Omnitrix around his left wrist.

Occasional Appearances[]

During water-based activities, he wears a green swimsuit.

In The Ring Leader, he wore blue pants, a yellow cape and a goggles.

In The Sound and the Furry and Poles Apart, he wore a white hooded jacket with green stripes on both arms and brown pants, similar to his teenage counterpart in Ben 10: Omniverse.

In Ye Olde Laser Duel, Ben had to wear old clothes during his loss to Steam Smythe.

In Dreamtime, he wore green pajamas.

When riding in a Rustbuggy, he wears a green and black helmet.

In Crossover Nexus, he is depicted in the art style of OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes!.

In This One Goes to 11 and Introducing Kevin 11, during flashbacks, he wore a black and white shirt, green pants, and black and white sneakers, the same outfit from his Classic Counterpart.

In Moor Fogg, Ben wore a green raincoat while in Scotland.

In Beach Heads, he wore black and green swimming shirt and blue-green swimsuit.

In LaGrange Muraille, he wore a blue hat.

In Buggin' the Buggs and Ben 10,010, he wore a blue swimsuit and two colored eyeglasses, as well as a white bathrobe and facial mask.

In Which Watch, he wore a blue spacesuit.

In Four by Four, Ben wore a lazer tag vest.

In Cirque Us, he wore a green tuxedo with yellow-green bow tie.

In Prey or Play, he wore a black tuxedo with a green bow tie, a magician hat, and a monocle.

In Wheels of Fortune, Ben wore a Sumo slammers T-shirt before it was stolen by Kevin.

In You Remind Me of Someone, he wore an orange T-shirt with green stripes and a green shorts.

In Steam Fight at the OK Corral, Ben wore a cowboy Hat.

In I Don't Like You, Ben wore a Chef hat during his Junk food video.

During his brief time on the Forever Knight's side, the 10 on his casual outfit was a Forever Knight logo.

In his story in Tales from the Omnitrix, he was muscular and he wore green clothes with a dark green hoodie and cape.

In The Hex Factor, Ben wore a black tuxedo, with a green bow tie.

In Medieval Upheaval, Ben wore old, Medieval clothes.

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, he wore green, gray, and white Omni-Naut Armor with neon green lights.


No, I'm Ben Tennyson, and I'll do anything to save my family. Omnitrix or not. That's what a hero does.

– Ben to Azmuth.[6]

Ben has been portrayed as preferring to have fun over doing chores such as cleaning, and has openly admitted to neglecting his personal hygiene. However, despite his carefree attitude, Ben has also demonstrated heroic and caring behavior, willing to help and save anyone in need, including his enemies.

While Ben may not be as interested in nerd culture as his cousin Gwen, he has shown some teasing behavior towards it. Ben can be impulsive and reckless, often acting without thinking, which can lead to trouble. He also tends to get bored easily and struggles with math and science.

Ben has had difficulties with a former bully, Kevin Levin, and reportedly developed a fear of public restrooms and avoided the school cafeteria for a period of time. This experience led to a grudge against Kevin, which intensified when Ben discovered that Kevin had his own Omnitrix.

Ben has been known to act without considering the consequences, and his reckless behavior often gets him into trouble. His tendency to make mistakes has been noted by his family members, who sometimes comment on it even if he hasn't done anything wrong.

Ben has admitted to feeling full of himself and being afraid of showing his emotions, often hiding behind various identities. He has expressed that the Omnitrix is the only thing he believes is truly valuable about himself, although he has also shown the ability to focus on the positive.

Despite his flaws, Ben is committed to protecting his family and planet, even when faced with challenges such as losing the Omnitrix. Additionally, Ben is a fan of the fictional series Sumo Slammers.



Gwen Tennyson[]

Ben and Gwen have a pretty good relationship. They argue here and there but they always end up forgiving each other. At times, Ben finds her advise helpful, but often ignores it. Gwen sometimes partakes in Ben's mischievous behavior, such as when she played Ben's cornerman while they snuck out into a wrestling tournament.[7]

Ben and Gwen picture in Cirque-Us

Ben and Gwen's arguments are sometimes over the littlest things, such as a cupcake.[8] Gwen sometimes does not stick up for Ben, such as when she refused to believe anything he said Frightwig until she saw her true colors for herself.[9]

Ben often takes credit for Gwen's work, even if it's not intentional.[10] She temporarily became a henchwoman for Zombozo because of this jealousy.[11]

Max Tennyson[]

Max and Ben in Big in japan

Ben and Max almost have a father and son relationship. Max often gives Ben advice, but Ben is annoyed by it. Recently, Ben starts to accept the fact that his advice is helpful and he should listen to him more.[12]



Ben appears to be often annoyed at Penny. Penny cares for Ben's safety very much.

Simon Sez[]

When Ben first met Simon, he thought he was very annoying. He soon yelled at him, causing Simon to react in rage. Simon was willing to crush Ben, but was stopped by his brother Ryan.[13] Since then, Ben has been working to be on better terms with Simon.

Phil Billings[]

Phil is really nice to Ben due to his kind nature, however Ben seems often annoyed by Phil's work. When Phil helped fix the Omnitrix, Ben later stated that Phil didn't even do anything.[14] Ben alongside Gwen, don't really get excited in the presence of Phil.


Kevin Levin[]

Kevin and Ben in R

Kevin used to be Ben's bully back when Ben was in fourth grade. His grudge has escaladed into a rivalry after discovering that Kevin has his own Omnitrix.[15] Despite that, Ben is willing to either help or save Kevin.[16]

Ben and Kevin have eventually become on better terms after working together to defeat Forever Knight, as they and LaGrange teamed up to unfreeze time using the Sonitrain. Ben has even stated that he is not as interested in fighting Kevin.[17]


Tetrax sees Ben as nothing but a bounty. He is often annoyed by his behavior, and thinks that he is only good for his bounty. Ben sees Tetrax as a "good-for-nothing bounty hunter".[6]


3INV (79)

Vilgax is Ben's most dangerous enemy. Ben often gets on Vilgax's nerves. Vilgax would do almost anything to get the Omnitrix from Ben. Although, Ben has shown willingness to work with Vilgax. They both teamed up to stop the Fulmini invasion. However, Vilgax attempted to betray Ben.

Vilgax later returned to get revenge on Ben. After a fight, Vilgax spares Ben's life to let him witness the unleashing of the Ultimate Alien.[6]

Billy Billions[]

Ben and Billy both have a rival relationship. Ben offers Billy to be friends with him, however, each time Billy turns down the offer.

Before Ben found the Omnitrix, he was actually a fan of Billy Billions.[18]

Steam Smythe[]

Steam Smythe is one of Ben's most reoccurring enemies. Steam Smythe often challenges Ben to duels. He made Ben humiliate himself after cheating in a laser tag dual. Over time Ben got bored of fighting him, and wanted more of a challenge.[6]


2CF (323)

Hex finds Ben to be a complete nuisance, since he keeps thwarting his plans for domination, especially since he is a recent obstacle in his years of attempted conquering.

Kelly Turnbull compares Hex's feelings towards Ben to coming home and finding ants in your kitchen that you can't get rid of.[KT 1]

Aloysius Animo[]

Ben seems to think of Dr. Animo as a coward, and says that he creates monsters to do his dirty work.[19]


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Since he was 6 years old, his cousin Penny was his nanny, she was very overprotective of him, because of that Ben is uncomfortable in her presence.

Ben joins a play in the first grade, but ruins it due to his fear of tentacles, he then gets laughed at by Cash and JT

During fourth grade, Ben constantly gets bullied by his soon to become rival, Kevin Levin.

3VS (201)

Discovering the Omnitrix

Ben goes on a road trip around the country with his cousin Gwen, and his grandfather Max. The three stopped near at Mt. Rushmore, where Ben ended up seeing the Omnitrix Capsule fall while collecting firewood. Upon arriving at the crash site, he found the Omnitrix, which stuck to his wrist.[20] Right away, he then turned Four Arms[DR 1] and faced some of drones that had been sent to Earth to get the Omnitrix.

Some time after this, he meets Hex, Dr. Animo, and LaGrange and becomes enemies with them.

Ben 10[]

In Waterfilter, Ben awakes a Hydromander by using Cannonbolt and jumping into Niagara Falls. He uses Overflow for the first time. He later defeats the Hydromander as Overflow.

In The Filth, Ben is forces to stay in the Rustbucket and do chores, he ends up loosing it to Maurice and Sydney. He tries everything to get it back. Soon Ben arrives at a toxic waste dump, where Maurice reveals that they are creating a maggot monster out of garbage. Ben uses Four Arms to defeat the maggot monster, while sacrificing a clean Rustbucket in the process.

In The Ring Leader, Ben enters a wrestling match, and fights Iron Kyle for the first time. Ben ends up destroying his suit as Overflow, but they both end up getting disqualified.

In Ben 24hrs, Ben alien jumps for the first time, whilst sleeping.

In Rustbucket RIP, Team Tennyson travels to a historic town, where he and the rest of Team Tennyson meets Billy Billions.

Ben meets Steam Smythe for the first time, and they become enemies in The Clocktopus.

In Don't Let the Bass Drop, Ben and Gwen encounters Lord Decibel for the first time.

Ben, alongside the rest of the Tennyson trio, encounters the Weatherheads for the first time, in Riding the Storm Out.

In Need for Speed, Ben meets Vin Ethanol for the first time.

In Omni-Tricked, Ben faces off with Dr. Animo as Cannonbolt. He ends up failing, but he unlocks a new alien, Gax. Later on, Ben, alongside Gwen and Max, visits an underground construction site, where they seek help from Max's old buddy Phil. Ben saves Phil from a cave in as Stinkfly. Ben and Phil tries to get the train started. The bounty hunters soon show up and tries to take Ben. Ben fights them for a while until a cliff approaches and the bounty hunters leave. Ben saves Phil as Wildvine before the train falls off. The four relocates to a forest where no one can get hurt. Phil puts a device on the watch so he could get more readings. Ben leaves and decides to test out Gax. After playing around and damaging the watch, Vilgax shows up in his ship.

OTP3 (33)

Vilgax takes Gax's DNA and becomes whole again. Ben tries to fight off Vilgax but ends up getting beat in the end. Soon the team drives to the volcano Ben sealed up earlier to stop Vilgax from absorbing lava. Ben fights Vilgax once more but ends up failing to defeat him again. Vilgax repairs the Omnitrix and Ben uses Upgrade to take down the ship. Vilgax has Ben caught, but Ben upgrades the Omnitrix using Upgrade, and thus creating Glitch. Ben takes down Vilgax utilizing all of his aliens, switching from alien to alien at will, with out even touching the watch. Later that day Phil breaks the news the Omnitrix is functioning the same way it did before Gax arrived.

In Out to Launch, Ben and the rest of team Tennyson visits a space launch. There the space ship takes off unexpectedly. Ben uses binoculars to find out what's the problem, and notices it's Vilgax, who survived their last encounter. Ben transforms into XLR8 and chases after the spaceship. Ben times out on the ships wing. The watch times in automatically and Ben transforms into Grey Matter to sneak in. Ben meets Captain Betts McCabe. Ben and McCabe works together to get to the cockpit. Gwen soon opens the door leading there and Vilgax sees Ben. Ben transforms into Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead and takes on Vilgax. Ben ends up blasting Vilgax out of the ship. The ship is soon landed by Captain McCabe, with the help of Ben.


Discovering Shock Rock

In The 11th Alien: Part 1, the Tennyson's visits a town in a desert-like environment. Ben is dying from the heat, until a mudslide occurs. Ben transforms into Omni-Enhanced Four Arms, in an attempt to turn into Heatblast. Manages to get everything under control, right before Vilgax shows up, warning him about the Omnitrix. Ben transforms into Omni-Enhanced Heatblast and charges at shoots beams at Vilgax, which to everyone's belief, caused most of the town to freeze. Ben transforms back, and Vilgax kneels, telling him that he came to protect Ben from the Omnitrix. Vilgax tells Ben to give him the Omnitrix, and he will leave the planet, but Ben doesn't trust him. Suddenly, the Omnitrix recharges, displaying a new alien. Shock Rock. Despite Vilgax's warning, Ben activates the alien. After a quick fight, Vilgax leaves, in fear for the planet

Later on, Ben worries about if he should give the Omnitrix to Vilgax, or keep it. Gwen soon tells him to relax, using self reflecting crystals. Ben transforms into Diamondhead, but eventually falls asleep. Ben wakes seeing lighting in the sky, despite not being enhanced. Ben creates shelter for civilians, and soon times out. Vilgax shows up again, seeking the Omnitrix. Ben comes to terms with this and surrenders. Not too soon after, Gwen reveals that it was the Weatherheads causing all of the trouble. Ben starts to believe in himself and transforms back into Shock Rock. Ben eventually defeats both Vilgax, and the Weatherheads. With Vilgax gone, Ben has more time to practice with his new alien.


Animo collecting alien DNA from the Omnitrix

In Animorphosis, Ben and the rest of team Tennyson digs up dinosaur fossils in the badlands. Ben leaves off to go find more fossils, but is attacked by Dr. Animo's alphas. The alphas manage to pin him down, and Dr. Animo and Vilgax shows up. Animo, using his DNA gun, collects all of the alien DNA from the Omnitrix, only to be betrayed by his former ally Vilgax. Animo transforms Ben into Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly giving Ben the chance to take out the alphas. Stinkfly brings Animo up to a mountain and allies himself with Animo to defeat Vilgax, but Ben then times out.

Later Ben, as Omni-Enhanced Overflow, and Animo enters the lab. Overflow distracts Vilgax while Animo retrieves the DNA gun. Animo alters his own DNA, becoming an Appoplexian. After a battle between Vilgax, Ben and Animo, the lab sets to explode. Animo and Ben works together again to escape it, leaving Vilgax behind. Vilgax reveals himself to be alive and runs off. Animo soon betrays Ben and slams him on the ground, timing out just then. Animo also reverts back to his form, right before attempting to finish off Ben. Ben calls the authorities and manages to get back to the digging sight.

In Drone On, Ben, Gwen, and Max visited a part. Ben and Gwen played with paper airplanes until Max spotted drones flying into a power plant. Ben's watch was timed out, so he was defenseless at the time. Gwen uses a glider and flies around, facing the drones. Ben's watch eventually times back in, and Ben turns into Omni-Enhanced Heatblast. He manages to take out a few drones before he eventually times out midair, but he is luckily saved by Gwen. After his watch recharges, Ben transforms into Grey Matter. Ben (as Grey Matter) and Gwen eventually figured out who's the true mastermind behind the drones are, Vilgax. Vilgax destroys one of the drones Ben and Gwen were utilizing. They both fall straight into a lake. Max congratulates the two for facing drones, and Vilgax.

Innerv (26)

Omnitrix acting up

In Innervasion, Ben and Gwen competes in a boxcar race, but they are eventually attacked by a war bot. Ben uses Shock Rock to defeat it, with the help of the voices in his head. Ben finds out that it was Vilgax who attacked him and imprisoned him in a lighting cell. Later on Ben has dreams of him on Fulmas, being chased by the Fulmini. Ben wakes up sweating, realizing that it was just a dream. Later on in the night, Ben has another dream, but he wakes up outside, in front of a robot, that isn't complete. Gwen tells Ben that he was sleep walking as Shock Rock. Implying that every time he dreamed, he sleep walked. Ben touches the metal and activates the robotic creature he built. Ben tries to fight it off, but fails to defeat it. Ben transforms into Shock Rock and lets Vilgax out of the lighting cell. Vilgax tries to warn Ben about the Fulmini, but Ben doesn't listen. Ben tries to take on the robot alone as Shock Rock, after letting Vilgax out of the cell, but fails. Vilgax takes apart the robot but realizes that it's too late. He tells Ben that the Fulmini now knows where he lives.

Vilgax explains that the machine that Ben built in his sleep established a gateway, one of which the most unstoppable army in the cosmos will invade Earth. The Fulmini. Ben and Vilgax teams up and enters the Omnitrix. Eventually, they meet up with Glitch, a fusion between Ben, and Galvanic Mechamorph DNA. Glitch soon explains the mystery behind Ben's Omni-Enhancements. Soon the three devises a plan to stop the Fulmini invasion, by cutting off the Omnicore. Ben soon finds out a way to create a Fulmini DNA pod, by inserting part of the remains of a fallen Fulmini soldier. Ben transforms into Shock Rock and runs out into battle. He ends up getting controlled the High Override. Ben faces off with Vilgax, who tries to make a deal with the High Override. The Fulmini leader doesn't forces Ben to fight off Vilgax, ending up sending him to the Null Void. Ben is now being controlled by the Fulmini leader. Soon, he attacks Glitch, who is trying to break him free from his control. Gwen and Max soon drive in using the Rustbuggy. They are able to break Ben out of his control. Ben reverts back to human, and all three Tennysons hug. Glitch drives through and pics the trio up in the Rustbuggy. They are taken to the DNA loading chamber. Max and Gwen hops through different pods, and Ben hops through four of them, becoming XLRArmBlastDiamondHeat. Then Tennysons then fight off the High Override. Soon, Max and Gwen are taken out, and it's up to Ben to stop the High Override. Ben is able to punch the High Override back into the portal, and with the help of Glitch, taking him back to his planet. The Omnitrix begins rebooting, so Glitch upgrades the Rustbuggy and the Tennysons drive out, and arrives back on Earth. Ben then puts the Omnitrix back on, and the Tennysons drive off, happy to see Glitch still alive after the Omnitrix's reboot.

In Omni-Copped, it's been five days since the events of Innervasion, and Ben's Omnitrix isn't working. Ben and Gwen soon meets up with Max, who is with Phil Billings. Max tells the two that Phil has been working on a secret project all summer, and Max has been helping put the finishing touches on it the past few weeks. They reveal the Omni-Copter. Gwen gets exited and bumps Ben into Phil's screw driver, activating the Omnitrix. Ben gets excited at the sight of new aliens. The trio soon flies off in the copter. Ben tries out one of his aliens, Slapback. Soon they are attacked by Steam Smythe and Ben uses Cannonbolt to save them.

In This One Goes to 11, he and Gwen ran into his old bully, Kevin. There Ben discovers that Kevin has his own Omnitrix.

Over the course of Season 3, Ben runs into Kevin a lot. They both either fight against each other, or team up. Ben also has to fight against the mysterious Forever Knight.

In Crossover Nexus, at some point Ben is summoned to the Nexus Realm by Strike. Ben manages to get away from Strike (who wants to X him), and runs around the city avoiding him, alongside Garnet. Soon another hero who reveals himself to be K.O., is saved by Garnet. Ben runs over and finds cover for them.

CN (63)

Meeting K.O. and Garnet

They run into an empty alleyway, and they introduce themselves. Ben transforms into Four Arms and throws a rock at Strike's Pen. The Omnitrix is soon zapped off. Later, after meeting Raven, and making it to Strike's lair, K.O. takes Strike's pen and gives everyone their powers back. Ben gets his Omnitrix back and transforms back to human. The four attack Strike. Ben tries to transform into an alien, however he transforms into Jake the Dog and Prohyas Warrior. K.O. tells Ben that the Omnitrix was made with Strike's power, and he has the power to summon any hero into the world. Ben gets where he's going. K.O. uses his powerfist and launches Ben into Strike, transforming into multiple Cartoon Network Heroes from across the multiverse, ending the punch with Finn the Human. Garnet then programs the Pen to fix the city, and undo Strike's mayhem. Raven then creates a portal for them to all go home. Ben leaves, excited to tell Gwen about it all.

In Vin Diagram, Ben once again runs into Kevin, who allied with Vin Ethanol. Ben gets jealous of them working together and tries to win Vin over. He competes in the race trying to get even with Kevin. The both end up fighting each other. At the end of the race Vin tells him that he isn't going to give up being a criminal for a "bunch of 7 year old's".

In Roundabout: Part 1, Ben finally joins Forever Knight's team. He is tasked to transform into XLR8 and run around with rush. They both get up to 800 miles per hour, and are zapped by a cannon. The impact created a time portal. Forever Knight requires Ben to go through the portal with him. Kevin gets angry and attack Ben, along with Billy Billions and Charmcaster. Ben transforms into Humungousaur and takes all of them out. Ben and Forever Knight begins to leave, and Gwen, Max, and Phil falls in, trying to stop Ben. Ben tells them to go away, stating he doesn't need them anymore.

In Roundabout: Part 2, Forever Knight and Ben arrives at their first destination. Ben's watch begins beeping, and questions why. Forever Knight tells him that his watch is helping him locate alien signals. Ben claims that he won't be used for his evil plan. Ben fights of Forever Knight, but is defeated each time. Soon Gwen and Kevin arrives to help him, and they team up to stop the Knight. Soon they are all in a time portal, trying to escape the knight. Kevin sacrifices himself, pushing Forever Knight into a time portal, leaving them both lost in time. Ben complains that Kevin stole his thunder. Ben tells the story to Max back in the Omni-Copter, but Max states that he is still grounded.

In Summer Breakers, Ben, Max, Gwen, and Phil searched for an unknown object that landed with the Omnitrix. Ben doesn't want to find it, being scared of the consequences. Gwen helps him look on the bright side, and they both search for the object. They run into Breaker One-Nine, a man who does anything for profit. Ben fights him off and his machine using, Humungousaur. Soon. Gwen finds the object, and throws it towards Ben.
SB (307)

Using the Omnitrix Key

The Omnitrix starts glowing, and Ben figures out that the object is a key. He slams it into the watch and transforms into Omni-Kix Four Arms. Breaker One-Nine is soon defeated. Phil tells Ben that the key allows him to armor up his aliens, and that he might time out faster. Ben ignores that, and gets excited of his new ability.
1VS (579)

Getting abducted by the Incurseans

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Ben fights off Steam Smythe, and defeats him easily. He believes that bad guys no longer give him a challenge. After heading to Phil's house, because of an emergency, Ben learn from Phil that The Omni-Kix Key was inserted improperly. Phil puts Ben through a training course before his mission in space. Ben however doesn't do well. They have no options, and are running out of time. Outside, Phil puts the key into the Omnitrix the right way. Ben transforms into Jetray, and then goes Omni-Kix, then uses his new discovered ability, Omni-Naut. He tests out his new power, and then flies off into space. After missing the meteor, he time out and is taken exposed to the vacuum of space. Luckily, the Omnitrix provides him with a space suit. Ben is fascinated by the suit. He then remembers about the meteor, and attempts to get back to earth. Soon the Incurseans arrive, and collects him. Major Glorff steps in and tells Ben, who he believes is Vilgax, that he is under arrest for countless acts of violence across the galaxy. Ben tries to escape them, but fails.

2VS (378)

Ben being banished to the Null Void

On the Incursean ship, he is put on trial. The Grand Magistrate reveals himself. Ben tries to tell him that he isn't Vilgax. Milleous then brings a whiteness to the court, Tetrax. Tetrax shows footage of Ben transforming into Gax. The court comes to a decision, and Milleous sentences Ben to a lifetime in the Null Void. In the Null Void, Ben runs into five alien criminals, who are after the Omnitrix. He is soon outmatched, but Azmuth shows up, scaring them off. Azmuth demands for Ben to hand over the Omnitrix, but Ben attacks him, refusing. Azmuth reverts Ben back to human. Azmuth removes the Omnitrix from Ben's wrist, and walks off. Azmuth soon lets it slip that Vilgax was once his student. Ben convinces Azmuth to tell him his origins. Ben asks for the watch back, but Azmuth won't hand it over since Ben was the one who allowed Vilgax to get to full form. Ben prepares to go fight Vilgax, without the Omnitrix. After hearing Ben's dedication to save his family and planet, Azmuth gives him a chance to prove himself, through a trial.

3VS (774)

New function discovered

Ben soon discovers how to access any alien outside the active DNA loading chamber. He uses it to transform into a new alien - Goop, and saves the Piscciss Volann Prisoner from falling into a Null Void rift. Ben, however, runs out of time to pass the trial. Azmuth decides to let Ben go, and save his planet. Azmuth throws out a Null Void Projector, and Ben uses Omni-Naut Shock Rock to escape, not before telling Azmuth that people can change, which eventually convinces Azmuth to leave the Null Void. Ben notices the Incurseans's ship getting pulled into the Null Void, and saves them. After saving them, he is thanked by Milleous and the other Incurseans. Ben and the other Incurseans searches the ship for the one who accused Ben of being Vilgax - Tetrax. Eventually, Ben finds him trying to escape. Ben defeats Tetrax in battle, and Tetrax reveals that he was working for Azmuth. Ben lets him go, and tells Milleous that Tetrax bailed. Soon, Ben leaves back to Earth.

5VS (725)

Ben, Gwen, Max and Phil are prepared to new adventures

On Earth, Ben reunites with his family, and fights off AntiVilgax. Ben is outmatched, and the Omni-Kix key is taken from him. After Vilgax goes Alien V, Ben is forced to use his new found ability, and transform into a new, powerful, alien - Way Big. Alien V is soon beaten, and Azmuth flies in, taking the Omnitrix back to repair Vilgax's DNA, and the whole planet itself. Azmuth lets Ben keeps the watch afterwards. Ben and Gwen checks to see if Kevin is okay, however Kevin is gone. The two hop inside the Rustbucket, and Team Tennyson drives off to Nebraska.

BTT (302)

Surge unlocked

In Ben 10,010, Ben is hanging out at a hot spring with Simon Sez before Steam Smythe attacks aboard the Clocktopus. Instructing Simon to keep the adults busy, Ben immediately transforms into a new Xerge race alien named Surge. Of course, he is unable to display any useful powers, leading him to flee from the Clocktopus. However, in the middle of the fight, Ben 10,000 (a version of an alternate future of Ben) arrives in time for Gwen to save Surge only to be caught by Clocktopus. Transforming into Four Arms, Ben 10,000 attacks the Clocktopus for Surge and Gwen's surprise. After hording down enough food to convince Simon, Ryan, and Maxine to go someplace else, Ben and Gwen introduce Max to Ben 10,000, who explains that he came to the past for Ben's help in stopping the Xerge, which Ben eagerly accepts. Before journey into the future, Ben 10,000 assures Max that he will return Ben if he can. Once they have arrived, the White House has been obliterated and Ben 10,000 breaks down while Ben comforts him. Sergeant Smythe runs up, and Ben immediately transforms into Diamondhead and attacks him. Ben 10,000 stops him stating that Smythe is on their side. Ben 10,000 transforms into Heatblast and they proceed to pursue the Xerge. Diamondhead and Heatblast uses combo moves and destroy a few Xerge constructs.

4BTT (1287)

Bens unite

After some fighting, the aliens reveal why they are attacking Earth, they want the Xerge DNA sample that is in the Omnitrix, with this A.I. Max reveals that the power of the Xerge increases when others of his species join. This gives the winning idea to Ben 10,000 and Ben, both of whom have seen the Surge and try to get some Xerge to their side, which ends up working out and destroying the threat. Ben then goes back to his time.

2BG10 (432)

Ben meets Rex and Bobo

In Ben Gen 10, Team Tennyson visits Washington, D.C. and its historical monuments, but to sweep they encounter Hex who once again has a plan to take over the world, this time using Pan's Flute. Heatblast fighting a living tree near a family roasting marshmallows. Heatblast burns the tree, nearly causing a wildfire, until Gwen and Grandpa Max put a blanket over the burned tree. Hex appears and uses the powers of Pans flute to make more living trees. The family returns wanting to thank Heatblast for getting rid of the living tree, but Heatblast tells them to run. Hex makes more living trees and begins to overpower Heatblast. Gwen tells Heatblast to go for the flute and shoots a fire at him, causing him to drop the flute. Heatblast burns the flute turning the living trees into normal trees, and makes hex mad as usual. Heatblast turns back into Ben and Gwen and Max congratulate him, hoping this would be the last adventure of their summer vacation. Ben thinks it’s not the end but Gwen brings up their past adventures proving Ben wrong. Ben refuses to believe that his summer vacation is almost over and takes Gwens s’more. Ben walks in the forest complaining about school and hallucinates his s’more talking to him. An unknown person swoops in and takes the s'more from Ben. It is revealed to be Rex. Rex shares the s'more with Bobo Haha. Ben as Cannonbolt shows up and chases them to get back his s'more. Once he finds out they ate it, he rages. Rex builds the Big Fat Sword, shocked at the results. He fights Cannonbolt, and manages to escape from him. It's not long before Cannonbolt catches up. Bobo notices that Canonbolt isn't an ordinary EVO. He spots a piece of technology on his stomach. Rex runs up to Cannonbolt, and causes the Omnitrix to malfunction using his nanites, causing a defect that infects the surrounding Humans with alien DNA from the device, including Gwen and Max. Soon Agent Six and Providence arrive thinking that the infected Humans were E.V.O.s.

2BG10 (3001)

Rex fix Omnitrix

Hex takes advantage of the situation and hatches yet another plan, to control the minds of the infected Humans to be his alien army, which forces Ben, Rex, and Bobo to ally against the greater threat, fleeing to Rustbucket. Ben tries to convince Rex to try to reverse the DNA flow in the Omnitrix to turn everyone back to normal, but Rex was afraid of making the situation worse. Ben searches for his family to find out if they're okay, finding them transformed into Four Arms and Cannonbolth. Because they are under Hex's control, Ben tries to escape as Jetray, but they manage to stop him. Rex and Bobo help Ben fight the two of them, without hurting them, until Agent Six interrupts the fight and says that Providence was going to send a missile to Washington. The three convince Agent Six to join them to fight Hex, so they all fight Hex together and Rex, now confident, removes the Nanites from the Omnitrix causing everyone to return to normal. Providence aborts the missel launch and Ben and Rex defeat Hex.

Tinction (669)

Versus Alien X

In Alien X-Tinction, Ben is fighting Zombozo as Shock Rock, while a hypnotized Max drives the Rustbucket and Gwen is tied up. After a couple jabs at Zombozo's shopping choices and some fighting, Gwen easily frees herself and she and Max put a stop to Zombozo, much to Ben's annoyance. Back on the road, Max asks the kids where to go next before the summer ends. While Gwen is excited, something is bugging Ben. Ben says he might need a break, which Gwen eventually figures out means that he doesn't want to be a hero with the two of them anymore, flying solo instead. Ben says he wishes he could show off his aliens' true potential, and thinks he can't when people are getting in his way trying to help. Their conversation is cut short when Alien X appears in front of the road, flipping the Rustbucket over by simply letting it hit his outstretched hand.

As Max and the kids recover, Alien X moves towards them. Ben tries to fight Alien X, but the villain gets the upper hand. The Tennysons flee to an abandoned factory and catch their breath. Ben complains that he was going to defeat Alien X if Max and Gwen had not gotten in his way. Gwen and Ben start to argue over it until Max breaks them up, saying they need to formulate a plan. All of a sudden, a green portal flashes and out comes Maximilian. Ben impatiently transforms into Diamondhead, but Maximilian explains to him that they are all part of a larger Omniverse that Alien X is storming through, wanting nothing less than the collection of every Omnitrix from every alternate Ben Tennyson. Diamondhead doesn't want to be used as bait, and Maximilian gets angry that he doesn't understand the importance of his safety, to the point of clashing with him over it. Alien X interrupts them and Diamondhead denies running away. Alien X quickly breaks down the door and uppercuts Diamondhead to the second floor, where he times out. Maximilian gives Ben an opportunity to run away, and so Alien X locks him.

Tinction (1283)

Alien X takes the Omnitrix

Ben runs away in terror and Alien X quickly catches up to him. Ben turns into Rath and fights Alien X outside in a forest; however Alien X's teleportation, telekinesis, and other skills prove to be too powerful and Rath loses hard. On the roof of the factory, Ben times out and Alien X grabs him by his Omnitrix. Just as he prepares to take it, Maximilian interrupts and shoots Alien X with a blast from his arm cannon, the feedback accidentally making the Omnitrix detach itself from Ben's arm while still in Alien X's hand. Alien X places Ben's Omnitrix in the center of his chest and leaves through a portal. Ben is devastated. Maximilian surmises this dimension's Omnitrix has a failsafe release and tells the Ben to be grateful he still lives. Gwen tries to come up with a plan to get it back, such as finding a dimension where Ben hasn't yet found the Omnitrix. Max tells them he's stuck in their dimension, as there doesn't exist an omniversal roadside service that drops in out of thin air.

Tinction (1370)

Getting to know Alien Force Ben

Suddenly, another portal opens and out steps what Maximus identifies as a Crystalsapien. It introduces itself as Chromastone, before reverting into a teenage version of Ben from a different dimension. He, like Maximilian, has been tracking Alien X through the dimensions and also frustrates over getting to him too late. However, unlike Maximilian, he has the assistance of an intergalactic law enforcement agency known as the Plumbers (something Max is surprisingly aware of and tries to steer the conversation away from); and that with his portal generator, he has no transportation problems. Maximilian offers to join this Ben (aka Alien Force Ben), but he refuses. Gwen suggest that since Alien Force Ben still has an Omnitrix, they can use him to lure Alien X back to this dimension. Maximus believes that the plan will never work because of Ben being a stubborn brat, which offends Max. Ben breaks up all the arguments when he agrees with Gwen's plan, believing two Bens can stand a chance against Alien X.

While Maximilian searches for another Omnitrix using the portal generator, the others plan to set a trap for Alien X. Ben picks the location: his favorite amusement park Adrenaland. Not only does he know the area well, but it is closed for the season and there are no people to get caught up in the fighting. The Tennysons and Chromastone build their trap using attractions throughout the park. When Alien X eventually arrives in search of Alien Force Ben's Omnitrix, he transforms into a Necrofriggian named Big Chill and orders the other Tennysons to activate the trap. However, the trap fails, Big Chill is defeated, and Alien X decides to rethink his prior mercy and take Ben's life. Before he does, Maximilian returns with another Ben from another dimension. This one looks undisguisable to the other teenage Ben, but has a different watch. Ordering Maximilian to take Ben to safety, he (Ultimate Alien Ben) turns into an Amperi named Ampfibian, teaming up with Alien Force Ben as Chromastone to take on Alien X. As Gwen and Ben watch, she makes him realize they need to expand their family even more. Ben takes the portal generator from Maximilian and pulls him through a portal to find more Bens; Gwen understands because the only person who Ben will listen to is himself.

Tinction (2369)

Ben retrieves the Omnitrix

The reinforcements are two new alternate Ben 10s (Original Series Ben and Omniverse Ben), as well as a Gwen 10. They all transform into their own aliens and try to take shots at Alien X, but he manages them all. As Alien Force Ben admits that they are not winning, Alien X lifts up a giant rock and throws it at them, forcing them inside a cave and blocking the entrance. They all sulk over not being able to put a dent in Alien X. Ben realizes that they all have the same problem: they're too hard-headed and try to take Alien X on one at a time. In order to win, they have to synchronize their powers and work together, as a team and as a family. With a newfound attitude, Team Tennyson busts out of the cave entrance and makes their stand against Alien X. They fight against him, protecting their teammates when in danger and pressuring Alien X to focus on defending against attacks from all directions. Eventually Gwen 10, as Ripjaws, pulls Ben's Omnitrix out of Alien X's chest, and Ben finally takes it back. He turns into Heatblast and teams up with Original Series Ben, also as Heatblast. The team regroups and attacks Alien X, pulling off as many Omnitrixes as they can before he pushes them away. Ben, as Four Arms, beats Alien X's punch with his "Quadruple-Decker Knuckle Sandwich", finally defeating Alien X.

Tinction (2749)

Team Tennyson united

Alien X then detransforms, revealing he was also an alternate version of Ben this entire time. Maximilian then tells him that he could always start anew, if he had people willing to accept him as his new family, offering himself. Ben is appalled, but Maximilian explains that while this Ben needs to pay for his crimes, he isn't beyond help, and that the people who love Ben would offer him a second chance, were he in this Ben's shoes. Evil Ben says he'd rather go back to the Null Void, but Maximilian promises him that after his sentence, they'll both be spending some quality "grandfather/evil-grandson time". Maximilian opens an exit portal and thanks Team Tennyson for reminding him that everyone needs a family. All the alternate Bens and Gwen celebrate saving the omniverse and say goodbye as they exit. After everyone leaves, Max tells Gwen that they should probably give Ben some space, but Ben surprisingly hugs them and tells them to never leave him again, saying he'd rather be with them than ever riding solo. Max informs them that that means Team Tennyson is back on the road!

Powers and Abilities[]

Even as a 10-year-old, Ben possesses enhanced reflexes and jumping.[21][22]

Ben shows enhanced durability, having endured being trampled by Simon's armor.[23]

Ben can speak French fluently.[24]

Ben temporarily got cartoon physiology due to a lightning bolt hitting him.[25]

When the timeline was changed, Ben had robotic enhancements in his body.[18]


Ben is the wielder of the Omnitrix; A powerful device that allows Ben to transform into different aliens with a variety of different skills and powers. Originally, he was limited to only 10 aliens at a time.[JF 1] As of Ben 10,010, that has been changed.[DR 2][DR 3]

Whenever he is in the Nexus Realm, he can transform into Cartoon Network characters from across the multiverse.[26][DR 4]

Ben finally found the Omnitrix Key, which can automatically give him a armor when he is in space.[6][DR 5]


Whenever the Omnitrix times out, Ben is left powerless unless he switches into a new alien form. In addition to gaining the selected alien's powers, he gains its weaknesses. The Omnitrix also mistransforms at times, sometimes choosing an alien not fit for the situation.

Whenever Ben unlocks a new alien form, he is at a disadvantage of not knowing its abilities and weaknesses until he gains experience with using that alien.

Ben is allergic to animals.[19] However, he's been taking medications.[27]

Ben can experience pain from electricity, such as that generated by Xingo.[25]

Ben is scared of anything with tentacles, including squids,[28] snakes,[29] and even Ectonurites.[6] The only instance he was courageous in their presence was whenever he turned into Gax.[30]

Ben is sleepwalking. Which makes him do things he doesn't even know, like activating Master Control,[31] accidentally turn into aliens[32] and creating a machine to turn off the Omnitrix's defenses.[33]

Ben has melissophobia (i.e. a fear of bees), which started when he got stung in the mouth by a bee he cluelessly tried to eat as a toddler. However, this does not apply to Queen Bee because she is more human than bee.[34]

Ben's impulsiveness can be exploited by his enemies, as the Forever Knight managed to manipulate Ben into making his family trust him less.[35][36]

Ben is vulnerable to Nanny Nightmare's Regressive Baby Powder.[37][38]

Ben can easily get scared when he's all alone, such as he was transported into the Null Void.[6]

Although he has been able to deal with it, Ben has gotten debilitatingly seasick on numerous occasions.[39]

Ben can be controlled by voodoo puppets[40] and Zombozo's hypnosis equipment.[41][42][43][44]


Ben 10[]



Ben has appeared in every book set within the Reboot Continuity.

In Other Media[]


A Villainous short released on the Brazilian Cartoon Network YouTube channel, Ben appears through clips from Omni-Tricked: Part 3, Omni-Tricked: Part 4, Out to Launch, Animorphosis, The 11th Alien: Part 1, and The 11th Alien: Part 2.

Any Malu Show[]

Ben appeared on the Any Malu Show as a guest on the show.[45]


Ben makes a cameo on the poster for the Adult Swim pilot Pibby. However, his Omnitrix is drawn on the wrong hand.

Video Games[]

Mobile Games[]

Ben is the main playable character in Ben 10: Heroes.

Ben is a common collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app, as well as his armored space suit.

Online Games[]

Ben appears as an NPC in Super Hero Time.


Benjamin is a name from the Hebrew name בִּנְיָמִין (Binyamin) which means "son of the south" or "son of the right hand" going back into the Tanakh (called the Hebrew Bible by Christian scholars), a name of one of the sons of Jacob. His name, "Ben," is to create a rhyming effect between his first name and the number Ten. Also, his surname is a reference to 'Ten' of Ben 10.


  • Ben is 7 seconds younger than Gwen.[46]
  • Unlike his classic counterpart, Ben's first alien he transformed into was Four Arms.[DR 1]
  • Ben's elderly form in The 11th Alien: Part 1 is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, which is also the voice actor for Ben Prime in the Classic Continuity ever since Alien Force.
  • Ben does not believe camels and reindeer actually exist.[47]
  • Ben's favorite snack is pickles and peanut butter.[48]
  • The biggest adjustment Tara Strong had to make in voicing this version of Ben is that Ben is not as mean to Gwen as his classic counterpart.[TS 1]
  • Ben shows differences of opinion with his Classic counterpart.
    • Unlike his Classic counterpart in the Original Series, Ben appears to have a public identity, or at least semi-public identity, right from the start, as regular people recognize him and call him out for his heroics on the occasion.
      • Furthermore, unlike his Classic counterpart, Ben seems to like being famous.[49][50][51]
    • Unlike his Classic Counterpart,[52] Ben doesn't like pancakes.[53]
      • Ben prefers waffles over pancakes.[53]
    • Instead of Chili Fries, Ben's favorite food is burgers and pizza.[54]
  • Ben's winter outfit is the same as Ben's occasional appearance in Omniverse, but it lacks the green 10 logo, the cuffs are white and has an extra pocket on the torso.
  • Ben's flashback outfit is a direct reference to his Classic counterpart's outfit from the original series.
  • Ben has a diary on his phone.[55]
  • Ben's Pow Card Level would be Omnitrix.[IJQ 1]


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