Spelling and Grammar

While Ben 10 Planet is very lenient when it comes to spelling and grammar, we encourage that all users use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation when editing articles. Please note the following:

  • Please do not write in ALL CAPS, it tends to be recognized as screaming or yelling.
  • Please remember to use "a" and "an" correctly.
  • Please look up a word if you are unsure of its correct spelling.
  • Do not use obscene words when editing articles.
  • The word "and" should always be used and not an ampersand (&).
  • Please do note that if one is a repeat offender of this policy, a warning will be given, followed by a block.
  • Administrators will not enforce this rule with potency, as we trust that our users will try their best to edit carefully.
  • Please encourage others to write with proper spelling and grammar.
  • Blocks will range from three (3) hours to twelve (12) hours.


Vandalism refers to changing the content of a page to the point where the content is completely unrelated to the original intention of the page. This is a serious offense, and depending on the scale of the vandalism, can result in a immediate block. If you notice that a user is vandalizing pages, please report this to one of the admins.

Spam Editing

Spam editing refers to rapid edits to a page or multiple pages that ultimately do nothing to improve their quality. Large scale spam editing may result in a temporary block.