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Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson is an alternate version of Ben.[note 1]


Ben's appearance is somewhat different from his reboot counterpart. His outfit consists of a black-striped, white shirt with short sleeves, military green cargo pants with side pockets with a black belt hidden under his shirt, and black and white sneakers with black stripes. Ben wears the prototype Omnitrix on his left wrist.


Being the same age, Original Series Ben is the most similar to his Reboot Counterpart of the alternate Bens, and is thus a bit immature. He is shown to be overconfident, and arrogant (E.g. He said to Evil Ben to get ready for Alien X-Tinction). However like Reboot Ben he is still a good and heroic person at heart.


Original Series Ben first appears in Alien X-Tinction, where he is brought to Dimension 27998.3 by Ben and Maximilian to help fight Alien X. Original Series Ben transforms into Heatblast to help Maximilian protect the others from raining boulders before Omniverse Ben turns into Bloxx to shield everyone.

Ben eventually convinces everyone to fight Alien X at the time. As Heatblast, Original Series Ben is able to synchronize his powers with his counterparts and remove the alternate Omnitrix from the upper left side of Alien X's chest. After Alien X is defeated, Original Series Ben imitates an explosion when it is revealed that their enemy is an evil adult Ben. As Maximilian takes Evil Ben elsewhere, Ben thanks the others, stating that he could not have beaten Alien X without them. Original Series Ben is last seen telling Ben he will "smell [him] later" before returning to his home dimension.

Powers and Abilities


Ben possesses the Omnitrix, having been the one to discover it in his timeline. Through it, he can transform into various aliens and utilize their respective powers.

Aliens Used:


Whenever the Omnitrix times out, Ben is left powerless until he switches to a new alien form.


Ben 10

Season 5


  • This Ben's design is a stylized version of 10/11-year-old Ben Prime's regular appearance in the original series and Omniverse flashbacks.
  • Original Series Ben might come from sometime after A Change of Face, as he calls Reboot Gwen "Lucky Girl" and asks her to cast spells.
  • Original Series Ben's last on-screen line ("Guess I'll smell ya later.") quotes a similar line from Goodbye and Good Riddance.
  • The reason why Original Series Ben used only Heatblast during Alien X-Tinction was due to time constraints and design costs.[DR 2]


  1. Duncan Rouleau claims that the four alternate Bens featured in this special are the same as the Ben Prime from the previous four series.[DR 1] However, it is never directly confirmed whether or not Alien Force Ben's device can travel through time. As such, it is open to interpretation as to whether or not this Ben is Ben Prime. This wiki, however, considers them separate characters who are based on the Bens from the series they represent.


Duncan Rouleau

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