Kevin Levin

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Rook Blonko

  • Rook becomes Ben's new partner
  • Animosity arises between Ben and Rook

At first, Ben didn't like the fact of having a new partner, and felt like Rook was just trying to replace Gwen and Kevin. However, he soon began to like Rook. In A Jolt from the Past, Ben seems to care a little about him as he shouted his name when Fistrick knocked him out. In Of Predators and Prey: Part 1, they have their first fight when arguing over which plan to carry out to find Zed. Ben even went as far to say he never wanted Rook, but this was revealed to be a ruse to make Khyber show himself. They eventually work well together with their respective strengths covering each other's weaknesses, and they share a good camaraderie and love for smoothies. In Many Happy Returns, Ben states, "I don't always get him, but he's cool", to which Rook replied that the feeling was mutual. Ben already considers Rook to be his best friend, only after Kevin and Gwen.


Ben's initial thoughts of Azmuth before meeting him was never stated, but he did find it to be somewhat ironic that he was a Galvans, despite the fact that he's seen what Galvans can do when he's Grey Matter. After meeting him, he thought of him as a jerk who cared about no one but himself. However, his attitude changes when Azmuth fixes the Omnitrix.

Five years prior to Omniverse, Azmuth considers Ben to be both irritating and useful and Ben mostly believes that Azmuth is very intelligent and at one point is disgusted towards Azmuth's refusal to correct Malware, but they still respect and assist each other. In a flashback in Showdown: Part 1, Azmuth warned Ben to not overuse Feedback, but Ben did not heed his warning and Feedback was lost from the Omnitrix after a fight with Malware. and during a flashback in Showdown: Part 2, Azmuth helps comfort and advises Ben, after Ben lost Feedback.

In Alien Force, Ben meets Azmuth again only when the situation was important (e.g. War of the Worlds). Ben sees him as another mentor and follows his advice, at least until Season 3, when Ben loses Azmuth's trust in the second episode.

In Ultimate Alien, Ben starts to follow some of Azmuth's advice only when Aggregor was around since the beginning of Map of Infinity. In The Ultimate Sacrifice, he regains his trust.

The relationship that Ben had with Azmuth does not change very much in Omniverse.

Jimmy Jones

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