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This article is about the 2006 video game. You might have been looking for Ben Tennyson, the original TV series, the comic book miniseries, the rebooted TV series, or the 2017 video game.

Ben 10 is the first video game based on the series of the same name and also the first video game in the franchise, developed by Semi-Logic Entertainment and released for the HyperScan in 2006.


"Oh yeah, it's Hero Time!" - Ben Tennyson

When the most powerful device in the universe falls into the hands of a 10-year-old boy, there are bound to be some major complications. The Omnitrix, with its ability to biologically transfer the otherworldly DNA of bizarre alien species, enables young Ben Tennyson to morph into 10 separate superheroes: Heatblast, Upgrade, Grey Matter, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Ripjaws, Wildmutt, Four Arms, XLR8 and Diamondhead. While each has its own set of fantastic powers, they also have specific shortcomings that make them (and Ben) vulnerable to a variety of villainous adversaries - all of whom seem magnetically drawn to "the watch".

The chief of the bad guys is Vilgax, an intergalactic warlord who has scoured the universe in search of the Omnitrix. Now that Vilgax has traced it to Earth, and more specifically, Ben's wrist, nothing will stop him from possessing it. He has employed a number of Ben's former adversaries in this devious quest. Each will take a shot at bringing Ben and his various incarnations down as Vilgax sets the final trap: a power-dampening Omni-Release device, which will finally separate the watch from Ben's wrist, placing the Omnitrix in the squid-faced despot's slimy claws.

With the threat of this new and dangerous technology, Ben's only hope is to boost the power of the Omnitrix by fashioning his own invention: an Omni-Shield, constructed from the weapons of the various villains he battles. Hopefully the shield will be enough to defend against Vilgax's latest assault campaign.

While Ben's main challenges are discovering the best way to harness his power and when to summon his inner superheroes, it's a good thing that he has some backup. Ben is aided along the way by his two traveling companions, the worldly wise, yet completely unsuspecting Grandpa Max and his sharp, shrewd, but often annoying cousin Gwen. Max and Gwen not only keep him grounded but also provide help and hints to bail Ben out of trouble when it is most needed.

With characters and environments taken directly from the hit Cartoon Network series, Ben 10 Plug n' Play allows you to activate the Omnitrix, morph into powerful aliens and battle Vilgax's monsters, robots and madmen, along with other strange characters in some of the wildest places imaginable - all on a fun-filled, action-packed, super-heroic adventure across America and deep into the awesome universe of Ben 10!


Playable Characters[]

Non-Playable Characters[]


  • Robot Attack
  • Krakken Lake
  • Big Apple
  • Mummy Dearest
    • Mutant Scarab
    • Mummy
    • Reanimated Prehistoric Skeleton
    • Scorpion
    • Dr. Animo riding his Mutant Frog (Boss)
  • Carnival Creeps
  • Gray Buffet
    • Limax
    • Stretching Arms (Invincible, appears several times in Section 1)
  • Charm School
    • Possessed Armor
    • Gargoyles
    • Hex (Boss)
  • Power Drain
  • Mine Games
    • Kraab (Boss, appears in the other Sections but can only be defeated in Section 5)
  • Showdown
    • Mechadroids
    • Reanimated Prehistoric Skeleton
    • Vilgax (Boss)



There are 10 Levels, each one is loosely based on an episode of the first season of the original series. There is also a 300-second (5 minutes) time limit, forcing the player to speed through the level; once this timer is up, their health will start depleting slowly.

Card List[]

Number Type Title Description
001 Character Ben Tennyson Ben, his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen head off on a summer camping trip to seek adventure - and with his new 'watch' Ben is certain to find it. Scan this card to save games.
002 Character Four Arms Built for Battle, the Tetramand is a massive species with four powerful arms and a dense armor-plated skin.
003 Character Stinkfly Lepidopterrans are an insectoid race with transparent wings, sturdy exoskeletons, and stinging tails that deploy a variety of chemical weapons.
004 Character Ripjaws The Fighting Piscciss Volanns' jaw can grip with the strength of an industrial vise using rows of razor-sharp teeth that can chomp through almost anything.
005 Character XLR8 Kinecelerans reach speeds of more than 500 MPH by manipulating friction, enabling them to defy gravity and run across sheer surfaces.
006 Character Heatblast Pyronites are Masters of Fire, which they unleash on their enemies, they absorb both flames and heat and can put out a fire as easily as starting one.
007 Character Wildmutt Vulpimancers are beasts with incredible athletic ability and sharp quills that serve both as projectile weapons and finely tuned sense receptors.
008 Character Diamondhead Warriors composed of jagged shards of crystals, Petrosapiens reflect light beams and can cut through virtually anything.
009 Character Ghostfreak Living phantoms, Ectonurites can phase through solid objects, make themselves invisible, and often inhabit other bodies for limited amounts of time.
010 Character Grey Matter Galvans are five inches tall with soft flexible bones that allow them to squeeze into tight spaces or spring quickly from danger.
011 Character Upgrade Biomechanical Mecromorphs are able to merge with any technology and "Upgrade" it into an incredible piece of Ultra-Tech.
012 Projectile Mod Shardblaster Diamondhead fires Crystal Shards.
013 Attack Mod Laser Wave Diamondhead attacks with greater speed.
014 Attack Mod Prismforce Diamondhead gains increased spectrum of attacks.
015 Defense Mod Crystal Shield Diamondhead's hardened exterior repels attacks.
016 Projectile Mod Flamethrower Heatblast attacks enemies with an arsenal of pyrotechnics.
017 Speed Mod Thermostat Heatblast fans flames and raises temperatures, increasing his attack speed.
018 Attack Mod Blast Furnace Heatblast ignites an inferno, boosting his attack force.
019 Defense Mod Firewall Boosts Heatblast's ability to defend against attacks.
020 Attack Mod Razor Quills Wildmutt rolls into a ball of super-sharp quills, inflicting heavy damage.
021 Speed Mod Feral Slashes Wildmutt's claws slash with animal intensity, boosting his speed.
022 Attack Mod Berzerker Wildmutt unleashes a savage attack of unparalleled ferocity.
023 Defense Mod Sixth Sense Wildmutt senses enemies' actions before they appear, boosting his defensive abilities.
024 Attack Mod Soul Sink Ghostfreak opens his chest and projects tentacles at his enemy.
025 Speed Mod Ectoslaught Gives Ghostfreak a boost in his attack speed.
026 Attack Mod Spectral Shriek Ghostfreak paralyzes enemies with fear, boosting his attack force.
027 Defense Mod Fade Out Ghostfreak gets more defensive with his aggressor.
028 Power Mod High Jump Grey Matter attains super high-jumping ability.
029 Attack Mod Mini-Max Grey Matter makes quick business of an enemy.
030 Attack Mod Bounce Back Grey Matter bounces into action, increasing his attack force.
031 Defense Mod Shrink Wrap Grey Matter is small and harder to hit, boosting his defense against enemies.
032 Power Mod Fliptail Ripjaws' legs change into a tail.
033 Speed Mod Dive Bomb Ripjaws dives right into battle, increasing his attack speed.
034 Attack Mod Bite Radius Ripjaws puts more bite into his fight by increasing his attack force.
035 Defense Mod Scale Armor Ripjaws' scales boosts his defensive abilities.
036 Projectile Mod Nano Blast Upgrade attacks with a beam that projects from his head.
037 Speed Mod Overclock Upgrade increases biomorphic functions, increasing the speed of his attack.
038 Attack Mod Binary Blaster Increase the impact of Upgrade's attack.
039 Defense Mod Defuse Upgrade short circuits his opponents, boosting his defense.
040 Power Mod Big Smack Four Arms uses the Big Smack to stun his enemies.
041 Speed Mod Thunderclap Pump up Four Arms' attack speed.
042 Attack Mod Juggernaut Four Arms' powerful punch campaign boosts his attack.
043 Defense Mod Behemoth Four Arms becomes even more defensive with his aggressor.
044 Projectile Mod Goo Sting Stinkfly shoots a stinging goo.
045 Speed Mod Hive Mind Stinkfly's antennae sense enemies' moves, increasing his attack speed.
046 Attack Mod Hyper Wing Stinkfly suddenly becomes more offenssive.
047 Defense Mod Stink Swarm Stinkfly raises a stink, boosting his defense.
048 Projectile Mod Static Boom XLR8's static discharge shocks his enemies.
049 Attack Mod Turbo Charge XLR8 speeds up the pace.
050 Attack Mod Gear Shift XLR8 rachets up his attack.
051 Defense Mod Spin Out XLR8 his defensive boost.
052 Villain Defense Rust Belt Hunter Droid's movements and reactions grind down.
053 Villain Defense Metal Fatigue Hunter Droid's health drops.
054 Villain Defense Harpoon Jonah's movements and reactions are slowed.
055 Villain Defense Deep Six Jonah's defenses weakened.
056 Villain Defense All Thumbs Kevin 11's forearm strength is sapped.
057 Villain Defense Flame Out Kevin 11's Heatblast Fireball attack is doused.
058 Villain Defense Brain Drain Dr. Animo is confused by his helmet being short-circuited.
059 Villain Defense Bio-Feedback Dr. Animo's health drops.
060 Villain Defense Hyp-no! Zombozo is prevented from hypnotizing you.
061 Villain Defense Reverse Psychology Zombozo hypnotizes himself.
062 Villain Defense Snail Trail Limax slows.
063 Villain Defense Surface Tension Limaxs' outer membranes are weakened.
064 Villain Defense Hexa-Gone Hex's magical power canceled out for a brief time.
065 Villain Defense Smoke and Mirrors Hex's spells act on himself.
066 Villain Defense Short Circuit Megawhatts stall and stumble.
067 Villain Defense Ground Swell Megawhatt shorts out and loses health rapidly.
068 Villain Defense Shell Shock Kraab becomes less mobile.
069 Villain Defense Out Claw Kraab's claw dulled.
070 Villain Defense Gravity Pull Vilgax slows.
071 Villain Defense Astro-Nought Vilgax extra susceptible to hits, looses health rapidly.
072 Help Grandpa Max Grandpa Max provides guidance and wisdom, Players can swipe this card for advice on each level.
073 Help Gwen Gwen provides hints or clues to help you progress through each level, and offers sarcastic comments when mistakes are made.
074 Ultimate Four Arms A supreme warlord of the planet, Khoros is a master of many forms of intergalactic martial arts and a hand-to-hand fighter without par.
075 Ultimate Stinkfly Master of the hives, the Monarch is a king-sized Lepidopterran with enhanced abilities.
076 Ultimate Ripjaws Able to thrive in great depths, the immersed marauder "Double Volanns" is a master of aquatic combat.
077 Ultimate XLR8 Able to travel at near light speed, a Kineceleran Turbo gives off static charges that can be re-directed with devastating results.
078 Ultimate Heatblast A Pyronite Magus has complete command over the element of fire and is able to shape it to his will.
079 Ultimate Wildmutt Leaders of the Pack, with their numerous predatory adaptations and heightened senses, Alphamancers are the fiercest animals in the universe.
080 Ultimate Diamondhead Gemlords are Petrosapien super-warriors composed of rare gemstones with a higher density, they are unrivaled in their military prowess.
S01 Ultimate Ghostfreak An Ectobeing of the 8th Power, a Wraith's super-natural trans-dimensional powers strike fear into the hearts of species everywhere.
S02 Ultimate Grey Matter N/A
S03 Ultimate Upgrade N/A


  • Gold Sumo Slammer Card - 1000 points, and collecting one gives the player the energy to transform
  • Silver Sumo Slammer Card - 10 points
  • Backpack - These backpacks scattered throughout the levels restore health and offer points. They are stated to have Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches inside them.
  • Projectiles - Levels will often contain various scattered items, such as rocks, sticks, and the like, that can be picked up and thrown as a defense.


Souvenirs are special objects, 9 of them can be found in the game in every level before "Showdown", usually hidden where only a certain alien can access it or by defeating a boss. If the player doesn't have all of these objects when they enter the final level, Ben will lose the Omnitrix, thus making defeating Vilgax much harder. Each souvenir rewards the player with 10 points.

  • Robot Attack - Robot Arm
  • Krakken Lake - Hydraulic Pump
  • Big Apple - Railroad Switch
  • Mummy Dearest - Animo's Helmet
  • Carnival Creeps - Clown Mask
  • Gray Buffet - Grandma's Broach
  • Charm School - Magical Rod
  • Power Drain - Uranium
  • Mine Games - Nozzle


  • The "Ultimate" Cards predate the existence of canon Ultimate Forms by about four years.
  • The description of Four Arms' Ultimate card erroneously uses the term "Khoros" as a title, when it's actually the home planet of his species.
  • The final three cards aren't listed in the game's manual, instead having been given out at San Diego Comic Con of 2006.
  • Sometimes, when scanning an Alien Card to transform, Ben won't turn into the correct alien. Max says "The Omnitrix is a prototype, and doesn't always function correctly." This is actually an intentional, scripted function.
  • There are two cards in the files for the game that might have been cut to make the game more balanced, or outright just unreleased.
    • BackPackHealth - The Backpack card will increase your health.
    • OmniCharge - The Omnicharge card gives you morph capability.
  • Most, if not all of the music in this game is background music from the show.
  • After defeating a boss, a clip from the episode the level is based on will play, such as Diamondhead refracting a laser back at the Hunter Drone from And Then There Were 10 or Dr. Animo's T-Rex collapsing from Washington B.C.
  • There is a glitch that allows the player to defeat the final boss without all souvenirs, by holding up into the background and pressing Jump, Ben (or any alien) jumps much higher, allowing the ability to jump over the Omni-Release Nodes.
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