Suggestions are a group-oriented way of making decisions. On Ben 10 Planet, suggestions are made in the Suggestions board.

Any editor can make a proposal in the forum, whether it's a change of policy, addition of new features, or changes to the appearance of the wiki. They must add a new thread to the forum, making their proposal and explaining their argument in favor of it.

Other members of the community then will be able to debate the proposal and comment on it. They can Support or Oppose the changes, explaining their position. After sufficient time has passed and everyone has been given a chance to speak, a sysop or bureaucrat uninvolved with the current discussion will determine the result of the suggestion, close the thread, and implement the suggestion if it is successful.

Guidelines for proposers

  • When creating a suggestion, make sure you clearly explain what that change is, the benefits it will bring, and any other information relevant to the topic. All suggestions require the Suggestions template.

Guidelines for commenters

  • Give reasons for your support or opposition. A well-thought out oppose with evidence and arguments can often be more important than a bunch of supports.
  • Feel free to debate with others on the thread, but keep the conversations civil.
  • Please make sure that you review the requirements before voting. This wiki requires that you contribute for at least 7 days of activity with at least 25 mainspace quality edits (excluding minor edits) to vote. Quality edits are edits that are not destructive, rule-breaking, or were immediately reverted. We also require that you make at least 5 contributions (edits) within the past 30 days to vote.

Guidelines for the closer

  • Make your decision from an unbiased perspective. Be swayed by the arguments of others, not your own personal beliefs on the matter.
  • If someone takes issue with your closure, consider reopening the thread or letting someone else determine the correct course of action.