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Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 1 is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Ben 10, and the fifty-first episode overall.


Ben, Max, and Gwen investigate a couple of daring break-ins, only to discover they were both once secret Plumber installations. What our heroes find out is that those responsible for the break-ins are working for the Forever King. He's brought together a rogue's gallery of some of Ben's most notorious enemies to eventually steal the world's most powerful energy source... located deep inside the Plumber bunker at Mount Rushmore.[note 1]


In a city, two thieves are flying away with a bag of jewels. Stinkfly flies up to them. They shoot him, but he dodges. They chase him around the city. Stinkfly covers their helicopter's windshield and stops their propeller with slime. They eject as the helicopter crashes into water. Stinkfly catches them and flies off and reverts back into Ben. The crooks are arrested and Ben, while on the rooftop, wonders if anyone can give him a challenge. On a nearby rooftop, a red robotic humanoid observes him.

In the morning, Max picks up his old Plumber friend's grandson, Cooper, from summer camp. In the Rustbucket, Ben and Gwen are fighting over a radio contest, which causes them to lose. The prize was a ticket to the premiere of a movie and Cooper tells them that he has a ticket. At Fort Knox, three people in trench coats break away from their group. They remove their coats to reveal that they are the Circus Freaks and step aside to reveal Sublimino, who hypnotizes the guards. In the Rustbucket, Ben and Gwen are acting very nice to Cooper. Max calls Ben and Gwen to show them a video of the Circus Freaks entering the vault at Ft. Knox. Cooper asks what was with the video. Ben lies, but Cooper says that he knows all about the Omnitrix and the Plumbers (because of Max), and he demands a real explanation.

The group goes to Ft. Knox. Ben offers to keep an eye on Cooper. Inside, they find guards acting like chickens and the vault melted open. Guards shoot at them, and they run. Ben transforms into XLR8 and saves the chicken-guards. XLR8 then runs off, moves the guards out of the way, and confronts the guards that are shooting at him. He knocks them out, but more come. They aim a large gun and Max and Gwen. An alarm goes off and an empty forklift knocks the guards over. Cooper was controlling it. The four go into the vault to find that all of the gold is still there. Cooper finds a passage melted open and XLR8 reverts back into Ben. Inside of the passage, there is an old Plumber base. Max can't figure out what the Freaks wanted.


All the closed Plumber Bases across the United States, with Seattle, Washington highlighted

Elsewhere, the Freaks have a piece of technology that is stolen by the red robot. He gives it to Sir Driscoll. Acid Breath clashes with Driscoll and rebels against him, but he is easily defeated by the Red Knight. In the Rustbucket, Cooper has made an autopilot system. Max pulls up a map of old Plumber bases. An alarm is going off in Seattle Space Needle. Cooper says that he made a turbo system. Max uses it to get to Seattle, but there are no brakes. Ben transforms into Diamondhead and climbs onto the roof. Diamondhead makes crystal roadblocks, but the Rustbucket smashes through. He makes a diamond anchor and throws it off. It manages to stop the Rustbucket but tears up the street. Wasps come out from inside the building with the base and attack Diamondhead. They merge into Clancy and Diamondhead fights him, revealing that Clancy has transformed into an insect creature. Gwen casts a spell that sends the wasps towards Clancy and saves Cooper from him.

In an elevator, Rojo attacks them and cuts the elevator. Diamondhead stops the elevator and carries them to their floor. There is a hole in the wall and Charmcaster and Rojo are there. Dr. Animo arrives and he has a bat with a sonic scream that knocks Diamondhead down. Diamondhead is surrounded by the three villains. Charmcaster defeats Gwen's magic skills. The Tennysons run off, leaving Cooper. Diamondhead fights Animo, Gwen fights Charmcaster, and Max fights Rojo. Clancy is there as well and attacks Max. Rojo grabs a component, which Max recognizes. He tells Diamondhead and Gwen to stop Rojo. Diamondhead knocks Animo off of the building and tackles Rojo. Unfortunately, he reverts back into Ben. Ben grabs the component, but he trips, and Cooper catches it. Clancy corners him and he throws it off. Clancy flies after it, but Animo caught it. Rojo terrorizes Ben, but Clancy grabs her and Animo grabs Charmcaster, then the villains fly off. In the Rustbucket, Max explains that the component the villains stole was one-half of the key to the Sub-Energy, a massive energy source given as a gift by an alien race. They arrive at Mt. Rushmore and are attacked by the whole group. Driscoll introduces them as the Negative 10 and sets them upon the Tennysons.

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

  • The Forever King assembles a team of Ben's worst enemies.

Character Debuts[]



Aliens Used[]

Spells Used[]

  • Galeas zipuctus
  • Vortress nebulae


Cooper: And I've always been pretty good with computers and stuff like that.
Gwen: (presenting to Cooper her laptop) Then you'll love this. It's the new XT9000 with satellite uplink. Use it whenever you like.
Ben: (slamming down the laptop) No fair, that's bribery!
Gwen: (pulling out one whole bucket of stuff) Oh, and what do you call this?
Ben: Gwen, we're not all as selfish as you are, some of us enjoy sharing.
Gwen: I'm telling Grandpa!
Ben: That what? You're a big doofus?
Max: Ben, get up here.
Gwen: Ooh, busted!
Max: You too, Gwen.
(Gwen gasps)

Driscoll: I find your lack of faith disturbing, Mr. Breath. Or may I call you Acid?

Gwen: That's Clancy!
Diamondhead: The bug guy? I thought he was gone for good!

Gwen: Charmcaster? Is there anybody who doesn't hate us involved in this thing?

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Croatian Ben 10 Protiv 10 Zlih: 1 dio Ben 10 Against Evil 10 : Part 1
Hungarian Ben 10 a Negatív 10 Ellen, Első Rész Ben 10 Against the Negative 10, Part 1
Portuguese (Br) Ben 10 Contra os 10 Negativos: Parte 1 Ben 10 Against the Negative 10: Part 1
Romanian Ben 10 Faţă în Faţă cu Negativ 10: Partea 1 Ben 10 Face to Face With Negative 10: Part 1
Spanish (HA) Ben 10 Contra Los 10 Negativos: Parte 1 Ben 10 Against the Negative 10: Part 1
Spanish (Spain) Ben 10 vs. Negativo 10 I Ben 10 vs. Negative 10 I


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Soldier #1
Dee Bradley Baker Stinkfly
Acid Breath
Jim Ward XLR8
Soldier #2
Dwight Schultz Dr. Animo
Richard Doyle Sir Driscoll
Jennifer Hale Rojo
Tour Guide
Kari Wahlgren Charmcaster
Cathy Cavadini Cooper




  • After Ben reverts to human from XLR8, the Omnitrix's dial faces the wrong way. This error occurs again after he reverts to human from Diamondhead.
  • When Ben transforms into Diamondhead, he somehow ends up on the Rustbucket's roof.
  • When Diamondhead swings his crystal lasso, he has five fingers.
  • The Tennysons refer to Clancy and Rojo by their names despite never learning their names in their respective debut episodes.
  • When Charmcaster taunts Gwen about not having "taken off the training wheels", she moves her head upward. However, the lower part of her ponytail falling over her back does not move as the upper part does, but remains fixed in place.
  • When Charmcaster has a brief magic scuffle with Gwen, her magical glow is Gwen's light bluish color instead of her traditional purple/pinkish color.
  • Diamondhead has cracks from the sonic waves of Animo's Mutant Bat, but when he goes after Rojo, his body is shown to be intact.
  • When Charmcaster waves goodbye before being picked up by Dr. Animo, the end of her sleeve turns pink like the rest of it.
  • The end credits misspell Acid Breath's name as "Acidbreath".


  • The Fort Knox guards wear armor near-identical in appearance to SACT Officers in the Original Series.
  • Both this episode and Part 2 take place before Goodbye and Good Riddance, despite being produced after it. However, Goodbye and Good Riddance is non-canon to the Prime Timeline.
  • On Amazon Prime Video, the Ben 10: The Complete Season 4 DVD and the Cartoon Network website list the episode as Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 1. Within the episode itself, it is listed as Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Pt. 1.
  • According to pop-up trivia from the enhanced version of the episode:
  • As shown on the Ben 10: The Complete Season 4 DVD, there is one deleted scene in this episode, where Ben divides the Rustbucket into two halves with tape to help Cooper decide who to give the ticket to. Ben taunts Gwen by saying that his side has the TV and the refrigerator. Gwen replies that her side has the bathroom, reminding Ben that he had a "super mega" drink with lunch.


  1. The original synopsis provided on the Cartoon Network website erroneously reads: "Ben, Max Ben and Gwen investigate a couple of daring break-ins, only to discover they were both once secret Plumber installations. What our heroes find out is that those responsible for the break-ins are working for The Forever King. He's brought together a rogue's gallery of some of Ben's most notorious enemies to eventually steal the world's most powerful energy source...located deep inside the Plumber bunker at Mount Rushmore."[CN 1]


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