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Thanks to this, I get to walk a mile in other lifeforms' shoes. So, I can totally understand what it's like to be them since... I have been them.

– Ben speaking of the gift that being the bearer of the Omnitrix has bestowed upon him.[29]

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson[49][merch 1] is the titular main protagonist of the Ben 10 franchise. He was an ordinary 10-year-old boy until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into 10 different aliens. Though initially immature and clumsy, Ben grew to be a true hero. By the time he was 16, he had become famous in not only his hometown of Bellwood but on Earth and beyond. Ben has also been deputized by the Plumbers and has gained more aliens as time progressed.


Ben's physical appearance has changed throughout the series from a 10-year-old to a 16-year-old. However, he retains some recurring characteristics. He has brown hair, green eyes, fair skin, and he is quite skinny for his age, though he shows a lot of muscle definition due to being athletic.

Regular Appearances

In the Omniverse flashbacks in which he was five years old, Ben wore green overalls with a white shirt underneath it. White numbers saying "5 1/2" were on a black square in front of his overalls.

In the Original Series and Omniverse flashbacks, Ben's usual clothes consisted of a black-striped, white shirt with short sleeves, military green cargo pants with side pockets with a black belt hidden under his shirt, and black and white sneakers with black stripes. Ben wore the original Omnitrix on his left wrist.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Ben wore a black short-sleeved T-shirt, blue jeans and a green jacket with white stripes on his left sleeve and the number 10 on the right, white socks, and black and white Converse-style shoes. Ben wore the recalibrated original Omnitrix in Alien Force and the Ultimatrix in Ultimate Alien on his left wrist.

In Omniverse, Ben wears a black shirt that has a green stripe in the middle with a white 10 and green stripes on the sides of his shirt. He wears brown cargo pants with pockets at the knees with a brown belt hidden under the shirt and green and white shoes. He wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.

Occasional Appearances

In Washington B.C., Ben wore a blue scooter helmet.

In The Krakken and Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray, he wore an orange life jacket.

In The Krakken, he wore a red diving suit.

During water-based activities in the Original Series, he wore a blue swimsuit in The Krakken and A Small Problem and a red and yellow swimsuit in Divided We Stand and Big Fat Alien Wedding.

In a daydream in The Galactic Enforcers, Ultra Ben looked like Ben with a stereotypical superhero costume in a grey, black and white color scheme.

In Back With a Vengeance, he wore a yellow raincoat while touring Niagara Falls on a ship.

In A Change of Face, he wore a pilgrim outfit.

In Merry Christmas, while cursed as an elf, he had pointy ears, and his eyes were fully green.

In Game Over, while inside Sumo Slammers Smackdown, he wore brownish-green armor and had longer hair, tied in a ponytail.

In The Unnaturals, he wore a blue baseball shirt with the letter "C" at the front and number 23 at the back, white shorts, blue and yellow socks, blue and white shoes, and a blue baseball helmet. Before the baseball game and after he battled the Squires and Coach Finn, he wore a blue and yellow baseball cap with the letter "C" in the middle.

In a dream in Perfect Day, Ultra Ben wore frameless blue goggles with horn-like extensions, a cyan shirt and white pants. He also donned a white cape.

In Big Fat Alien Wedding, during the wedding ceremony, he wore a purple tuxedo with a red bow tie and white polo shirt.

In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2, he temporarily wore a visor in the Mt. Rushmore Plumber base.

In Secret of the Omnitrix, he wore light blue pajamas. Later in the movie, he wore a pale blue spacesuit with white stripes on the sleeves and thighs, along with a white helmet with pale blue stripes.

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 and War of the Worlds: Part 1, Ben's soccer clothes consisted of the T-shirt he wore as a 10/11-year-old but with the number 10 at the back, a long-sleeved green undershirt, green shorts, gray gloves with black stripes, and knee-high socks.

In a flashback in Ben 10 Returns: Part 2, Young Ben wore his T-shirt from the Original Series and shoes from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, along with military green shorts, white socks and a bluish grey bicycle helmet.

In What Are Little Girls Made Of? and In Charm's Way, he wore green trunks.

In Save the Last Dance, he wore a white bicycle helmet.

In Birds of a Feather, when on the Moon, he wore an orange spacesuit with four arms.

In Alien Swarm, he briefly wore a dark grey hoodie. While riding Max's motorcycle, he wore a black helmet.

In The Final Battle: Part 1, when held captive by Kraab, he wore an orange cuff.

In Duped, The Perfect Girlfriend and Of Predators and Prey: Part 1, Ben briefly wore 3D glasses. In Duped, along with the glasses, he also wore a black wig in the style of a bun.

In Ultimate Alien, Ben wore a standard Plumber suit during a few of his off-world excursions.

In Video Games, he wore a blue full-body motion capture suit with white balls on it.

In Fused, Revenge of the Swarm, and Night of the Living Nightmare, Ben's sleeping clothes consisted of his usual black T-shirt and white shorts.

In Basic Training, while at the barracks in the Plumbers' Academy, he wore an olive tank top and black shorts.

In Inspector #13, he wore a green T-shirt and black shorts.

In Catch a Falling Star, he wore a white cast around his right arm.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, he wore full-body armor while wielding Ascalon.

In Omniverse, Ben sometimes wears a white hooded jacket with green stripes on both arms and a green number 10 on the right side.

In Omniverse, while riding the Tenn-Speed, Ben wears a white helmet with the number 10 on it, a green visor, a short-sleeved black T-shirt, long white pants and a belt with the number 10 on it.

In Malefactor, 11-year-old Ben wore a Psycholeopterran-proof visor.

In Arrested Development, 11-year-old Ben's gym clothes consisted of a white T-shirt with a red outline, and red shorts with a vertical white line.

In Bros in Space, he wore a ceremonial female Revonnahgander outfit.

In Special Delivery, while working for Mr. Baumann, he wore a pink and white cap and a pink apron with a black 'B' on it.

In From Hedorium to Eternity, 11-year-old Ben's pajamas consisted of a green T-shirt with a white "10" on it, as well as white shorts.

In The Most Dangerous Game Show, Ben wore a crown bestowed upon him by Charles Zenith.


You think I don't know? When it's hero time, if I mess up, somebody could die. From what you told me, if we mess up this time, everybody could die... Maybe that's too much to have in your head when you have to win. Maybe if I pretend everything is a big joke, when the time comes, I'll be able to do what I have to do.

– 10-year-old Ben to 17-year-old Kevin asking him to be serious.[50]

Initially cocky, childish, and selfish, Ben's immaturity and attention-seeking behavior often led him to joke around, regardless of the situation, which landed him in trouble with adults. When he was 10 years old, he often used the Omnitrix improperly in order to benefit himself instead of actually helping others, such as using Grey Matter to search cereal boxes for a gold Sumo Slammer card.[51] His allies often criticized his attitude, unaware of the fact that he used humor to mask his fears.[50] It was also implied that, on some level, Ben helped people to get rewards[51] and for the thrill of being a hero, rather than because it was the right thing to do.[52][53] Despite some childish attitude, Ben was heroic, caring and generally good-natured, always willing to save others at any time even at the risk of himself. In spite of this good nature, heroism, and his moments of maturity, Ben could occasionally get carried away when it came to fame and recognition.[54] This led him to act rather arrogantly and recklessly, and occasionally made dire mistakes and alienated his loved ones. However, he was quick to realize his mistakes and is quick to take responsibility and knew not to take things too far.[18]

Over the years, Ben has displayed good leadership skills, as well as the ability to adapt his attitude to a situation, becoming serious when it's called for. He became more mature, responsible and sensible. He continues to be kind-hearted and willing to lay down his own life for others, such as when he attempted to sacrifice himself to set the sentient Ultimate Forms free from the Ultimatrix.[55] His idealistic views and unwillingness to compromise his values – aspects condemned by Azmuth,[56] yet commended by others – sometimes drive him to act against reason, such as helping his enemies if they need it (most remarkably Vilgax).[57] Professor Paradox has praised Ben's good nature, going so far as to say he had the gift to make the right choices at the right moments, and even Azmuth himself states that Ben ultimately always does the right thing.[50] Also, Ben doesn't give up and wouldn't let anyone stop him from doing what's right for those in need, especially his family, friends and mentors, or to bring enemies down, even when he once got a broken arm.[36]

However, even as a teen, Ben still displays some of his negative childish traits at times, which usually comes to light when Ben gets too caught up with fame.[58] Ben also has a violent, aggressive side: when Ben fails to save someone, is worried about the well-being his loved ones, or if people get hurt because of his failure, he becomes angry and lashes out, even at people he cares about. Perhaps the most notable of these instances is when Kevin willingly mutated himself to stop Aggregor, Ben was determined to kill Kevin, even fighting Gwen when she refused to help him. During the episode, Ben confessed to Max that he felt guilty for letting fame get into his head and claimed that he was trying to act more mature for once.[59] He also threatened to hunt down and destroy the Forever Knights if Driscoll did not promise to cease hunting down aliens.[33]

Though often perceived as unintelligent because of his immaturity and constant joking, Ben is cunning and resourceful when needed, quickly adapting when the Omnitrix doesn't provide him with the alien he wanted. He has once admitted that people assume he's not paying attention, but he actually is.[7]

In Omniverse, Ben started thinking of himself as more of a superhero than a Plumber, often remarking that he's not a cop, but a superhero.[38]


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TEN (381)

Ben discovering the Omnitrix

Originally, Ben was a 10-year-old boy who grew up in Bellwood. He was unpopular to his classmates and was often bullied by two boys named Cash and JT However, his life changed when he went on summer vacation with his grandfather, Max and his cousin, Gwen. That evening, they stopped to camp in the woods. Ben witnessed the crash of a strange capsule from space, which happened to contain the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device.

Secrets vilgax ben

Ben trapped in the Chimeran Hammer with Vilgax

As soon as Ben found the device, it firmly affixed itself onto Ben's left wrist, and Ben was unable to remove it. At first scared, Ben soon discovered that using the Omnitrix, he was now able to transform into ten super-powered alien creatures and began to use the device to become a superhero. Though he occasionally arrested ordinary criminals, he was quickly led to also fight super-villains, starting with Dr. Animo, Kevin 11, and ultimately, Vilgax, a vicious and evil alien warlord who would stop at nothing to get the Omnitrix for himself.

Despite being very immature and occasionally using the Omnitrix for minor selfish purposes, Ben proved to be a valuable wearer for the Omnitrix, defeating Vilgax and saving people several times.

3SOTO (951)

Ben meeting Azmuth

In Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, during a battle with Dr. Animo, Ben accidentally activated the Omnitrix's self-destruct and rushed off with Gwen and Tetrax Shard to find the Omnitrix's creator. He was joined by Myaxx and later learned that the countdown sped up when he transformed. He learned he could be a hero without the Omnitrix. Ben then discovered the creator of the Omnitrix, who was really a Galvan named Azmuth. Azmuth shut down the self-destruct and gave Ben access to a new alien, a massive form named Way Big. With Way Big, Ben easily defeated Vilgax and hurled him into space.

In Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, it was the end of the summer vacation (as well as after the events of the previous movie) and Ben, Gwen and Max spent their evenings fighting aliens and criminals on the streets of Bellwood. During a battle against a robotic tank, Ben as Upgrade and Gwen argued about the best way to defeat it, leading to Gwen using a magenta/pink-colored dismantling spell on the tank while Ben was attached to it. Unknown to the children, this led to a malfunction in the Omnitrix. Later, after a mishap in the school, the Omnitrix accidentally teleported his homework. Ben was later grounded by his parents and forced to stay home and do a history report. Ben attempted to work on the report before the Omnitrix teleported his laptop away as well. Shortly afterward, Tetrax arrived and told Ben that Azmuth asked to meet with him. They went to meet Azmuth but were attacked by an evil version of Way Big. Tetrax and Ben fought the alien, who was also teleported into the Omnitrix, though neither of them were aware of it. Tetrax decided to take Ben to search for Azmuth and activated a new function on the Omnitrix. Before he could explain this new ability, the ship was attacked and Ben was sucked out into the atmosphere, falling to the ground as Diamondhead. It was later revealed that the new ability prevented Ben from reverting back into normal when he timed out, simply transforming between alien forms.

Ben as Four Arms arrived at Stonehenge and was attacked by a weaponizing Galvanic Mechamorph who demanded to know about the alien that attacked Four Arms. Four Arms tried to explain he knew nothing, but the Mechamorph only continued to attack. The Mechamorph's teleporting ability caused the pair to carry their battle across the globe, destroying part of Stonehenge and nearly damaging Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro and fighting at the Great Pyramids in Egypt before arriving back in Bellwood. Ben transformed into Grey Matter and managed to escape the Mechamorph. Meanwhile, Gwen and Max received a call from Ben's parents Carl and Sandra informing them that Ben had escaped the house. They went in search of him, only to find Tetrax and discover Azmuth's ship. Looking at the ship's log, they discovered that Azmuth disguised it as a semi-truck to track down and fix the malfunctioning Omnitrix, but crashed and was destroyed by the evil Way Big. After escaping the Mechamorph, they soon encountered Ben back at his house and Tetrax restored Ben's Omnitrix to revert Diamondhead back into normal just as the Mechamorph caught up to them. Gwen saw how the Omnitrix reacted after Ben reverted to human form and deduced what had happened just as she, Ben, Tetrax and the Mechamorph were transported into the Omnitrix itself.

Inside, Ben and the Mechamorph continued to battle before being attacked by a swarm of Stinkflies just as Gwen and Tetrax were ambushed by a herd of Wildmutts. The four caught up with each other and they realized that the evil Way Big was inside with them just as he resurfaced. The Mechamorph, who was revealed to be Azmuth's father, attacked the Way Big in revenge for killing his son while Gwen explained to Ben about the malfunction that she caused to the Omnitrix when she cast the dismantling spell on the robotic tank while Ben was attached to it. She used Azmuth's father to reverse transportation and return them to Earth. Unfortunately, the Omnitrix malfunctioned again and transformed Ben's parents into Wildmutt and Heatblast, causing Gwen to realize that the evil Way Big was Azmuth himself. Leaving Max and Tetrax to handle his parents, Ben and Gwen followed Azmuth's father and Azmuth to the city park where Ben transformed into Way Big to subdue Azmuth and hold off his father while he and Gwen tried to reverse the transformation. They soon convinced Azmuth's father that his son was the very alien that they were fighting and the three worked together to convince Azmuth to regain control of himself, use his father's Mechamorph abilities to fix the Omnitrix and transform Azmuth back into normal. Azmuth reprimanded Ben and Gwen for their errors and revealed his father is a Galvan wielding a Mechamorph-type armor.

Returning to Ben's house, Azmuth transformed Ben's parents back into normal and repairs the Rust Bucket, previously destroyed in the battle, before leaving to reconcile with his own father. Ben's parents, having forgotten that they grounded Ben, told him to enjoy his fishing trip with Max and Gwen. Ben declined, having learned to be more responsible, and stayed home to finish his history report for school. The movie ended with Ben, Gwen, and Max on another road trip where they encountered Dr. Animo again and the three prepared for another exciting battle.


Ben meeting his 16-year-old self

10-year-old Ben reappeared in the Ultimate Alien episode The Forge of Creation, having come sometime after summer vacation.[DM 4] He was even less well behaved compared to his character from the Original Series (who was already obnoxious and immature). When he was examining 16-year-old Ben's Ultimatrix, he called NRG and Brainstorm "lame", Goop "weak", and Humungousaur "okay" due to his big size and stature.

Ben had continued to use the Omnitrix to encounter and defeat different types of menaces both terrestrial and extraterrestrial in origin in addition to going on adventures with Gwen and Max (or occasionally by himself or with some other allies along with Gwen and Max) a year later when he (along with Gwen) was 11 years old. Ben's actions would earn him a great fame among the Plumbers, with some even calling him a legend.[60][61]

One year after the Original Series, Ben, who (along with his cousin) was 11 years old, continued to live in Bellwood and used the Omnitrix to help people and defeat any of the terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats that his team encountered as well. He also went on weekend trips with them.[DJW 1]

In A Jolt From the Past, Ben as Stinkfly fought a Nosedeenian. After reverting back to normal, he grabbed a Mr. Smoothy cup and trapped the Nosedeenian in it. However, the Nosedeenian escaped the cup and duplicated. Ben transformed into Feedback and absorbed the energy out of the Nosedeenians, which made them go to sleep.

Trouble Helix (134)

Ben battling Malware for the first time

In Trouble Helix, the Tennysons met Malware, an incomplete Galvanic Mechamorph accidentally created by Azmuth, who lost his patience and kidnapped Albedo, Azmuth's assistant, to complete himself. Eventually, he was turned into a more powerful form, only to be defeated by Diamondhead.

In The More Things Change: Part 1, Ben as Four Arms fought Malware. While at first, it appeared that Four Arms was winning, Malware managed to grab the Omnitrix and forced Four Arms to revert back into Ben. Malware confronted Ben and taunted him about his defeat, which allowed just enough time for the Omnitrix to activate again. Ben transformed into Feedback and quickly defeated Malware. During the fight (as revealed later in both Of Predators and Prey: Part 1 and Of Predators and Prey: Part 2), Malware had successfully created a blueprint by absorbing Omnitrix.

In It Was Them, Ben, along with Gwen, defeated Dr. Animo, in an unknown way.

In Malefactor, the team visited the Plumber base in Mt. Rushmore. There, they were attacked by Malware who was seemingly defeated by a Tachyon Cannon. However, this just transformed him into a more powerful version of himself. He was defeated, although he was just a distraction so that Khyber could sample a rare Psycholeopterran.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 2, Ben battled Phil who was being used as a test subject for the Nemetrix.

At school in Arrested Development, Ben raised his hand to answer a question and was picked by the teacher but did not know the answer and slouched in his chair, making Billy Billions upset, who had his hand raised. In gym class, he fiddled with his Omnitrix and was picked by a female team leader. Ben was seen as Diamondhead who caught a criminal. Billy tried to zap him but ended up zapping himself to Dimension 12.

SD1 (435)

Malware destroying Feedback in front of Ben

In Showdown: Part 1, Ben transformed into Feedback many times to defeat the Violet Offenders, somehow stop a fire, and practice his powers. Due to Ben's constant use of Feedback, Azmuth came to Earth to warn Ben that this was affecting his other transformations. Ignoring him, Ben transformed into Feedback again and prepared to fight Malware who had returned. This resulted in Feedback being destroyed and Malware being seemingly killed when he was overloaded by the Omnitrix's energy.

In Showdown: Part 2, Ben and Gwen exited the Rustbucket 2 when Max brought them back to Ben's house. Ben was depressed and upset about losing Feedback. Azmuth arrived and explained that Ben never learned anything from winning and that losing Feedback was hard for him. Ben said that Feedback was like a part of him, but Azmuth said that Ben could learn something from losing Feedback. Ben eventually forgave his future self, and this allowed 16-year-old Ben to regain Feedback.

BA 471

Ben teaming up with his 16-year-old self

In Ben Again, while battling Eon, 11-year-old Ben's mind got switched with that of his 16-year-old self. As 16-year-old Ben, he found the clues laid down by the 16-year-old Ben who was inhabiting 11-year-old Ben's body. 11-year-old Ben managed to get his body back and defeat Eon.

In Special Delivery, Ben accidentally threw Mr. Baumann's truck into space as Way Big during a fight against Dr. Animo and his Mutant Mosquito.

In Evil's Encore, the team encountered and defeated Dr. Animo again during their visit to the Plumber base at Mt. Rushmore after he managed to take control of the base to use the Plumber satellite network in order to spread his mutation ray over Earth.

In Mud is Thicker Than Water, Ben tricked Gwen into disliking their cousin Lucy by putting sludge all over her comb.

In Bengeance is Mine, Ben was captured and tied upside down in ropes by Vilgax in his ship. Vilgax then threatened to feed Ben to his numerous Squid Monsters, but Ben broke free and transformed into XLR8. XLR8 tried to battle Vilgax, but he was grabbed by a Squid Monster. The flashback was cut short here, so it is unknown how Ben landed up in this situation or how he got out of it.

In The Vengers, Ben saved some people from an exploding building and captured Kangaroo Kommando as XLR8. With this, Ben made new enemies, in the forms of Captain Nemesis who saw him as a rival and Will Harangue who saw him as a vigilante.

In Weapon XI: Part 2, the team fought Kevin again, who was associated with the Amalgam Kids at the time. Kevin once again absorbed the Omnitrix's energy and underwent another mutation that caused him to transform into an alien hybrid that consisted of the other 10 aliens Ben unlocked in the Original Series. After Kevin trapped everyone in vines and planned to kill them, Argit managed to knock out Kevin. Afterward, Kevin, Argit, and the Amalgam Kids returned to the Null Void.

In The Ballad of Mr. Baumann, Ben encountered and defeated Vulkanus once again after he and Max entered Mr. Baumann's store.

In From Hedorium to Eternity, Ben, Gwen, Lucy, Cooper, and Jonesy met Kevin underground and together stopped Zs'Skayr and his Ectonurite minions from taking over the planet. Ben learned to trust Kevin, but he once again got stuck in the Null Void. Ben and Gwen did not encounter him again until four years later when they had developed into teenagers.

At some point later, for unknown reasons, Ben removed the Omnitrix and never wore it again for the next four years.

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The sequel Ben 10: Alien Force continued Ben's adventures five years after the Original Series. At some point between the two shows, Ben had succeeded in removing the Omnitrix through an unknown but difficult process and chose to retire from his superhero career in order to have a normal teenage life, though he kept the deactivated Omnitrix as a souvenir. He then grew up into a slightly more mature teenager, losing his unpopular status at school and becoming a skilled soccer player.

B10R1 (421)

Ben using the Omnitrix for the first time since removing it

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, after winning his latest match, 15-year-old Ben found that Max had mysteriously disappeared while investigating what Magister Labrid called "an alien conspiracy with Earth in the middle" leaving only an enigmatic holographic message for Ben. Despite Gwen's doubts, Ben decided to put on the Omnitrix again in order to find Max.

While helping Magister Labrid investigate Max's disappearance, Ben and Gwen encountered Kevin, now a weapons dealer, brokering a deal between the DNAliens and the Forever Knights. After Ben fled from a DNAlien, the Omnitrix recalibrated itself, taking on a new, more watch-like appearance and providing him with a new, more exotic set of alien transformations. Kevin attempted to attack Ben, still bitter after all his past defeats against him and his eventual imprisonment in the Null Void but was easily defeated after fighting Ben's new alien Swampfire and caught by Labrid. He then agreed to help them, hoping to get back the money he lost during the deal. Eventually, after an altercation with the Forever Knights and Labrid sacrificing his life to save Kevin's, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin started working together as a team to face the Highbreed's expected invasion on Earth.

At the same time, Ben developed mutual feelings for Julie Yamamoto, a girl from his school. Though he was initially afraid of developing a relationship with her, fearing she would reject him if she found out about the Omnitrix, he was eventually pushed by Gwen into taking her to a date at the pier in Pier Pressure. The date, however, went wrong when a Galvanic Mechamorph symbiote (later named Ship) started attacking Ben in an attempt to get his attention. This incident eventually forced Ben to reveal his powers to Julie, but to his surprise, she didn't reject him, even calling the Omnitrix "cool". The two eventually continued dating, while Ship became Julie's pet.

In What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Ben discovered that he, Gwen, his father Carl, and uncle Frank have alien heritage from an alien species called Anodites, though, since he did not inherit the spark, he, along with Carl and Frank, is genetically fully human.

In Alone Together, Ben was accidentally sent through a teleportation device with a Highbreed named Reinrassig III, causing both of them to be trapped on the hostile planet Turrawuste and forcing them to work together in order to find a way back to their respective home worlds. Though initially displaying racist tendencies, Reinrassig slowly developed a friendship with Ben and eventually lost his hand trying to save him from a local vicious life form. After Ben healed his hand as Swampfire, they eventually reached the teleportation gate, but Reinrassig III chose to self-exile himself on Turrawuste, as he believed his friendship with Ben had corrupted him in the eyes of his people.

In Good Copy, Bad Copy, Ben received a visit from a mysterious clone of himself, who even had his own Omnitrix. The clone introduced himself as Albedo, a Galvan, stating he was the true creator of the Omnitrix and that Azmuth was a liar. He asked Ben to hand over the Omnitrix, stating he was trapped in Ben's body since his DNA had become the Omnitrix's default and needed Ben's Omnitrix to override the device's programming. When Ben refused, he turned violent and attempted to take it by force. After two clashes between them, Azmuth appeared and revealed that Albedo was actually his assistant, who was untrusting of Ben and had attempted to make his own Omnitrix. As a punishment for his arrogant act of rebellion, Azmuth removed Albedo's Omnitrix's central component (the core), leaving him trapped in a damaged, photo-negative version of Ben's human form, and sent him to an alien prison.

In War of the Worlds: Part 1, Ben assembled a team, consisting of himself, Gwen, Kevin, Alan, Professor Paradox, Julie, Ship, Cooper, Azmuth, and a briefly reformed Darkstar for a final attack on the Highbreed's hideout in Los Soledad in order to prevent the Hyperspace Jump Gate located there from being activated, which would unleash the Highbreed fleet on Earth. Despite their best efforts, they failed to prevent the arrival of the fleet.

WotW2 (580)

Ben using the Omnitrix to cure the Highbreed

In War of the Worlds: Part 2, Ben went with Gwen, Azmuth, and Kevin aboard Ship through the Jump Gate to the Highbreed homeworld, Augstaka. He then discovered the Highbreed were actually trying to exterminate every known sentient being in the Milky Way galaxy because they were slowly dying out and, as stated by Azmuth, their belief in purity among their kind had led to inbreeding, a loss of disease resistance, and finally sterility. Ben, as Humungousaur asked if the Omnitrix could repair the genetic damage to all of the Highbreed; the device replied that it could, but such an action would require all of its available power. After turning Ben back to human, it then charged up and released a powerful DNA wave that infused all the Highbreed with alien DNA from the Omnitrix's genetic database, thereby repairing their genetic damage in the process and saving them from total extinction. Though they were initially disgusted by this (and contemplated mass suicide as their only honorable act because of the change), Reinrassig III then reappeared from his exile and showed them how this "genetic impurity" was giving them a second chance at life. Realizing he was right, his comrades named him Highbreed Supreme, and he ended the war, thereby bringing peace to the galaxy once more.

After his successful attempt at ending the Highbreed conspiracy on Earth, Ben grew famous and was celebrated as a hero throughout the whole galaxy, and received awards from various alien ambassadors, such as Lukik of the Dracosian empire. This caused him to eventually relax and return to his immature and somewhat cocky attitude from the Original Series, much to Gwen's and Kevin's chagrin. In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, when he had to face the return of his old nemesis Vilgax, Ben attempted, with help from Kevin, to hack the Omnitrix in order to unlock the master control. This attempt went awry, releasing Goop, Chromastone, Spidermonkey, and Way Big from the Omnitrix as mindless, instinct-controlled creatures and causing Kevin to mutate for the second time. Worst of all, Ben lost Azmuth's trust. After reabsorbing the four aliens, Ben faced Vilgax and eventually defeated him as Diamondhead, though he temporarily lost Chromastone in the process.

Ben continued working as an honorary member of the Plumbers with Gwen and Kevin, with Max providing them with various missions throughout the second season of the series (Inferno and Fool's Gold being examples). He also had to deal with Vilgax, who continued trying to find ways to have his revenge on him, such as attacking Primus.

In The Final Battle: Part 1, Ben had to face a coalition of Vilgax and Albedo, the latter having stolen a prototype upgraded version of the Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix, from Azmuth's lab. The two of them successfully took Gwen and Kevin hostage, leading Ben to deliver the Omnitrix to Vilgax.

TFB2 (287)

Ben holding the remains of the destroyed Omnitrix

In The Final Battle: Part 2, Ben was forced into activating the Omnitrix's self-destruct sequence, threatening Vilgax to let it explode if he didn't remove it. Vilgax mistook this for a bluff, and paid the price, causing Kevin to lose his old mutation in the process. However, Ben then forced the Ultimatrix off Albedo to fight Vilgax as Swampfire and then as Ultimate Swampfire. The galactic conqueror's ship then hit the Pacific Ocean just offshore from Bellwood, with Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Max all escaping from it mere moments before its Fusion Drive exploded like a bomb.

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In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, 16-year-old Ben's secret identity was revealed to the world by a fan of his named Jimmy Jones, and he was now a megastar superhero adored by the public. This series featured Ben's new car, the Mark 10, gifted reluctantly by Kevin in Ben 10: Alien Swarm. Ben was now armed with the Ultimatrix, which evolved his aliens into their Ultimate Forms.

The series introduced two new enemies for Ben's rogue gallery: nasty news reporter Will Harangue, who saw Ben as a public threat, and a villainous Osmosian named Aggregor, who drained the powers of five powerful aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy; Bivalvan, Galapagus, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad, as part of his plan to obtain the Map of Infinity and travel to the Forge of Creation to become the most powerful being in the universe. The five aliens also provided Ben with five new transformations: Water Hazard, Terraspin, NRG, Armodrillo, and Ampfibian.


Ben meeting his 10-year-old self

In The Forge of Creation, after Kevin was mutated by absorbing the Ultimatrix and lost his sanity again, he successfully defeated Aggregor with help from Young Ben.

Kevin was cured in Absolute Power: Part 2 with help from Cooper, Darkstar, and what was left of the Dominus Librium.

Sometime after Absolute Power: Part 2, Ben and Julie broke up, or in Julie's words, "might as well have been broken up". However, after rescuing Baz-l in Eye of the Beholder, Ben and Julie became a couple again as he promised to be a better boyfriend.

In The Creature From Beyond, Ben's team faced the Lucubra, a creature from an alternate dimension.

In Solitary Alignment, Ben learned about Azmuth's creation, the Ascalon, the sword that was wielded by Sir George. He, along with Gwen and Kevin, was told about how Sir George obtained the sword. Ben struck up a deal with Sir George, that if he was unable to slay Dagon, then he would take the sword and attempt to defeat Dagon himself.

HU (818)

Ben and Rex bonding

Sometime after Ben 10,000 Returns, Ben appeared in Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United in order to help Rex deal with the sentient Alpha nanite. Ben was at a TV interview when a strange storm picked him up and dumped him into Rex's universe, where he mistook Rex for an alien attempting to destroy Bellwood. Rex mistook him for an EVO and tried to cure him. Both found that they were not what the other thought they were. After Agent Six was injured in an explosion after destroying Alpha's mechanical host, Ben was taken back to the Providence defect group's headquarters. While in the base, Ben learned of what was going on in that world, becoming confused by some facts, but generally grasping that things were not going good. Deciding to team up with Rex, Ben met Caesar, Rex' brother and learned that he had banished the Alpha nanite to the Null Void, thinking it was an empty dimension when in reality, it is a prison for alien criminals. However, Alpha returned and succeeded in absorbing Rex's Omega-1 Nanite to finally create a body that could sustain itself. In addition, it created and briefly used a replica of the Ultimatrix to battle Ben and Rex. Eventually, Ben transformed into Upgrade and fused with Rex, allowing them to use more powerful versions of Rex's builds to fight Alpha. With Caesar's help, Ben entered the Null Void as a stop on the way back home, using Murk Upchuck to dump Alpha into the Null Void.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1 and Part 2, Ben and his team participated in the final battle between Dagon and Vilgax. Dagon turned every human on Earth into an Esoterica and fought Ben and George. Dagon's seal was broken, and he appeared in the human world. Dagon was too strong for even Ultimate Way Big to stand against, and Sir George was turned to dust when trying to fight him. Vilgax used the Vox Peniculus to drain Dagon's very essence to transfer his power to him. The team took the sword Ascalon and fled to the Plumber base in Mt. Rushmore. Vilgax forced his way inside and knocked Gwen and Kevin unconscious. Vilgax boasted about how he planned to fight another of Ben's Ultimatrix transformations. Ben decided to use a different means to fight him, Ascalon. He uses the sword to subdue Vilgax and absorb Dagon's power from him.

TUE2 (439)

Ben with his team, wearing the new Omnitrix

Although Ben won the battle, he was tempted by Vilgax to fulfill his desire for peace and justice with a simple thought to destroy all evil. Ben considered this at first, but Gwen, Kevin, and even Julie tried to talk him out of it. He then used the power to turn every Esoterica on Earth back to normal, and all the free will that went with it. He relinquished the sword, saying that Azmuth was right, it was too much power for anyone to have. Azmuth appeared and Ben gave the sword back to him. Azmuth asked for the Ultimatrix too and gave Ben a new Omnitrix, one that he had been working on for six years since he found it. Ben asked for its Master Control, to which Azmuth replied perhaps for his 18th birthday.

16-year-old Ben also appeared in a flashback in Rules of Engagement where he was in his room playing Sumo Slammers. He started talking to Julie, but he also started yelling at the game at the same time. Julie, believing Ben had broken up with her, turned off her phone and the flashback ended.

A few months after the events of Ultimate Alien, Ben was left to be a solo hero after Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin left for college in The More Things Change: Part 1. However, Max had other plans. He teamed Ben up with a Plumber rookie named Rook Blonko. Ben did not want to have a partner and tried refusing Rook, but it was in vain. Setting their differences aside, the two soon learned to work as a team and look out for each other.

The More Things Change, Part 2 (586)

Ben accepting Rook as his partner

In The More Things Change: Part 2, Ben along with Rook, investigated Undertown. They met Psyphon, who revealed that he had started a gang. Ben battled and defeated Buglizard as Shocksquatch with the help of Rook, and the Plumbers arrested Psyphon and his gang members.

In A Jolt From the Past, Ben discovered that a villain named Fistrick and his gang were illegally keeping the Nosedeenians. Ben and Rook freed the Nosedeenians, and the Plumbers arrested Fistrick and his gang. Ben also unlocked and transformed into Gravattack.

In It Was Them, Ben was attacked by Slamworm, which was the work of Khyber. His suspicion arose over these attacks. Later, he and Rook went to arrest Animo who had escaped Plumber Headquarters. At Animo's hideout, Ben was once again attacked, this time by Mucilator. Eventually, Ben and Rook defeated Mucilator and arrest Animo. Ben unlocked Crashhopper.

SLaTfAtS (625)

Ben with a new hoodie after recreating the universe

In So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies, Ben and Rook checked out a mysterious ghost ship. which was revealed to be a Contumelia Ship. Later on, after meeting old enemies, Ben had to transform into Alien X to save the universe from the Annihilarrgh, a doomsday device created by the Contumelia to destroy universes. When Alien X transformed back into Ben, he gained a green and white jacket that had a hoodie, and a number 10 logo.

In Trouble Helix, Ben transformed into Chromastone and Cannonbolt to help Blukic and Driba test a weapon.

In Hot Stretch, Ben encountered Ester, a Kraaho, who stole a Nuclear Fusion Device. He met Seebik, the leader of the Kraaho. Eventually, Ben developed a crush on Ester and together they put an end to Seebik's evil heist. Seebik was defeated and Ester became the new leader of the Kraaho.

In Have I Got a Deal for You, Ben met Blarney T. Hokestar, a dealer and Pax, an alien right activist who claimed Hokestar was illegally keeping a Screegit. This was proven true and, since the Screegit reacted with nitrogen gas, it created trouble. However, it was subsequently defeated by Ben and Hokestar. Then Solid Plugg, assistant of Hokestar, and Pax were arrested.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 1 Ben and Rook broke up their partnership because of a fight, and Ben's Plumber's badge is destroyed. Ben was then attacked by Khyber and his pet. He transformed into Crashhopper, but Khyber's pet transformed into Mucilator and fell on Crashhopper, who transforms into Armodrillo and throws Mucilator.

Mucilator then transformed into Slamworm and went underground, attacking Armodrillo. Armodrillo transformed into Heatblast and chased after Khyber but was met with a surprise attack by Crabdozer. Then, Khyber introduced himself as the 'greatest huntsman in the galaxy'. However, Ben just mocked him. Heatblast tried to transform into Humungousaur but transformed into a new alien named Ball Weevil. At first, Ben didn't know how to use Ball Weevil's powers, but then spat a ball and rolled around uncontrollably before seeing that the ball could explode. Crabdozer countered this by transforming into Terroranchula.

Ball Weevil fled, but Khyber defeated him by redirecting one of his attacks. The Omnitrix timed out, and Ben fell down unconscious. Khyber then picked him up and started gloating.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 2, while being imprisoned in Khyber's Ship, Ben eventually discovered that Malware was involved in the creation of the Nemetrix from Khyber, the device that allowed Khyber's pet to transform into predators of aliens, and that Dr. Psychobos, using a corrupted blueprint of the Omnitrix retrieved by Malware, created the Nemetrix. Dr. Psychobos hired Khyber to collect predator samples for the Nemetrix and they used Phil as a test subject. Rook then came to Ben's rescue, revealing that their argument was part of their plan to lure Khyber and that Ben's Plumber badge was not destroyed. They defeated Khyber and he crash landed. The wreckage of his ship was visited by Malware and Dr. Psychobos.

In Outbreak, Plumber Headquarters was attacked by Dr. Psychobos, who stole an Omnitrix component to perfect the Nemetrix. In the process, the now mutated Psyphon and his gang members caused chaos until they were defeated by Ben, Rook and a squadron of Plumbers. Blukic and Driba replaced the component stolen and, in this process, they unlocked new aliens. Ben also unlocked Kickin Hawk as a result of scanning Liam.

In Many Happy Returns, Gwen and Kevin came to Bellwood to visit Ben. Ben defeated Looma Red Wind, a Tetramand to whom Kevin was engaged, but in this process, Ben accidentally got engaged to her.

In Gone Fishin', Magister Patelliday was kidnapped by Captain Kork and his Mechaneer while he fished with Max, Ben, and Rook. Max, Rook, and Ben infiltrated Kork's headquarters, rescued Magister Patelliday and arrested Kork.

In Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's, Ben and Rook were busy chasing after Trombipulor who was after ultimate power which was revealed to be peanuts. Blukic and Driba tried to go to Mr. Smoothy to buy a grasshopper smoothie. Ben also learned of the existence of a 23rd store of Mr. Smoothy.

Malefactor (664)

Ben meeting Malware for the first time in five years

In Malefactor, Khyber and his pet attacked Ben at a festival. Ben recognized Hypnotick's species and came to the conclusion that this was just a distraction. Ben reached the Proto-TRUK and found Malware stealing data from it. Malware escaped and Ben showed fear towards him in this episode.

In Bros in Space, Ben and Rook visited Revonnah, Rook's home planet. Rook introduced Ben to his family and his crush. Later, a Muroid attacked standing on two legs which was strange as they should walk on four legs. At night, Ben found out that there is a TV show about him. The next morning, the Revonnahganders were harvesting and Ben tried to help them. In the end, it was revealed that Fistrick was manipulating the Muroids so that he could steal Amber Ogia, the sacred food, crop and fuel of the Revonnahganders. He was defeated with the combined efforts of Ben and the Revonnahganders.

In Arrested Development, Ben and Rook fought the Computron's Minions and met Billy Billions. At first, Ben mistook him for a fan, but then it was revealed that he was controlling the robots. As it turned out, Billy had a rivalry with Ben when they were young, though it was one-sided. Amidst the rivalry, Billy fired a beam at Ben but since he was Diamondhead at that time, the beam was deflected and warped Billy to Dimension 12. Billy used a De-Ager Ray on Ben and Rook, transforming them into young versions of themselves. Eventually, Billy accidentally caused an invasion of the robots. The robots were stopped by Ben and Rook who managed to revert to their original ages. After that, Billy was arrested.

In Rules of Engagement, Julie and Ship helped Ben defeat Looma. Ben started going out with Ester.

In Showdown: Part 1, the Faction infiltrated Galvan Prime and planned to humiliate and kill Azmuth. Azmuth teleported Ben and Rook to help him capture Zed and Dr. Psychobos. Khyber escaped with the Nemetrix. It was revealed that Malware was on Galvan B. At the end of the episode, Galvan B was destroyed with Malware being stronger than he was before.

In Showdown: Part 2, Ben, Rook, Azmuth, Gwen, Kevin, Max, Blukic, and Driba had a final showdown with Malware. Even Way Big was defeated by Malware. Ben then had a flashback of what happened when he was 11 and how he lost Feedback. He eventually regained Feedback by overcoming his trauma, and by absorbing the Helix's power, he defeated Malware once and for all.

In T.G.I.S., Ben teamed up with the Secret Saturdays to defeat Animo and V.V. Argost, developing a crush on Drew and becoming friends with Zak.

In Store 23, Ben discovered a new dimension with its own version of him, whom he tutored in how to be a hero.

In Vilgax Must Croak, Ben tried to escort Vilgax to Incarcecon, only for him to escape due to the Incurseans' intervention.

BA 471

Ben teaming up with his 11-year-old self

In Ben Again, while battling Eon, 11-year-old Ben's mind was switched with that of his 16-year-old self. As 16-year-old Ben, he found the clues laid down by the 16-year-old Ben who was inhabiting 11-year-old Ben's body. Both Bens got their bodies back and defeated Eon.

In Special Delivery, Ben had to deliver goods for Mr. Baumann as penance for wrecking his car. He quickly discovered that Psyphon was once again up to no good when he tried to steal a Dwarf Star. Ben unlocked Toepick and defeated Psyphon with the new transformation.

In Rad, Ben met Rad Dudesman and teamed up with him. Other episodes featuring his fight with the Incurseans culminated with Milleous' arrest and Attea's rise to power. In this arc, Ben also unlocked Astrodactyl and Bullfrag.

In Food Around the Corner, Ben helped a peace treaty to develop between the Lewodans and Appoplexians.

In O Mother, Where Art Thou?, Ma Vreedle searched for her son and threatens to destroy the sun, but Ben and his allies stopped her.

In Max's Monster, present-day Phil returned with a powerful transformation.

In Return to Forever, the Forever Knights attempted to destroy Undertown.

Mud is Thicker Than Water reintroduced Ben's Lenopan cousin, Lucy, who helped uncover how Psyphon had been getting his hands on Plumber tech.

OTTO Motives featured Ben, Kevin, and Rook battling a robot named Otto.

The other episodes in Season 4 featured Ben's fight with Albedo, culminating with Ben unlocking Atomix and Albedo being turned into an 11-year-old version of Ben.

In Something Zombozo This Way Comes, Ben fought Zombozo, his zombie clowns, and the Circus Freak Trio. Ben managed to defeat them, but not before into his fear of clowns returned.

In Mystery, Incorporeal, Ben and Rook visited Gwen's college, Friedkin University, and defeated Michael Morningstar. As a reward for saving the day, Ben was granted an honorary degree, referring to himself as Dr. Tennyson, much to Gwen's chagrin.

In Bengeance is Mine, Ben fought Vilgax's Squid Monsters, who wreaked havoc on Bellwood. He defeated them with the help of an ordinary plumber named Bill Gacks.

In An American Benwolf in London, Ben was rejoined with Kai Green, his former crush. With her help, he defeated the Forever Knights before they could get Excalibur.

In Animo Crackers, Dr. Animo's future self went back in time to work with his present self. Chrono Spanner, a hero from the future, met up with Ben and, together, they defeated both Animos.

Other episodes in Season 5 featured Ben's fight with Zs'Skayr and his henchmen. Ben unlocked Whampire and destroyed Zs'Skayr, defeated his henchmen, and imprisoned the resurrected Vladat, Lord Transyl.

TWB (513)

Ben teaming up with Ben 10,000, Ben 23 and Gwen 10

In And Then There Were None and And Then There Was Ben, Ben teamed up with his alternate timeline counterparts, including his future self to take down Vilgax and the evil Bens.

In Catfight, Ben went on a date with Ester. Eventually, Nyancy Chan intervened, but she was defeated and Ben resumed his date with Ester.

In Collect This, Ben found out that there was a show about him, run by Hokestar, Solid Plugg, Simian, and Deefus. Eventually, the Earth was sold to Collectimus, who, at the end of the episode, traded it for Ben's shirts.

In The Vengers, Captain Nemesis, Kangaroo Kommando, Billy Billions, and Mazuma formed a team known as the Vengers. They tried to replace Ben, but their true nature was eventually revealed to everyone.

In Cough It Up, Ben encountered Spanner again. Together, they defeated Psyphon, and the dehydrated Techadon Factory he was after was taken by Spanner. At the end of the episode, Ben revealed his suspicions regarding who he believes Spanner really is.

In Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51, Ben learned how Blukic and Driba reached Earth. Ben also destroyed B.L.R.R.T. and arrested Benevelon.

In No Honor Among Bros, Rook was affected by Fistrick's "bro essence" and participated in the Golden Fist Tournament. Although he won the tournament, he arrested the participants afterwards, as it was an illegal tournament.

In Universe vs. Tennyson, Ben was dragged into a Celestialsapien court for recreating the universe in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies. Ben was eventually found not guilty thanks to Chadzmuth.

Other episodes in Season 6 featured Ben's fight with the Rooters while Kevin's true past was revealed. The battle culminated with the Rooters' defeat and their Plumber status being revoked by the Magistrata.

Clyde 5 featured Ben's cousin Clyde Fife and how, upon obtaining the Cincotrix, he became a hero.

Rook Tales and The Final Countdown featured Rook's former sensei, Kundo, who turned into a cyborg at the end of Rook Tales and got arrested at the end of The Final Countdown.

The Ballad of Mr. Baumann featured Mr. Baumann and Sheelane, who was Baumann's fiancée. Eventually, Ben helped Baumann to successfully reunite with Sheelane and Vulkanus was defeated.

Fight at the Museum featured Ben helping Kai to unsuccessfully protect the Orb of Pumapunku from Exo-Skull and Subdora who captured it for Maltruant. Ester also learned that Kai and Ben are meant to be together in the future from Spanner who was confirmed to be not Jimmy.

Breakpoint featured Ben infiltrating Fistrick's gang who were committing crimes by impersonating Ben. In the end, Fistrick and his gang were arrested.

The Color of Monkey featured Argit's new company and how Simian and Rojo caused trouble. They were eventually arrested.

Vreedlemania features how the entire Vreedle family, upon reuniting, caused havoc in Bellwood until they were stopped by Ben.

Stuck on You featured Khyber enlisting the help of Skurd, a Slime-Biot, to operate the Nemetrix. Eventually, the Nemetrix was taken by the Plumbers, with Khyber being arrested. Skurd joined Ben as the Omnitrix because it has more DNA samples.

In The Secret of Dos Santos, Ben helped Kai to find the Temple of the Sky. Exo-Skull intervened and Maltruant's history was revealed. Ben and Kai showed feelings for each other, with Kai even kissing Ben.

Malgax Attacks featured Vilgax and Albedo teaming up. Albedo used Malware's remains to create the Malware Armor for Vilgax to wear so that he could defeat Ben. Albedo then attacked Azmuth, which ended with Albedo's Ultimatrix being disabled. Meanwhile, Ben was being defeated by Vilgax and he apologized to Skurd for having him removed, and the two teamed up again to defeat Vilgax. Vilgax was eventually killed by his ship's core meltdown. Also, Malware's fate is unknown as the armor oozed out of Vilgax's petrified body.

In The Most Dangerous Game Show, Charles Zenith hosted a show which would decide who would marry Ben. Kai won the contest and all the girls who lost were rescued from the Null Void. Charles was arrested, Ben and Ester broke up on good terms and Ben and Kai beame a couple.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2Fight at the Museum, Let's Do the Time War Again, The Secret of Dos Santos, The End of an Era, and A New Dawn featured the Time War. In the Time War, Maltruant put himself back together and orders Exo Skull and Subdora to find his missing parts. After becoming whole again, he orders Eon, Exo Skull and Subdora to get some Time Beast eggs for him. Even though Ben, Rook, Ben 10,000 and Paradox intervened Eon, who procured two Time Beast eggs for Maltruant.

After this, Maltruant went to the future and stole the Dwarf Star and the Annihilarrgh, and fused them to create his modified Annihilarrgh. Ben 10,000, Gwen, Kai and Spanner (revealed to be Ben's son, Ken) failed to stop him. Spanner brought past Ben and Rook to help. However, Eon arrived with a chariot pulled by a Time Beast. After Eon was betrayed, Maltruant escaped to the timestream with Ben and Rook following with the help of their Time Cycles. They eventually crashed to the past where Ben met George Washington and battled a young Vilgax.

Ben and Rook continued their chase which led them to a Contumelia ship. The Contumelia revealed that they create universes, they do not destroy them. Maltruant activated his modified Annihilarrgh to create the universe in his own image. However, the energy of the Annihilarrgh was absorbed by Feedback, who redirected it to Maltruant, dividing him into many parts. Paradox then came, revealing that Maltruant is trapped in a time loop in which he is doomed to lose. Ben and Rook then witnessed the creation of the universe after parting with Skurd, who joined his ancestors to seed life across the universe. At the end of this series, Ben called Gwen and decided that he, she, Rook and Kevin were to go on a road trip across the entire universe.

Powers and Abilities

Ben is a fairly proficient fighter, even as a human, being able to hold his own against Pierce.[62][DM 5]. Although he mainly employs a loose street fighting style,[36] he also knows martial arts,[DM 6] having been trained in savate and karate by Gwen, and Marquess of Queensbury boxing.[63] On top of that, he has gained practical experience from years of fighting aliens.

Ben has also received basic Plumber training, having succeeded in the Plumbers' Academy with a 95 out of a 100.[7]

Ben can jump high in the air.[39]

Ben has good reflexes, being able to easily dodge shots from Manny's blasters before disarming him while in human form,[64] dodge Sunder's axe attacks,[65] Zed's lunges,[39] and a laser blast from Tummyhead.[66]

Ben has an extraordinarily sharp memory, as he was perfectly capable of remembering and writing down the mystic rune-like symbols for entering the inter-dimensional realm of Legerdomain with just one glance from a distance.[67] This is even more true for things that interest him.[DM 7]

Ben is surprisingly a natural at hoverboard-based combat, which generally requires intensive training and the use of holographic simulators.[pop-up 1][53] Relatedly, he is also good at snowboarding.[68]

Ben has shown himself to be quite proficient in using weaponry, such as a DNA Repair Gun[9] and Ascalon.[69]

Ben is proficient at driving, having been taught by Max.[70] For example, he was able to swerve out of the way at the last second to avoid coming into contact with Eunice's crashing pod.[71]

Ben has impressive piloting skills, as shown when, at 10 years old, he could adequately control a gyropod (a small ship designed for alien pilots) within seconds of testing,[53] and at 16 years old, could pilot the Rustbucket 3.[72] He gets this skill from a combination of playing video games and tap lessons Sandra made him take, though he would never admit it.[pop-up 2][53] Despite this, Kevin is considered to be a better pilot than Ben.[DM 8]

Ben is proficient at baseball.[11]

Ben is proficient at soccer, serving as a goalie for his high school team.[61][56] In fact, he was the first freshman start as goalie on his school's team.[AF Brief 1]

Ben is a decent musician, as he knew a variety of electric guitar techniques like shredding, hammer-ons, and pinch harmonics, and on drums, was able to keep up with a professional rock band.[68]

It is evident that Ben is smart in some respects, possessing an above-average to high intelligence and maintaining a B+ average at school. Gwen even stated that he really is not working up to his potential at school.[67]

Ben has a knack for turning his weaknesses into strengths.[pop-up 3][53]


"You of us?"
"I'm one of everybody."

– A Necrofriggian Guard and Big Chill.[73]

Ben is the wielder of the Omnitrix (formerly the Ultimatrix and first Omnitrix), which gives him the power to modify his own genetic code in order to turn into various alien creatures. Traditionally, he could only transform into ten aliens at the beginning of both the Original Series and Alien Force, but he later gained additional forms by either unlocking them or by scanning the DNA of aliens he met.

When transforming into an alien, Ben gets all the creature's features, including its appearance, voice, all of its unique and special abilities and powers, strengths and weaknesses. Though he mostly retains his personality, there are some cases where the transformation causes a change in it, like with Rath and Juryrigg.

Though he usually uses his alien forms to fight, he can impersonate aliens as he did with Water Hazard to convince P'andor to go home, though he was only successful at getting P'andor to believe he was Bivalvan.[74]

In addition to transforming into aliens, the Ultimatrix included what is referred as an "evolutionary function", that allowed Ben to evolve his alien forms, referred to as Ultimate Forms.

In addition to the primary transformations and evolutionary function, the Omnitrices and Ultimatrix can both be used for various purposes. Both have a built-in Universal Translator that allows Ben to communicate with most aliens that do not speak English.[75]

The original Omnitrix displayed the ability to manipulate and repair genetic damage, a function he used to cure DNAliens[76] and save the Highbreed from extinction.[77] Azmuth also mentioned that Ben could use the original Omnitrix to bring back to life any species stored on Primus.[78]

The current Omnitrix also has a failsafe to help prevent Ben from dying.[79]

Ben formerly owned an X321 hoverboard, given to him by Tetrax.[16] It was destroyed when it fell into a vat of nuclear waste.[53] Tetrax gave him a second hoverboard which was later destroyed by Khyber.[39] The second hoverboard was later either rebuilt or replaced.[80]

Ben owns a Plumber Badge.[81]

Ben has a Plumber suit, allowing him to survive in unsuitable environments. Kevin modified his suit by installing a propulsion unit and neuroshock pulsers.[82]

As a Galactic Enforcer, Ben had a badge which allowed him to activate some features from the team's ship remotely.[83]

Ben formerly had a hazmat suit, given to him by Max. The suit protected him from the effects of Corrodium[48] and allowed him to survive in space.[84]

Ben temporarily wore a spacesuit, given to him by Tetrax, which allowed him to survive in space.[53]

Ben temporarily used an ID Mask to disguise himself as a DNAlien to navigate a Highbreed ship.

Ben temporarily drove Kevin's car when Kevin had been aged into an old man by the Time Monster.[70]

Ben formerly wielded a DNA Repair Gun, which he used to revert the DNAliens back to human.[56] Simian later sold it to the Incurseans.[9]

Ben temporarily used Max's motorcycle during Alien Swarm.

Ben formerly owned the Mark 10, given to him as a birthday gift by Kevin.[85] The car is now owned by Sandra.[DJW 2]

Ben temporarily wielded Ascalon, which also covered him in armor.[69]

Ben, as Juryrigg, created the Tenn-Speed from parts of the destroyed Proto-TRUK.[86] It was later damaged by Ben off-screen prior to Let's Do the Time War Again, and its parts were used by Ben 10,000 as Uprigg to create the Time Cycles. Both Time Cycles were destroyed when Ben and Rook crash-landed onto the Contumelia Ship.[79]

When in Sumo Slammers Smackdown, he had access to a sword.[87]


Ben appears to have a short attention span and very little patience at times.[pop-up 4][88] More often than not, it can get him into trouble, such as not reading the directions when trapped in Sumo Slammers Smackdown.[pop-up 5][87] Though he has matured substantially since receiving the original Omnitrix, he is still a teenager with much to learn and is prone to irrational impulses and recklessness.

Ben has coulrophobia (i.e. a fear of clowns),[17] which was indirectly caused by Max.[note 3]

Ben is vulnerable to the cold virus.[91]

Ben is vulnerable to hypnosis.[92]

Ben is not immune to Corrodium and will be mutated when exposed to this mineral unless he either wears special protection or transforms into an alien.[48][84]

Ben can be rendered unconscious by sedative quills, such as those generated by Argit's species.[93]

Ben has an allergy to peanuts.[94]

Ben can experience pain from electricity, such as that generated by a Nosedeenian[95], Phil as a Terroranchula,[96] a Conductoid[97] or a Cerebrocrustacean.[98]

Ben's worst fear is that of peacocks.[99][100][101]

Ben's worst subject is Physics.[102]

Whenever the Omnitrix times out, Ben is left powerless until he either dodges or switches to a new alien form. In addition to gaining the selected alien's powers and strengths, he gains its weaknesses.

Whenever Ben unlocks a new alien form, he is at a disadvantage of not knowing its abilities and weaknesses until he gains experience with using that alien. However, this was not an issue when he wielded the recalibrated original Omnitrix, as the device granted him full understanding of the aliens' powers.[DM 1]

Despite his experience in using the Omnitrices and Ultimatrix, Ben still does not know every function of them. Due to his inquisitive nature and impatience, he has accidentally unlocked new functions such as the Master Control[21] and the randomizer,[103] which can at times do more harm than good.

Though the current Omnitrix is designed to work only for him, Ben still has not mastered it. According to Azmuth, Ben may get the Master Control on his 18th birthday.[69]

The current Omnitrix does not actually mistransform, but rather it is due to Ben hitting the Omnitrix too hard, thereby causing the time-out function to select another alien at random.[104][105]

At times, the natural biological behavior of certain aliens can override Ben's behavior, such as Big Chill's reproductive phase[106] or Swampfire's blossoming process.[107]

Any illness Ben is experiencing in his human form will affect his alien forms.[91][108]


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Carl and Sandra Tennyson

Grounded (100)

Ben revealing his secret to his parents

Ben has stated that he loves and cares about his mom and dad, and that they're good parents and raised him well enough to become the person he is today.[109]

Ken Tennyson

Ben looked up to Ken as a role model, and Ben practically "worshipped" Ken when he was 10.[pop-up 6][54] Ken took Ben to his first soccer practice.[2][76]

Gwen Tennyson

See Article: Relationship with Gwen Tennyson

Max Tennyson

S23 (625)

Ben hugging Max

In the Original Series, Ben's relationship with Max seemed to be that of a father and son, because the majority of the series took place in the summer and Max was the only guardian available. When he was seriously injured in The Alliance, Ben went full strength with Four Arms and brutally destroyed Vilgax's Mechadroids as they were the catalyst for his injury.[110] His relationship with his grandfather has not changed much at all during Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse.

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, he yelled at Gwen when she jokingly wondered how Max's cooking hadn't killed him, as he was worried about where he was.

Lucy Mann

MITTW (163)

Ben after Lucy played a prank on Gwen

Ben and Lucy get along quite well in both the Original Series and Omniverse, though Ben was nervous about dancing with her in Big Fat Alien Wedding. During the Omniverse flashbacks, he was shown to enjoy her company, which she reciprocated.

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Kevin Levin

See Article: Relationship with Kevin Levin


Ben's initial thoughts of Azmuth before meeting him were never stated, but he did find it to be somewhat surprising that he was a Galvan. After meeting him, he thought of him as a jerk who cared about no one but himself. However, his perception of him changed when Azmuth fixed the Omnitrix.[53]

Five years prior to Omniverse, Ben and Azmuth interacted more frequently after the latter's reintegration into Galvan society. Ben was disgusted towards Azmuth's refusal to correct Malware,[111] but they still respected and assisted each other. In a flashback in Showdown: Part 1, Azmuth warned Ben to not overuse Feedback, but Ben did not heed his warning and Feedback was lost from the Omnitrix after a fight with Malware. and during a flashback in Showdown: Part 2, Azmuth offered Ben advice and comfort after he lost Feedback.

WotW1 (202)

Ben arguing with Azmuth about staying out of the final battle against the Highbreed

In Alien Force, Ben respected Azmuth as the creator of the Omnitrix, though he was willing to go against his orders when he deemed it necessary, such as when he refused to stay out of the final battle against the Highbreed.[56] In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Ben lost Azmuth's trust after hacking the Omnitrix.

Professor Paradox

Ben first met Professor Paradox in Paradox to stop a Trans-Dimensional Creature. Professor Paradox claimed he would help Ben save the "whole entire universe".

Paradox puts great faith in Ben, even stating to Azmuth that he was destined for greatness.[50]

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy revealed Ben's identity to the public on Earth by linking alien sightings along with the intergalactic peace symbol all on their chests matching that of a picture of Ben ready to activate the Omnitrix and leaking it to his own personal website.

AF (131)

Ben seeking information about the Forever Knights from Jimmy

In Ultimate Alien, Ben considered him a reliable source of information.[93] However, in Omniverse, Ben is shown to be very skeptical and dismissive of Jimmy's claims and theories.[66]

Rook Blonko

See Article: Relationship with Rook Blonko


MA (78)

Skurd insisting Ben needs his help

Initially, Ben and Skurd had a strenuous relationship, with Ben finding Skurd's snark to be annoying and Skurd finding Ben to be nothing more than a "free lunch". During their tenure together, they would frequently bicker. However, over time, the two grew closer, with both saying they owed the other their life.[79] Ben 10,000, upon seeing Skurd for the first time in years, recalled fond memories.[112]

"And I've straightened out Ben's love life for good."
"Really? I did not think that was possible, except perhaps by hypnosis or a brain transplant."

Spanner and Rook.[113]

Kai Green

See Article: Relationship with Kai Green

Julie Yamamoto

See Article: Relationship with Julie Yamamoto

Elena Valadis

RotS (341)

Elena and Ben's near kiss

Elena Valadis is one of the Plumbers' kids and a former member of Ben's soccer team. Ben met Elena when he was 13 and had to convince his soccer teammates to let her join. She appeared in the live-action film Ben 10: Alien Swarm.

Elena also appeared in Revenge of the Swarm, where she served as the Queen of the Hive. Victor Valadis attacked Ben at night, so the trio went to her to find whether she knew anything about the Microchips. Later, when Ben mentioned Julie, it made her angry and jealous, and she kidnapped her in order to keep Ben all to herself. They almost kissed, but her plan was revealed to Ben, and he saved Julie. Elena, being possessed by the Hive Queen, encountered Armodrillo and choked him with the Microchips. However, she was convinced by Julie to not to do so. She willingly sacrificed herself in order save Ben, proving how much she liked him and that there was still the Elena that cared for him. Ben became sorry for her, understanding how much she had liked him. At the end of the episode, the Microchips reformed, revealing she was still alive.

Elena appeared in The Perfect Girlfriend disguised as Julie. As Julie, she tried to do everything to make Ben happy. Once Ben found out Julie was Elena, he tried to reason with her, but when the real Julie turned up, he ended up fighting her as Ultimate Echo Echo, during which she choked him with the Microchips again. Julie told Elena that if she killed him, then no one could have him. At the end of the episode, Elena retreated into the sewer, "knowing what hate feels like" indicating that she now had a hatred for Ben and promised to return.


SS (218)

Eunice kissing Ben on the cheek

The Unitrix's pod was discovered in the forest at the same time Ben's team was driving for a camping trip. After encountering her, she stayed with them for the day, bonding with Ben (who had recently broken up with Julie). The two of them were soon attacked by Sunder, who shut Eunice down and attempted to get away before Gwen and Kevin stopped him as Kevin restarted the Unitrix again. While the four of them scuffled with Sunder that led to a muddy area, Azmuth arrived, broke up the fight, and cleared things up. Following a brief argument, Ben allowed Azmuth, under a compromise, to take on Eunice as one of his assistants on Primus.

In Simian Says, Eunice kissed Ben on the cheek.


Emily briefly dated Ben, but the reason they broke up was that Ben went "hero" and left Emily on a 200-foot-tall watchtower, causing Emily to get angry at Ben.[MW 1]


Hot Stretch (602)

Ester hugging Ben

When Ester first met Ben in Hot Stretch, they fought for the fusion device. When she realized the other Kraaho were doing evil things, she joined Ben's team. She introduced him to her friends, and they played an alien version of hockey. Ben turned into Water Hazard and splashed everyone with water to cool them down, even when Ester told him not to. He then brought her a towel, and she blushed as he gazed at her. She turned the water floating around him into snowflakes and ran off laughing. Rook told Ben she liked him. When she became the chief, she hugged Ben and told him she and her kind would be good neighbors. Later Ester's friends called Ben her boyfriend, and Ben at first denied it, but then excitedly asked Rook if he had a chance with her.

In Rules of Engagement, Ben offered to help clean up the Hot Spot with her. She excitedly agreed, wrapping her arms around his arm. She also stated that she is fond of Mr. Smoothy.

Sometime before Return to Forever, they went on a movie date.

In Catfight, Ester was in a double date with Ben, Rook, and Rayona. Later in the episode, she hugged Ben, and the two ran off to watch Sumo Slammers 6 3D again.

In Fight at the Museum, Ester invited Ben to the Bellwood Museum for a date, but Ben, not knowing it was a date, brought Rook since Rook enjoys museums. Ester was shown to be horrified when she heard that Ben and Kai end up together in the future Spanner comes from, while Ben himself stated there was no way that was going to happen.

Later in The Most Dangerous Game Show, feeling that Ben really was destined to be with Kai, Ester decided to let go of him. While trying to talk to Ben, who she couldn't get in contact with, Ester ultimately fell in love with Antonio. Eventually, Ester made her feelings known to Ben, breaking up on good terms, even stating she still liked him while remaining friends.


TFoW2 (287)

Bullfrag and Attea

In The Frogs of War: Part 2, Bullfrag infiltrated Attea's team and from the moment she saw him, Attea had a crush on him. When they met in the cell block of Plumber Headquarters, Bullfrag came up to her and started flirting, taking note that his new form showed her in a whole new light. Attea was a bit flustered, but started flirting back, only to be knocked out by a mana blast by Gwen. Bullfrag blamed his crush on Attea on his Incursean DNA.

At the end of the episode, when leaving Earth, she gave Ben the offer to come with her and "Ditch that monkey face and turn into Bullfrag again". He promptly declined. Attea gave him a kiss to the back of his head with her long tongue, winked, and took off.

She later decided that Ben was her only option for a mate in Catfight. However, Ben later convinced her that she was capable of ruling on her own.

Drew Saturday

Drew saying right back at ya towards Ben
In T.G.I.S., Ben gained a crush on Drew Saturday the minute he saw her. She responded to Ben saying, "right back at ya". When Doc told Ben, Rook, Zak, and Fisk that Dr. Animo and his Chupacabra army were attacking Mr. Baumann's store, Drew offered to stay behind to look after the petrified Gilford Bromley. Ben, though, suggested that Rook stay behind, and Drew come with him, telling them that they might need her medical expertise. Later, when Ben, Rook, Zak, and Fisk arrived at the airship to stop V.V. Argost and his army of cryptids, Doc and Drew revealed themselves and told them that they escaped moments before Argost showed up. Ben then instantly told Drew that he was happy that she was okay, causing Zak to remind him that Doc was okay too. At the end of the episode, Ben told Zak how it was a pleasure to work with him and his mom. He then took a photo with Zak, Doc, Drew, and Fisk as Four Arms.

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TWB (538)

Diamondhead punching Vilgax

Ben has had a rivalry with Vilgax since the Original Series, but as time went on, Ben has gotten sick of Vilgax's schemes and doesn't hesitate to directly mock him for all of his previous failures.[114]

Dr. Animo

It Was Them (102)

Animo swearing his revenge on Ben

Ben considers Animo a B-grade villain.[115] Despite this, Ben has occasionally seen him as a legitimate threat, such as when he took over the Null Void.[62]

Animo considers Ben a "snot-nosed punk" for having constantly foiled his plans.[116]


TUH (440)

Ben and Albedo fighting over a Polymorphic Crystal

Upon their first meeting, Albedo and Ben were tenuous teammates, as Albedo's ego got on Ben's nerves, and he doubted Ben's capabilities.[111]

After being turned into a duplicate of Ben, Albedo has had a great hatred for him and his team. Likewise, Ben considers Albedo to be a "total freak show". Although he has since re-obtained his Galvan form, Albedo still harbors a grudge against Ben for his imprisonment and humiliation.[43]

Since being turned into an 11-year-old version of Ben, Albedo considers himself a Ben, no different from the likes of Mad Ben or Benzarro.[117]

Ma Vreedle

OMWAT (270)

Ma threatening Ben

Ben and Ma Vreedle have a complicated relationship, largely due to the latter's friendship with Ben's mom. Ma believes Ben and his team have lowered her family's quality of life by foiling her various schemes.[118] She has also given him the nickname "Peanut".

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Jennifer Nocturne

HT (90)

Jennifer kissing Ben

Jennifer Nocturne is a famous film actress who appeared in Hero Time, when she had taken a liking to Ben when he saved her, then kissed him on the lips in public. Later, she tried to make up a relationship with Ben for publicity and to make a better career for herself. She was captured along with Julie by Carl Nesmith (also known as Captain Nemesis), who later called himself Overlord. When Overlord had the two of them hanging from a statue, he gave Ben the option to save one of them before blasting the cord holding them. Without any hesitation, Goop saved Julie while Kevin and Gwen saved Jennifer.

In Catch a Falling Star, Jennifer instead had an obsessive attraction for Carl Nesmith. When Ben tried to apprehend the villain, Jennifer tried to kill him, believing he shouldn't go to jail.

Mr. Baumann

SD (190)

Mr. Baumann forcing Ben to work for him after his car was destroyed

Mr. Baumann is Ben's old neighbor, and they are shown to have a mutual dislike for each other. Mr. Baumann constantly accuses him of destroying his car and other property. However, deep down, Mr. Baumann actually likes Ben.[DJW 3]


The More Things Change, Part 1 (269)

Ben meeting Pakmar for the first time

Pakmar hates Ben because he always breaks Pakmar's things. Ben doesn't hate Pakmar as much as Pakmar hates him, but Ben still doesn't like him because, like Mr. Baumann, Pakmar tends to blame Ben for destruction that wasn't his fault.

Looma Red Wind

ROE 11

Princess Looma hugs Ben

In Many Happy Returns, when Kevin was about to marry Looma, Ben challenged her to a battle to stop it. She kept defeating him until he turned into Four Arms. When Four Arms defeated her, it was revealed that female Tetramands marry the ones that defeat them in battle. Gwen and Kevin left, and Looma said she would be back in three years.

In Rules of Engagement, Looma returned, attempting to collect four items for their wedding: something conquered, something bruised, something severed, and something blue. Looma battled the Kraaho to capture one of them as something conquered, and Ester asked Ben for help. Looma was happy to see Ben again but was busy with collecting the items to talk to him. Ben tried to stop her, but she tossed him aside and took Ester, Rook, Julie, and even Hervé, for being a photographer. She also captured Fistina's right hand, which led Fistina and Ben to get it and "little Rook" back. Looma went to Ben's house and was happy to see her future "mother-in-law" and presented her "offering gifts". When the "offering gifts" tried to escape, Looma tried to recapture them. Looma fought Julie when she heard that she was Ben's girlfriend, not knowing that they broke up. With the help of her friends, Julie was able to defeat Looma. Looma was saddened but accepted her defeat. However, Looma promised Julie to crush her skull the next time her and Julie met.



Ben has been in every episode, movie, special, and short except Ken 10, the non-canon "what-if?" episodes Gwen 10 and Goodbye and Good Riddance, along with Ben 10: Race Against Time, which features a Ben from an alternate timeline. Here's a list of all his appearances throughout the series:


Ben has appeared in every book set within the Classic Continuity, except for the Cartoon Network Action Pack comics Old Friends and It's a Set Up.

Online Games

Ben 10

Alien Force

Ultimate Alien


In Other Media


Ben appeared briefly in a snippet of MAD during a Star Trek parody, where the crew watched Ben 10 on their screen.

Robot Chicken

Ben made an appearance in the fifth episode of the sixth season of Robot Chicken, Hurtled from a Helicopter into a Speeding Train, where Ben is just turning 14.

Uncle Grandpa

In the twelfth episode of the third season of Uncle Grandpa in the short titled The Grampies, Ben (in his Omniverse appearance), among other Cartoon Network characters, made a cameo watching an awards show hosted by Uncle Grandpa. Ben, who did not speak, was annoyed by a lame joke that Uncle Grandpa made.

Video Games

Ben appears in every Ben 10 video game based on the Classic Continuity. Ben is also seen in the crossover video games Punch Time Explosion and Punch Time Explosion XL.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth

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While Ben is sleeping at the Grand Canyon, Vilgax extracts DNA from the Omnitrix. Ben travels around the United States to retrieve the Omnitrix Crystals.

Ben starts with Heatblast and Four Arms, but later obtains XLR8, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, and Perk Upchuck (on the DS, through a cheat code). Later, he unlocks the Master Control, allowing the player to stay in alien form for an unlimited amount of time, and switch between forms without reverting to Ben.

Ultra Ben is a playable character through a cheat.

Ben 10: Alien Force

Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable Versions

Ben is a playable character in the game. He starts with Swampfire and Big Chill, and later unlocks Spidermonkey, Jetray and Humungousaur.

While on their way to the amusement pier, Ben, Gwen and Kevin encounter the Forever Knights through the use of an alien technology tracker. They follow the Knights to the dock where they are searching for a piece of alien technology buried there. On his way to recover the component, Ben encounters a Tetramand Plumber named Gorvan. Gorvan states that his goal is to recover various illegal alien technological components and quickly recruits Ben, Gwen and Kevin to complete this task.

Then, the team go to a Forever Knights castle in Avalon Forest. Ben and Kevin fight their way through the castle and the security system where Ben discovers the next component is hidden in a Mech Dragon. After defeating the dragon, Ben retrieves the component and brings it back to the nearest Plumber base where he very grotesquely takes the component for safekeeping.

Next, the team pursues one of the recently discovered components at a military base. Kevin decides to abandon the mission after being insulted by Ben and Gwen. As Ben makes his way through the surface, Gwen disables the security systems for Ben. Eventually, Ben bumps his way into Vulkanus (who is disappointed that Kevin decided not to join Ben in his mission), where Ben has to fight and defeat him under a strip of ammunition leading him to the component. Back at base, after giving Gorvan the component and telling him about Vulkanus, Gorvan states that Vulkanus will have to be "dealt with" eventually. The team notices that Gorvan is acting suspicious and that they should keep an eye on him.

Gorvan receives a message and claims it is from the Plumbers asking for a progress report. Gorvan fails to deliver it over an encrypted channel. Next, Ben travels to an incubator where a group of DNAliens are using the component to power an egg machine. After fighting his way through a ghost town and the incubator, Ben retrieves the component and brings it back to base.

After unlocking a locked file on the base's computer, a recorded holographic message from Max plays. He reveals that Gorvan is a disgraced Plumber who was thrown out of the organization for selling illegal alien technology. The revelation causes Kevin to hunt Gorvan without thinking and Ben goes after him. Meanwhile, Kevin is caught by Gorvan who lured him into a Xenocyte incubator inside the base. After finally retrieving the component from Kevin, Ben finds him partially transformed into a DNAlien. After defeating Kevin, Ben manages to transform him back to normal and sends him back to Gwen. Ben continues Kevin's short-lived quest to find Gorvan and defeat him. After returning to Gwen and Kevin, Gwen explains that the final component (which was hidden inside the base) is a Sub-Energy core. A Highbreed invades and steal the equipment.

Using Kevin's tracking technology, they trace the Highbreed to three recently constructed weather towers. The team is immediately split up due to a swarm of DNAliens. Ben deduces that a nearby ship is the control center for the weather towers and resources to remove it from the circuit board, despite Gwen's tentative warnings. After fighting a swarm of DNAliens and a Highbreed, Ben makes his way alone, where he moves to an out-of-the-loop ship. However, the Highbreed in-charge explains that removing the ship initiates the weather array's startup sequence. He then throws Ben out of his ship.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Kevin split up to take down the force fields around the towers. After completing their mission, they meet Humungousaur who easily takes them to the remaining towers and destroys them. While exploring the remains of the towers at the end of the game, it is revealed that the Highbreed are planning to make a giant arch.

Nintendo DS Version

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Ben is a playable character in the game. He starts with Swampfire and Humungousaur, and later unlocks Echo Echo, Goop and Chromastone.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable Versions

Ben is a playable character in the game. His accessible transformations are Spidermonkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swampfire, Cannonbolt, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone and Jetray.

Vilgax opens a Null Void portal on Earth and sends Psyphon to Bellwood with some escapees to find Ben. When Ben sees the town being overrun by the escapees, he intends to transform into Alien X. Paradox arrives to stop him, saying that now is not the time to use Alien X.

Paradox disappears, and Ben, Gwen and Kevin go to fight the aliens. When Ben finds Psyphon on a rooftop, Psyphon unleashes some Bioids and Mechadroids on Ben. Ben fights Psyphon and more Bioids and Mechadroids. When Psyphon is defeated, he brings the image of the Mr. Smoothy mascot on a billboard to life to attack Ben. Ben uses several aliens in succession to defeat the mascot, namely Humungousaur, Echo Echo, Swampfire, Chromastone, Spidermonkey, Big Chill, Jetray, Brainstorm, and Goop. With it defeated, Ben reverts to normal and discovers that the Omnitrix is not working. Azmuth arrives and tells Ben that his constant quick changes has put the Omnitrix into reset mode. Ben tells Azmuth that Earth is being invaded. Azmuth sees that the Omnitrix needs recharging and tells Ben to wield it wisely. Gwen and Kevin arrive at Ben. Just as he was about to tell them that the Omnitrix is in reset mode, Paradox arrives and says that it is too late to save Earth. Paradox takes them back in time to before the invasion and shows them a holographic message from Max. Max tells the team to meet up with him on the planet Vulpin. To get to Vulpin, Ben recruits Ship.

Upon arriving on Vulpin, Ben finds a Plumber Badge with a message from Max stating that Vilgax's forces have already invaded the planet and are using the local refinery to create technology unknown to Vilgax. While on Vulpin, Ben faces a Vulpin Serpent. Later, he comes into conflict with the Vreedle Brothers. After defeating them, Ben finds a Plumber Badge with another message from Max, telling Ben to go to Terradino for another mission.

On Terradino, Ben finds another Plumber Badge with a message from Max stating that Vilgax's forces have taken over Terradino too, and have not yet found the energy core. Max also states that the energy core is located in a nearby temple. On his way to the temple, Ben fights some Rock Monsters, Bioids and Mechadroids. Ben later encounters Charmcaster who unleashes some Rock Monsters on Ben. Ben defeats Charmcaster and retrieves the energy core as Gwen and Kevin find it. Ben finds another Plumber Badge with a message from Max stating that he had to attend to some urgent business on Encephalonus IV and that an old enemy of Ben's was also spotted there.

On Encephalonus IV, Ben is still wondering who the old enemy is. While reaching the energy core, Ben discovers that the enemy was Darkstar. After defeating Darkstar, Ben collects the energy core. He, Gwen and Kevin find a Plumber Badge with a message from Max. He voices his suspicions that his messages to Ben are being intercepted and does not know how long he can stay in contact with him. He then informs Ben that Vilgax is looking for the last energy core and that it is on Anur Phaetos. Ben reminds Gwen that it is the planet where Zs'Skayr lives. Just then, a message comes from Vilgax stating to Ben that he is in on Ben's plot and promises to obtain the last energy core.

When searching for Anur Phaetos, Ben, Gwen and Kevin encounter Verdona, who was sent by Max to help them get to Anur Phaetos, which is actually another dimension. Verdona creates a portal to Anur Phaetos, separating Ben from Gwen and Kevin. After appearing on Anur Phaetos, Ben encounters Zs'Skayr who tells him he is in his domain before leaving. After traversing the planet, Ben manages to get to Zs'Skayr and defeat him. After Ben is reunited with Gwen and Kevin, Gwen states that Verdona is too far away from Anur Phaetos. Paradox arrives and brings them back to their own dimension. He also states that the only material to make other energy cores is Taydenite which is located on MorOtesi, being experimented on by Cooper, unknowingly to create an energy core for Vilgax to use to conquer Earth.

Upon arrival on MorOtesi, Ben makes his way to the core. Eventually, Ben encounters Albedo, and the two battle to find out who has the better Omnitrix. With Albedo defeated and the energy core destroyed, Ben reunites with Gwen and Kevin, who received help from Cooper to reach Ben. Max finally appears in person and reveals that the final energy core is within the Null Void. He gives Ben a Skeleton Key to enter and exit the Null Void. Seeing how it only allows one person to use it, Ben uses it to enter the Null Void, separating himself from the team.

Upon arrival at the Null Void, Ben makes his way to where Max stayed during his time in the Null Void and encounters D'Void. After defeating him, Ben finds the box containing the energy core. Ben takes it and teleports out of the Null Void.

By the time the team returns to Earth, the aliens are attacking Bellwood. Due to his past interference, Vilgax has no power to release anymore aliens from the Null Void. While Gwen, Kevin and Max fight some of the individuals, Ben goes after Vilgax while fighting through some powerful aliens that have been unleashed. When Ben faces Vilgax in his ship, the final fight begins. When Ben defeats Vilgax, Psyphon appears and snatches the energy core from him to activate the Null Void Projector. When Psyphon turns it on, Paradox appears and tells Ben that now is the time to use Alien X. Ben transforms into him and tries to convince Bellicus and Serena to help stop Earth from being destroyed. Alien X uses his powers to redirect the Null Void Projector's beam toward Vilgax and Psyphon, sending them into the Null Void. When Alien X transforms back into Ben, Azmuth appears and congratulates Ben on saving the Earth. He then rewards Ben by making some adjustments to the Omnitrix.

Nintendo DS Version

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Ben is a playable character in the game. His accessible transformations are Spidermonkey, Humungousaur, Big Chill, Swampfire, Goop, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Chromastone, Jetray and Murk Upchuck.

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Ben confronts a new villain, Evil Way Big. To defeat him, Ben looks for parts of the Potis Altiare located in places around the world. In the final battle with Evil Way Big, Ben puts the Potis Altiare together and uses it as Way Big. During the battle, Way Big uses a very powerful cosmic ray and sends Evil Way Big to space.

Punch Time Explosion

Ben hunts down Vilgax, and the latter conquers Chowder's Universe. Ben later teams up with other Cartoon Network characters to hunt down Vilgax throughout other universes. He is the first playable character.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Ben is a playable racer in the game.

Punch Time Explosion XL

10-year-old Ben doesn't appear in the storyline but is also playable. He costs 1500, which is more than the average character, making him rarer. Ultra Ben is an unlockable costume.

Minecraft: Ben 10

In the Ben 10 DLC expansion pack, Minecraft skins based off Ben's Original Series, Alien Force, and Omniverse designs are available.


Benjamin is a name from the Hebrew name בִּנְיָמִין (Binyamin) which means "son of the south" or "son of the right hand" going back into the Tanakh (called the Hebrew Bible by Christian scholars), a name of one of the sons of Jacob. His name, "Ben," is to create a rhyming effect between his first name and the number Ten. Also, his surname is a reference to 'Ten' of Ben 10.

His middle name, Kirby, was named as reference to comic book artist Jack Kirby.[DJW 4]


  • Gwen's birthday is in December,[100][119] which would put Ben's in December too, as they both share the same birthday.[120][121] Their childhood rivalry in the Original Series arose from this.[pop-up 7][10]
    • At some point, the crew considered Ben's birthday to be a reference to the premiere date of And Then There Were 10. However, they never nailed down a specific birthday to spare Ben some embarrassment, because after his birthday comes and goes, he will still be 16.[MW 2]
  • Ben hates mushrooms, though this may have been a consequence of his ordeal with the Living Mushrooms.[121]
  • When Ben was 10, he used to sleep with his teddy bear, called Furry Freddy.[2] However, Ben defended himself saying that Furry Freddy had his own bed, which happened to be right next to his.[23]
  • Ben passed the third grade by choosing C for all the answers on multiple-choice tests.[122]
  • Ben's left eye twitches whenever he tells a lie, but only Kevin appears to notice this.[102]
  • Ben does not have good table manners.[123][124]
  • Due to Rex's attempts to "cure" Ben from being an EVO during Heroes United, which accidentally gave Ben some of Rex's nanites, Ben was the only person on his Earth with any form of nanites. However, he no longer has nanites as of Omniverse.[DJW 5]
    • If Ben's nanites had been activated, he would think the Omnitrix was malfunctioning.[DR 1]
  • According to both Azmuth and Sir George, Ben is the same as they were when they were young.[34]
  • Ben's history now has to be read at the Plumbers' Academy. It comprises approximately a chapter and a half.[100][4]
  • Ben's favorite color is green, and his favorite food is chili fries.[101]
  • Ben's first crush was Patty Berkenfeld from third grade.[100][101][note 4]
  • Ben has a scar on his body in the shape of New Jersey.[100][101]
  • Ben's favorite drink as a teenager is smoothies from Mr. Smoothy, despite hating them when he was 11 years old.[126][35]
    • He is still searching for his favorite smoothie flavor. As of the end of Season 1 of Alien Force, he had never tried the same flavor twice.[DM 9]
    • Furthermore, in A New Dawn, Ben saw the Contumelia as living mascots from Mr. Smoothy, which implies that he is a materialist and loves Mr. Smoothy more than anything or anyone else.
  • Ben has a habit of referring to other members of his aliens' species by the names he gives his aliens because he does not know the names of most of his aliens' species.
  • Ben has received an honorary doctorate degree from Friedkin University.[5]
  • As of Omniverse, Ben's shoe size is 10.[125]
  • Ben will have a glorious future.[128][50] Azmuth even said that Professor Paradox once told him of Ben's "grand destiny" and that Ben would be "the legendary being who..." before Paradox cut him short.
  • Ben was the first freshman to start as goalie on his school's soccer team.[AF Brief 1]
    • Ben still plays soccer when he can.[DM 10]
    • The reason Ben plays soccer as a goalie is because Dwayne McDuffie used to play competitive soccer as an All-State Goalie in school.[CF 1]
  • In Alien Force, Ben was in his freshman year of high school.[DM 11][merch 2]
    • In Ultimate Alien, his teachers were not nice on grading him, but they were fine with his bad attendance record.[DM 12]
    • Ben still goes to school in Omniverse, but not much. He can get an excused absence very easily,[129][124] and his assistance to the Plumbers counts as work-study.[MW 3][MW 4]
  • Ben used to shout the names of his aliens because they were asserting their identity as they gained consciousness,[DM 1] as well as to strike fear into his opponents.[130] He stopped doing so, and changed his outfit, in Omniverse because he got tired of it.[MW 1]
    • It was Dwayne's idea to have Ben shout the names of his aliens, as he thought it would help younger fans know the aliens' names.[DM 13][DM 1]
  • Ben has a lot of pull with the Plumbers.[DM 14]
  • It is unknown if Ben gets paid for his Plumber work.[DM 14]
    • However, his line "We better be getting hazard pay for this" in Mud is Thicker Than Water implies that he and Gwen are on a payroll, even though Ben is no longer officially a Plumber.[44]
  • Ben has other friends than the ones seen on-screen, but his coming out of retirement in Alien Force pushed them away.[DM 15]
  • Ben has not thought about his career plan at all.[DM 16]
  • Ben misses the good old days when he used to hang out with Gwen and Kevin without being mobbed by fans,[DM 17] so much that he secretly hates being famous and wishes he had his secret identity back.[131]
    • However, Dwayne later stated he did not believe that Ben hates being mobbed by fans despite Ben saying otherwise.[DM 6]
  • Ben knows some things about the original Ultimatrix that Eunice doesn't, and vice versa.[MW 5]
  • Ben considers both Rook and Kevin his best friend.[MW 6]
  • Ben still owns several black T-shirts.[MW 7]
  • Ben sometimes goes to Undertown just to hang out.[MW 8]
  • Ben sometimes thinks about moving to an apartment or Plumber Headquarters due to the trouble he brings to his home.[MW 8]
  • Ben owns a Tetramand flag in his bedroom.[DJW 6]
  • Before the events of the Original Series:
    • Ben and Gwen once did not speak to each other for two months over an argument about a stick of gum.[pop-up 8][132]
    • At one point, the arguing between Ben and Gwen had gotten so bad that their parents refused to take vacations together anymore.[pop-up 9][53]
  • During the road trip in the Original Series:
  • Sumo Slammers is Ben's favorite game, book, and TV show, followed by Space Pirates.[pop-up 12][87]
    • In the Original Series, Weird World was listed as one of Ben's favorite TV shows. This was changed in Omniverse, as Ben stated he did not watch Weird World very often as it was on at the same time as Sumo Slammers.[115][90]
  • Ben's fight with his hero, Kangaroo Commando, in Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures is one of his favorite memories.[pop-up 13][134]
  • When he was younger, Ben's high energy often got him into trouble. As he got older, he learned to focus that energy into sports.[pop-up 14][53][merch 3][61]
  • The loss of Feedback, who was Ben's favorite alien at the time, was supposed to be the reason Ben took off the original Omnitrix and retired from being a hero,[MW 9][DJW 7] but it was ultimately Cartoon Network executives who vetoed the idea, which many crew members were thankful for.[DJW 8]
    • Prior to Omniverse, the five-year gap between the Original Series and Alien Force was discussed and various possibilities were kicked around, everything from "Wow, what if there's something huge and cool that happened there" to "Maybe absolutely nothing interesting happened there".[ES 1]
    • Although the Alien Force crew did not specify how long Ben had the Omnitrix off,[DM 1] the Alien Force master brief stated that he removed it shortly after defeating Vilgax in Secret of the Omnitrix.[AF Brief 2]
  • Many voice actors auditioned to voice Ben in Alien Force. Yuri Lowenthal was called back multiple times before landing the role.[YL 1]
  • Ben's Original Series design was made by Dave Johnson,[DJ 1] while his Ultra Ben persona was designed by Thomas Perkins.[TP 1]
  • Initial concepts for 15 and 16-year-old Ben's Alien Force and Ultimate Alien design were made by Glen Murakami. His head and hair were reworked by Glenn Wong, who also gave him his green jacket, while colors were added by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • In the Gweniverse, Ben is not an Anodite[DJW 9] and does not know magic.[DJW 10] In fact, he does not have any powers in general.[DJW 11] He is essentially a tagalong that gets in Gwen's way.[DJW 12]
  • Duncan Rouleau originally stated that the four alternate Bens featured in Alien X-Tinction are the same as Ben Prime from the previous four series.[DR 2] However, he later rescinded that statement, stating that they are from alternate timelines.[DR 3]
  • Ben (as seen in Alien Force) was one of the characters featured in the 2009 Official BBC Children In Need Medley.[BBC 1]


  1. Ben is ¾ human and ¼ Anodite by heritage.[DM 1][DM 2][DM 3] However, since he did not inherit the spark, he is genetically fully human.
  2. Manny was mentioned in Gwen 10, a non-canon episode. It is unknown if he exists in the canon timeline.
  3. In Ultimate Alien, Ben's coulrophobia came from being scared by a clown at the circus when he was four.[55] This was changed in Omniverse, as Ben's coulrophobia came from seeing Max in clown make-up when he was five.[89][90]
  4. In Alien Force, Gwen stated that Elena was Ben's first crush when he was in middle school.[85] This has been retconned in Omniverse, as Rook Blonko reveals that Patty Berkenfeld was Ben's first crush when he was in the third grade.[101][90]


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