All Editors are Equal

All editors are equal. No one is more important than anyone else. No one's opinion matters more than anyone else's. No one gets any special treatment, including administrators.


Profanity (also known as curse words/swear words) are strictly prohibited, except for the occasional "damn" or "hell". Please refer to the wiki's blacklist for more info.


Spam refers to the repeated posting of either unrelated content gibberish, or linking to other websites (including websites with viruses or pornography). Depending on the severity, the user in question can receive anything from repeated warning followed by a block, to an immediate block.


Trolling refers to doing something intentionally for the sole purpose of annoying other people, usually in an online setting. On the wiki, this usually includes trying to offend other users, and posting nonsense in comments or threads. You will only receive a warning for trolling, unless it persists, in which case you will be blocked.


Advertising refers to the promotion of commercial products or services. It is prohibited on Ben 10 Planet but it can be done in moderation on its Discord server.