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Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 X = Ben + 2 War of the Worlds: Part 1 Ghost Town
Ben 10 Returns: Part 2 Alone Together War of the Worlds: Part 2 Busy Box
Everybody Talks About the Weather Darkstar Rising Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1 Con of Rath
Kevin's Big Score Good Copy, Bad Copy Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2 Primus
All That Glitters Save the Last Dance Inferno Above and Beyond
Pier Pressure Undercover Don't Fear the Repo The Secret of Chromastone
Max Out Birds of a Feather Simple Vendetta
Be-Knighted Grounded Fool's Gold Time Heals
What Are Little Girls Made Of? Pet Project Singlehanded The Final Battle: Part 1
The Gauntlet Unearthed If All Else Fails The Final Battle: Part 2
Plumbers' Helpers Voided In Charm's Way
Paradox Inside Man Trade-Off!


Ben 10 Returns: Part 1[]

  • When Ben dodges the DNAlien, as he reaches for his Omnitrix, his left arm does not have a sleeve for a few frames.
  • When Ben passes Sandra, her hair is brown instead of blonde.
  • When Ben is sleeping in the gym of Gwen's school, in the first shot, his belly is seen, but in the next shot, his belly is covered.
  • When Ben first watches Max's recording, his image changes to a DNAlien for the last second, but this doesn't occur when he views it again in front of Gwen.
  • When Ben puts the Omnitrix on his wrist, it is smaller than usual.
  • When the Omnitrix recalibrates, it gets smaller, but after Ben tries to activate it, it is bigger.
  • The gap between the Omnitrix and Ben's sleeve changes between shots.
  • When Ben cycles through his new aliens, the Jetray hologram has no legs.
  • When Kevin examines a gold goblet in the castle, its design changes between shots.
  • Echo Echo and Humungousaur are listed in the end credits despite not appearing in the episode.

Ben 10 Returns: Part 2[]

  • Humungousaur's hologram faces away from Ben. Furthermore, the core is popped up without Ben activating it.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 1 DVD misspell Humungousaur's name as "Humongousaur".
  • In several shots, Humungousaur has fangs.
  • One of the DNAliens Gwen attacks has black tentacles for a frame.
  • When the team meets the Highbreed, Gwen doesn't have her stockings.
  • When Humungousaur is on the side of the Highbreed ship, the rim of the Omnitrix symbol is gold instead of silver.
  • When Ben lies on the ground after reverting from Humungousaur, his jacket says "1" instead of "10".
  • When Ben finds out that he has sustained injuries from when he was Humungousaur, his pant is shown to be torn due to the injury, but later when the team puts their hands together, his pant is shown to be intact.
  • Swampfire is listed in the end credits despite not appearing in the episode.

Everybody Talks About the Weather[]

  • When the farmer wipes the sweat from his forehead, his right thumb is missing part of its outline.
  • Gwen's stockings are missing when she tracks Alan. This error occurs again when she tells Ben and Kevin about the hole in the ice building.
  • When Alan tries to turn into his Pyronite form in the ice building, his Plumber badge is seen on his chest for a split second although Sheriff Mason took it away earlier. Alan's badge appears on his chest once again as he flies out of the ice building. In the next scene, however, Ben finds it on the table where Sheriff Mason left it.
  • Throughout the entire episode, whenever Ben activates the Omnitrix, the aliens' holograms face away from him. Furthermore, Jetray's hologram is in an upward flying position.
  • During his fight with Alan, Jetray's Omnitrix symbol is momentarily black, grey and green.
  • While the DNAliens break through Gwen's shield, her entire jaw disappears for a few frames.
  • In one scene, Swampfire's mouth starts moving a few seconds before he actually speaks.

Kevin's Big Score[]

  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 1 DVD misspell Octagon Vreedle's name as "Octagon Friedle" and Taydenite as "Taedenite".
  • When Ben looks at the photo, the horizontal stripes on his jacket are gone. This error occurs again in one shot when the team meets up after Argit steals the Rustbucket 2, and near the end of the episode.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • During Big Chill's pursuit of Kevin, Kevin uses the same button to activate all the Rustbucket's mechanisms.
  • Big Chill turns invisible in this episode, which, according to Dwayne McDuffie, was just an error.
  • When Kevin falls off a cliff, there is no fan in the Rustbucket. However, when Argit inspects the dashboard later, a fan is present.
  • When Gwen tracks Kevin using his handkerchief, the vertical white stripe on Ben's jacket is black.
  • When the Echo Echo clones merge back into one, Argit's quill in the sleeping clone is green.
  • When Ben wakes up after being tranquilized and stretches, the Omnitrix is missing from his wrist.
  • Vulkanus breaks his armor's hand while fighting Big Chill, but it is shown to be intact when Big Chill freezes the suit.

All That Glitters[]

  • The first time Michael's house is seen, he has a large fountain in his front yard. The second time it is seen, the fountain is gone.
  • Throughout the episode, whenever Ben activates the Omnitrix, the aliens' holograms face away from him.
  • When the team meets Michael, Ben's jacket stripes disappear several times.
  • In one shot, Trina's socks are missing.
  • The end credits misspell Chromastone's name as "Chromostone".

Pier Pressure[]

  • When Gwen pushes Ben in Julie's direction, the Omnitrix's dial is sideways.
  • Jetray and Brainstorm's holograms face away from Ben.
  • During Brainstorm's transformation sequence, the horizontal stripes on Ben's jacket are on the wrong sleeve.
  • When Brainstorm turns back to Ben, the flash is white instead of green.
  • When Ben is about to transform into Jetray, his design is reciprocated.

Max Out[]

  • When Max enters the coffee shop and sits down, the flower patterns on his shirt are missing.
  • Despite passing the through the waterway, Max, Ben, Gwen and Kevin don't show any signs of getting wet.
  • When Big Chill rises out of the water, his Omnitrix symbol is missing.
  • Before Ben cures Ken, the Omnitrix's dial faces the wrong way.
  • When Ben turns into Jetray and says his name, Jetray's mouth doesn't move.
  • In one shot, the Highbreed has five eyes instead of four.


  • When the Dragon is shot by the jets and starts falling, he lacks his translator.
  • When the trio arrive at the destination where the Dragon landed, Kevin's hair is not shaded for a few seconds until the shading suddenly appears.
  • Before Ben transforms into Chromastone, he twists the dial for a few seconds, but no holograms appear.
  • Chromastone and Spidermonkey's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When Kevin talks to Ben in the car, part of his sclera is of the same color as his skin.
  • Before Ben transforms into Spidermonkey, he is missing a nostril.
  • After Ben transforms into Spidermonkey, his shoulders are dark blue.
  • When Spidermonkey shoots his webbing, his tail flashes with a blue light.
  • At one point, Kevin absorbs wood, but is covered in metal. Furthermore, no sound effect plays.
  • When Ben talks to the Dragon, the horizontal white stripes on his jacket are the same color as the rest of the jacket.
  • In one shot, Gwen doesn't have her stockings.
  • When Gwen holds Connor captive using a mana construct, her eyes are light green.
  • In the end credits, Humungousaur is not listed and Clancy Brown is miscredited as the pilot.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?[]

  • When Brainstorm fires electricity at Kevin, it is blue instead of yellow.
  • Before Gwen gets up after throwing a rock into the water, her leg and arm are layered on top of Ben's head.
  • In one shot, Ben does not have the Omnitrix on his wrist.
  • When Ben scrolls through his aliens before turning into Jetray, the holograms are facing away from him. Also, in close-up shots, the holograms are smaller than they should be.
  • In a picture of Young Ben and Gwen in Gwen's room, the Omnitrix is on Ben's right wrist.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 2 DVD misspell "Anodite" as "Anodyte".
  • When Ben and Kevin join Gwen on the roof, the "10" on Ben's jacket is in the wrong font.
  • After Gwen kisses Kevin and runs off, her stockings are missing.
  • When Verdona dances, there are no dishes on the table.
  • In one shot, Spidermonkey lacks an arm.

The Gauntlet[]

  • Just before Ben transforms into Goop, his jacket's stripe is not fully colored.
  • Goop's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Goop, Gwen and Kevin get blasted out of the warehouse, Gwen is not shown protecting herself with a shield, but when she lands on the ground, a shield suddenly appears.
  • During the same scene, Kevin's car and the Techadon Robot's glove are smaller than they should be. The glove remains this way for the rest of the episode.
  • When Jetray's hologram is shown for the second time, he is in an upward flying position.
  • When Cash destroys Kevin's stone armor, his shirt is torn around his shoulders and lower arms. However, when he absorbs metal, that side of his shirt seems to be intact.

Plumbers' Helpers[]

  • In several shots when Manny and Helen are driving, one of Manny's blasters is missing.
  • In the first image of the trio that Manny and Helen look at, Gwen is too tall and is standing away from Ben and Kevin, who are also both looking at her.
  • When Manny mentions Pierce, Helen's body is colored entirely black.
  • The second image has Gwen closer to Ben and Kevin, but the cuffs on her sleeves are blue instead of white. Also, in the same shot, Ben is drawn at a different angle, Gwen's pose is slightly changed, and all three of them are looking at Manny and Helen as if facing them.
  • Pierce pronounces "Piscciss Volann" as "Pis-kiss Volann".
  • After Manny knocks Kevin out with his blasters, the lines on Helen's face are drawn incorrectly.
  • When Kevin is knocked out, he lies at the bottom of the containment sphere he's in. When the episode cuts back to him later, he is floating.
  • When Gwen is attacked by Helen, there is an extra frame of her.
  • When Helen is next to Manny, the energy lash appears in her hand, despite it not being visible in the previous shot.
  • Before Ben comes out of the Null Void portal, Manny's back is drawn incorrectly.
  • When Manny is shooting at Swampfire, his fingers don't move to pull the trigger of his blasters.
  • When Helen shows Pierce's recording to Ben, Pierce is shown at an angle even though he faced forward when Helen viewed the recording earlier in the episode.
  • An Arburian Pelarota appears in Pierce's recording mistakenly for one frame.
  • When Ben gives back Helen the device, the Galvanic Mechamorph looks exactly like Upgrade from the Original Series.


  • Chromastone has black lips.
  • Swampfire's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • In several shots, Swampfire is more muscular than usual.
  • Ben says that Max taught him how to drive, but in the previous episode, he said he didn't know how to drive.
  • In one shot, the outline around the side mirror of Kevin's car is missing.
  • When the team is on the Moon, one Paradox has a black shirt.
  • When Humungousaur stops Hugo from being pulled into the vortex, he grabs his leg. In the next shot, he is seen holding him by the lab coat, and in the shot after that he is holding his leg again.
  • Humungousaur stops Hugo from getting sucked in, but moments later, the Hugo outside the building reverts to human, which means that there would be two Hugos in the same timeline.

X = Ben + 2[]

  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 3 DVD misspell "Incursean" as "Incursian".
  • In some shots, Milleous' face is colored differently.
  • In one shot, the Incurseans are larger than usual.
  • When Ben scrolls through his aliens before transforming into Alien X, the holograms are smaller than usual.
  • Before Alien X fixes the dam, the background behind him changes between shots.
  • In one shot after Alien X fixes the dam, the Omnitrix symbol is missing from his body.
  • When the team runs into Milleous and Raff, the background between Kevin's hair is white.
  • In one scene, the mark on Kevin is black.
  • When SevenSeven shoots Swampfire, the latter has five fingers on each hand instead of four.
  • When Swampfire defeats the Incurseans, his face is red.

Alone Together[]

  • Before Ben transforms into Echo Echo and Swampfire for the second time, their holograms face away from him.
  • When the Echo Echo clones face Reinrassig III just after they've teleported, the line going down Echo Echo's body is disconnected under the chin.
  • When Echo Echo walks back to Reinrassig after defeating the Dravek, his body shape is more humanoid.
  • In one shot, Big Chill's Omnitrix symbol is drawn incorrectly and looks flat.
  • When Swampfire grabs Reinrassig's arm, the black parts of his Omnitrix symbol are smaller.
  • During the time on Turrawuste, Ben is noticeably taller than normal.
  • When Ben is showing walking behind Reinrassig, the "10" logo on his jacket is missing.
  • When Ben sits by the campfire, the Omnitrix's colors are inverted.
  • In another shot while Ben is at the campfire, the Omnitrix's dial is drawn incorrectly.

Darkstar Rising[]

  • For a short time, when Gilhil talks to Kevin, the red button on his suit disappears.
  • Despite whatever material that Kevin absorbs forms a coating on him, Gihil is shown to grab Kevin's coating like it was a shirt without damaging the coating.
  • There is a lip-sync error when Kevin says "Don't take my badge, man." to Gilhil.
  • When Kevin drives away leaving Ben and Gwen behind, Gwen's stockings are missing.
  • When Kevin absorbs the black part of his car, he is covered in green metal instead.
  • When Kevin lowers the sack of ball bearings out of view, it disappears for the rest of the episode.
  • Echo Echo's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Ben falls to the ground after defeating Darkstar, his hair is shorter.

Good Copy, Bad Copy[]

  • When Albedo chases the Forever Knights as Humungousaur, his Omnitrix symbol is fully black in one shot.
  • When Gwen talks to Ben at his house, part of her eyes is red in one shot.
  • In another shot at Ben's house, Gwen is shown to be as tall as Kevin.
  • Throughout the entire episode, whenever Ben or Albedo activate their respective Omnitrixes, the aliens' holograms face away from them. Furthermore, Big Chill's hologram is cloaked on Albedo's Omnitrix but uncloaked on Ben's Omnitrix.
  • When Albedo appears as Goop, he is mostly dark green and his Anti-Gravity Projector is missing.
  • Albedo's eye doesn't twitch despite him lying to Kevin about being Ben.
  • When Albedo dodges Goop's attack, the stripes on his right shoulder are black.
  • Before Albedo transforms into Humungousaur, the stripes on his right shoulder are missing.
  • Both Big Chill and Brainstorm open their mouths.
  • In one shot when Brainstorm boasts against Albedo as Big Chill, Brainstorm's cranium plates are missing.
  • Chromastone's mouth doesn't move when he cries out his name.
  • When Ben and Albedo swing their fists at each other, their Omnitrixes' dials are sideways.
  • In one shot, Albedo's Omnitrix is seen on his right wrist rather than the left.
  • Albedo's shirt is black instead of white in two shots, first when he says "He's here!" before Azmuth arrives, and again at one point when Albedo is in his cell.
  • Kevin is behind Albedo when he makes a joke on the latter's appearance. However, after Gwen and Ben glare at him, he is to Albedo's left.
  • When Ben's teacher hands her students their papers, Julie is initially missing.

Save the Last Dance[]

  • Julie calls the Burger Boy place as "Burger Shack".
  • Big Chill is seen pushing the order button at the Burger Boy multiple times. The waitress comes out soon with his order, before being scared away. However, Big Chill never spoke into the speaker, and only pushed the button.
  • When Big Chill turns away from the metal Burger Boy mascot's statue before flying away, the mascot is no longer visible (even though at the angle shown, it should have been).
  • When Big Chill leaves after drinking the molten metal, his Omnitrix symbol is sideways.
  • When Big Chill drinks the molten metal, his teeth do not separate but the liquid gushes in rapidly.
  • The sign at Gwen's school says that a summer dance is being held even though Ben mentioned earlier in the episode that it was a spring formal.
  • When Gwen uses a mana shield to block Big Chill's ice breath, the horizontal split on her dress is missing.
  • When Kevin absorbs the metal, the tear in the tuxedo isn't covered by the metal.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 4 DVD misspell "Necrofriggian" as "Necrofrigian".


  • Swampfire's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • Before the teleporter explodes, Swampfire's pupils are green.
  • When the team stands outside Kevin's garage after the Teleporter Pod explodes, Ben doesn't have the "10" on his jacket.
  • When Goop rescues Cooper, his Anti-Gravity Projector somehow appears in the room with him despite the door being closed.
    • Duncan Rouleau believes that this is because the space underneath the door was not enough to block the Anti-Gravity Projector.[DR 1]
  • When Echo Echo is first seen, the black line running down his front is missing.
  • When Gwen fires mana at Kevin for the last time, she faces away from the DNAliens and stands a few feet away from Echo Echo, Kevin and Cooper, but when Echo Echo uses his sonic scream on the DNAliens, she faces the DNAliens and stands behind Kevin.
  • Big Chill is listed in the end credits instead of Swampfire.
  • The Cartoon Network logo does not appear in the end credits on Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 4 DVD.

Birds of a Feather[]

  • Before Ben transforms into Spidermonkey, the Omnitrix's dial is sideways.
  • When Goop and Simian dodge the cops' shots, Goop's Omnitrix symbol is missing.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 6 DVD misspell "Arachnichimps" as "Arachnachimps".
  • In one shot after Ben, Kevin and Simian enter the fortress, Kevin is thinner.
  • When Big Chill unfolds his wings, his chest and stomach are black.
  • When Ben enters the chamber where the crystal is, he is no longer wearing his jacket and it is no longer seen for the rest of the episode. In the same scene, Chromastone's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • Ben pulls the box that contains the DNAlien ear cleaner out of nowhere.
  • The Highbreed has six eyes in one shot.


  • Although it was mentioned in Good Copy, Bad Copy that Ben's left eye twitches when he lies, it does not twitch when he lies to his parents about fighting the Highbreed.
  • When Carl holds Ben's left wrist, the sides of the Omnitrix's dial take up more space than they should.
  • Echo Echo's hologram is smaller than usual.
  • In one shot, Gwen's sleeves are all blue.
  • When Gwen calls Echo Echo, her nose is missing.
  • Ben's black eye disappears after he reverts to human from Echo Echo and remains that way for the rest of the episode.
  • When Ben's parents confiscate his phone, the TV is missing from his room.
  • When Kevin is facing the Highbreed for the second time, some of the black patterns are missing from the Highbreed's shoulders.
  • When Ben selects Humungousaur, he isn't wearing his jacket, but during the transformation sequence, he is shown to be wearing his jacket.

Pet Project[]

  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 5 DVD misspell "McDuffie's" as "McDuffy's".
  • Jetray and Swampfire's holograms are drawn incorrectly. Furthermore, Swampfire's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • In one shot, Jetray is missing his stripes and his Omnitrix symbol is completely black.
  • Kevin's car receives damage from the fight with Sir Morton, but the car doesn't look damaged until after he leaves.
  • In Pier Pressure, in order for Ship to transform into a machine or vehicle, he had to enter it first. In this episode, he automatically turns into a massive spaceship.
  • When Ship reverts to his normal form, Swampfire's face is green.
  • When Gwen gets knocked out after fighting Ship and Kevin checks up on her, they are to Swampfire's right. When they approach him moments later, they come from in front of him.


  • When Kevin runs towards Tiny, his right eye is all white.
  • Humungousaur and Echo Echo's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When Tiny sees Gwen in her Anodite form for the first time, Humungousaur is not behind her.
  • After Echo Echo reverts back to Ben, Ben's skin is white around his right eye.


  • When Gwen holds Ben's battle ring, its roof is transparent for a short while.
  • When Ben talks to Gwen about his battle ring, his hair is darker than usual.
  • When Helen appears in Gwen's vision, her eyes are white instead of green.
  • Before Ben tells Gwen and Kevin that he will go to the Null Void to save Helen and Manny, the black stripe on the Omnitrix is missing.
  • In one shot, the colors of the "10" on Ben's jacket are inverted.
  • In one shot, Manny does not have his prosthetic hand.
  • When Manny hangs on to Brainstorm after the latter blasts some Null Guardians away, he is the same color as Brainstorm.
  • Brainstorm is smaller than usual in several different shots, and his electricity is blue instead of yellow.
  • Chromastone's hologram faces Ben at an angle instead of straight on.
  • Chromastone's energy beams are green instead of multi-colored.
  • Before Brainstorm is kicked by D'Void, his brain is smooth.
  • Max should not know about Swampfire as Ben had never transformed into him in front of Max.
  • Before Ben transforms into Big Chill, one of the Omnitrix's buttons is on a different layer and the hologram for Big Chill is missing.

Inside Man[]

  • Throughout the entire episode, whenever Ben activates the Omnitrix, the aliens' holograms face away from him.
  • When Chromastone gets thrown out of the truck and says "DNAliens!", his mouth does not move.
  • When Kevin absorbs the truck, he gets coated with stone instead of metal.
  • Gwen states that Max Out took place in Los Soledad, which is untrue as the episode in question took place in Santa Mira.
  • Gwen says that they lost Max in Max Out even though she found out that he is alive in the previous episode.

War of the Worlds: Part 1[]

  • When Professor Paradox and Azmuth teleport onto the soccer field, the field seems to be empty despite Ben saving a shot from a player before they teleported in.
  • When Professor Paradox teleports himself, Gwen, and Kevin, he also seems to have taken Azmuth despite him wanting to talk to Ben.
  • When Alan fights the DNAlien, his arms switch between magma and rock in different shots.
  • Alan is not present when the team recruits Cooper.
  • Cannonbolt's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Kevin has one shirt instead of two separate shirts when he is covered in green metal.
  • Before turning into Cannonbolt, Ben is facing his ragtag army, but after the transformation, he's facing away from them.
  • Just after Cannonbolt's transformation, Gwen is not wearing her stockings.
  • When DNAliens surround Professor Paradox, Azmuth is next to him, but after he stops time, Azmuth is gone. Then, Azmuth is shown running. Furthermore, there is a perspective error where some of the DNAliens look much smaller than Paradox.
  • Two of the DNAliens that Cannonbolt reverts to human have the exact same designs as two other DNAliens he cured.
  • When Cannonbolt reverts the DNAliens to human, his back is white instead of yellow.
  • In one shot when Cannonbolt reverts the DNAliens to human, one of the cured people from a previous shot appears on-screen for a split second.
  • The first DNAlien Cooper reverts to human has the same design as a DNAlien Cannonbolt cured.
  • When Jetray turns into Swampfire, he crosses his arms, but in the next shot, his arms are above his head.
  • When the team reverts DNAliens to humans, the number of humans reverted seems to be less than the number of DNAliens prior to reverting.
  • When Upchuck eats the laser, his entire torso glows instead of just his stomach.
  • When the team tries to destroy the Hyperspace Jump Gate, Julie and Ship are a lot smaller than they should be.
  • When Way Big lifts the Jump Gate out of the ground, he has five fingers on each hand rather than four.
  • The end credits misspell Cannonbolt's name as "Cannon Bolt".

War of the Worlds: Part 2[]

  • When Kevin tries to convince Gwen to revert from her Anodite form, he mentions that Verdona said it would take at least 75 years for Gwen to master her power, but Verdona actually said it would take 60 or 70 years.
  • Swampfire's Omnitrix symbol is entirely green when he asks the Highbreed Commander to call off the war.
  • When Helen runs to collect the DNAliens' weapons, she doesn't have her visor on, but when she stops, she does have it on.
  • One of the DNAliens Alan reverts to human has the same design as another DNAlien Cooper cured.
  • Brainstorm's hologram faces away from Ben and is smaller than usual.
  • In some shots, Brainstorm's body isn't rendered properly, as his legs seem to be overlapping his neck.
  • Brainstorm's vomit is originally the same color as his brain. His lightning is also blue.
  • Brainstorm vomits on Azmuth, but in the next shot, Azmuth is no longer covered in vomit.
  • The Omnitrix's dial is bigger than it usually is right before it releases the feedback to repair the Highbreed's DNA.
  • Before Reiny makes his announcement, Kevin is not covered in metal.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 6 DVD misspell Reiny's name as "Rynie".
  • When Professor Paradox tells Ben it was nice to work with him again, the colors on "10" emblem on Ben's jacket are reversed.
  • At the end of the episode, after the Omnitrix reboots and Ben says "Aw man, I don't recognize any of these guys!", no holograms are shown except for Lodestar's.[DM 1]

Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1[]

  • Vilgax and Psyphon call Ultimos "Ultimo". The end credits also spell his name as such.
  • When Vilgax says "Few have withstood an assault from the Ruby Ray of Rouleau", the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 7 DVD's closed captioning says, "You have withstood an assault from the Ruby Ray of Ulo". Ssserpent's name is also misspelled as "Serpent".
  • After Kevin is sprayed with venom, his arms are no longer metal.
  • Although Kevin is sprayed with water from the fire hydrant, his clothes and hair show no sign of being drenched.
  • Despite the end of the previous episode implying that Ben's aliens were replaced with a whole new roster, he is shown to have all his aliens still in this episode.[1]
  • When Jetray transforms into Cannonbolt, his back is white for a split second.
  • Right before Ssserpent gets hit by Cannonbolt, his chest is green for a split second.
  • Cannonbolt is more brightly colored than usual after he defeats Ssserpent.
  • When Max receives the planetary defense alert, for one frame, Helen is drawn in a different pose. Additionally, her head is missing and her arm from the next frame can be seen.
  • When Psyphon throws the Nuclear Fusion Grenade, he has heavier than normal shading on his hand.
  • When Max calls Ben, Cooper is shown injured, even though he didn't get hurt in the fight.
  • While Azmuth talks to Ben through the Omnitrix before it gets hacked, its faceplate is like the original Omnitrix's faceplate and has grey colors.
  • When the dots appear above the Omnitrix before it overloads, some of them are clipped.

Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2[]

  • Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector somehow slips under the garage door despite being too thick.
  • When Ben shows Gwen his missing aliens, Chromastone's silhouette has a bulkier build and Cannonbolt, Upchuck, Alien X and Lodestar's silhouettes are missing.
  • After Kevin shouts at Ben, the colors of the Omnitrix's dial are reversed.
  • When Ben is about to transform into Brainstorm, his hand isn't on the spider web.
  • Brainstorm's lightning is blue instead of yellow.
  • When Ben is ensnared by Goop and activates the Omnitrix underneath his goop, the Omnitrix core pops up and stretches the goop much taller than normal.
  • Jetray manages to pass through Psyphon's forcefield unharmed, despite Psyphon saying (hyperbolically) in the previous episode that nothing on Earth could breach it. Later, Gwen, Kevin, Way Big and Max also pass through unharmed.
  • When Jetray says he forgot to set the DVR to record the Sumo Slammers marathon, he is more humanoid than usual.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 7 DVD misspell Shield of Seagle as "Shield of Ziegel".
  • The park suddenly has a fountain which was not present in the previous episode.
  • When Vilgax first hits Jetray in the fountain, his lips are green.
  • When Ben transforms from Big Chill to Humungousaur (being in his largest form), Vilgax is about the size of Humungousaur's head, but a few shots later, Vilgax is about a quarter of Humungousaur's size.
  • After Vilgax shoots Humungousaur, his design is reversed. This error occurs again when Diamondhead shoots his diamond projectiles the third time.
  • When Vilgax and Humungousaur fight, Humungousaur is at full size, but when Way Big, Gwen and Kevin arrive, he is shown to be at his base size before reverting back to Ben.
  • Before Chromastone blasts Vilgax, his eye is different.
  • When Vilgax's sword is covered in crystal, Vilgax's torso is red instead of black.
  • Diamondhead's jaw does not move when he shouts his name.
  • When Diamondhead shoots diamonds the first time, he only has three fingers instead of four.
  • When Diamondhead raises three big shards from the ground, his eyes are wrongly placed.
  • When Ben tells Vilgax to leave, there are diamond remains behind him. In the next shot, there is nothing behind him, after which, the remains reappear.
  • When Ben tells Max that he isn't sure what happened to Chromastone, the sides of the Omnitrix are pasted and reversed in color.


  • Before Ben transforms into Brainstorm, the Omnitrix is not activated and Brainstorm's hologram is not shown.
  • During Brainstorm's transformation sequence, the horizontal stripes on Ben's jacket are on the wrong sleeve.
  • Brainstorm is larger than usual when he stands opposite Gwen and Kevin.
  • In one shot, the Holo-Viewer is green.
  • When Kevin lights a match to read the writing on the TNT boxes, he seemingly gets the match out of nowhere.
  • When Big Chill phases through the ground to get to Mouldywarp, his intangibility effects are different than usual, and he maintains his normal appearance instead of being translucent.
  • In one shot, Vulkanus doesn't have his drill arm.
  • When the drill presses on Gwen's shield, it cracks, but appears completely intact in the next shot.
  • When Vulkanus speeds up the countdown, Spidermonkey's chest is light blue.
  • When Spidermonkey turns into Jetray, Humungousaur's transformation sequence is shown. It also shows Ben transforming, even though he was Spidermonkey when he transformed and did not revert to Ben between transformations.
  • The end credits misspell Vulkanus' name as "Vulcanus".

Don't Fear the Repo[]

  • When Echo Echo screams "Wall of Sound!", the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 7 DVD's closed captioning says "One, two, three!".
  • Before Ben transforms into Humungousaur, the Omnitrix's dial is sideways.
  • When Ben says "Ever seen an Omnitrix up close before, judge?", during the close-up shot, Ben's mouth does not move.
  • When Ben, Kevin and Baz-l land, Gwen's mana forcefield surrounding Julie and the Vreedle Brothers isn't there. When the door opens, it reappears.
  • When Goop enters Rhomboid's gun, his Anti-Gravity Projector is missing.
  • The end credits misspell Octagon's name as "Octogon".


  • Lodestar's hologram is shown when Ben intends to transform into Humungousaur.
  • Despite transforming into Lodestar off-screen at the end of War of the Worlds: Part 2, Ben seems to be unfamiliar with him in this episode.
  • When Kevin runs to the crate with red guns, the sound of his footsteps is faster than the speed at which he runs.
  • When Spidermonkey swings around the pole, the end of his tail is cut off.
  • When Kevin gives Argit the red guns, most of his face is rock.
  • When Probity and her pet untie Spidermonkey, the mana shield that Gwen created to protect him suddenly disappears.
  • Ben turns into Humungousaur without being covered in green light.
  • Even though the Red Leader uses his monocle to strengthen the flashlight's light, he still has one on his face.
  • Goop's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When the Blue Leader talks to his army before Way Big arrives, his mouth does not move.
  • After Zavin's statue collapses, Way Big has sky blue eyes.
  • When Gwen tells Kevin to grab her hand, she is shot but shows no sign of being harmed.
  • After the team leaves the planet, Kevin has less black around his eyes.

Fool's Gold[]

  • The poop should be visible when Ben stubs his toe, but instead suddenly appears after Ben looks at the road.
  • Before Ben transforms into Spidermonkey, Brainstorm and Spidermonkey's holograms face away from him.
  • When Kevin ditches Gwen for the second time, he is more muscular than usual.
  • When Ben scrolls through his aliens before transforming into Big Chill, he twists the bottom of the Omnitrix's core instead of the dial.


  • In a few shots, when Ben's hand is on its own, the Omnitrix dial faces the wrong way.
  • When the unnamed boys activate the Omnitrix to transform Ben into Big Chill, they simply tap the faceplate rather than pressing it down. Ben was shown to attempt this in previous episodes, yet nothing worked.
  • When Swampfire attacks the Vulpimancers, the leader doesn't have its back stripes.
  • When Swampfire turns into Jetray, a transformation sequence is shown. The sequence shows Ben transforming, even though he was Swampfire when he transformed and did not revert to Ben between transformations.
  • When Julie first shows Ben's hand to Gwen and Kevin, her tennis racket is in the middle of red unit it's lying on, but for the rest of the scene, its handle sticks over the edge of the unit.
  • In one shot, Gwen's design is mirrored.
  • For a second, the Null Guardian's saliva is blue instead of green.
  • When Gwen and Kevin argue about which alien to turn Ben into, Brainstorm, Echo Echo and Diamondhead's holograms face away from Julie.
  • Julie doesn't recognize Humungousaur or Swampfire despite seeing Ben use both aliens in previous episodes.
  • Diamondhead's jaw does not move when he yells.
  • Diamondhead is able to shoot crystal shard projectiles from the cut area of his left arm even though his hand is on Earth.
  • Before Diamondhead falls off the bridge, his voice is different.
  • When Sunder jumps at Ben, part of his hair disappears. Also, Ben's white stripes are on the wrong shoulder.
  • When Gwen and Julie come to hug Ben, Julie is the same height as Ben and Gwen.
  • Brainstorm is able to shoot electricity from the cut area of his left arm, when it should come out of his pincer in the Null Void instead.
  • The end credits misspell Spidermonkey's name as "Spider Monkey".

If All Else Fails[]

  • After Max recovers from his collapse, Kevin states that Max dumped his food, but he was earlier seen throwing it away himself.
  • The Highbreed Tree Monster's height changes throughout the episode.
  • The Bunker Highbreed appears not to have been affected by the Omnitrix wave in War of the Worlds: Part 2.
  • When Kevin wakes up, Gwen is missing.
  • When Ben wakes up, he doesn't have the "10" on his jacket.
  • After Seedling 2 reports in, Seedling 3 (via Max) reports to the Bunker Highbreed that five Seedlings are present. However, when Max had shown up, four other Seedlings were already present and Seedling 2 did not show up until after Seedling 3 did, meaning that there were six Seedlings and not five.
  • Spidermonkey's hologram is drawn incorrectly and is smaller than usual.
  • When Spidermonkey runs up to Gwen, his tail is shorter.
  • When Gwen says, "A Highbreed?", her mouth moves right before her voice is heard.
  • When Ben transforms into Humungousaur, he is already at maximum height and has his Stegosauride features.
  • In one shot, the windows of Kevin's car are closed despite being open previously.
  • Before Humungousaur reverts to Ben, he seems to be much bigger than usual.
  • When Kevin ejects from the car, his legs are cut off for a split second.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 8 DVD misspell Reinrassig III's name as "Reinrassic III".
  • Before Ben turns into Jetray for the second time, his hologram faces away from him.
  • When Ben selects Diamondhead, his hologram is colored.
  • In one shot, Gwen's eyes are light green.
  • When the Bunker Highbreed flies into the Highbreed Tree Monster, after Reinrassig and the soldiers are shown, the Bunker Highbreed is with them.
  • Before his death, the Bunker Highbreed has Reinrassig's design.
  • When the Highbreed Tree Monster is about to fall down and the Bunker Highbreed tells Ben's team to gather all the people and get out, only Ben's team get out and they don't gather all the people.

In Charm's Way[]

  • Throughout the episode, whenever Ben activates the Omnitrix, the aliens' holograms face away from him.
  • When Ben intends to transform into Way Big, Echo Echo and Goop's holograms are displayed after Way Big's hologram without Ben turning the dial. Furthermore, Ben slams down on the core when Goop's hologram is displayed, even though he intends to transform into Way Big.
  • Kevin says he is going to fix his ID Mask, but he leaves the beach without it.
  • When Kevin usually puts on his ID Mask, it disguises him as human beginning from the top of his body, but when he puts on his ID Mask, it turns him to human from bottom to top.
  • When Charmcaster disguises herself as Caroline, her hair color is on the very top of her forehead in two shots.
  • In one shot, Gwen's eyes are light green.
  • Charmcaster has blue eyes for most of the episode.
  • Before Ben turns into Diamondhead, the Omnitrix's dial is sideways.
  • After Ben turns into Diamondhead, the banana peel disappears from his head. His jaw also does not move when he speaks.
  • Kevin snaps out of the trance after Ben takes the amulet away, even though Charmcaster kissing him caused the trance, not the amulet.
  • When Ben tries to go alien near the planetarium and sees the Omnitrix recharging, the dial of the Omnitrix is facing him from his perspective, but in the next shot, it's sideways.
  • Just before Charmcaster teleports after stealing Gwen's powers, for a split second, Charmcaster's mouth is missing.
  • A few seconds after the moonlight shines on her, the color of Gwen's hair is darker except for her ponytail.
  • When Gwen is outside near the planetarium, the armpit area on her right side is the same color as her skin.
  • In one shot, the giant Mr. Smoothy's straw is a darker red.


  • In multiple shots throughout the episode, the mirror in the warehouse does not show the reflection of those in front of it.
  • Jetray's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Ben turns into Jetray, the two black stripes on his shoulders are missing for a few frames, just before he picks Gwen up from the ground.
  • Kevin's coating is shown to be breaking while holding the Dominus Librium. However, in the next shot, his coating is shown to be intact.
  • When Kevin enters Ben's house, he does not close the door on the way in. However, when he is about to leave, the door is closed.
  • After Big Chill reverts to Ben, there are no frozen Forever Knights in sight, but in the next shot, they reappear.
  • After Gwen leaves to find Darkstar, Kevin doesn't have his black eye for the rest of the episode.
  • Although Kevin destroyed the door of the warehouse at the beginning of the episode, it is shown to be intact when Gwen reaches the warehouse.
  • In one shot, Kevin's shirt doesn't have the usual stain it has.
  • The hole in the sarcophagus that Darkstar broke during his fight with Kevin changes shape between shots.
  • When Ben says to Darkstar, "You may look human again", his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Swampfire appears, his Omnitrix symbol looks flat and lacks the rim.
  • After Kevin breaks the Dominus Librium, he and Gwen are sent flying at a considerable distance from Darkstar, but afterwards, both of them are shown to be lying closer to Darkstar.
  • When Darkstar looks into the mirror, it is shown to be broken. However, when he runs away threatening revenge, the mirror is intact.
  • When Gwen and Kevin help Ben get up after being knocked out, Ben's hair is black.

Ghost Town[]

  • In one shot when Zs'Skayr talks to Vilgax, the outline around his left arm is missing.
  • Once Vilgax reaches Vilgaxia along with the team, he doesn't have his black eye.
  • When Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Vilgax hide from the Ectonurites, Vilgax's arm details are missing in one shot.
  • Humungousaur's hologram appears before Ben turns into Swampfire, instead of Swampfire's hologram.
  • In one shot, an Ectonurite has a large chunk of their arm missing.
  • When Vilgax walks through the entrance of the sewer leading to his castle, his sword clips through the top of the entrance.
  • When Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Vilgax see Zs'Skayr upon reaching Vilgax's castle, three spikes on Zs'Skayr's back have the same color as his skin.
  • While Zs'Skayr is looking off of the balcony, his eye is green.
  • Ghostfreak's hologram is not displayed before Ben transforms into him.
  • Before Ben transforms into Ghostfreak, Vilgax is right behind him but after the transformation is complete, Vilgax is missing.
  • Despite his claim in Ghostfreaked Out that fusing with Ben would remove his weakness to bright light, Zs'Skayr is shown to still be vulnerable to it during his fight with Vilgax while possessing Ben's body.
  • Vilgax's armor gets damaged by Zs'Skayr, but at the end of the episode, it is intact.

Busy Box[]

  • Before Kevin pulls over, Gwen's hair is brown like Ben's.
  • When Kevin's ID Mask gets damaged, the image only falters and he doesn't revert back to his mutated form until he removes it.
  • Throughout the entire episode, whenever Ben activates the Omnitrix, the aliens' holograms either face away from him or face him at an angle. Furthermore, Humungousaur and Spidermonkey's holograms are drawn incorrectly.
  • When Ben as Humungousaur is fighting the Naljian Destructor as Humungousaur, Kevin's car is missing.
  • When Humungousaur falls onto his back, the Omnitrix symbol's rim is the same color as his skin.
  • When Humungousaur falls on Kevin's car, he damages it, and the Naljian Destructor as Gwen shoots mana which hits the car in multiple areas and all its surroundings, but when the Vreedle Brothers land, the car is in perfect shape and there is only one mana disc stuck to it.
  • Right after the Naljian Destructor yells, "Attack!" its Spidermonkey arms are missing.
  • Right before the Naljian Destructor falls over, its lower body disappears and its Spidermonkey arms turn green like Swampfire's.
  • The end credits misspell Octagon's name as "Octogon".

Con of Rath[]

  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 8 DVD misspell Zaw-Veenull, Cicely, and Jarett's names as "Zavinom", "Cicily", and "Jerret".
  • When Rath tries to pull the Omnitrix off his chest, the bottom of his mouth is black.
  • When the Incursean ship fires lasers at the Tachyon 930, the lasers seem to come out of the ship itself instead of any guns.
  • When Kevin goes to negotiate with Vulkanus, the fur under Rath's chin is orange instead of white. This error occurs again when Rath plays with the Prince before the team lands on Pantophage.
  • Before Rath returns the Prince to Cicely, his black stripes overlap the white part of his body.
  • Before Ben transforms into Rath for the second time, his hologram faces away from him.
  • The end credits misspell Octagon and Vulkanus' names as "Octogon" and "Vulcanus", respectively.


  • When the trio teleports into Primus, they are shown to be falling separately, but when Gwen and Kevin reach the ground, they fall on Ben.
  • Gwen noticebly agrees that Ben is nothing without the Omnitrix despite what she said in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.
  • Before Azmuth transforms into Rath, his hologram does not appear on the Omnitrix.
  • Vilgax should not know about Brainstorm as Ben had never transformed into him in front of Vilgax.
  • Gwen's pants are blue instead of gray when she is in shackles.
  • Before Vilgax transforms into Goop, his hologram faces away from him.
  • When Vilgax gets up after reverting from Goop, he has the Ruby Ray of Rouleau even though he had taken it off prior to wearing the Omnitrix.
  • When Vilgax falls into the Codon Stream, his outlines are green.
  • Way Big's voice is a bit higher pitched than usual.

Above and Beyond[]

  • Echo Echo, Rath and Big Chill's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When Pierce fights Ben as Goop, he breaks a single shoulder spike off and throws it, but in the next shot, two spikes are shown flying at Goop.
  • When Goop makes the tower collapse, Pierce's eyebrow is white.
  • When Manny fires his blasters at Ben and Ben kicks them away, only one blaster falls to the ground but both Manny's hands are empty. Also, Ben comments that Manny no longer has his blasters despite Manny still having two others in his lower arm holsters.
  • Somehow, Helen knows Manny fought Rath, even though she wasn't around when the fight happened.
  • When Humungousaur chases Pierce, he smashes the airlock ledge that Pierce leaps over which dents and cracks the ledge. However, in the next shot, the ledge is shown to be intact.
  • Alan, Pierce and Helen give their badges for the self-destruct of the ship, but when Pierce places the last one, Alan's badge is still on his chest.
  • The trajectory of the satellite shown on the monitor would not have it crash anywhere near London, but instead, Northern Wales.

The Secret of Chromastone[]

  • When Tetrax scrolls through Ben's aliens before transforming him into Diamondhead, their holograms face away from him. Furthermore, Brainstorm's hologram lacks the brace.
    • It is also worth noting it is unknown how he knows about Chromastone in the first place.
  • When Sugilite says "Not Ben", his mouth doesn't move.
  • Kevin's body is reciprocated twice.
  • When Diamondhead wipes his finger on his face, his arm is drawn incorrectly.
  • Although the Omnitrix would cause Ben to carry any damage sustained while transformed, he is unscathed despite Diamondhead being shattered by Tetrax.
  • The Resolute has its daytime colors instead of its nighttime colors in several shots.
  • Echo Echo's hologram has an elongated neck.
  • When Ben is about to select Way Big before mistransforming into Humungousaur, an alien's hologram pops up but vanishes quickly. The alien in question isn't clearly visible.
  • When Ben is about to turn into Diamondhead for the second time, Gwen's eyes are doubled.
  • At one point while Diamondhead is carrying the Petropia Back-up Crystal, it is pink instead of red.
  • All of the Petrosapiens in the crowd appear to be adult males and have Chromastone's body texture.
  • In one shot, Sugilite's eye is on his forehead.
  • When Sugilite talks to Ben at the end, he says "I am in your debt, as are all Crystalsapiens", instead of Petrosapiens.However, according to Dwayne McDuffie, Sugilite "knows a secret".[citation needed]


  • When Kevin drops Ben and Gwen off at Ben's house, he has a black eye.
  • Kevin's pants are the same color as Gwen's in one shot.
  • When Kevin leaves Ben's house after asking Ben and Gwen what they know about Ragnarok, half of Ben's hair is darker.
  • When Ragnarok destroys the engine coupling of the ship that Max and Devin are in, the ship should keep going at the same speed due to inertia and lack of friction, but it stops completely.
  • Before Lodestar uses his powers to attack Ragnarok, Lodestar is taller than usual.
  • Diamondhead's jaw does not move when he shouts his name.

Time Heals[]

  • Although Kevin removes his ID Mask in one shot, it is missing from his hand in the next shot.
  • Before Gwen casts the time travelling spell the first two times, she draws a triangle on the ground with chalk, and lights candles at each end of the triangle. However, when she casts it the third time, the spell works without her doing it.
  • When the Rock Monsters destroy Gwen's house door, Gwen flees, but the door is intact when the exterior is shown.
  • When Gwen frees Spidermonkey, she is facing the wall behind him and he has his back to it, but in the next shot, they have both turned around.
  • Swampfire's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Charmcaster counters Swampfire's fire blast with a water blast, she has blue eyes.
  • When Swampfire shoots the ceiling above Hex, it is intact, even though it was open by Gwen's carving when he came in.
  • When Ben is about to transform to battle Hex and Charmcaster, no holograms appear on the Omnitrix.
  • When Gwen goes back in time for the second time, in the establishing shot of Kevin's garage, his car is missing even though it should be there.

The Final Battle: Part 1[]

  • In one shot, when Myaxx talks to Azmuth, her neck is not covered by her clothing.
  • The Galvans in the security footage maintain their regular coloring despite everything else being tinted green.
  • Albedo's hair in the security footage in the green tinted video is dark, but a green tint on white hair wouldn't make it dark.
  • When Albedo puts the Omnitrix core into the Ultimatrix, the wrist couplings are not there, but when the symbol changes from green to red, the wrist couplings are there.
  • When Albedo raises his arm after putting the Ultimatrix's core into the gauntlet, the Ultimatrix's dial is sideways.
  • After Albedo passes Lodestar, Humungousaur and Echo Echo's holograms on the Ultimatrix, the couplings are silver and so is the core.
  • In one shot, Albedo is shown turning the Ultimatrix's dial even though it is covered by his sleeve.
  • When Gwen tries to remove Ben's shackle, Ben's arm is next to his body on the next shot.
  • The shackle on Ben's wrist keeps disappearing.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • During Big Chill's transformation sequence, the stripes on Ben's jacket are on the wrong sleeve.
  • When Ben talks to Kevin about Sumo Slammers, the Omnitrix is missing from Ben's wrist.
  • When Albedo walks into the path of Kevin's car, the "10" emblem on his jacket is the same color as his pants.
  • Diamondhead's hologram faces away from Albedo. Also, the Ultimatrix's core pops up without Albedo activating it.
  • Despite Kevin's ID Mask getting damaged from the crash, it doesn't turn him back into his mutated form until he takes it off.
  • Kevin is shown to be wearing his seatbelt when he crashes and even just before Negative Diamondhead pulls him out of the car, but when Negative Diamondhead does pull him (and throw him) out of the car, there is no resistance (not even a stretch) from the seatbelt.
  • Negative Diamondhead throws Kevin and his car's door onto another car. However in the next shot the car door is missing.
  • After Diamondhead shoots Kevin in the back with diamond shards, he has the others in his back. Then, after he charges Diamondhead with a crushed-up car, the other shards are not there, nor are there any holes from them.
  • Kevin's car changes position between shots.
  • When Albedo as Negative Diamondhead enters his hideout, he only has Kevin in his hands, but when he transforms back to human after dropping Kevin, he has a packet of chili fries.
  • When Albedo defeats Kevin, the car is only damaged, but when Gwen stumbles upon it, it is overturned.
  • For some reason there, seems to be diamond shards in the car despite the fact that the only part of the car damaged by Negative Diamondhead was the door.
  • Albedo transforms into Swampfire without activating the Ultimatrix.
  • When Swampfire shoots methane gas out of his hand, he has five fingers instead of four.
  • When Albedo goes after Max, Spidermonkey comes in through the roof of the Rust Bucket 2, but when he turns into Rath and busts through the side, the hole on the roof is no longer there.
  • After Albedo attacks Max and the episode cuts to Ben's room, Ben's jacket is shown draped over his desk chair even though he is wearing it.
  • When Gwen and Kevin are on Ben's TV, they are shown in the wrong perspective.
  • When Albedo is about to turn into Humungousaur, the Ultimatrix looks like an Omnitrix with a red color scheme.
  • When Albedo transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur, the spikes on the Ultimatrix symbol don't appear until after he gets fully consumed by the red light.
  • When Vilgax grabs Kevin, he has no lips.
  • When Humungousaur surrenders, his Omnitrix symbol extends out from the silver rim.
  • The end credits misspell Ishiyama's name as "Ishyama".

The Final Battle: Part 2[]

  • In the previous episode, Negative Ultimate Humungousaur was with Vilgax when he obtained the Omnitrix, but in this episode, he is not seen until he charges at the team before they teleport.
  • Vilgax's Bioid army is arranged differently compared to the ending of the previous episode.
  • Kevin is further away from Gwen compared to the ending of the previous episode.
  • Max should not have been able to save the teleportation spell's page in Gwen's spellbook because he is not a magic user and does not know how to read magic.
  • When Max hands over the spellbook to Gwen, Kevin has shaped his arm into a mallet but when Ultimate Humungousaur charges towards them, his hand is shown to be normal. Once Gwen casts the spell to teleport them, Kevin's hand is again shaped into a mallet.
  • Before Vilgax transforms his Bioids into Humungousaur, the Omnitrix's dial pops up without Vilgax activating it.
  • When Vilgax's Bioids transform into Humungousaur, they do not transform all at once but instead group by group.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur reverts to Albedo without reverting to Humungousaur first.
  • When Vilgax walks away from Albedo who is dogpiled by the Humungousaurs, four of the Humungousaurs don't have the Omnitrix symbols on them.
  • The Rust Bucket 2 does not have any holes from the damage it suffered in the previous episode.
  • When Max stops the Rust Bucket 2, there are no stripes on it.
  • Despite it raining, neither Ben nor Gwen show any sign of getting wet when they are outside.
  • When Ben walks past his jacket, there is a perspective error, where it looks much bigger than it should be.
  • In Secret of the Omnitrix, transforming into an alien while the Omnitrix was in Self-Destruct Mode would cause the timer to accelerate. However, in this episode, that does not happen when Vilgax turns his Bioids into aliens.
  • When Vilgax turns his Bioids into Humungousaur, the Bioids keep shouting Humungousaur's name, but when he turns his Bioids into Diamondhead, Lodestar, Spidermonkey and Swampfire, that doesn't happen.
  • Before Vilgax transforms his Bioids into Diamondhead and Lodestar, their holograms face away from him. Furthermore, Diamondhead's hologram lacks the patterns on the stomach and legs.
  • When the Bioids are transformed into Swampfire, they are farther than they originally were.
  • The destroyed Omnitrix looks different between shots.
  • When Kevin falls down after the Omnitrix is destroyed, there are no Bioids near where he and Gwen are, but when Ben runs towards him after hearing him scream, there are Bioids. This happens again when Vilgax smashes the ship's console.
  • Before Kevin reverts from his mutation, his right arm is missing its shine.
  • When Kevin reverts from his mutation, his head is on Gwen's lap, but when she stares at him along with Ben and Max, she seems to be at his side.
  • When Kevin gets up after reverting from his mutation, there are four standing Bioids, but when he punches Vilgax, there is only one standing Bioid.
  • When Kevin punches Vilgax, Albedo and the structure that he is chained to are missing.
  • When Ben activates the Ultimatrix's self-destruct mode, he says "Omnitrix self-destruct" instead of "Ultimatrix self-destruct".
  • When Ben puts on the Ultimatrix, the watch shrinks over the sleeve of his jacket. When he lifts up his arm, it is under his sleeve.
  • Although Ben is wearing the Ultimatrix, the sound that it makes when he transforms into Swampfire is that of the Omnitrix.
  • When Swampfire asks Kevin if he's got his back, Kevin is thinner than usual.
  • Kevin is missing in one scene when Ultimate Swampfire and Vilgax are fighting.
  • In one shot, Kevin's upper body features aren't drawn.
  • Right before Vilgax's ship explodes, Kevin is to Gwen's left and Max is to her right. When they come out of the water, their positions are exchanged.
  • Kevin's arm is doubled in one shot.
  • Ben and Gwen seem to be shorter than usual compared to Kevin after Ben lands in the mana field.
  • The Ultimatrix is not listed in the end credits.


Crew Statements[]

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