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This article is about the video game. You might have been looking for the series or the DVD game.

Ben 10: Alien Force is the first game based on the series of same name and the third game in the franchise.


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In PlayStation2, PlayStation Portable and Wii, Ben 10: Alien Force is a 3D platformer with 5 aliens.

In Nintendo DS, it is a 2D platformer with 5 aliens.


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Chapter One: Knight-Mare at the Pier[]

While Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are on a road trip en-route to the amusement pier, a radar system designed to locate uncatalogued alien technology Kevin recently installed in his car's dashboard locates something not far from the pier. Just as they are about to hunt it down, the Forever Knights race by with Ben suspecting they could only be after the same thing the three of them are and race off to find it first. Kevin, Gwen, and Ben track the Forever Knights to the pier and Ben fights his way through their battalion until they reach a warehouse complex across the bay from the pier. On their way to retrieve the component, Ben meets an off world (and notably out of shape) Tetramand Plumber named Gorvan. After they defeat all the knights, Gorvan states that he knew Max Tennyson and recognizes Ben as his grandson, and his objective is to retrieve several illegal alien tech components the Highbreed are coveting, the first of which being the artifact they just located and were racing to intercept. Kevin identifies this first component as an extremely dangerous pyronite plasma oscillator and asks what the Highbreed would want with it. While that remains unclear, the stakes of Gorvan's mission require him to keep the tech out of the clutches of the Highbreed and retrieve any other components that are scattered throughout the area. Since their objectives intertwine with his, Gorvan recruits the trio for his mission, and they head back to the local plumber base in the mountains he has been operating out of.

Chapter Two: The Forest Medieval[]

After visiting the base, the trio receives their next mission to a Forever Knight castle in Avalon Forest where the next component, a Petropian focusing array, is hidden. Ben fights his way through the Knights's first line of defense and Kevin takes the liberty of disabling the security systems when they reach the castle. When they fight their way through an army of knights and ninjas inside the castle, Ben discovers the array is being guarded in a Mech Dragon's den. After defeating the dragon, Ben retrieves the array and brings it back to the Plumber base, where Gorvan very rudely takes the component from Kevin for safe keeping.

Chapter 3: Bombs Away[]

Next, the team hunts down a recently uncovered component at Fort Harper, a top-secret military base for aircrafts and missile testing. When they get there, Kevin identifies their mission objective as a component for an industrial water conditioning system used for lowering the ambient temperature near geothermal vents on aquatic worlds. He decides to sit out through the mission after being insulted by Ben and Gwen and the two of them split up to search different parts of the base for the component. As Ben makes his way through the surface, Gwen deactivates the security systems for him in the underground control rooms. However, their mission proves difficult when the entire base is infested with Vulkanus's pickaxe-wielding henchmen who must also be looking for the water conditioner. Eventually, Ben makes his way to Vulkanus himself (who takes disappointment in that Kevin decided not to join Ben on his mission) where Ben must fight and defeat him at the ammunition range. When he does, Ben takes the water conditioner.

Back at the base, after giving Gorvan the component and telling him about Vulkanus, Gorvan states that Vulkanus has been a nuisance for some time and will have to be "dealt with" eventually. When Gwen notes the menacing tone in his voice when he uses the phrase, "dealt with", Gorvan feigns self-correction by stating that the plumbers will need to open a formal case regarding him. When he leaves to put this component away with the others and locks the door behind him, Kevin vents his frustrations as to how and why he doesn't trust Gorvan, stating that there's something he's hiding from the three of them. Surprisingly enough, Ben totally agrees with him, and Gwen decides that they should do some investigating when they know he'll be occupied for a while.

Chapter Four: A Few Bad Eggs[]

Gorvan returns and locates the next component somewhere in Parkville, a town near the mountains north of the base, albeit well-hidden and shielded. Just then, an alarm flashes when he receives a message, stating it's from the rest of the Plumbers asking for a progress report. Gorvan leaves to deliver it in person, stating that he can't report on such proprietary information on an unencrypted channel. Ben decides to handle the mission to Parkville personally while Gwen and Kevin comb through the computers for whatever Gorvan is hiding.

Ben fights his way through an army of DNAlien foot soldiers infesting the ghost town of Parkville and finds the entrance to an unused section of the city hall sub-basement under a main fountain, which the DNAliens have transformed into a secret underground fortress. When Ben eventually arrives in the inner chamber, he discovers that the hidden component is being used as the power source for the fortress, which Ben concludes is a high-class xenocite hatchery. After fighting the rest of the DNAliens inside the hatchery, Ben deactivates its life support and retrieves the component as the whole place collapses and brings it back to the base unscathed.

Chapter Five: Plumber Trouble[]

Ben gets back from Parkville and Kevin tells him Gorvan is still downstairs while Gwen is still working on the computer, which she hasn't made any progress on in the hours Ben has been gone. However, she does find an encrypted video file supposedly recorded by Grandpa Max. Ben unlocks it when he guesses the password and the gang finally learns the truth about Gorvan: He is a disgraced magister-ranked Plumber who was thrown out for hoarding and selling illegal alien tech and is now a fugitive using Earth as the perfect hiding place since there are no more full-time plumbers stationed. The gang realizes he's just been using the three of them to steal all that alien technology the entire time and the revelation provokes Kevin to hunt down Gorvan without backup. Ben goes after Kevin since he could prove dangerous when he discovers they know his true colors.

Meanwhile, Kevin has ventured into the bowels of the base, and wanders into a vault where Gorvan has stashed tons of alien tech that can only belong to the Highbreed. While he hasn't yet found Gorvan, the worst part of his situation is the vault is filled to the brim with xenocite eggs. He loses contact with Ben and Gwen and deduces that Gorvan has split. However, he appears over a PA system to confirm he knows Kevin and the others know his true motives as the xenocites hatch from their eggs. Kevin tries to make a run for it, but Gorvan has sealed the door to the vault, leaving him at the mercy of the bloodthirsty parasites.

Ben fights his way through the caverns of the base before finally catching up with Kevin. But to Ben's horror, Kevin is now partially a DNAlien and has reverted to his villainous nature. Ben has to fight Kevin to subdue him long enough for him to remove the xenocite and turn him back to normal. Weak and hurt from that struggle, Ben sends him back upstairs to stay with Gwen in the control room while he continues Kevin's short-lived hunt for Gorvan. When he eventually finds him, Gorvan admits that he sold all that stolen alien technology to the Highbreed and Ben defeats him. After securing Gorvan in one of the holding cells on the level below, Ben arrives back in the control room with Gwen and Kevin. Gwen explains that the whole base is now void of all that stolen alien technology, except for the final component (which was hidden inside the base), a sub-energy core. Just as Ben prepares to destroy it, a Highbreed commander breaks in, steals the power core, and teleports away. Using the base's computer, Gwen is able to pinpoint the Highbreed's position not far outside Bellwood by tracking the sub-energy's substantial energy signature. However, in doing so, they not only find out where he went, they also finally discover the sinister purpose the Highbreed had with all that stolen technology: a weather array made up of three absolutely humongous Highbreed weather towers bigger and more powerful than any of the towers the 3 of them have dealt with before. If just one of those insidious towers can ice an entire town, they estimate an array this big will doom the entire coastline to an eternal deep freeze, if not half the country. Ben declares that the three of them are responsible for the construction of this doomsday machine by playing into Gorvan's hands and the only way to set things right is by personally taking it upon themselves to destroy it.

Chapter Six: Rural Rumble[]

The team arrives at a cornfield, which has been butchered by the circuit boards the DNAliens have cut through for the array. As they're driving straight for it, they are blocked off by a DNAlien battalion. Ben decides they should split up so that Ben can handle them while Gwen and Kevin search for another way to the array. He fights his way through the valley and encounters all kinds of DNAlien warriors, even mutant Vulpimancers and mutant Pyronites. Eventually, Ben arrives at a hatch leading to a water canal below and navigates through the xenocites and defenses as Jet Ray. When he gets through and fights his way through the rest of the DNAlien army, his quest takes him to a nearby Highbreed command ship. He reports to Gwen and Kevin, who are almost at the array, and he explains that he suspects the command ship is the control center for the array and proceeds to remove it from the circuit board in hopes that will disable it. However, he warns Gwen and Kevin to keep going since they'll still need to disable it manually if his plan fails.

Chapter Seven: Running On Autopilot[]

Ben arrives at the entrance the ship and infiltrates it despite Gwen's warnings, though unintelligible due to static interference from the ship. After fighting off a swarm of DNAliens inside the ship to find and activate all the auto pilot panels, Ben makes his way to the main control room where the auto-pilot controls are. He activates them while avoiding the attacks of the Highbreed commander and successfully moves the ship off the circuitry grid. However, the Highbreed explains that removing the ship doesn't shut down the weather array at all. It starts up the array and gloats that if not for Ben, his plans would be ruined and tosses Ben out of his ship so that Ben can see his own handiwork in action. In freefall, Ben transforms into Big Chill and realizes the terrible mistake he's made. He sets course for the weather array immediately, declaring that with the Highbreed's plans entering the final phase, he must find a way to stop that thing before it's too late.

Chapter Eight: A Change in the Weather[]

The game rewinds to the beginning of the previous level, where Gwen tries to warn Ben not to go into the ship. After the failed attempt, Gwen and Kevin split up to take down the towers' force fields and defenses as snow already starts falling. As far as they can tell, the only way they can stop the array is by somehow accessing the control room floating above them. After accomplishing their mission, they meet with a full sized Humungousaur, who easily takes down the three towers and stops the Highbreed's insidious plan. While exploring the wreckage of the control room, the team are not able to gain much intel from it when Ben accidentally activates the self-destruct. They escape before it explodes, and decide that after a job well done (more or less), now would be the appropriate time to pay a visit to Mr. Smoothy's. While they leave, they discuss what the Highbreed are planning and Kevin suspects that this could've been their main base of operations on Earth. However, Ben's instincts tell him that this deadly cold snap was just a prelude to the supposed main event. Ben's suspicions are confirmed when one of the monitors from the control room displays blueprints for a giant arch before it finally dies.


  • Nintendo Wii
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Nintendo DS
  • PSP

Playable Characters[]

Playable Aliens[]

  • Swampfire (first video game appearance)
  • Humungousaur (first video game appearance)
  • Echo Echo (first video game appearance)
  • Goop (first video game appearance)
  • Chromastone (first video game appearance)

  • Bosses[]


    • Forever Knights
      • Forever Knight
      • Heavy Forever Knight
      • Laser Lance Forever Knight
      • Mounted Forever Knight
      • Forever Knight Ninja
    • Pickaxe Aliens
      • Pickaxe Alien Brawler
      • Pickaxe Alien
      • Pickaxe Alien Blaster

    • Forever Knights
      • Forever Knight
      • Laser Lance Forever Knight
      • Champion Forever Knight
      • Rifle Forever Knight


    • Knight-Mare at the Pier
    • The Forest Medieval (PS2 and PSP)
      • The Forest Mid-evil (Wii)
    • Bombs Away!
    • A Few Bad Eggs
    • Plumber Trouble
    • Rural Rumble
    • Running on Autopilot
    • A Change In The Weather

  • Shipyard
    • 1-1
    • 1-2
    • 1-3
    • 1-4 (Boss Level)
  • Warehouse
    • 2-1
    • 2-2
    • 2-3
    • 2-4 (Boss Level)
  • Cave
    • 3-1
    • 3-2
    • 3-3
    • 3-4 (Boss Level)
  • Tower
    • 4-1
    • 4-2
    • 4-3
    • 4-4 (Boss Level)

  • Cast[]

    Voice Actor Role(s)
    Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
    Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
    Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
    Dee Bradley Baker Swampfire
    Big Chill
    Pickaxe Aliens
    Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
    Security System Voice
    John DiMaggio Gorvan
    Kevin Michael Richardson Highbreed Commander
    Forever Knight Ninja


    Kevin: “And I thought YOU were ugly as Wildmutt. Those DNAlien vulplimancers are way more powerful than you were. They use those spines as ranged weapons, and the teeth and claws are no picnic either.”

    Ben: Okay. (under his breath) Thanks for nothing.

    Ben: Why don't we call it a day and go grab some smoothies?

    Ben: (To Kevin) I thought your knowledge of aliens was linked to weapons and auto parts! What did you do, brush up against a scientist and accidentally absorb his brain?
    Kevin: I know stuff too! Like...well...a lot of stuff...

    Kevin: (After Gwen asks "Are you coming?") Nah. I think we should all stick to what we know. You guys go fight alien bad guys and I'll just stick here and think about auto parts. (Gwen slams car door)

    Spidermonkey: Oh, don't you monkey with the monkey. (makes monkey noise)

    Spidermonkey: Monkey See...(makes monkey noise)...Monkey Punch!

    Big Chill: Today's forecast...cold. With a chance of ice!

    Big Chill: Is it me? Or did it get a little chilly? Oh, maybe it is me.

    Big Chill: Everybody freeze! Ha ha! I've always wanted to say that!

    Swampfire: If you can't stand the heat, GET OUT OF THE SWAMP!

    Humungousaur: (Suddenly appears after Gwen's comment of the Mega weather Array) Did someone say "Big"?

    Spidermonkey: I don't want any "monkey" business! (makes monkey noise)


    • After the Highbreed Commander stole the Sub-Energy core, Gwen hacks the Plumber Base computer and a satelite shows a Highbreed Weather Tower, and Kevin says that they had dealt with it before, reffering the events of Everybody Talks About the Weather.
    • The events of Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2 are mentioned with the mere inclusion of a Sub-Energy core identical to the core Driscoll was after.
    • When Kevin sarcastically asks Ben and Gwen if they've already learned their lesson about "automatically trusting everybody" when they first meet Gorvan, he is citing the events of All That Glitters, where their decision to trust Micheal Morningstar put Gwen in grave danger when he turned out to be a two-faced energy vampire.
      • Oddly enough, the exact same disaster repeats itself on a much bigger scale with Gorvan. The only difference between then and now is that Ben has gotten significantly better at listening to his instincts and his teammates (namely Kevin’s) when something is wrong.
        • In a way, this scenario mirrors the plot twist of Birds of a Feather, where the gang agrees to help a supposed arachnichimp prince retrieve a stolen relic from his homeworld only to discover he is really a selfish two-faced mercenary who was selling them out to the Highbreed all along in almost the exact same was Gorvan did.


    • In some text, Spidermonkey is misspelled as "Spider Monkey".
    • In the Hero Viewer menu, Grandpa Max is misspelled as "Grampa Max".
    • In the credits, the Pickaxe Aliens are spelled as "PickAxe Aliens".


    • This is the only console game without any playable aliens from the Original Series.
    • Brainstorm and Alien X are the only aliens not present in at least one version of the game.
    • The Rifle Forever Knight on the DS version is inspired by Connor as he appears in the opening scene of Be-Knighted.
    • While the console version of the game uses the regular Alien Force theme for its title screen, the DS version features an original remix of the theme, using Ben's leitmotif from the Original Series. This remix also plays during cutscenes at a slower tempo.
    • The Kirby dots from the Original Series logo can be seen on the "GO" icon.
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