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The following is a list of episodes for Ben 10.[note 1] The episodes have a run-time of 11 minutes each, instead of the 22 minute episode format and two 11 minute segments are paired together as one episode in production. The Season 4 Finale and Season 5 consisted of movie events instead of episodes.

This article is about the episodes in production order. You might have been looking for the U.S. Airing Order, or the U.K. Airing Order.
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Season 1: 2016 - 2017 (Episodes 1 - 40)

Image Title Number Original Airdate
Ben 10 Waterfilter.png Waterfilter 1 October 8, 2016
Ben, Gwen, and Max's trip to Niagara Falls is cut short by the horrid Hydromanders, creatures menacing them and their fellow tourists.
3. The Filth.png The Filth 2 October 9, 2016
Ben is tasked with cleaning the Rustbucket, but when he is tricked into letting the villainous and vile Bugg Brothers steal it, he must chase them down before they create an unstoppable maggot monster.
Clown College.png Clown College 3 October 22, 2016
Zombozo and his henchmen, plan to gas a college stadium for their evil plans, Ben being the only one not infected must do his best to beat them.
Leadr.PNG The Ring Leader 4 October 8, 2016
While winning big on a Sumo Slammers video game, Ben gets the idea to win a wrestling match for real.
T10.PNG Take 10 5 October 7, 2016
While trying to film his own indie film, Ben accidentally allows the Bug Gang to go free and when he takes the fight to their hidden lair Ben has to take on their narcissistic leader, the Queen Bee.
2016-07-22.png Ben 24hrs 6 October 30, 2016
Ben and Gwen try to stay awake all night in a theme park that is open 24 hours a day.
4. Freaky Gwen Ben.png Freaky Gwen Ben 7 October 10, 2016
When Ben interferes with malicious magician Hex's quest for the earth-moving Titan Gauntlets at a swap meet, he switches bodies with Gwen forcing him to walk a mile in her shoes and vice-versa!
Rustbucket RIP.png Rustbucket RIP 8 October 29, 2016
Ben must decide to keep whether to keep his Sumo Slammers card or get the Rustbucket back from the hot-tempered Billy Billions, while Grandpa Max goes on a tour of Oldeville!
The Clocktopus.png The Clocktopus 9 November 6, 2016
Ben, Gwen, and Max pay a visit to a peaceful coastal town where everywhere is squid.
Growing Pains.png Growing Pains 10 November 12, 2016
Max puts Gwen and Ben in the superstore's daycare where they meet Nanny Nightmare.
Villain Time.png Villain Time 11 February 13, 2017
A new hero appears, but is he here to do good?
Something I Ate.png Something I Ate 12 October 23, 2016
Ben must somehow rescue Max after he is eaten by one of Animo's creations - Slurpstack!
Don't Let the Bass Drop.png Don't Let the Bass Drop 13 December 4, 2016
At a concert in Portland, which Ben and Gwen attend, the villain Lord Decibel shows up to destroy planet Earth with sound and noise as his weapon.
Cutting Corners.png Cutting Corners 14 December 3, 2016
Ben wants to earn some money by mowing Geezer Bob's lawn. He rebuilds the lawnmower into a super fast mowing machine, but in doing so he angers the little stubborn gnome neighbors.
Animo Farm.png Animo Farm 15 October 16, 2016
While stuck as Stinkfly, Ben must forge a team together in order to escape Dr. Animo's farm and defeat the Alphas!
Riding the Storm Out.png Riding the Storm Out 16 November 5, 2016
Ben and Gwen's camping trip is interrupted by the emotionless Weatherheads - Gust-o, Hail-o, & Shock-o - but a malfunctioning Omnitrix firing out a mishmash of aliens may not be the forecast for success.
Need for Speed.png Need for Speed 17 November 27, 2016
Touring Yellowstone National Park, Ben uncovers a plot by LaGrange who wants to digout an old treasure from below the national park.
ABCLG105.png Brief Career of Lucky Girl 18 November 19, 2016
Hex attacks a cosplay convention in hopes of getting a powerful wand that gives the user incredible powers. Gwen gets hold of it while cosplaying as her favorite hero Lucky Girl.
Forgeti.png Forgeti 19 May 6, 2017
Ben, Gwen, and Max go on a hike in search of a legendary Forgeti, a yeti that makes people forget they ever saw it.
Shhh11.png Shhh! 20 November 13, 2016
When the RV breaks down, Ben goes exploring a temple where everyone must remain silent. Not taking this seriously, Ben breaks this rule, releasing a dragon.
Bright Lights, Black Hearts.png Bright Lights, Black Hearts 21 February 14, 2017
Ben, Gwen and Max stop by the graveyard set of a movie, The Unalivers. Before long, Ben discovers its lead, Michael Morningstar, is an energy vampire.
Adventures in Babysitting.png Adventures in Babysitting 22 November 20, 2016
Ben, Gwen and Max encounter a family who are kind of their mirror selves.
Steam is the Word.png Steam is the Word 23 November 26, 2016
Ben tries to stop Steam Smythe from getting a hold of Nikola Tesla's time capsule.
Recipe for Disaster.png Recipe for Disaster 24 February 15, 2017
Three alien chefs plan to eat Wildvine for lunch, thinking of him as a precious food item!
All Wet.png All Wet 25 February 16, 2017
No one believes Ben when he insists that one of the patrons, waiting in line at the World of Wet Water Park, is the nefarious Frightwig, disguised as a common girl called Frida.
StBo9.png Story, Bored 26 February 17, 2017
Hex returns for the 'Grimoire of Archamada' which contains a spell that will make him more powerful than ever!
Xingo.png Xingo 27 February 20, 2017
Ben's favourite cartoon character, Xingo, comes out of TV into the real world. Can Ben stop him?
Drive You Crazy.png Drive You Crazy 28 February 21, 2017
Ben and Gwen decide to race against LaGrange.
Scared Silly.png Scared Silly 29 May 7, 2017
When the Rustbucket runs out of gas on a foggy East Coast road, Ben, Gwen and Max are forced to stay at a hotel being menaced by Creepy Carl, a local folklore expert, who may actually be a ghost!
Hole in 10.png Hole in 10 30 February 22, 2017
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max go to a mini-golf course that looks like a miniature town, but are soon interrupted by the Ground Hawg Gang. The gang, thinking that the course is a real town, try to destroy it!
The Beast Inside.png The Beast Inside 31 February 23, 2017
Dr. Animo returns to test his newest invention, the 'Animerger'.
Vision Of Tomorrow.png Tomorrow Today 32 February 24, 2017
The group visit Buddy's Vision Of Tomorrow exhibit. Steam Smythe is hunting for Buddy's secret weapon: The MFB.
33. Bad Penny.png Bad Penny 33 May 13, 2017
Ben goes to the Big Bacon Pig Parade, but childhood friend Penny Heaven meets the family to ruin Ben's fun with her safety-obsessed self.
Max to the Max.png Max to the Max 34 May 14, 2017
The Bugg Brothers return with a plan to duplicate Diamondhead, but their cloning ray gun fires on Max instead -- multiplying him endlessly.
Zombozo Land.png Zombozo-Land 35 May 20, 2017
Ben, Gwen and Max visit their favorite amusement park, which has been renovated and rebranded as AdrenaWORLD, and learn that it is being managed by Zombozo and his trio of new henchmen.
Ben og Gwen.png Don't Laze Me, Bro 36 May 21, 2017
Ben and Billy Billions clash in a duel for supremacy at the Laser Town, but when Billy inadvertently ignites a robot rebellion, their game escalates into a full-blown war.
Tricked40.png Omni-Tricked: Part 1 37 May 27, 2017
Gax, an eleventh alien, arrives as Ben fights another of Dr. Animo's monsters; when the Omnitrix starts behaving strangely, Ben begins to transform from one alien to another without being able to stop.
Omni-Tricked Part 2.png Omni-Tricked: Part 2 38 May 27, 2017
With the Omnitrix still uncontrollable, Ben asks a mysterious friend of Max to repair it; when three bounty hunters land to recover the watch, Ben has to try and fight them despite his current predicament.
39. Omni-lurt, del 3.png Omni-Tricked: Part 3 39 May 28, 2017
Ben heads into the forest to prevent his unpredictable transformations from causing damage; Vilgax helps Ben discover his powers, but Ben quickly realizes that this new friend is actually an opponent.
OPV316.png Omni-Tricked: Part 4 40 May 28, 2017
Ben continues to transform rapidly without stopping and can't revert to human form; while Vilgax tries to take the energy of a volcano to recharge his ship and return home, Ben gets the idea to upgrade the Omnitrix.

Season 2: 2017 - 2018 (Episodes 41 - 80)

Image Title Number Original Airdate
Out to Launch.png Out to Launch 41 October 3, 2017
On a visit to Cape Canaveral, the Tennyson Trio attend the launch of an experimental space plane, but when Vilgax hijacks the ship, Ben must stop him from weaponizing the shuttle.
Can I keep it.png Can I Keep It? 42 October 3, 2017
After stumbling upon a cute cat-dog-rabbit creature hybrid, or Cadobbit, Ben ignores Grandpa Max's advice and sneaks the animal onto the Rust Bucket.
Battle at Biggie Box.png Battle at Biggie Box 43 October 4, 2017
During the Biggie Box sale, Ben enlists Simon Sez to help him find Max and get back to the register with his toys before the sale ends and Billy Billions buys them instead.
Bon Voyage.png Bon Voyage 44 October 4, 2017
Aboard the SS Pettigrew, on its final voyage, Ben must not only battle seasickness, but Steam Smythe, who looks to use his mechanical creatures to sink the steamship's replacement.
Eleventh60.png The 11th Alien: Part 1 45 December 11, 2017
With new Omni-Enhancements in tow, Ben looks to save a town from a sudden mudslide, but his heroics are short lived once Vilgax appears to warn our hero about the consequences of the Omnitrix's mysterious new alien.
Eleventh (128).png The 11th Alien: Part 2 46 December 11, 2017
After discovering that Vilgax has joined forces with the Weatherheads to trick him into turning over the Omnitrix, Ben must not only overcome his doubts, but fully embrace his new powers if he is to beat his foes.
MayhemMascot100.png Mayhem in Mascot 47 October 5, 2017
After their attempt to get a photo with every storefront mascot is foiled, Ben and Gwen sneak out at night to get their photo taken with the wooden bear totem known as Yawk.
Sc14.png Screamcatcher 48 October 5, 2017
When a cavity forces Ben to the dentist, his day gets even worse when the malevolent magician Hex uses a nearby dream catcher to bring Ben's fears to life.
ZomVote3.png Vote Zombozo 49 October 6, 2017
When the Rust Bucket must tune-up in the same town as Zombozo's latest campaign trail stop, Ben soon discovers the clown is using his speeches to hypnotize then rob the town.
Animorph262.png Animorphosis 50 October 6, 2017
As the Tennyson trio dig up dinosaur fossils in the Badlands, Ben is unaware that Vilgax and Dr. Amino have teamed up to steal alien DNA from within the Omnitrix.
High Stress Express temp.png High Stress Express 51

January 2, 2018

During a live feed of a transcontinental bullet train, LaGrange enters the picture to outrace the train, but Ben joins in on the fun and will stop at nothing to come out on top.
Feature (91).png Creature Feature 52

January 2, 2018

Ben and Gwen must save the drive-in when the evil magician Hex brings a movie monster to life.
Drone On.png Drone On 53 January 6, 2018
Ben and Gwen are in a highly competitive paper airplane war, but when alien-tech drones bombard the Rustbucket, the cousins must work together to ground the aerial attack and find out who's behind it: the alien conqueror, Vilgax!
Safari Sa'Bad.png Safari Sa'Bad 54 January 30, 2018
On their trip to Adrenaworld West, Ben takes a detour on a jungle cruise and finds himself hunted by the evil Tim Buktu.
The Nature of Things.png The Nature of Things 55 January 31, 2018
While sightseeing at the Geyser Gulch National Park, the Tennyson trio uncovers Steam Smythe's steam-powered generator and must shut it down before it overloads the power grid.
Assault on Pancake Palace temp.png Assault on Pancake Palace 56 January 2, 2018
When Gwen enters a pancake eating contest at the famous Pancake Palace, Ben finds the Bugg Brothers and must stop them before they obtain an endless supply of Pancake Palace pancakes.
Bomzobo Lives temp.png Bomzobo Lives 57 February 2, 2018
During a routine trip to the DMV, Max takes a driving test to renew his license, but a disguised Zombozo hijacks the role of instructor.
The sound and furry picture.PNG The Sound and the Furry 58 February 3, 2018
As Team Tennyson leaves the Frozen Man Festival, Lord Decibel takes center stage to threaten the festival-goers, creating an avalanche if his ransom isn't paid.
King Koil Snake.png King Koil 59 February 4, 2018
Ben and Gwen volunteer for a day at the Repto Ranch. There they meet the bad guy King Koil, who of course is up to no good. Quickly, both must overcome their fear of snakes and save the animals that the terrible rogue has released.
Reststop Roustabout.png Reststop Roustabout 60 February 5, 2018
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max stop in the middle of the pampa in the midwest. While Ben makes himself comfortable in his mobile home with his tablet, Max and Gwen go outside to get some fresh air. The calm is abruptly over when the Tennyson family is drawn into the hunt for a Jackalope, a mythical animal that looks like a rabbit with a horn.
That's The Stuff.png That's The Stuff 61 May 14, 2018
Ben is visiting a space museum and is ecstatic when he learns that newly discovered parts of space are being investigated in the museum's laboratory. But when the stuff suddenly comes alive and the slimy something Ben takes shape, the boy has to come up with something quickly. How should he make it clear to others that his identity has been stolen?
Half-Sies.png Half-Sies 62 April 16, 2018
During a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, Ben and Gwen squabble over Ben's unnecessary "half-birthday" celebration, but when Max gets word of a suspicious rockslide nearby, the cousins must put aside their differences if they are to rescue the trapped miners and uncover who is behind the man-made catastrophe before it's too late: the Bugg Brothers.
Xingo's Back.png Xingo's Back 63 April 23, 2018
Left to entertain himself as Max takes a much deserved nap, Ben stumbles upon a Xingo arcade game and goes Shock Rock to power it up, but when it receives too much juice, Xingo leaps out into the real world and our hero must go toe-to-toe with his favorite cartoon character.
Bounty Ball.png Bounty Ball 64 April 30, 2018
While Gwen listens to a lecture on the Transcontinental Railroad, Ben sneaks away to the gift shop. But once the Bounty Hunters appear and corner our hero, Gwen must relay the information she learned on the train and use it to their advantage to help Ben escape.
Fear The Fogg4.png Fear The Fogg 65 May 7, 2018
Max tries to be with Ben and Gwen before sunset at the Four Corners Monument, but suddenly heavy fog descends on the street and the motor home is attacked.
The Charm Offensive.png The Charm Offensive 66 May 21, 2018
Gwen feels useless when Ben gets a lot of attention for his alien fun in Fort Knox. Maybe an ice could comfort her? Just as she sets out to get one, she sees Charmcaster, who wants to avenge Michael Morningstar. Now the girl can prove to herself that she is a valuable member of Team Tennyson.
Super-Villain Team-Up.png Super-Villain Team-Up 67 May 14, 2018
After a lull in alien antics a restless Ben suggests to Max and Gwen that he might be a better hero if he went solo, but once Vilgax enlists the help of Zombozo to build a giant hypno-mechanism to hypnotize the entire world, Ben must rethink his strategy.
The Feels.png The Feels 68 May 23, 2018
While Max and Gwen indulge in the magic of winter, Ben could not care less. However, when villains suddenly appear with the goal of destroying the white splendor forever, the hero has to act suddenly to save the city.
Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.png Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom 69 May 22, 2018
Ben and Max just got into a fight when Ben suddenly turned into Heatblast. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Animo discovers Max and turns him into a chicken. Now it's up to Ben to correct his wrongdoing, save Max, and stop Dr. Animo.
Past Aliens Present.png Past Aliens Present 70 May 25, 2018
On the Internet, Ben finds a video that shows how Cannonbolt disassembles a computer lab. Immediately Ben and the team make their way to the lab to find the intruder. Ben quickly discovers that a fake version of his alien is terrorizing the campus. He has to bring down the guy behind the machine: Steam Smythe!
Double Hex.png Double Hex 71 June 11, 2018
While bird watching at Pinnacles National Park, Gwen and Ben get into a competition of who can spot more birds first, but once a forest fire interrupts their fun, Team Tennyson must hurry if they are to save the bird population.
Ye Olde Laser Duel.png Ye Olde Laser Duel 72 June 11, 2018
As team Tennyson admires the modern train station, Ben sniffs out one of Steam Smythe's robots holding up the line. Once the fed up villain tricks Ben into accepting a duel, the fate of the Omnitrix hangs in the balance.
Ben Again and Again.png Ben Again and Again 73 June 11, 2018
After Billy Billions' efforts to carve his face onto Mount Rushmore with a laser are thwarted by Ben, the billionaire brat turns his focus on removing Ben from the Omnitrix.
All Koiled Up.png All Koiled Up 74 May 23, 2018
When Ben grows impatient with the snail like pace of gardening, he goes O-E Overflow to pick up the pace and accidentally floods the community garden. But once a giant sink hole appears and frees King Koil and his Kimodo Dragon from below, Ben must quickly right his wrong and capture the baddies if he is to save the coastal city of Bayburgh.
Dreamtime.png Dreamtime 75 September 14, 2018
After a series of reoccuring nightmares affect his sleep, Ben refuses to open up to Max and Gwen about whats bothering him,but once they realize Zombozo himself is behind it, Ben must accept Max and Gwens help if they are going to put a stop to the terror.
Innervasion Part 1.png Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar 76 October 22, 2018
As Team Tennyson prepares their boxcar for an upcoming race, Ben's hearing voices and is unable to go Upgrade to enhance his car, but once the race is interrupted by a mysterious Warbot, Ben must overcome the voices inside his head if he is to defeat the giant adversary.
Innvervasion2.png Innervasion Part 2: Call the Dream Police 77 October 23, 2018
After defeating the Warbot and discovering Vilgax inside, Ben's "secret voices" only worsen and begin affecting his sleep, but once Gwen discovers a sleepwalking Ben using missing items from the campsite to create his own massive Junkbot, it is up to Ben to stop his own creation.
Innervasion Part 3 Strange Bedfellows.png Innervasion Part 3: Strange Bedfellows 78 October 24, 2018
After the Junkbot shoots the Omnitrix and it begins glowing neon-blue, an imprisoned Vilgax explains it is now a gateway through which the Fulmini Empire will invade Earth, but the only way to stop them is from within the Omnitrix, so Ben must team up with the ultimate baddie if he is to save his planet.
Innervasion Part 4 Mind Over Alien Matter.png Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter 79 October 25, 2018
While inside the Omnitrix, Ben and Vilgax must work together if they are to close the gateway, but once the Fulmini leader - the High Override - appears, even that might not be enough. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a being calling itself Glitch!
Innervasion Part 5 High Override.png Innervasion Part 5: High Override 80 October 26, 2018
While Ben struggles to avoid the High Override's mind control, Max and Gwen enter the Omnitrix to lend a hand, but once they find Ben is not who he seems, Max and Gwen must pull out all the stops if they are to get Ben back in time to save the planet.

Season 3: 2018 - 2019 (Episodes 81 - 132)

Image Title Number Original Airdate
OmniCopped2.png Omni-Copped 81 December 13, 2018
When Grandpa Max's engineer buddy Phil Billings gifts Team Tennyson the Omni-Copter, a state of the art flying vehicle that can transport the Rustbucket for overseas adventures, Steam Smythe takes to the skies to ground Ben and company's first test flight.
This One Goes to 11.png This One Goes to 11 82 January 4, 2019
During one last stop by a toy store before Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max's maiden voyage across the Atlantic, Ben runs into an old bully, Kevin 11, who now has new powers. He's able to transform into aliens just like Ben, such as the "bootleg" doppelgänger of CannonboltWreckingbolt!
Morfog.png Moor Fogg 83 January 28, 2019
Team Tennyson goes international in the Omni-Copter and their first stop is a hike in the Scottish Highlands.
Rathcon.png Rath of Con 84 January 4, 2019
Back stateside, Ben can't get into a cat cosplay competition, Top Tail, without a costume of his own; but when he goes Rath, a new cat-like alien with an attitude, Ben's newfound wild side quickly becomes much more than he bargained for.
Kingcastlethorn.png King of the Castle 85 January 30, 2019
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max travel to Castle Bishopbrook to visit a distant royal relative. Ben gets worried about his 3 missing aliens: Grey Matter, Wildvine and Overflow. Kevin bullies Ben again and he has Ben's missing aliens, Dark Matter, Thornblade and Undertow.
Speechless.png Speechless on the Seine 86 January 31, 2019
While in Paris, Ben catches Zombozo robbing the Louvre. The Circus Freaks reunite with Zombozo and he hypnotizes Ben to be silent like a mime.
Poles.png Poles Apart 87 January 4, 2019
A trip to the South Pole goes upside down when Team Tennyson lands on the North Pole instead, but Ben quickly discovers the culprits: Solar & Polar Twain, magnetically-powered scientists who want to hold the world ransom by threatening to reverse Earth's magnetic poles!
Hexfossils.png Show Don't Tell 88 January 4, 2019
Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max arrive at a Native American national park to witness the Ayasha Plinths, an ancient Stonehenge-like rock formation. But when the sinister sorcerer Hex arrives, Ben must battle against a beast Hex magically made out of huge rocks!
Don't Touch.png Don't Touch 89 February 3, 2019
Team Tennyson checks out a Samurai Museum in Tokyo.
Big in Japan.png Big in Japan 90 February 4, 2019
In Japan, Ben again meets the would-be hero Tim Buktu, who "saves" humans from a dragon. Did Tim really get the turn, or is he just planning a half-baked plan to play the hero?
Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!.png Welcome to Zombozo-Zone! 91 January 4, 2019
During medieval times, Team Tennyson must fight to remember that they're not in the past at all, but actually at a Renaissance-esque faire, where "King Zombozo" has hypnotized its guests into thinking they live in the past!
Humech.png Bridge Out 92 January 4, 2019
After an overpass collapses on the highway, Team Tennyson is in a traffic jam along with Simon Sez and family. But when Ben and Simon team up to tackle the gridlock together, Simon only makes matters much, much worse.
Cyber Slammers.png Cyber Slammers 93 March 20, 2019
In front of a biggie box in Japan, Ben waits in an eternally long line for the release of Cyber Slammers, the brand new Sumo Slammers video game. Soon Ben has to save the whole store - and not in front of the gaming enthusiastic customers, but before Steam Smythe, who wants to equip a big 'Mech with steampunk powers!
Big Ben 10 Number 3.png
Big Ben 10 94 March 21, 2019
While Ben and his family want to visit the famous Big Ben, the Bugg Brothers once again set up a totally crazy plan: they want to shrink the Big Ben bell to steal it!
Weatherbeach.png Beach Heads 95 January 4, 2019
After traveling to Tampa Beach, Florida, Team Tennyson hopes to get some much-needed rest & relaxation, but the tempests without a temper, the Weatherheads, have other plans.
LM (105).png LaGrange Muraille 96 March 25, 2019
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max walk along the Great Wall of China. But their adventure is almost spoiled by racers LaGrange and Vin Ethanol, who want to try a daredevil jump over the wall.
Charm School's Out.png Charm School's Out 97 January 4, 2019
During a family cookout at a forest campsite, Charmcaster users her magic to switch places with Gwen.
Billbaj.png Billy Bajillions 98 January 4, 2019
In Aspen, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max are on a hike to find the Forgeti, but when they realize they've stumbled upon Billy Billions’ own "Winter in July" ski resort, Ben must battle Billy.
FF (468).png Franken-Fight 99 March 28, 2019
Ben hops into the Rustbuggy for an hour's drive in the dunes of Cape Cod. Kevin arrives and tries to tell Ben something, but, they start to fight. Glitch gets mesmerized by Bootleg's goop and Shock Rock's Omni-Enhanced Energy. Ben and Kevin must team up to save Gwen and Rustbuggy Glitch from his trance.
Buggin' the Buggs.png Buggin' the Buggs 100 March 29, 2019
Team Tennyson travels to the Chrysalen Institute for some well-deserved relaxation, only to find the Bugg Brothers there. Are the sneaky bugs really only vacationing, or are they setting up a silly yet highly dangerous plan once again?
20190325 161449.png Which Watch 101 April 6, 2019
After a battle with Kevin gets cut short, Ben turns his attention to one upping Gwen at Space Camp. But, when Kevin returns with his sights strangely set on his cousin, our hero must uncover who is really behind it all, Charmcaster!
Baby Buktu.png Baby Buktu 102 April 6, 2019
When attacked in the jungle, Team Tennyson is saved by a toddler who looks eerily similar to Tim Buktu, but when they discover it really is a pint sized version of the nefarious globetrotter, Ben knows there’s another threat looming.
Screenshotter--Ben10NewToyFiguresSeason3CartoonNetwork-1’11”.png Them's Fightin' Words! 103 April 13, 2019
Team Tennyson discovers a Hartfield-McJoy reenactment in the cornfield next door, but when Hex resurrects the ghosts of the real feuding families, Ben must find a way to bring them together if he is to save the day!
Lickety Split.png Lickety Split 104 May 24, 2019
When a mysterious electrical storm downs the Omni-Copter at the Equator, Team Tennyson soon discovers Solar & Polar are behind it, but when Ben accidentally combines the two into a more powerful Uni-Twin, our hero must think fast if he is going to save the planet!
Screenshotter--Ben10BensBattlewithBoredomCartoonNetwork-0’26”.png Mutiny for the Bounty 105 April 13, 2019
While Phil and Grandpa Max tune-up the Omni-Copter, a restless Ben takes the Rustbuggy off road, but when he is suddenly captured by Tetrax, our hero must not only escape but avoid the wrath of the double-crossed Kraab and SixSix!
Screenshotter--Ben10TeamTennysonandtheChupacabraCartoonNetwork-2’03”.png The Chupaca-bro 106 April 20, 2019
Team Tennyson discovers that a small village’s goats are being terrorized by the legendary Chupacabra, but when Ben realizes it’s actually Dr. Animo, our hero must thwart the dastardly doctor.
Screenshotter--Ben10BenvsKevin11BestFightsCartoonNetwork-4’42”.png Buggy Out 107 April 20, 2019
After winning a Sumo Slammers Champion belt, Ben returns to the Rustbucket to find his prize in the arms of Kevin, but when his rival hijacks the Rustbuggy instead, our hero must stop at nothing to get back what’s rightfully his!
Screenshotter--Ben10BenvsKevin11BestFightsCartoonNetwork-4’06”.png Introducing Kevin 11 108 April 27, 2019
At a local swap meet, Ben instead sets his sights on a Sumo Slammer collectible, but when Kevin takes it for himself, our hero must get it back by overcoming Kevin’s secret weapon: an 11th alien!
Screenshotter--Ben10BenvsKevin11BestFightsCartoonNetwork-3’18”.png Four by Four 109 July 11, 2019
During their visit to Twin City, Ben and Gwen sign up for some Laser Town awesomeness, but when Ben is teamed up with Kevin, the two must overcome their differences if they are to end up on top!
D0407D8C-B1BB-43A5-883F-4A62BAC0E8B4.png Cirque-Us 110 July 12, 2019
After Ben steps in as a rescuer at a ceremony at the local university, he is invited as a guest of honor at a charity gala. But when Zombozo takes charge of the evening program, Ben not only has to defeat the evil clown, but also his new helper Pirouette!
Forever Road.png Forever Road 111 July 15, 2019
Because Phil is allergic to the desert sand, Ben wants to win the muscle car race for him. But LaGrange has a remote control that he can use to neutralize Ben's watch!
DD2113CD-B0F4-4E75-B723-74E52B77EAF0.png The Bentathlon 112 July 16, 2019
The Tennysons are being kidnapped by Forever Knight on their way to Greece. If Ben wants to see his family again, he has to assert himself in the arena in a fight against gladiators.
Beware the Scare-Crow.png Beware the Scare-Crow 113 July 17, 2019
The Tennysons visit Ben's babysitter Penny on a rural farm. Since there is no internet, no TV and no video games, Ben is quickly bored. When trying to deal elsewhere, Ben meets a mysterious scarecrow.
FCA932DA-BCDB-4E94-BD1E-8CF7FD0CC0BD.png The Night Ben Tennyson Came to Town 114 July 19, 2019
Ben believes that the Forever Knight is following him. Gwen suggests going to Wheeler, an old gold mining town, to recover a little. But even there, Ben believes that behind all the strange, what happens, is that the Forever Knight.
The Claws of the Cat.png The Claws of the Cat 115 May 24, 2019
While taking in the sights and sounds of a Rio de Janeiro music festival, Ben bristles at Gwen's suggestion that she be his new sidekick, but when the festival is threaten by the supersonic sound waves of Lord Decibel, our hero must lean on help from some familiar faces: DJ Gpa and Gwen-Cat!.
CEB7420C-D99D-4859-A001-D333AF98447F.png Prey or Play 116 July 23, 2019
Forever Knight gives Billy Billions and Ben a ticket to Adrenaland, an exclusive theme park. There it comes to the conflict between the two.
Xzingo.png And Xingo Was His Name-O 117 July 18, 2019
After Ben has downloaded a new Xingo app on Gwen's tablet, he is drawn into the tablet. Ben lands in Xingo's world and Xingo in the real world. Grandpa Max and Gwen are quickly annoyed by the cartoon character, who has only nonsense in his head. And even Ben does not have it easy in the cartoon world. But how is he coming back?
F57BB2A9-7DFD-4EB5-8375-CE6171CEF391.png Fear in the Family 118 July 24, 2019
The Tennysons are on the way to Egypt. On the way they fall into a storm. Ben looks outside to see if everything is okay. When Ben gets back on board, strange things suddenly happen.
Roundabout.png Roundabout: Part 1 119 July 25, 2019
Ben is gone. Grandpa asks his old friend Phil for help. Since Ben's watch sends out signals, they can track him down. He is in Switzerland. Together, they set off to find out why Ben ran away and landed on the side of Forever Knight.
B1EF61C3-1587-4611-A55D-DA52BF93F793.png Roundabout: Part 2 120 July 26, 2019
Gwen, Grandpa Max and Phil tracked down Ben in an underground lab. They try to dissuade him from joining forces with Forever Knight. With Ben's help, Forever Knight opened a time portal to travel back in time. He wants to prevent the signals sent by aliens to Earth to make contact to be answered. Because then there would be no Omnitrix watches and therefore no aliens.
Xingo Nation.png Xingo Nation 121 October 1, 2019
Kevin 11 gives Xingo a power up – setting him loose to wreak havoc on other TV shows – and it is up to Ben to stop them both.
Heads of the Family.png Heads of the Family 122 October 2, 2019
Team Tennyson stops in at a fringe family reunion, and Ben encounters a whole lot more than kooky cousins— namely, Kevin 11 and the Bugg Brothers, whose latest crackpot invention sparks a series of hilarious head-swaps between all parties.
MB.png My Bodyguard 123 October 3, 2019
When Zombozo hypnotizes Grandpa Max's entire baking class, it's up to Ben and Gwen to clean up the mess, but it gets even messier when Zombozo unveils his new bodyguard: Kevin 11
Fi.png Wheels of Fortune 124 October 4, 2019
Team Tennyson's thrift store shopping is ruined by the latest high-speed heist of LaGrange who is now aided by a super-fast electromagnetic racing car and Ben must convince Kevin 11 to help stop the speed demon's globetrotting robbing spree.
Heat of the Moment.png Heat of the Moment 125 October 7, 2019
After Ben easily dispatches the Weatherheads,Team Tennyson travels to a ski resort for some fun in the snow but when Ben runs into the Weatherhreads yet again, this time they are a force to be reckon with, now that Kevin 11 used Bootleg to unlock their emotional controls.
Vin Diagram.png Vin Diagram 126 October 8, 2019
Ben is jealous of Kevin and the relationship with Vin, so Ben wants to be better than Kevin, while Kevin takes over Vin's car and puts it on upgrade.
A Sticky Situation.png A Sticky Situation 127 October 9, 2019
Ben and Kevin compete against each other and see who prevents Queen Bee from robbing a bank.
What Rhymes with Omnitrix?.png What Rhymes with Omnitrix? 128 October 10, 2019
Charmcaster uses a miscommunication spell to drive a wedge.
You Remind Me of Someone.png You Remind Me of Someone 129 October 11, 2019
Ben and Gwen look for the infamous Bojamboo (the Bigfoot of the South) and discover that it's actually the Forgeti, at the same time as Kevin 11, but when Ben and Kevin 11 are blasted with the Forgeti's forgetfulness mist, they reverse roles and it's up to Gwen and Max to restore them back to normal.
Adrenaland Jr park entrance.png Adrenaland Jr. 130 October 11, 2019
Team Tennyson visits Adrenaland Jr.
Steam Fight at the OK Corral 2.png Steam Fight at the OK Corral 131 October 12, 2019
When Kevin convinces Steam Smythe to adopt a modern approach in fighting Ben, our young hero must resort to old-fashioned thinking to save the day.
I Don't Like You.png I Don't Like You 132 October 12, 2019
Ben and Gwen's social media battle with Kevin 11 quickly escalates into an all-out war in real life.

Season 4: 2020 (Episodes 133 - 172)

Image Title Number Original Airdate
Gentle Ben.png Gentle Ben 133 December 13, 2019
Grandpa Max's alma mater asks him to use the Omni-Copter to transport an important exhibit to an exotic nature reserve, but when the exhibit turns out to be a rare and very large baby moth, Ben must keep Tim Buktu from stealing the moth while learning that sometimes you need to use finesse and not force to solve hard problems.
Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.26.45 PM.png Funhouse 134 March 24, 2020
The Tennysons find themselves stuck inside an inescapable funhouse constructed by Zombozo; Ben goes alien and fights for escape, ultimately proving that behind every illusion, there's a disappointing secret.
Summer Breakers (10).png Summer Breakers 135 February 9, 2020
After Grandpa Max's super smart buddy Phil discovers that a second extraterrestrial item crashed alongside the Omnitrix, Team Tennyson sets off to find the second crash site before someone else does but arrive instead to find nefarious newcomer Breaker One-Nine has already beat them to the punch.
F49510C2-4FD4-4456-B9C8-D19C3A774AD3.png The Monsters in Your Head 136 February 9, 2020
Ben and Gwen learn a rumor of an alien invasion happening at the park they are camping at, but when they investigate, they discover a preserve containing a host of mutated creatures engineered by Animo! With the unexpected help of Kevin 11 and his family, Ben proves that the rumors are false, and that truth is stranger than fiction!
Tokyo Fun Big Bugg Bash.PNG Tokyo Fun, Part 1: Big Bugg Bash 137 January 19, 2020
While in Tokyo, Team Tennyson comes face to face with a horrible secret, Japan’s hottest new restaurant is being run by the Bugg Brothers as a nefarious scheme to make loads of money off an unsuspecting public.
DB24FD4B-12A3-481D-A8FD-0F03D2FA1199.jpeg Tokyo Fun, Part 2: Slamming It Up 138 January 19, 2020
While on a visit to the Sumo Slammers Amusement Park in Tokyo, Team Tennyson gets to watch a genuine sumo wrestling match as part of the Global Games, but when the mischievous Twain Twins crash the event to avenge their mother’s medal snub years earlier, Ben must think things through if he is to stop the polarizing family!
Queen of Bees (1).PNG Queen of Bees 139 February 23, 2020
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max arrive in Bismarck, North Dakota for its annual celebration of bee pollination, bringing them face-to-face with Queen Bee and a bold new scheme, forcing Ben to conquer his new fear of bees!
5088B498-4050-4FF2-A651-098F8AA9CC0D.png Falls, Falls, Falls 140 February 23, 2020
Team Tennyson looks to take in the sights of the Shoshone Falls, but when they arrive to find Steam Smythe siphoning off the water, it is up to Ben, Grandpa Max and Gwen to shut down the hydropower plant and save the Falls.
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 1.08.22 PM.png The Greatest Lake 141 March 11, 2020
While visiting Lake Erie, a relaxing day at the beach gets all washed up when Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max come face-to-face with Hex, and his summer intern, Kevin!
Ben10MudOnTheRun.png Mud on the Run 142 March 12, 2020
Ben gets a tough lesson on knowing his limits when he competes in a grueling obstacle race, made even worse by the Weatherheads!
ChickenInPart1.png Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 1: Pyramid Scheme 143 January 26, 2020
Team Tennyson visits the monuments of Chichen Itza, but when Ben learns about the possible existence of a mythical creature, the Quetzalcoatl, the hero takes it upon himself to find the feathered serpent himself.
WagesofFear (-).PNG Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 2: The Wages of Fear 144 January 26, 2020
Team Tennyson help transport a caged Quetzalcoatl through the Yucatan jungle, only to encounter a saboteur, LaGrange, who hijacks the precious cargo and leads our heroes on a high-octane off-road chase!
8771E985-D500-465D-B64D-DB66C1B0839D.png It's Story Time 145 March 16, 2020
After the Rustbucket breaks down, Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max find themselves killing time at the local town library but soon scramble to out maneuver Hex as he searches for a hidden ancient artifact.
F16579A6-C6BD-4AC8-8D97-0EF77B0E82DB.png Cosplay Day 146 March 17, 2020
Team Tennyson enjoy the biggest convention in town, but when a gawky costume store employee finds a familiar-looking helmet in the back of the store and tries it on, Ben is faced with the return of an old foe in a new form: Forever Knight!
7B9A36C4-FFB8-4AB6-AB21-43CA2D4E72F6.png Bottomless Ben 147 March 18, 2020
While visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the Tennyson's come across the "Bottomless Pit", a naturally formed pit with no bottom. Ben fights his better judgment to jump in the pit and be the first person to find the bottom, until Kevin 11 shows up and starts to goad Ben into a contest to the bottom of the pit! The natural rivalry is put on hold, however, with the arrival of Breaker One-Nine, who has come to destroy the Caverns
Tales From The Omnitrix.png Tales from the Omnitrix 148 March 19, 2020
Team Tennyson trade campfire stories in an anthology-style series that pits Ben against his archrival, Kevin 11, and teaches our hero the power of imagination.
8E7AACAF-1B21-4C11-AA0B-2752A3744D01.png Ben in Rome, Part 1: A Slice of Life 149 March 20, 2020
Team Tennyson's quest for the best pizza in Rome leads them to the Bugg Brothers and their latest culinary caper, complete with stolen recipes, kidnapped chefs, shrunken landmarks, and a high-speed chase around the Eternal City.
14C23385-E78A-41A8-8635-186DF90C0A16.png Ben in Rome, Part 2: The Bee's Knees 150 March 20, 2020
On vacation in Rome, Gwen takes Team Tennyson on a self-guided tour of the many ancient sites, but when a distracted Ben accidentally stumbles upon Queen Bee's monumental heist, the hero must work together with his family if he is to save the city from being sacked for the first time in centuries!
Party Poopers.png Party Poopers 151 March 23, 2020
Ben completely ignores Gwen when she takes him to a family fun center. Meanwhile Frightwig pushes Zombozo back into a life of crime after he ends up becoming a party clown. Now both Ben and Zombozo will have to learn that you shouldn't ignore your friends!
Wind Some Lose Some.png Wind Some, Lose Some 152 March 24, 2020
At the Mojave Wind Farm in Texas Max and Gwen plan to set Ben straight on his kooky ideas about how wind works but when they find the Weatherheads using the towering turbines for their latest nefarious plan will Ben face facts in time to blow them away?
Digital Quality 11.png
Digital Quality 153 April 4, 2020
Ben and Gwen don't want to go to the CD Library. CDs are for old people. Ew. Once Team Tennyson is there, Lord Decibel traps them inside and demands a ransom. Ben and Gwen find Kevin inside on a potentially nefarious quest of his own, But it turns out that Lord Decibel has already found the item that they so desperately desire.
Tim Buk-tv (-).PNG Tim Buk-tv 154 April 4, 2020
Team Tennyson heads to the Okefenokee Swamp to witness the blooming of the Blushing Orchid, something that happens once every one hundred years. But their plans get disrupted when Tim Buk-Tu, trying to make his new 'reality' show more exciting, endangers the rare flower and everyone else at the swamp.
GTD (307).png Growing Up Is Hard to Do 155 April 5, 2020
Ben and Gwen are stoked to enter a skating competition, but when Nanny Nightmare shows up to teach the skater kids some manners by turning them into babies, it's up to Team Tennyson to up their game if they are to have any chance at saving the day.
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 4.19.37 PM.png The Hex Factor 156 April 6, 2020
When Hex mistakes an exclusive magic club for a top-secret Wizard society that snubbed him, Ben has to figure out how to work around the club's strict code of conduct to stop him without getting booted by security.
Sweet Tooth.png Sweet Tooth 157 July 5, 2020
On a trip to the dentist's office, Ben's suspicions that something is odd with his dentist are proven when he transforms into the monstrous Toothache. Ben must save the day!
Medieval Upheaval (-).png Medieval Upheaval 158 July 6, 2020
When Steam Smythe 'time travels' his way into a Renaissance Faire and kidnaps Max, Ben and Gwen must defeat him without breaking character.
Speed of Sound (-).PNG Speed of Sound 159 July 7, 2020
Team Tennyson participate in the inaugural ride of the fastest train in the world but the conductor turns out to be Lord Decibel and Ben must derail his master plan.
Xingo's World.png Xingo’s World 160 July 8, 2020
Ben, Gwen and Max are on the road again and are supposed to be taking in the sights but Ben refuses to put his video games away. Only the return of Xingo can spur him into action!
Tummy Ache (-).PNG
Tummy Ache 161 July 9, 2020
Team Tennyson go on a tour of the new Biggie Box Candy Store but when Toothache breaks out and kidnaps the owner, it is up to Ben to stop the monstrous dentist.
Players of the Lost Park (-).PNG
Players of the Lost Park 162 July 10, 2020
When Team Tennyson visit Raspberry Park, they get more than they bargained for. What they think are innocent games of chance are a revenge plot by Zombozo to steal the Rustbuggy.
De-Fanged (-).png
De-Fanged 163 July 11, 2020
Team Tennyson travel to the new Laser Town VR but when Kevin cheats his way to the top, Ben must team up with former champ Fang if he is going to defeat his souped-up rival.
Mock 10 (-).PNG
Mock 10 164 July 12, 2020
Ben, Kevin, and LaGrange find themselves stuck "outside of time" after the latter hijack a supersonic train with a fault engine, forcing the trio to team up and slow down.
Rekoil 165 July 13, 2020
As Team Tennyson stops Dr. Animo from raiding the animal shelter, Ben faces one villain more than he bargained for -- King Koil, now Animo's pet.
Buktu The Future (-).PNG
Buktu The Future 166 July 14, 2020
After Tim Buktu's live stream is mysterious cut short, Team Tennyson must attempt a rescue mission and break inside the highly confidential Area 55 in order to save him.
Intro (90).png
Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie 167-172 October 10, 2020
Ben 10 is ready to take on the universe in his most epic adventure yet.

Season 5: 2021 (Episodes 173 - 184)

Image Title Number Original Airdate
B10,010 Intro (27).png
Ben 10,010 173-176 April 9, 2021
In a future where an adult Gwen Tennyson is president and the world is being taken over by the alien horde known as the Xerge, a disillusioned Ben 10,000 is called out of retirement to recruit his 10-year old version from the past - only together can the battle-worn adult and the impulsive child save a future under siege.
Ben Gen 10 177-180 April 10, 2021
When Ben meets a young Generator Rex on the run from a hostile Providence, he must work through a series of misunderstandings, and defeat the dark wizard Hex in order to save the world from a malfunctioning Omnitrix infecting the world's human population with alien DNA.
Alien X-Tinction 181-184 April 11, 2021
The Tennysons are attacked by a villainous dimension-hopping Omni-alien known only as Alien X. With help from a parallel universe version of Max, they bring multiple alternate Bens and Gwens together to form an alien hero army and combat this threat.


Image Title Original Airdate
Let's Go Universe.png Crossover Nexus August 6, 2019
When K.O. finds himself trapped in a mysterious place, he encounters other Cartoon Network Heroes and they band together to escape.


  1. Season 1 aired out of order. The 11th Alien aired 4 episodes late.