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This article is about the 2017 video game. You might have been looking for Ben Tennyson, the original TV series, the 2006 video game, the comic book miniseries, or the rebooted TV series.
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Ben 10 is the thirteenth video game in franchise and the first video game based on the Ben 10 reboot.


It's hero time! Some of Ben's most infamous villains are back, and they're threatening the world- and it's up to you to stop them. Unlock and transform into all 10 of Ben's alien forms as you take on dangerous opponents like Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weatherheads, and save the day with a combination of explosive combat and fun, mind-bending puzzles as you unravel three all-new episodes.[AMZ 1]


Playable Characters[]

Non-Playable Characters[]






Four Arms: Armed to the teeth! My arms, your teeth.

Heatblast: If you wanna play with fire, get ready to be HEATBLASTED!

XLR8: Too fast for you!

Diamondhead: I will try not to have an elevated opinion of myself.

Cannonbolt: Yeah I got it. Wait, no I don't.

Upgrade: Time to Upgrade!

Grey Matter: Time to make a small adjustment.

Overflow: Time to cool your jets!

Wildvine: Let's take a look on the wild-side!

Stinkfly: Hold your noses!


PlayStation 4[]

Name Image Trophy Value Description
Hero Time Hero Time Platinum trophy Earn every trophy in the game
The Prime Destructive The Prime Destructive Silver trophy Finish the game
And Then There Were Ten And Then There Were Ten Gold trophy Completely upgrade all aliens
Ben 10% Ben 10% Silver trophy Completely upgrade one alien
SUMO Blue SUMO Blue Bronze trophy Collect a Sumo Slammer card
SUMO Red SUMO Red Silver trophy Collect half of the Sumo Slammer cards
SUMO Gold SUMO Gold Gold trophy Collect every Sumo Slammer card
Last Laugh Last Laugh 2 Bronze trophy Defeat Zombozo
Buzz Off Buzz Off Bronze trophy Defeat Queen Bee
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage Bronze trophy Destroy 5 objects with a thrown enemy
City Escape City Escape Bronze trophy Complete “The City” in under 15 minutes
Not Much Funhouse Not Much Funhouse Bronze trophy Complete ‘The Funhouse’ in under 15 minutes
In a Scrap In a Scrap Bronze trophy Complete ‘The Scrapyard’ in under 15 minutes
Hive Five Hive Five Bronze trophy Complete ‘The Hive’ in under 15 minutes
Canyonot? Canyonot? Bronze trophy Complete ‘The Canyon’ in under 15 minutes
Torn-ay-do Torn-ah-do Torn-ay-do Torn-ah-do Bronze trophy Complete ‘The Tornado’ in under 15 minutes

Xbox One[]

Name Image Trophy Value Description
Hero Time Hero Time XOne 50Gamerscore You've completed every Achievement in Ben 10! Congratulations!


  • The achievements "And Then There Were Ten" and "Last Laugh" are a reference to both the Original Series episodes.
  • Grey Matter wears a mechanical backpack to make him better suited for combat.
  • Upgrade has its ultimate ability which is to shoot lasers through his eye, something that was seen in the classic franchise, but was never re-introduced in the reboot.[DR 1]
  • Despite only appearing in this game, Weatherhead Prime exists within the canon of the show.[DR 2]
  • Some of Four Arms' quotes are taken from Ben 10: Omniverse and Ben 10: Omniverse 2.
  • During the ending credits, the first verse of the Original Series' theme song can be heard, but slightly muffled.
  • This is the first Ben 10 game available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
    • It is also the tenth console game based on the Ben 10 franchise.
  • This game was made on Unity.




Crew Statements[]

Duncan Rouleau[]

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