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Fame Where the Magic Happens Ben 10,000 Returns The Mother of All Vreedles
Duped Perplexahedron The Creature from Beyond The Widening Gyre
Hit 'Em Where They Live The Forge of Creation Basic Training A Knight to Remember
Video Games ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage It's Not Easy Being Gwen Solitary Alignment
Escape from Aggregor The Enemy of My Enemy Prisoner Number 775 is Missing Inspector #13
Too Hot to Handle Absolute Power: Part 1 Moonstruck Enemy of My Frenemy
Andreas' Fault Absolute Power: Part 2 Simian Says Catch a Falling Star
Fused The Transmogrification of Eunice Greetings from Techadon The Eggman Cometh
Hero Time Eye of the Beholder The Purge Couples Retreat
Ultimate Aggregor The Big Story The Flame Keepers' Circle Night of the Living Nightmare
Map of Infinity Viktor: The Spoils Double or Nothing The Beginning of the End
Reflected Glory Girl Trouble The Perfect Girlfriend The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1
Deep Revenge of the Swarm The Ultimate Sacrifice The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2
Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United



  • When footage of Humungousaur holding up the bridge from All That Glitters is shown on TV, he does not grow his stegosauride features despite doing so in the original episode.
  • When Ben, Gwen and Kevin enter Jimmy's room, Kevin is taller than usual. This error occurs again when they come out of the water.
  • When Jetray saves the pilot and says "Gotcha!" his mouth doesn't move.
  • During Chromastone's transformation sequence, Ben is wearing the Omnitrix.
  • Ben as Chromastone says that he wasn't sure the transformation was still available to him. However, Sugilite had informed him that the form was still in the Omnitrix in The Secret of Chromastone.
  • Chromastone forms an energy ball, but in the next shot, the energy is shapeless.
  • When Ben wakes up after being defeated by Bivalvan, Rozum has green eyes.
  • When Ben gets out from the water, his shoe is miscolored.
  • Towards the end of Ultimate Spidermonkey's transformation sequence, the muscles on the right of his body are gone for a brief moment.
  • When Ben as Ultimate Spidermonkey wraps Bivalvan in webbing, his knee sticks out, but when it shows him fully wrapped up, his entire body is covered in webbing.
  • After Ben reverts from Spidermonkey, his eyes glow pink for a moment. According to Charlotte Fullerton, the glowing eyes were an animation error.[CF 1][CF 2]
    • However, at one point, Dwayne McDuffie claimed an episode explaining the glowing eyes was being written[DM 1] and that it had something to do with the Ultimatrix's evolutionary feature.[DM 2]
  • When Ben is about to go to school, his backpack is brown. Then, for one shot, his bag is cyan.
  • Aggregor has six horns instead of four.


  • When the Plasma Beam Tank is first seen, the nozzle is pointed straight, but when the tank approaches the museum, the nozzle is angled upwards and then moves downwards.
  • Rath somehow has Ben's phone.
  • There are multiple copies of Ben in the audience at Julie's tennis match.
  • Echo Echo's hologram faces Ben at an angle instead of straight on.
  • When Ben #2 opens his eyes, the white part is black.
  • When Ben #1 steps out of the bathroom, the black "10" emblem on his jacket is white and the "10" is black.
  • When Kevin absorbs metal from a manhole cover, he is covered in stone. This error occurs again when he absorbs metal from a pipe.
  • Ben #2 is able to call the other two Bens despite them sharing the same phone number.
  • When Ben #2 calls Ben #1 and Ben #3, it is nighttime outside the museum, but the tennis match is being held during the daytime. Furthermore, the Sumo Slammers movie started at 2 PM, but when Ben #1 leaves the cinema, it is nighttime.
  • When the Bens approach the museum, the exterior looks different compared to when it was seen earlier in the episode.
  • Kevin's car is missing in most shots during the battle outside the museum.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben #1.
  • Cannonbolt's hologram faces away from Ben #2.
  • When Kevin absorbs stone from a gargoyle, he is colored incorrectly.

Hit 'Em Where They Live[]

Video Games[]

  • When Ben tells Ssserpent that he is a deputized agent of Plumbers, the flaps on the sides of Ssserpent's head are missing.
  • Humungousaur's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Oliver is talking to Harangue after the video game scan, his voice is the same as the one he used when he was talking to Ben, but later in the episode, it changes.
  • When Jetray sits on the top of the minivan after stopping it from falling over because of the Stalker, the stripes on his chest are missing. This error occurs again when he shoots his neuroshock beams and they are reflected.
  • Mr. Webb tells Gwen that she signaled before she dodged the Stalker's laser even though the car did not show any signs of doing so.
  • The Exasperated Guy asks Ben to sign his petition, but there is no paper on the table.
  • When Cannonbolt opens his mouth after getting trapped, it is blue instead of black.
  • Lodestar's mouth opens when he is attacked by the Stalker, before Gwen covers him in a mana dome.
  • Gwen's driver's license has "Gwen Tennyson" written on it instead of "Gwendolyn Tennyson".

Escape From Aggregor[]

  • During the first few seconds of the fight with the Yeti, either the top or bottom straps on Four Arms disappear.
  • When the Yeti smashes Four Arms into the ground, the golden bands on his chest are black.
  • Big Chill's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Ultimate Big Chill's thigh is red for a second.
  • When Aggregor lands on Aldabra, he has holes on his stomach.
  • When Galapagus is hit by Aggregor, his mouth is green.
  • In one shot, the gold stripe on Galapagus' head is green.
  • In one shot, Galapagus' body is miscolored.
  • When P'andor reaches to burn Bivalvan's arm, Andreas disappears.
  • When P'andor and Andreas are walking away to go take over the ship, Andreas' tail is missing.
  • After Galapagus sends a distress call and turns around to see Aggregor subduing Bivalvan and Ra'ad, there is an Ultimatrix symbol on Galapagus' chest.
  • Magister Prior Gilhil is missing the cable on his Plumber Suit in most shots.
  • When the aliens look at Aggregor as Gilhil gets murdered, Galapagus' eyes are all black. Also, he and P'andor seem to overlap each other.
  • When Aggregor attacks Andreas, Ra'ad, Bivalvan and P'andor and they jump in a hole, P'andor's feet are miscolored.
  • When Aggregor turns around, Ra'ad disappears.
  • Galapagus should not be able to use his aerokinesis to transfer the power-neutralizing device to Aggregor, as he is holding the device.
  • When Galapagus attacks the Aggrebots, the cracks on his shell are transparent.
  • In Fame, Ben was not able to turn into any alien before the Ultimatrix had scanned Bivalvan, but in this episode, he is able to transform without any issues.
  • When the Ultimatrix scans Galapagus, the rim does not have a hole for the light to come out of until a few shots later.
  • When all of the aliens' holograms are shown:

Too Hot to Handle[]

  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Escape from Aggregor DVD misspell "Taydenite" as "taedenite".
  • In one shot, Kevin is shorter than usual.
  • Even though there is a sound of P'andor's containment suit getting pierced, the suit is still intact until Kevin is tricked into actually opening it.
  • When Humungousaur goes Ultimate, the flash of light is blue instead of green.
  • When Water Hazard goes inside the nuclear reactor, he turns the Ultimatrix symbol until it's sideways. However, when he hits it to turn into Big Chill, the symbol is no longer sideways. Also, before he hits it, the symbol is no longer red (indicating radiation) even though P'andor is still there. It remains this way when Big Chill fights P'andor.
  • Kevin absorbs P'andor's green armor, but after the scene changes his body becomes silver.

Andreas' Fault[]

  • After Argit gets thrown down the steps, one of his jacket stripes is missing.
  • The second boy who runs to see Ben is carrying a Humungousaur cup, but when Ben signs it, it has Goop's picture.
  • Spidermonkey's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Kevin absorbs wood from the door to the Forever Knights' castle, he is covered in metal instead.
  • In multiple shots, Jetray's stripes on his torso are missing.
  • When Andreas first appears, his arm is not connected to his body.
  • When Andreas hugs Kevin, Andreas' hand is yellow instead of grey.


  • When Ben jumps off his bed after being attacked by Ra'ad, his left foot only has four toes.
  • Jetray's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Just like in Escape From Aggregor, Ben is able to safely use the Ultimatrix to transform even though Ra'ad is present and it hasn't scanned him yet.
  • When Ben is selecting Ampfibian, he says "Amperi" three times, but the hologram only appears twice.
  • Brainstorm's hologram faces away from Ben and does not have a neck brace.
  • When Kevin gets blasted out of the warehouse by Aggregor, he is later shown to be trapped under a fallen electric pole even though he was just thrown outside.
  • After Ra'ad saves Brainstorm from Aggregor, the electrical device he used to get inside is missing from the wall.
  • Right before the warehouse explodes, Kevin's car is missing in most shots.

Hero Time[]

  • The crowd standing at both the book signing and at the party changes from a cluster line into a single file line.
  • When Ben approaches the thugs, the Ultimatrix dial is facing the wrong way. Also, the dial doesn't pop up, nor does a hologram appear.
  • When Ben becomes Spidermonkey, the fans are standing in front of the cordon, even though they were standing behind it before the fight.
  • Spidermonkey flies on top of the building across the street. However, this is actually the same spot where Captain Nemesis puts on his armor, but he is not seen.
  • Various other errors occur during the first fight:
    • Although both of Jennifer's bodyguards are shot and thrown backwards, they disappear throughout the fight and even when Jennifer kisses Ben.
    • The fans at the book signing appear and vanish throughout the fight.
    • Jennifer and the thug who keeps her at hostage constantly vanish and appear.
    • The guns vanish after the thugs are being disarmed and beaten.
    • The Darkfall poster on the door appears and vanishes throughout the fight.
  • Kevin mutes the volume on the TV when he, Gwen, and Julie are watching the news about Ben and Jennifer. However, when Ben arrives and watches Harangue's news, the volume is automatically unmuted.
  • When Gwen, Kevin and Julie watch the initial news coverage on Ben and Jennifer, Gwen eats food from a paper bag, but when Ben arrives, the bag disappears.
  • When Kevin says, "I do" before Gwen hits him, his face and hand are merged.
  • When Jennifer talks to Ben by the helicopter, Ben's jacket stripes are on both sleeves.
  • When Jennifer says, "Ready for the party?" to Ben, Gwen and Kevin vanish when the camera moves from Julie to Ben.
  • When Ben is at the party, his jacket stripes are on the wrong side.
  • It stops raining within a second when Simons speaks with Harangue.
  • When Jetray dives, his chest stripe is yellow.
  • Before Armodrillo changes back, he is standing behind Captain Nemesis, but when Ben appears, he is suddenly in front of Nemesis.
  • Ben says that he defeated ten of Computron's minions, but if counted, he only defeats five. In fact, there were only about five of them in that scene.
  • When Jennifer begins hosting for the friendly contest, her shorts are black. This occurs again when Captain Nemesis fires a fire blast at Gwen's mana shield.
  • Humungousaur's feet appear before Ben transforms into him.
  • When Ben and Nemesis are having their race one of the placards the fans are holding reads "I <3 BEM".
  • When Captain Nemesis wins the race, the audience is reused three times.
  • The bridge vanishes when Captain Nemesis beats Rath in the race.
  • During the competition, in one shot, the "N" on Captain Nemesis' chest is miscolored.
  • After Captain Nemesis loses the competition, one of the audience members doesn't have a face.
  • When Ben enters the Nemesis Tower, his jacket stripes are on his left sleeve instead of his right sleeve.
  • During Ultimate Humungousaur's transformation sequence, Humungousaur's back is light brown.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur is supposed to be able to launch missiles out of the blaster scopes he can unveil in the knuckles of his hands. Instead, when he uses them, red laser bolts are fired rapidly out of the top scope as his hands spin as if they were the cannon barrels for revolvers.
  • When Captain Nemesis shoots a rope at Ultimate Humungousaur's arm, the rope on his arm disappears for a split second and reappears in the next shot.
  • When Captain Nemesis pulls the rope he wrapped around Ultimate Humungousaur's left wrist, the area around Ultimate Humungousaur's eye is colored green like his skin.
  • When Nemesis flies towards Ultimate Humungousaur, his horn is green.
  • Right when Water Hazard takes his first swing at Overlord, the "N" on his chest is missing.
  • Ben mentions that he has a poster of Captain Nemesis on his wall, but all of the many episodes his room appeared in, there is no poster at all.

Ultimate Aggregor[]

  • The green-skinned alien Plumber teleports onto the desert twice.
  • When Ben, Gwen and Kevin are holding smoothie cups, the cups straws are transparent, rather than red.
  • When a group of fans notices Ben, Pierce's girlfriend has brown hair instead of black.
  • When Big Chill's hologram appears, the Ultimatrix's dial is not popped up.
  • Kevin's car is missing in most shots after Ben turns into Big Chill.
  • In one shot during Ultimate Big Chill's transformation sequence, his chest is dark blue.
  • After Big Chill turns into Ultimate Big Chill, the crests around his eyes appear behind his head.
  • In one shot, Carol's pupils are missing.
  • Before Ultimate Big Chill reverts to Big Chill, the smoothie he set down is missing.
  • When Ultimate Big Chill reverts to Big Chill, he is not covered in green light. Instead, his colors fade from red to blue.
  • Ben, Gwen and Kevin learn that Andreas is still alive. However, they should already know of his survival since they were informed by Ra'ad that he was captured in Fused.
  • Kevin says his badge used to be his dad's. However, Kevin took the badge from Magister Labrid after the latter died in Ben 10 Returns: Part 2.
  • When Lodestar creates a force field, his mouth opens.
  • After Lodestar regenerates, Ben tells Gwen "For what it's worth you were right about the trap thing" when Max is the one who said it was a trap.
  • The Chronologger is intact even though it was destroyed in Paradox.
  • When the team is on the the Rustbucket 3, the emblem on Ben's jacket has its black and white colors interchanged.
  • Swampfire's hologram faces away from Ben. Furthermore, the dial is popped up without Ben activating it.
  • Before Aggregor puts on his mind control headband, his belt is the same color as his tunic.
  • When the mind-controlled aliens are confronting the team, Andreas' upper arms area is yellow instead of black.
  • When Nanomech says "That's all of 'em" and "You can't beat us all", his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Gwen blasts Aggregor, the Chronologger is missing the energy inside it.
  • Before Humungousaur runs towards Aggregor, the tubes containing the five captured aliens are gone.
  • When Humungousaur strikes Aggregor, his lips are brown.
  • After Aggregor absorbs the prisoners, the Shock Staff disappears from the episode.

Map of Infinity[]

  • In many shots, the black outline around Humungousaur's lips is missing.
  • When Humungousaur lifts Ultimate Aggregor by the chest, Ultimate Aggregor boasts about having Bivalvan's armor, even though Bivalvan's armor is only present on his legs.
  • When Humungousaur stands over Ultimate Aggregor, the lines on his lower stomach overlap past his stomach.
  • When Humungousaur first charges Ultimate Aggregor, Aggregor is down in one shot and standing in the next.
  • When Aggregor blasts Gwen, she doesn't have a face.
  • At one point, the sound effect of Kevin covering his arms in armor is played, even though his arms are already covered.
  • When Azmuth inspects the Ultimatrix, the dial is sideways and the rim isn't raised.
  • When Ben, Gwen, and Kevin start walking after disembarking the Rustbucket 3, there is a layering issue, and Gwen's hand passes over Ben's head as she walks in front of him.
  • The Necrofriggians suddenly appear on the bridge.
  • When Ben transforms into Big Chill, the Ultimatrix symbol's colors are reversed.
  • When Big Chill talks to Gwen, the green and light green of his eyes are reversed. Furthermore, the rim of his Ultimatrix symbol is white.
  • When Big Chill talks to one of the Necrofriggians, his Ultimatrix symbol is missing. This error occurs again when he tackles one of them.
  • When one of the Necrofriggians turns intangible, the effect is applied to the spaces outside his antennae and wings, rather than the antennae and wings themselves.
  • When two Necrofriggians tackle Big Chill to the ground, they make an impact instead of phasing through it.
  • When Ben first turns into Ultimate Echo Echo, he grabs his shoulder disks. Yet, after he takes them off, the right shoulder disk is still there, then in the next shot, it's gone. His fingers also turn blue during this scene.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo attacks the first Necrofriggian, he disappears for a split second.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo attacks the second Necrofriggian, his left eye misses its stripe.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo knocks out an intangible Necrofriggian, he lays on the ground instead of phasing through it. In the same scene, part of Ultimate Echo Echo's chest is grey.
  • In a few shots, the rim of Ultimate Echo Echo's Ultimatrix symbol and the spikes protruding from it are black.
  • In one shot, Ultimate Echo Echo's Ultimatrix symbol and the spikes protruding from it are flat.
  • In most of his scenes, Ultimate Echo Echo either has a blue bar or doesn't have the circle symbols on his back.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo hovers above the acid, his fingers are blue.
  • When Four Arms shouts Aggregor's name, his mouth is layered above his face.
  • When Four Arms backs away from the door when he releases it, he takes a small step, but in the next shot, he is much further away from the door. He could not have moved that fast when the door closed.
  • In one shot, Four Arms is missing a finger on each hand.
  • Ben's jacket stripes appear on the wrong side in one shot.
  • Ben was burnt on the right side of his face; yet, when he's lying on the ramp, his right side is facing the icy half of the planet.
  • The end credits misspell Jeff Bennett's name as "Jeff Glen Bennet".

Reflected Glory[]

  • Armodrillo and Spidermonkey's holograms face away from Ben.
  • Cash and JT do not get charged for pretending to be Plumbers, despite impersonating Plumbers being an interstellar-class felony and them uploading their adventures for everyone to see.
  • When Four Arms goes into the Forever Knights' hideout, just as the smoke clears, his bottom gold straps are gone.
  • In one shot, Four Arms' underwear is gold, and he only has three arms.
  • Kevin's metal form changes between two colors.
  • When Psyphon makes his entrance through the roof, Ben is shown wiping off the dust. The next scene shows Four Arms, switching back to human form.
  • When Spidermonkey transforms into Ultimate Spidermonkey, he sounds completely different than he was supposed to.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey's jaw is miscolored on many shots.
  • When Psyphon attacks Ultimate Spidermonkey, his energy beams disappear.
  • When Psyphon lifts Ultimate Spidermonkey, he is much smaller than he should be.
  • Oliver claims that the webcast is live, but after Cash accidentally gets knocked out by the Forever Knight, he claims they can "save it in editing".


  • At the beginning of the episode when Magister Pyke chases Ultimate Aggregor, there are a lot of rocks shown floating around, but later in the episode, there aren't any rocks at all, excluding the core.
  • Kevin says he took pictures and displays a cell phone, but when he and Gwen rescued Ben, he did not take pictures.
  • When Ben and Kevin leave the Rustbucket 3, most of Ben's body merges with the water and the ship.
  • When Pyke attacks the fish, his whiskers have outlines.
  • Humungousaur's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Ben transforms into Humungousaur, the palms of his hands swap between the color of his stomach, and the color of his back and arms.
  • In one shot, Pyke's briefs are white instead of black.
  • When Ampfibian comes out of the water, the highlights of the water are green.
  • When Pyke got his water helmet, Kevin was shifting between his normal form and his metal form.
  • When Pyke grabs Gwen, his angler is grey.
  • When Pyke is dehydrated inside the core, the Piscciss Volann guards have grey anglers.
  • When Big Chill is chasing Aggregor, two Piscciss Volanns start to chase him, for a moment it can be seen that the one on the right has Magister Pyke's design.
  • The whole time Goop is pulling the planet together, Pyke does not have his helmet on and yet shows no discomfort.

Where the Magic Happens[]

  • At the start of the episode when Aggregor is being chased by Four Arms, Gwen and Kevin, Four Arms' lips are outlined in black.
  • The pages of the spellbook that Charmcaster reads are empty.
  • When Charmcaster defeats Gwen, she says that Legerdomain is made of mana and Charmcaster seems to understand what mana is. Later in the episode, however, Gwen explains what mana is to Charmcaster as if she was unaware.
  • After Gwen asks Charmcaster to help them enter Legerdomain, Charmcaster turns around and her tiara is colored light purple instead of black.
  • Charmcaster's eyes change between light blue and purple throughout the episode.
  • Jetray, Chromastone and Humungousaur's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When Jetray flies, there is a line between his crest and his lips. Furthermore, Gwen, Kevin, Charmcaster and the Rock Monsters are missing.
  • When Addwaitya looks down at Cannonbolt, Gwen, Kevin and Charmcaster, the fire on his head is layered above his neck.
  • When Ben is about to transform into Chromastone, the Ultimatrix has its nighttime colors.
  • While Kevin in rock is changing his hammer hands back to its original shape, the hammers simply fade away instead of reshaping back to normal.
  • When Chromastone says "Cool!", his body is somewhat thinner than usual, his head is longer, his neck is wider, his eye is bigger, and the crystal shards on his chest are a slightly different shape.
  • The ledge where Charmcaster hears Spellbinder's voice is shown as a well-like hole when Charmcaster almost steps off.
  • When Humungousaur hits the Pallorfang, its eyes disappear.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur reverts to Ben without reverting to Humungousaur first.
  • The surroundings of the Door to Anywhere change at the end of the episode.


  • When Azmuth berates the team for failing to stop Aggregor from getting three pieces of the Map of Infinity, the area of the Ultimatrix with the tubes is light grey instead of blue.
  • When Ben inspects another walkway to see if the mana discs Gwen left behind line up, the disc at the edge of the walkway the team came from is halved, while the disc at the edge of the walkway Ben is looking at is whole.
  • When Ultimate Aggregor forms a disc on his hand, he looks thinner than usual.
  • When Humungousaur touches a wall, the ripple effect is first shown to be near the edge, but in the next shot, it is near the middle of the panel.
  • When the Perplexahedron Guard moves towards Humungousaur, Humungousaur's toes are colored beneath the outline of the floor panel.
  • Before Ben transforms into Ripjaws, the Ultimatrix has the same color as his skin.
  • In one shot, Ultimate Aggregor's right hand is miscolored.
  • When Gwen gets frozen, she has her mouth open but in the next scene, she has both her upper and lower teeth joined together and the front of her hair had drooped down.
  • When Gwen is about to kiss Kevin, Swampfire's head is layered above his neck.
  • Despite previously admitting to having a fear of spiders in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Gwen does not show any reaction towards the spider that crawls all over Ben.
  • When Cannonbolt becomes Ultimate Cannonbolt, the Ultimatrix symbol doesn't gain the four spikes until after the transformation is finished.
  • The last piece of the Map of Infinity keeps vanishing and reappearing.

The Forge of Creation[]

  • For a split second, Terraspin is missing a hole on his body.
  • When Kevin is first shown trying to fix the wing of the Rustbucket 3, he is far away from it, but in the next shot, he is near where the wing got stuck. Furthermore, Ben and Gwen are far away from Kevin in the first shot, but near him in the next.
  • In one shot, Gwen's collar is red instead of white.
  • In many shots, Young Ben's Omnitrix contains an error. The button used to activate the alien selection dial is on the wrong side of the Omnitrix, facing outwards. The button is supposed to face Ben for ease of access and has mistakenly been put on the outside.
  • When Kevin is introducing himself to Young Ben, the part of the jacket between the two shoulder stripes of Ben's jacket is black instead of green.
  • When 16-year-old Ben is first talking to Young Ben, his jacket is shown to have stripes on either side.
  • When Young Ben activates the Omnitrix to turn into Heatblast and Wildmutt, he does so without pressing the activation button.
  • Before Young Ben transforms into Heatblast, the Omnitrix's dial is at an angle.
  • In one shot, Heatblast's Omnitrix symbol has a thicker black outline.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • Wildmutt's silhouette faces away from Young Ben and is drawn incorrectly.
  • Wildmutt is missing his tongue until he bites part of the Rustbucket 3 off.
  • Throughout the episode, Young Ben is surprised to see that 16-year-old Ben can change him between aliens despite Ben 10,000 changing him between aliens in Ben 10,000.
  • When Gwen talks to Young Ben after he insulted her, there is a horizontal line on his left arm.
  • In the scene where Young Ben looks through the Ultimatrix, it is colored like the Omnitrix. Furthermore, the aliens' holograms face him instead of facing 16-year-old-Ben.
  • In one shot, 16-year-old Four Arms' eyes are miscolored yellow.
  • When 16-year-old Four Arms is about to change 10-year-old Four Arms, his Omnitrix symbol is grey.
  • When Ultimate Aggregor throws Young Four Arms into the air, before he hits 16-year-old Four Arms, his eyes are miscolored green.
  • When Ultimate Aggregor throws Young Four Arms, his Omnitrix symbol is on the wrong shoulder.
  • Young Stinkfly shoots lasers at Ultimate Aggregor instead of slime projectiles.
  • The color of Young Stinkfly's lasers changes from green to blue.
  • When Ultimate Aggregor is trapped by vines, he briefly has an Omnitrix symbol.
  • Ultimate Swampfire reverts to Ben without reverting to Swampfire.
  • During the battle with Ultimate Aggregor, Kevin is shown running away. The next time he is shown, Kevin's knocked out despite not actually fighting Ultimate Aggregor.
  • In one shot when Young Ben asks Kevin to absorb the Omnitrix, the Omnitrix's button is partially green.
  • The orb containing the Baby Celestialsapien is much closer to its mother's hand than before when Ultimate Aggregor goes to absorb its powers.
  • When Ultimate Aggregor reaches for the baby, he uses his left hand. However, in the next shot, he is reaching with his right.
  • When Ultimate Kevin grabs Ultimate Aggregor's head, before absorbing his powers, his Rath claw is the same color as his left arm and hand, and also changes to Armodrillo's armor color when he shoots Jetray's neuroshock blasts right in his face before he absorbed his powers.
  • When Jetray fought against Ra'ad in Fused, the latter wasn't harmed by Jetray's neuroshock blasts. However, when Ultimate Kevin shoots Jetray's neuroshock blasts in Ultimate Aggregor's face, Aggregor is harmed by it.
  • When Ultimate Kevin growls after Young Ben tells him he's too busy feeling sorry for himself, his eyebrow is black for a frame.
  • When Ultimate Kevin jumps to fly away from the Mother Celestialsapien, his legs are blue along with his pants.
  • When Gwen kisses Young Ben on the cheek, his Omnitrix looks different.
  • Alien X is not listed in the end credits.

...Nor Iron Bars a Cage[]

  • In one shot when Ben and Gwen are in the hospital, the cuff of Ben's left jacket sleeve is white.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Power Struggle DVD misspell Incarcecon as "Incarcicon".
  • A robot guard appears in the flashback even though Quince later says that Morgg only replaced the old guards with robots after he took over Incarcecon.
  • When Ben activates the Ultimatrix to turn into Goop, the Ultimatrix is much shorter than usual.
  • When Goop goes under the door of the room he and Gwen were locked in, the Anti-Gravity Projector gets there before the door is even opened.
    • Duncan Rouleau believes that this is because the space underneath the door was not enough to block the Anti-Gravity Projector.[DR 1]
  • When Gwen slaps Humungousaur, he is bigger than usual.
  • The effects for the Echo Echo clones' sonic screams appear before they open their mouths.
  • In one shot, the Echo Echo clones are shown to be projecting one big sonic scream instead of each clone having their own scream.
  • When Armodrillo tackles Ultimate Kevin, Ultimate Kevin's appearance is reversed.
  • When Armodrillo holds Ultimate Kevin by the leg, his Rath claw is transparent in one shot.

The Enemy of My Enemy[]

  • When Ben talks to Gwen in his car, the stripes on his jacket are missing. This error occurs again when he talks to Gwen about taking Argit to the Plumbers' Academy.
  • Argit is bigger than usual throughout the episode.
  • When Ultimate Kevin reveals himself to Argit, his shoulder spikes are level even though one of his Chromastone spikes should be taller.
  • When Ultimate Kevin talks to Argit, Ultimate Kevin's eye does not have its outline.
  • When Ben, Gwen and Argit discuss where they're going to hide Argit, Gwen's collar is red instead of white.
  • The episode keeps switching between Argit's jacket having a line on either side and having one line on the left side.
  • The tracker Ultimate Kevin planted on Argit first appears to be very small, but when Ben holds it in his fingers, it is much bigger.
  • Coronach's eyes differ between black and grey.
  • One of the Plumbers' mouths disappears when he is done speaking.
  • When Ben is about to transform into Humungousaur, the Ultimatrix's dial faces the wrong way.
  • As Humungousaur turns into Ultimate Humungousaur, the four spikes of his Ultimatrix symbol pop out in a "+" formation instead of the regular "x" formation.
  • In some shots, when Ultimate Humungousaur fights Ultimate Kevin, his Big Chill hood is missing.
  • At one point when Ultimate Kevin punches Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate Kevin is smaller than usual.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur reverts to Ben without reverting to Humungousaur first.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo flies, one time he has light blue colored feet, like his shoulders, and another time he has blue feet like his regular skin.
  • When Gwen sees that Ultimate Kevin is about to kill Argit, she is much thinner than usual.
  • Ultimate Echo Echo reverts to Ben without reverting to Echo Echo first.
  • In one shot, Coronach's sclerae are green.
  • The end credits misspell Jetray's name as "JetRay" and Jeff Bennett's name as "Jeff Glenn Bennett".

Absolute Power: Part 1[]

  • Ultimate Kevin's water blast is shown to be making an impact even after Alan has landed on the ground.
  • While Ultimate Kevin absorbs Alan's powers, his Spidermonkey arm is brown.
  • Strangely, when confronted by Ultimate Kevin, Alan acts as though he didn't know what Ultimate Kevin wanted from him, but when talking to Ben, he talks as though he did know what Ultimate Kevin wanted and why.
  • After Ultimate Kevin absorbs Alan's abilities, Alan's Plumber badge disappears.
  • When NRG grabs Kevin's arm, his Ultimatrix symbol is missing.
  • Before Ben transforms into Chromastone, the Ultimatrix's dial faces the wrong direction.
  • When Terraspin spins, his shell is green.
  • When Terraspin slows down after Gwen casts the Tardus motis spell, his fins are transparent.
  • After Way Big changes back into Ben, the floor is cement even though NRG melted it into lava, which can't have cooled down in that time.
  • There is a layering error with one of the Galvans who monitors Max, where his head overlaps his body.
  • When Gwen raises a mana shield to protect herself from Ultimate Kevin's mana attack, it cracks before the attack hits it.
  • Gwen couldn't have summoned Rock Monsters, as they only followed Charmcaster because she freed them.
  • One of the arcade machines is placed a layer above the debris that falls from the air.
  • In the end credits, Vulkanus' name is spelled as "Vulcanus".

Absolute Power: Part 2[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, during the recap, Ben says "Previously on Ben 10: Alien Force" instead of "Previously on Ben 10: Ultimate Alien". This has been corrected on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Power Struggle DVD, but it is still incorrect on the Cartoon Network website.
  • The vertical bars on the Rustbucket 3's windows are missing.
  • Big Chill's arms are bigger than usual just after Ben transforms into him.
  • Harvey disappears from the episode after Big Chill freezes Ultimate Kevin, only reappearing briefly after Spidermonkey swings Kevin with a streetlight.
  • Ben transforms into Spidermonkey without activating the Ultimatrix.
  • When Spidermonkey apologizes to Max, his chest is the same color as his fur.
  • When Ben holds onto the streetlight and contacts Gwen, the Ultimatrix is much shorter than usual.
  • Echo Echo's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Echo Echo duplicates, the background moves, his clones stay still until the main one jumps.
  • When Ultimate Kevin fights Echo Echo, his Lodestar shoulder is miscolored.
  • Ultimate Kevin's hood disappears from when he landed into the building to when he arises from the wreckage of the second building. He briefly gains it again in between some shots only.
  • When Cooper says "Ben?" after Ben as Ultimate Echo Echo catches him, his mouth does not move.
  • When Ultimate Kevin is fighting Ultimate Echo Echo, his pectorals turn red for a split second.
  • After Ultimate Echo Echo defeats Ultimate Kevin, the sonic disk on his right shoulder is missing. It reappears a few shots later but lacks its blue circle.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo says, "He was going to hurt you!", one of his Ultimatrix spikes is shorter than the others.
  • After Kevin is cured, Max and Julie suddenly appear in the room.
  • Kevin punches Michael on his cheek, but Michael is shown to have a black eye from the punch.
  • At the end of the episode, the height ratio of Kevin compared to Ben and Gwen is bigger than usual.
  • When Ben and Kevin leave, Michael isn't in the room despite him being knocked out by Kevin earlier.
  • Although Cooper breaks the wooden barricade that covered the hole in the base to face Ultimate Kevin, the barricade is shown to be intact when Ben and Kevin leave for Mr. Smoothy.

The Transmogrification of Eunice[]

  • When Gwen scans the escape pod, the sound effect of her magic is heard but her eyes don't glow pink.
  • After the escape pod that contains Eunice opens, some parts of the green smoke don't move for a while.
  • During the campfire scene, Eunice's eyes are blue instead of green.
  • Spidermonkey's hologram stands on its hind legs instead of assuming a sextupedal stance.
  • When Ben transforms into Spidermonkey, his torso is colored standard blue.
  • In one shot, the outlines of Sunder's mouth have the same color as his skin.
  • In one shot, Sunder is depicted with his scar on the right side of his face.
  • When Ultimate Cannonbolt is blasted through the air by Sunder, his body is shaped incorrectly.
  • Gwen mentions that she cut her hand when she touched Eunice's pod, but she actually shocked her hand instead.

Eye of the Beholder[]

  • Gwen says she thought the Forever Knights broke up last year, despite having encountered them in previous episodes of Ultimate Alien.
  • Jetray, Brainstorm and Swampfire's holograms face away from Ben.
  • During Jetray and Brainstorm's transformation sequences, Ben has the Omnitrix on his wrist, rather than the Ultimatrix. Furthermore, during Jetray's transformation sequence, the Omnitrix is green in one shot and black in the next.
  • When Kevin says "Only the most delicious dessert in the whole Galaxy", the closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Heatblast DVD say "Only the most delicious desert in the whole Galaxy".
  • In one shot, Ship has light green highlights.
  • During Baz-l's Heimlich maneuver, Julie's hand is green instead of black.
  • When Julie gives back its eye to the Sentinel, Baz-l has green lines on the green parts of his body.
  • When Swampfire reverts back to Ben, Baz-l shortly has a green line instead of a black one. Also, Julie's armor face is green.

The Big Story[]

  • When Jimmy is being chased by Plant Humungousaur, his jacket keeps switching from zipped to unzipped.
  • Chromastone and Swampfire's holograms face away from Plant Ben.
  • When the Plant Alien shoots the liquid that forms a sort of containment around Swampfire, it shoots a lot of the liquid (enough to almost drown Swampfire) but after it turns into the barrier, there is only the part around Swampfire.
  • When the plant picks up Swampfire, his Ultimatrix symbol is missing.
  • When Ultimate Swampfire tells the others to run away, his eyes have pupils.

Viktor: The Spoils[]

  • Echo Echo says that he intended to transform into Jetray but the hologram on the Ultimatrix was that of Echo Echo.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo appears, his voice is lighter than normal.
  • Ultimate Echo Echo reverts to Ben without reverting to Echo Echo first.
  • One of the black stripes on Ultimate Echo Echo's head is blue when he releases his Sonic Disks.
  • In one shot, Big Chill's hands are colored blue instead of black.
  • When Big Chill unfolds his wings, his Ultimatrix symbol's colors are reversed.
  • When Ultimate Big Chill is defeated, a red stripe appears on his head.
  • When King Xarion is in the dungeon, he has shackles on his wrists and ankles. However, even though Gwen only breaks the shackles on his hands, he walks away without freeing himself from the shackles on his legs.
  • When Gwen breaks King Xarion's shackles, the whole bar shatters. However, in another shot, the bar is shown to be twisted.
  • When King Xarion experiments on an unconscious Ben, there is a grey bar in front of Ben's lower body, but for the rest of the next scene, it's gone.
  • When King Xarion is about to transform Ben, the green parts around the Ultimatrix's dial are grey.
  • When Heatblast punches Viktor into a tank, his Ultimatrix symbol appears larger than normal.
  • When Gwen casts Turbo, her mouth doesn't move.
  • There is no conceivable reason that the soldiers' equipment should break or shatter, just because Ben turned off the mind control function.
  • When the gang walks away during King Viktor's speech, you can hear him say more without moving his mouth.

Girl Trouble[]

  • Sunny's eyes change between green and blue throughout the episode.
  • During Four Arms' transformation sequence, he has four fingers on each hand before the part where his five human fingers merge into four.
  • In one shot, the rim of Four Arms' Ultimatrix symbol is black.
  • When Ben says "She's an Anodite?", the closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Heatblast DVD attribute the dialogue to Natalie.
  • In one shot, the black emblem on Ben's jacket is white and the "10" is black.
  • Lodestar's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Lodestar's voice is higher than usual, and his eyes are bigger than usual.
  • When Gwen steps on the Dimension 12 robots, the highlight on one of them changes within seconds.
  • When Kevin is trying to stop the bomb from becoming more powerful, the on-off switches look alike, both set to the off position. As soon as the camera changes to a few frames before Kevin smashes the machine, one switch is set to on.
  • When Antonio throws Humungousaur, Humungousaur's toes are the same color as his scales.
  • When Ultimate Humungousaur fires his missiles at Antonio, the missiles don't explode.
  • After Antonio is defeated, Ultimate Humungousaur's neck is blue.

Revenge of the Swarm[]

  • In one shot, Terraspin's body is miscolored.
  • When Ben says "Incredible, simply incredible", the underneath of the Ultimatrix cannot be seen.
  • When Ben shows the Microchip to Elena, it looks bigger than usual.
  • When Ben sits on the couch at home, the Ultimatrix dial is facing the wrong way.
  • When Kevin and Gwen are talking in Burger Shack first, there is nothing on the table other than a burger and a drink, but in the next shot, there is a cup there too.
  • Water Hazard and Armodrillo's holograms face away from Ben.
  • The second time Water Hazard attacks the Victor Valadis clone, his Ultimatrix symbol is fully green.
  • When Armodrillo breaks open the doors to release Julie, he disappears for a second. Also, the doors aren't attached to the walls before he does this.
  • When Julie is tied up in the closet, her hands are tied behind her back, but when Armodrillo rescues her, her hands are tied in front of her.
  • In the scene after Armodrillo finds Julie in the closet, she is untied and ungagged, but it is impossible for him to have had enough time to free her, as he was fighting the Microchips.
  • When Armodrillo gets hit by Elena's blast of Microchips, he is missing his tail.
  • When Elena and Julie are talking and Elena sacrifices herself, Gwen and Kevin cannot be seen fighting the Victor Valadis clones behind them.

Ben 10,000 Returns[]

  • When Eon's servants charge towards Ben 10,000, Eon's neck overlaps his cape.
  • When Eon is hit by the time ray in the beginning, he doesn't have his cape. Also, the fire around him is gone.
  • When Ben 10,000 changes from Ultimate Ben to normal Ben, he still has the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Heatblast DVD misspell Arctiguana's name as "Arcticguana".
  • In the museum, Kevin keeps shifting between human and metal form.
  • When Gwen makes vocalizations while fighting Eon's servants, her mouth does not move.
  • Spidermonkey is much bigger before he reverts back to Ben.
  • When Ben shakes hands with Ben 10,000, it is shown to be with the right hand, but when the scene changes, they are shaking with their left hands.
  • Ben and Ben 10,000's heights change throughout the episode. Ben is initially shown to be a head shorter than Ben 10,000, but later, he is taller.
  • When Ben 10,000 tells Ben about that he defeated the third Vilgaxian invasion, his Ultimatrix's dial is facing the wrong way. This error occurs again when he tells Gwen that she saw into an alternate timeline with the spell she casted earlier.
  • While Paradox explains cross-time in the Rustbucket 3, Ben says "Hand of Armageddon" instead of "Hands of Armageddon".
  • Goop's hologram is darker than usual and is missing the Anti-Gravity Projector.
  • Even though Goop says that he wanted Rath, it can be seen that Goop's hologram was active on the Ultimatrix.
  • Before Ultimate Ben uses Spidermonkey's powers, his Ultimatrix symbol's colors are inverted.
  • Before Ultimate Ben uses Jetray's powers, his Ultimatrix symbol is fully black.
  • When Eon begins to emerge from the Hands of Armageddon, Ultimate Ben is missing until Eon disintegrates Way Big with a time ray.
  • When Kevin absorbs a stone to fight Eon's servants, the stone he absorbs is brown, but his armor is shown to be grey.
  • When Ultimate Swampfire grabs Eon, his Ultimatrix symbol is slightly shifted.
  • When Eon throws Ultimate Swampfire on the ground, the four spikes on the Ultimatrix symbol are missing.
  • When Ultimate Ben takes Ben to run from Eon, his Ultimatrix symbol is gone.
  • Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are noticeably shorter in this episode.
  • Before Ben transforms into Jetray, his hologram is drawn incorrectly.

The Creature From Beyond[]

  • Swampfire and Armodrillo's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When Gwen connects to the Lucubra in the car, the crack in the Seal is different to how it was earlier in the episode.
  • When Ben turns into Goop, he is missing his Anti-Gravity Projector, face, and Ultimatrix symbol.
  • When Gwen walks off before Ben and Kevin save the Lucubra's victims, the parking spaces are smaller than they should be.
  • After Ben transforms into Armodrillo, his face is smaller than usual, his hands are bigger, and his elbows don't have the jackhammers.
  • When Armodrillo and Kevin break the wall to get the Lucubra, Armodrillo yells "Kevlin!"
  • Before Gwen creates the seal over Lucubra, she is wearing a metal helmet, but afterwards, it disappears.
  • Instead of Sir Reginald, another knight who wasn't there during the seal break, becomes the Lucubra's victim.

Basic Training[]

  • Ultimate Echo Echo reverts to Ben without reverting to Echo Echo first.
  • When Ben says "Hello, old friend", the circle on his right wrist is green, but in the next shot, it is grey again.
  • During target practice, Ben shoots at a picture of an alien. In the next shot, it is a totally different alien picture.
  • Throughout the episode, when Ben reverts from alien to human form, he retains his Plumber suit instead of wearing his default outfit like in previous episodes.
  • When Ben says "But not as good as us" in combat practice, he is going to hit the Ultimatrix on his left hand, but there is an Ultimatrix on his right hand, too.
  • During combat practice, the Alpha Squad member who catches Kevin is the same person who caught Gwen.
  • In one shot, Gwen's hair is black.
  • As Magister Hulka says "The exercise is over", part of Diamondhead's arm disappears for a second.
  • When Hulka throws Kolar into the Null Void, one of Kolar's hands is cut off in the middle.
  • Gwen's score is projected from nowhere.
  • When Hulka comes in when the team are lined up at the end, Ben is cross-eyed.
  • The end credits misspell Trombipulor's name as "Trumbipulor".

It's Not Easy Being Gwen[]

  • When Gwen puts her headphones on the table and gets her spellbook out, neither the headphones nor the MP3 player is there. Furthermore, the spellbook is colored with only one shade of purple instead of the usual two.
  • When Gwen walks down the hallway, there is a perspective error, as the students passing by her are a lot smaller.
  • When Emily is holding the bagel, some of her fingers are not shown, even in the next shot.
  • When Humungousaur fights the mutant frogs at Gwen's school, he is first shown to be level with the second window, but a few shots later, he is shorter. In the next shot, he is further away from the window.
  • The students rush to see Humungousaur fight the mutant frog, but they are missing in one shot.
  • The equation Gwen writes on the chalkboard does not distinguish between using "x" as a multiplication symbol or variable.
  • When Emily first places her fingers on the piano keys, they are layered above the keys for a few frames.
  • During most close-up shots of her fingers, Emily is playing the piano incorrectly and does not match the audio of the Chopin piece.
  • When the team fights the mutant frogs during Emily's piano recital, the headbands are much larger than they were earlier in the episode.
  • When Kevin helps Ben in the observatory, only one of his arms is a blade, but when the mutant frog wraps his tongue around his wrist, both are blades. Then, after breaking free, there's just one blade again.
  • When the fog clears out after Ultimate Cannonbolt gets whipped around by the mutant frog and lays down, the four spikes on his Ultimatrix symbol are gone.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt reverts to Ben without reverting to Cannonbolt first.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt is listed in the end credits despite having no lines.

Prisoner Number 775 is Missing[]

  • Old George throws part of the barrier at one officer, but when he walks away, it's on the other officer.
  • Big Chill and Chamalien's holograms face away from Ben.
  • Prisoner 775's strength rapidly changes throughout the episode.
  • Before Ben transforms into Echo Echo, the Ultimatrix's core pops up without Ben touching it.
  • Echo Echo merges his clones into one by pressing the Ultimatrix symbol.
  • While Echo Echo runs away from the exploding Plumber ship, his body is incomplete and his Ultimatrix symbol is cut off.
  • When Ben's team picks up the sheriff who was knocked out, his badge changes from grey to gold.
  • When Kevin absorbs his car, his fingers are on the glass, yet he still gains a metallic layer.
  • After Humungousaur fights Prisoner 775, the position of Prisoner 775's spots is reversed.
  • When Prisoner 775 slips from Gwen's mana shield, the outlines of his teeth are the same color as his skin.
  • When Gwen shields Prisoner 775, Kevin shifts between his normal form and his metal form.
  • When Wildmutt tracks Prisoner 775's scent, he grows four extra nostrils instead of using his existing nostrils.
  • When Prisoner 775 looks through the window of Colonel Rozum's house, it shows Mrs. Rozum holding their baby who only has a white blanket over him, but a few shots later, the baby is chewing a blue pacifier in his mouth.
  • When Prisoner 775 says "Leave me be, I intend to balance the scales", the colors of his eyes are reversed.
  • When Gwen says "No, no, no! Behind you!", the "Rozum" plate on the mailbox behind her faces the house instead of facing away from it.
  • When Ultimate Wildmutt holds Prisoner 775's tail, his upper lip isn't black.
  • In one shot, one of Ultimate Wildmutt's teeth has the same color as his tongue.
  • Ultimate Wildmutt reverts to Ben without reverting to Wildmutt first.
  • One of the Plumbers' neck is covered with his suit at one point.
  • When the Ultimatrix says that Merlinisapien DNA is available in Playlist 5, it is colored darker.


  • It is unknown how Max's old boxes would remain as the Rustbucket was destroyed in The Visitor and the Rustbucket 2 was destroyed in Absolute Power: Part 2.
  • Kevin mentions that he blew up the Rustbucket 2 in Absolute Power: Part 2, even though Ben (as Spidermonkey) smashed him into it. Furthermore, it wasn't blown up, only severely damaged.
  • Max's AFB Personal Records list his name as "Max Tennyson", but it should be "Maxwell Tennyson", as "Max" is a nickname.
  • When the Synthroid places Verdona into the containment pod, the bracelet briefly switches from her left arm to her right then back again when Max comes to rescue her.
  • At the end of the episode, the colors of the "10" on Ben's jacket are inverted.

Simian Says[]

  • There is no reason that the DNA sample in the Codon Stream should be affected if the Arachnichimps are taken over by DNAliens.
  • When Eunice approaches Aranhascimia, the Arachnichimp hologram has an Ultimatrix symbol.
  • Even though Simian does not mention that Mizaru is a crime boss, Ben says "Are you telling me you willingly brought a Xenocite to your home world and set it loose on a crime boss?"
  • Terraspin's Ultimatrix symbol disappears for a brief moment.
  • When Eunice says "Naturally, they have no effect on Arachnichimps", the closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Wild Truth DVD's say "Naturally, they have no affect on Arachnichimps".
  • In Alien Force, it was established that it took some time for Xenocite-possessed individuals to turn into full DNAliens. However, in this episode, Haplar, his mate and his baby immediately turn into DNAliens when they are possessed by Xenocites.
  • Swampfire and Spidermonkey's holograms are drawn incorrectly.
  • Even though the DNA sample of the Arachnichimps was not restored to the Codon Stream, Ben is able to turn into Spidermonkey.
  • When Simian is on the ground after being rescued by Kevin, he has an Ultimatrix symbol.
  • When there is an Arachnichimp hologram in Eunice's ship, the Arachnichimp has an Ultimatrix symbol for a second.
  • In two shots, Eunice's hair bang is on the left side instead of right.
  • When Simian takes his hands off a stone he was touching, there seems to be another hand touching the stone.
  • The end credits misspell Haplar's name as "Haplor".

Greetings From Techadon[]

  • Echo Echo, Humungousaur, Rath and Big Chill's holograms face away from Ben.
  • In the shot of Brainstorm's completed diagram of the "Death Hole", the dinosaur statue and the robot statue are missing.
  • When Brainstorm says, "Winning. It's what I do", he has a black stripe along his back.
  • Right before Brainstorm turns around to see the yellow Techadon Robot, his Ultimatrix symbol is all black and a rock in the background is overlapping his arm.
  • After Rath turns around to fight the Techadon Robot again, his Ultimatrix symbol briefly becomes white.
  • When the Techadon Robot punches Rath after it is knocked down, Rath's neck is orange.
  • In one shot, Rath's arm is entirely orange.
  • The silver Techadon Robot manages to hit an intangible Big Chill with a pole.
  • In one shot, Ultimate Big Chill's head is all red.
  • In one shot, the Echo Echo clones are shown emitting sonic screams, but their mouths are closed.
  • In the end credits, Vulkanus' name is spelled as "Vulcanus".

The Purge[]

  • In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2, Max said that Sir Driscoll used to be a veteran Plumber when he was a rookie. However, he looks noticeably younger than Max in this episode.
  • In one shot, Argit's eyeball overlaps his snout.
  • In many shots, Argit's jacket stripe is brown or missing.
  • When Argit steps out of his ship, one of the vents in NRG's suit is miscolored.
  • When Argit is talking to the team, Gwen's hair becomes transparent for a second.
  • When Argit grabs a cape, it is purple, but then changes to red in the next shot.
  • When the Mech Dragon attacks, Argit stands in front of Ben. In the next shot, he stands behind Ben.
  • Lodestar's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Just after Ben transforms into Lodestar, and when Lodestar asks Kevin to try a new move, Lodestar has an additional line on his face.
  • Lodestar's voice is high-pitched. His back is also different than it's supposed to be.
  • On the Rustbucket 3, Argit's ear is yellow.
  • Argit's shirt is brown when the team pretends to leave the market.
  • In one shot, Ben's jacket stripes are missing.
  • When Ben says, "Guess they heard I was coming", the side of his Plumber Badge turns light grey.
  • Before Ben transforms into Upchuck, the Ultimatrix has three cables instead of two.
  • When the Forever Knights shoot at Upchuck, he has the energy in his mouth before he is even hit.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey picks up a pole from the ground even though it was not present in earlier shots.
  • Sir Driscoll cuts Ultimate Spidermonkey near his shoulder, but the cut is missing after a few shots.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey reverts back to Ben without reverting to Spidermonkey first.
  • When Ben is giving his monologue, Kevin is in his human form, instead of his metal form. Also, the Ultimatrix's dial is much lower and smaller than usual.

The Flame Keepers' Circle[]

  • The flashback shows Vilgax's ship exploding in mid-air despite the fact that it was underwater when it exploded in The Final Battle: Part 2.
  • Just before the Esoterica attack Ben when he talks to Vilgax, the "10" emblem on his jacket is in the wrong font.
  • When Ben punches an Esoterica soldier, his fist is bigger than it should be.
  • In a few shots when Big Chill is cloaked, the bottom of his wings is drawn incorrectly.
  • When Big Chill freezes an Esoterica soldier, there is a perception error where the soldier is shown as if the camera is facing him from the front, even though it is tilted downwards.
  • Before Big Chill gets punched from behind by an Esoterica soldier, the patches on his lower legs are missing.
  • When Ultimate Big Chill reverts to Big Chill and then Ben, the inner part of both Big Chill and Ultimate Big Chill's eyes is drawn incorrectly.
  • When Ultimate Big Chill says "Alright, you win", his mouth moves.
  • When Ultimate Big Chill turns back into regular Big Chill before turning back into Ben, the Ultimatrix symbol still has four spikes.
  • When Ben is about to transform into Echo Echo, the Ultimatrix seems to be turned off.

Double or Nothing[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, at Burger Shack, when Kevin eats his burger and Gwen plays with her fries, the table is dirty because of the sauce, but after a few seconds, the sauce is gone.
  • Armodrillo, Water Hazard and Echo Echo's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When the bouncer lets Armodrillo, Gwen and Kevin enter the theater, Armodrillo's skin bends near his waist.
  • When the Gwenettes enter the stage, their feet overlap.
  • When the Vilgax Actor bows on stage, Albedo's hair is shown white instead of brown for a second.
  • When the Ben 10 Live show ends, the audience is heard clapping, but they are stationary. Ben, Gwen and Kevin are also missing from the front row, being replaced with background characters.
  • When Albedo takes off his wig and looks at Ben, his left eyebrow is touching his eye, but in the reflection of it in the mirror, it is higher up.
  • After NRG shoots his nuclear laser at Fridge, his shoulders are white instead of grey.
  • In one shot, when Ben talks to Albedo, Ben's jacket stripes on his right arm are gone.
  • When Hugh holds NRG, NRG's helmet is as wide as his body.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey reverts to Ben without reverting to Spidermonkey first.
  • When the genetic alteration field explodes, Ben and Albedo are together, but after the explosion, Ben is with Kevin and Gwen, while Albedo is lying on the ground far from the explosion.
  • Albedo is missing the device that he used to focus the genetic alteration field on him after the explosion.
  • Galvan Albedo looks bigger than he is just before he gets up from the floor.
  • When Hugh is talking about his celebrity status on Earth, the camera switches angles and Hugh's glasses disappear. When the camera pans back, his glasses reappear.
  • When Albedo says, "I blame you!", the colors on the "10" on Ben's jacket are reversed.
  • Ultimate Echo Echo reverts back to Ben without reverting to Echo Echo first.
  • At the end, when the man who sues Ben is walking off into the distance, the other two men that were with him are not seen.

The Perfect Girlfriend[]

  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Wild Truth DVD misspell Ssserpent's name as "Serpent".
  • At Ben's house after "Julie" rescues him from Ssserpent, Gwen is missing her stockings.
  • After Gwen returns home from the hospital, she is wearing stockings on under her cast.
  • A few seconds after Kevin throws his glasses on the ground, they are gone.
  • In one shot, Way Big's left shoulder is white.
  • When Ultimate Echo Echo hesitates to punch Elena disguised as Julie, his mouth is green.
  • Echo Echo's wires are not rendered properly before he reverts to Ben.
  • The end credits misspell Ssserpent's name as "SSSerpent".

The Ultimate Sacrifice[]

  • When Ultimate Humungousaur runs towards the Red Robot, his Ultimatrix symbol is missing in one shot.
  • Throughout the entire episode, Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur nails are grey instead of black.
  • During the opening credits, the text suddenly appears and disappears instead of fading in and out (except for the director's credit), and it does not have a drop shadow.
  • When Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur disappears into the Ultimatrix, the black switch on the Ultimatrix is not there.
  • Ben has an Ultimatrix even though he is inside the Ultimatrix itself.
  • Ghostfreak's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • Ghostfreak's back line pattern changes twice.
  • The lines on Heatblast's body are different when he is in the ice.
  • Way Big is once again smaller than usual.
  • When the sentient Ultimates lure Way Big to the fire pit, it is just a short distance away, but Way Big walks a considerable distance to get there.
  • Before Gwen threatens to kill the sentient Ultimates, Sentient Ultimate Swampfire's face is much bigger than usual.
  • In the final scene, Sentient Ultimate Echo Echo looks smaller.
  • When Azmuth fixes the Ultimatrix, for a split second, part of his jaw is in front of the watch.

The Mother of All Vreedles[]

  • When Ben receives an incoming transmission while in the Rustbucket 3, the Ultimatrix is seen on his right wrist.
  • When Ben tricks Ma Vreedle into letting him go, the underneath of the Ultimatrix cannot be seen.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • Octagon's Plumber Suit has a white circle instead of a grey one at the end.
  • The end credits misspell Will Harangue's name as "Harange" and Octagon's name as "Octogon".

The Widening Gyre[]

  • In two shots, the insignia on Colonel Rozum's uniform is on his right sleeve instead of his left.
  • In one shot, the insignia on Colonel Rozum's uniform is missing.
  • In one shot, the side of Terraspin's shell is the same color as his skin.
  • In one shot when Terraspin battles the Mutant Seagulls, his Ultimatrix symbol is fully green.
  • When Kevin grabs the Trash Monster from behind, NRG's head is the same color as his body.
  • When the Trash Monster changes from the island into the monster, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are close together, but when the scene changes, they appear to be far apart.
  • When Way Big wrestles the Trash Monster, part of Way Big's frill is white.
  • When the Rustbucket 3 flies in to help Way Big, Agent Bryson says, "Laser cannons are armed and hot!", making it clear that they are going to fire lasers at the Trash Monster, but they launch two missiles instead of lasers.
  • Gwen says that the trash island is twice the size of Texas, but when an overhead view of the island near land is shown, it is no bigger than the bridge it is next to.
  • In one shot when Way Big punches the Trash Monster, the left side of his chest is red.

A Knight to Remember[]

  • When one of the Plumbers sees the Esoterica soldiers and Vilgax through his binoculars, one of the soldiers is drawn in the same perspective as when Ben saw them using the device he was holding.
  • When the wall behind the Esoterica soldiers explodes, the energy orbs around their hands do not crackle like they are supposed to for a few frames.
  • In one shot, one of the five Plumbers has purple eyes instead of black eyes.
  • Gwen refers to Dagon as "the dragon" when talking to Winston. It is unknown how she obtained this information, as the drawings in the Flame Keepers' Circle's headquarters depict him as a squid-like creature.
  • When Kevin lifts Winston off the ground, Winston's legs are cut off.
  • When Sir Driscoll shoots the team, his hand/gun does not move. He fires three shots to exactly the same point, but the trio still collapse.
  • Inside the Rustbucket 3, in one shot, the signs on the floor are lighter in color than they should be.
  • When Kevin pilots the Rustbucket 3, in one shot, his hands are behind the steering wheel.
  • When Kevin absorbs a metal helmet, he becomes a different color. He switches between the right and the wrong color in several shots.
  • When Ben is defeated as Eatle, he lands on his back. But when he reverts to normal, Ben is on his stomach.
  • When Ben says "stop" to George, Gwen's collar is the color of her skin.
  • The end credits misspell Fasttrack's name as "Fastrack" and Dagon's name as "Diagon".

Solitary Alignment[]

  • When Sir George took Ascalon in the previous episode, Ben yelled "Stop him!", but when the scene is replayed in this episode, Ben is silent.
  • When George enters the other side of the seal, its pattern is missing.
  • When Azmuth says to George "You think I can't?", the black middle stripe on his suit is gone.
  • When Ben transforms into Fasttrack, the Ultimatrix's core doesn't pop up.
  • When Fasttrack shouts his name, his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Azmuth appears on Primus, he is bigger than usual. This error occurs again when he brings the team to Earth in the Middle Ages.
  • When one of the Forever Knights slices a Lucubra in half, the Lucubra's shadow overlaps the fire in the background for a moment.
  • When Kevin gives Gwen a lock of George's hair, his overshirt overlaps his undershirt for a moment.
  • When George deflects Ultimate Humungousaur's missiles with his sword, the effect is more akin to deflecting bullets than explosive projectiles.
  • The end credits misspell Fasttrack's name as "Fastrack".

Inspector #13[]

  • After Inspector 13 opens the garage door, Kevin's car appears next to him.
  • When Gwen appears in Kevin's garage, she has a sweat band on her left wrist. When Kevin tells her to power up, the sweatband is gone.
  • After Inspector 13's ship arrives, the Echo Echos' rackets are gone.
  • After the ship lands, the net disappears, and not only does an Echo Echo disappear, but Julie is also on their side. In the next shot, the second Echo Echo disappears.
  • When Inspector 13 lifts Ben's left arm, the Ultimatrix's dial faces the wrong way.
  • In one shot when Julie punches the ship, the door is gone.
  • Inspector 13 says "No one has seen us and lived" although he knew Kevin and Julie had tried fighting him and survived.
  • When Ben is strapped to the torture table, the position of the shackle on his left hand keeps changing. For a while, the Ultimatrix is partially inside the shackle, then it comes out and goes back in.
  • Several times on Inspector 13's ship, Kevin's armor changes color.
  • In one shot when Diamondhead is falling, the shards on her back are missing.
  • When Diamondhead tries to form a mana bubble, the shard on the back of her head is colored green like her crystals.
  • After Kevin's car crashes, Clockwork's left foot disappears.
  • Ben mentions Goop as a bad option to fight a Techadon Robot despite having defeated one with Goop in The Gauntlet.
  • When Ben activates the Ultimatrix to turn Gwen into Rath, his hologram initially faces him, but in the next shot, it faces away from him.
  • When Gwen as Rath tears off the head of the Techadon Robots, there are four fingers on her head.
  • The end credits list Jetray's name as "JetRay".

Enemy of My Frenemy[]

  • When Hex lets go of Gwen, she has her Lucky Girl mask on. However, when she gets up, she is not wearing the mask.
  • The team comments on how Legerdomain has visually changed, but the realm looks exactly like it did in its first appearance.
  • When Gwen casts Liberatio, the background within her hair is white.
  • In one shot, Ben's jacket stripes are on both sleeves.
  • In some shots, Eatle's back fin has a green line on it.
  • When Spellbinder reprimands Charmcaster for what she did to get him out, the magenta circle on his chest is missing.
  • In the end of the episode, while Ben lifts both his hands saying "Who's up for a smoothie?", the Ultimatrix is missing.

Catch a Falling Star[]

  • One inmate has an orange stripe on his chest instead of white.
  • In one shot when Ben and Gwen are in the Mark 10, Gwen's stockings are missing.
  • When Ben nearly hits the truck, the Ultimatrix symbol is missing from the wheels of his car.
  • When Jennifer talks to Carl Nesmith in the limo, first her arm is under his arm, but in the shot after, her arm is above his.
  • In one shot, the white stripe on Nesmith's chest is on the right side.
  • For some reason, Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector is once more able to pass under the door, the first time being in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2 and the second time being ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage.
  • Ben says he accidentally melted the doorknob as Goop, but the doorknob is still intact.
  • Gwen says "Remember, keep it quiet". After that, she says "That's your idea of quiet?" even though Goop did not actually make any noise other than the sizzling of the doorknob melting.
  • When Ben is fighting Carl, half of Carl's mustache is briefly skin-colored.
  • When the Ultimatrix user gets sufficiently hurt or knocked out, it would revert them back. However, when Clockwork falls unconscious, the Ultimatrix does not revert him to human.
  • When Gwen finds Clockwork unconscious, the black stripes on Clockwork's arms are missing.
  • At one point, Ben grabs his forearm in pain, even though his shoulder was fractured.
  • Swampfire's arm is drawn improperly when he melts the door open.
  • When Swampfire complains about the smell of the operating room, the bowl that Gwen later suggests has blood in it, is empty.
  • When Ben leans Gwen against the wall, he removes his hand, but then his arm is behind Gwen's back again.
  • When Carl says, "Then we can be together, forever!", his Nemesis glove is first on his right hand, but then his left.