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Ben 10, Volume 1 is a four issue mini series published by IDW Publishing.


Issue 1

Who knew vacation could be this exciting? Ben Tennyson and his teammates kick off a maelstrom of action when an ocean cruise brings Ben in the cross hairs of Ssserpent, who's out to find a long-lost underwater society. But does Ben's new, slightly oddball love interest harbor dark secrets of her own? Aliens, superpowers, ships and swimsuits: the perfect ingredients for high-seas adventure.

Issue 2

Ben Tennyson's cruise vacation takes a turn for the weird when he discovers that his mysterious new friend Lorelai is actually a mermaid, the princess and head protector of an alien-hybrid undersea kingdom called TerraPisciss. The mer-people are heroes of the sea and have never needed help before—so why are they suddenly bringing Ben 10 and the Plumbers into their trust? Action, aliens and romance on the high seas!

Issue 3

Ben 10's Omniverse universe-set high-seas adventure continues! Ben has joined forces with the heroic mer-people of TerraPisciss, but now the undersea kingdom is under threat from the forces of Ssserpent...!

Issue 4

This is it! The battle for control of the ocean and the safety of the undersea kingdom of TerraPisciss has arrived! All the forces of men and mer-people are under the command of Ben Tennyson, but the forces of Ssserpent stretch from the frosty Arctic Sea to the middle of the Pacific ocean who will be victorious? Check out the stunning conclusion!






  • The mini-series was meant to be the first arc of series of comics from IDW.[1]
    • This arc is named "Deep Trouble".[1]
  • The mini-series has got homages to all of Ben 10 as well as great adventures like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyage to the Bottom of Sea, even the old undersea kingdom serials that starred people like Gene Autry and Ray 'Crash" Corrigan. It draws inspiration from Alex Van Helsing series, also written by Jason Henderson, as well as an old Sherlock Holmes radio adventure starring Basil Rathbone.
    • The writer "wanted to cement Ben 10 as part of the great tradition of young heroes in wild adventures. [The series has] got underwater battles, clowning on the ship, icy battles in the frozen north, James-Bond-climax-style commando raids, and even some genuinely mind-blowing Aquaman-style sea creature encounters.”[2][1]
  • Ssserpent's new ship in this mini-series is patterned after the ship in Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea.[2][1]


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