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Ben 10: Alien Force is the second iteration of the Ben 10 franchise and the sequel of the original Ben 10 series. It was created by the studio Man of Action and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

The storyline is notable for having matured the characters and taking a darker tone, with increased narrative complexity and frequency of character deaths. Despite initially mixed reactions to the change from fans, Alien Force garnered positive reviews and successful ratings, leading to further continuation of the franchise and thus the production of a sequel series called Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Five years after the Original Series, 15-year old Ben Tennyson has returned to a normal, everyday life. His adventures all done, Ben has taken off the Omnitrix and has grown from a young boy into a confident teenager; however, the mysterious disappearance of Grandpa Max makes Ben put the Omnitrix back on, as well as forcing him, his cousin Gwen, and his old enemy Kevin to search and locate Grandpa Max. At the same time, they must enlist the help of the Plumbers' kids (children or grandchildren of retired Plumbers which are commonly half human and half alien) and repel attacks from a new enemy, the Highbreed.

In the third and final season, Vilgax returns as the main antagonist, forcing Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to tackle bigger problems and find out more secrets about the Omnitrix. In the series finale, The Final Battle, Ben faces Vilgax again in their final battle, destroying the Omnitrix in the process. At the end, Ben is now armed with a new Omnitrix called the Ultimatrix.



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The opening showed Ben's ten main aliens in Alien Force. Only the silhouette of Alien X was seen in the opening at the first season, while his full image was later seen at the start of season two and onward. The theme song is an orchestral version of the first and second verses of the Original Series' intro.


  • It was called Ben 10: Hero Generation during the pre-production stage.[ES 1]
  • The original Alien Force logo had the Original Series' Ben 10 logo rather than the current one.
  • Glen Murakami and Dwayne McDuffie were developing a new show for Cartoon Network. The network asked Glen if he would do a revamp of Ben 10. After daily discussions with Dwayne, Glen asked him to be part of the project. The network had a lot of creative ideas and Glen and Dwayne went through them. The network wanted to age Ben up and have Kevin as part of the team. That wasn't set but Glen and Dwayne both liked the idea. They mixed and matched between what the network thought up and what they wanted to do.[DM 2]
    • Glen described his vision for the show as "three kids wandering around finding aliens". He likened the tone of Alien Force to different movies and series such as Breaking Away (which he was a fan of), Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Stranger Things. While Glen intended the show to be more like a mystery show, the network wanted it to be "poppier".[AC 1]
    • Glen also imagined the show as "Scooby-Doo meets The X-Files", citing the strong "mystery meets sci-fi" nature of the program.[GM 1]
  • It took about nine months to complete one episode of Alien Force.[DM 3]
  • By April 22, 2008, Seasons 1 and 2 were in post-production, as scripting and voice acting had both been completed.[GM 2]
  • Writing for all 20 episodes of Season 3 was completed sometime before March 29, 2009.[DM 3][DM 4]
    • The season ended up being very different from what the crew hoped to do, but they came up with something else they liked.[DM 5]
    • Glen wanted to do a Cthulhu arc where Vilgax's "squid face" was to be used to some advantage, but it was not to be.[DM 6] The idea was later used in Season 3 of Ultimate Alien.
  • When Glen and Dwayne started coming up with ideas for the Omnitrix aliens, they decided to combine the powers of two different aliens into one alien, such as Swampfire, who has the powers of Heatblast and Wildvine. An exception to this is Humungousaur, who was created because they thought it would be neat to have a "big strong guy".[GM 2]
    • The crew was told to keep a lot of the silhouettes for the aliens very humanoid and more of a standard strong superhero build. A lot of consideration was taken into fitting them onto a blister card and onto the toy shelf.[GM 3]
    • After the aliens were fleshed out, Man of Action looked everything over.[DM 7]
  • Season 1 takes place over a couple months.[2][3]
  • Many scenes take place in the dark because Glen likes shows that take place at night. It has the element of teens sneaking out and getting into trouble. It also added to the air of mystery.[GM 1]
  • On iTunes and PlayStation Network, Season 3 was split into two seasons to make Season 4 (Primus is the first episode of Season 4).
  • The font for the text in this series and Ultimate Alien is Antique Olive Nord.

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