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I'm no one's Ben. Unlike you fools. I learned that going in alone is the only way.

– Evil Ben to Team Tennyson.

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson is an alternate version of Ben.


This Ben looks similar to Ben 10,000's appearance towards the end of Ben 10,010 except that he does not wear a jacket, has stubble and darker eyelines.


This version of Ben is much more malicious and arrogant than his other counterparts, most notably due to his belief that he can do everything alone. Even after Vilgax murdered his family, he beat him to prove that he needed no one. This Ben was also very spiteful, deciding that since he lost everything, so should every Ben, also making him rather hypocritical as he still desired companionship.



This Ben was as normal as his alternate counterpart. However, Vilgax kept coming at Ben all the time. During one particular fight, his Gwen and Max tried to help him against his wishes. Unfortunately, Vilgax used his optic beams to destroy the Rustbucket, killing the other Tennysons.

Fueled with extreme rage, this Ben used Four Arms to shatter the Omnitrix to Vilgax's horror, causing an explosion that vanquished Vilgax for good, thereby avenging Gwen and Max. He also transformed into a new powerful alien, that being Alien X.

Ben 10

In Alien X-Tinction, this Ben as Alien X and wanted to make other Bens and their family throughout the Omniverse suffer the same pain as him by taking away their Omnitrices, as well as occasionally killing or brutally injuring them. However, he was eventually defeated by the Team Tennyson of the Reboot Dimension and reverted after they retrieved the Omnitrices he stole. Maximilian eventually took him back to the Null Void, and to Evil Ben's dismay, the 2 were to go on another road trip after he served his sentence.

Powers and Abilities


Ben possesses the Omnitrix. Through it, he can transform into various aliens and utilize their respective powers. Shortly after Vilgax killed his family, the Omnitrix began to glitch and worsened after Four Arms repeatedly hit it, causing an explosion and unlocking Alien X.

Aliens Used


Ben 10

Season 5


  • Evil Ben has been in the Null Void before.
  • This Ben shares similarities with Eon, as both of them are evil older versions of Ben.
    • Unlike Eon, this Ben shares similarities to both Gog from DC Comics and Morlun from Marvel Comics, as all three of them hunt and kill parallel universe heroes with similar powers.


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