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Ben 10: Alien Force is the second iteration of the Ben 10 franchise and the sequel of the original Ben 10 series. It was created by the studio Man of Action and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

The storyline is notable for having matured the characters into teens and taking a darker tone, with increased narrative complexity and frequency of character deaths. Despite initially mixed reactions to the change from fans, Alien Force garnered positive reviews and successful ratings, leading to further continuation of the franchise and thus the production of a sequel series called Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Ben Tennyson is now 15 and becoming a leader wearing his powerful Omnitrix again. Grandpa Max is missing and Ben needs the help of Gwen and Kevin to find him.[APV 1]


Five years after the Original Series, 15-year-old Ben Tennyson has returned to a normal, everyday life. His adventures all done, Ben has taken off the Omnitrix and has grown from a young boy into a confident teenager; however, the mysterious disappearance of Grandpa Max makes Ben put the Omnitrix back on, as well as forcing him; his cousin Gwen; and his old enemy Kevin to search and locate Grandpa Max. At the same time, they must enlist the help of the Plumbers' kids (children or grandchildren of retired Plumbers which are commonly half human and half alien) and repel attacks from a new enemy, the Highbreed.

In the second season, Vilgax returns as the main antagonist, forcing Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to tackle bigger problems and find out more secrets about the Omnitrix. In the series finale, The Final Battle, Ben faces Vilgax again in their final battle, destroying the Omnitrix in the process. At the end, Ben is now armed with a new Omnitrix called the Ultimatrix.



Main Characters[]

Secondary Characters[]



Main Villains[]

Secondary Villains[]

Forever Knights[]

Incursean Empire[]



Original Aliens[]

Additional Aliens[]

Ultimate Forms[]



Video Games[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Korean 벤 10: 에일리언 포스 Ben 10: Alien Force
Portuguese (Br) Ben 10: Força Alienigena Ben 10: Alien Force
Spanish (Spain) Ben 10: Fuerza Alienigena Ben 10: Alien Force


Voice Cast[]

Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Alien X
JT (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Soccer Player #1 (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Sparring Partner (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Truck Driver (Pier Pressure)
Pilot (Be-Knighted)
Student (Good Copy, Bad Copy)
DNAlien (Unearthed)
Patrolman (Inferno)
Radio Announcer (Simple)
Captive (Time Heals)
Various Forever Knights
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Carol Smith
Girl (Ghost Town)
Mother (Ghost Town)
Mr. Smoothy Employee (The Secret of Chromastone)
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Soccer Player #2 (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Farmer's Son (Voided)
DNAlien (Inside Man)
Alien #2 (Fool's Gold)
Kid #1 (Singlehanded)
Kid (In Charm's Way)
Various Forever Knights
Dee Bradley Baker Swampfire
Ultimate Swampfire
Echo Echo
Ultimate Humungousaur
Big Chill
Way Big
Officer Wells
Pickaxe Aliens
Big Chill's Offspring
Unnamed Turrawuste Bug Creature
Tiny's Mother
Mr. Smoothy Mascot
Naljian Destructor
Prince of Lewoda
Rock Monsters
Cop (Save the Last Dance)
Driver (Save the Last Dance)
Farmer (Voided)
Highbreed (Birds of a Feather)
Man (War of the Worlds: Part 1)
Policeman (Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1)
Alien #5 (Fool's Gold)
Seedling 2 (If All Else Fails)
Moley (Ghost Town)
Various Forever Knights
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Highbreed (Darkstar Rising, Inside Man and If All Else Fails)
Truck Driver (All That Glitters)
Moe (Max Out)
Serf (Voided)
DNAliens (Inside Man and War of the Worlds: Part 2)
Alien #4 (Fool's Gold)
John DiMaggio Rath
Octagon Vreedle
Judge Domstol
Computer Voice (Above and Beyond)
Vyvan Pham Julie Yamamoto
Sandra Tennyson (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Waitress (Save the Last Dance)
Kid #2 (Singlehanded)
Tara Strong Attea
Rob Paulsen Baz-l
Rhomboid Vreedle
Cotton Candy Vendor (Pier Pressure)
Patrolman (Pier Pressure)
Alexander Polinsky Argit
Dwight Schultz Dr. Animo
Null Guardians
Richard McGonagle Reinrassig III
Highbreed (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, Ben 10 Returns: Part 2, Max Out and Inside Man)
General Groff
Former Highbreed Supreme
Sensei (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Officer (Everybody Talks About the Weather)
Desk Sergeant (Inside Man)
Colonel (If All Else Fails)
Various Forever Knights
Kevin Michael Richardson Highbreed Commander
Sheriff Mason
Sir Morton
Ship Battle Mode
Guard (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1)
Warrior #1 (X = Ben + 2)
Highbreed (Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 and Grounded)
DNAlien (Grounded)
Various Forever Knights
Jeff Bennett Ghostfreak
Magister Labrid
Tiny's Father
Blue Leader
Red Leader
DNAlien (Unearthed)
Rath (Primus)
Humungousaur (Primus)
Guard #1 (Ghost Town)
Policeman (The Final Battle: Part 1)
James Remar Vilgax
Goop (Primus)
Guard #2 (Ghost Town)
David McCallum Professor Paradox
Zeno Robinson Alan Albright
Kari Wahlgren Charmcaster
Wil Wheaton Darkstar
Khary Payton Manny
TV Announcer (Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1)
Juliet Landau Verdona
Natalie Tennyson
Adam Wylie Pierce
Kim Mai Guest Lucy
Zombie Girls (All That Glitters)
Kamali Minter Trina
Zombie Girls (All That Glitters)
Diane Delano Edna
Will Friedle Ken Tennyson
Shem (Max Out)
Barbara Bain Human Verdona
George Newbern Frank Tennyson
Matt Levin Cash Murray
Scott Menville JT
Greg Ellis Squire
Various Forever Knights
Jailer (Good Copy, Bad Copy)
Michael York Patrick
Hakeem Kae-Kazim Connor
Clancy Brown Dragon
James Arnold Taylor Raff
Attendant (X = Ben + 2)
Kevin Conroy Bellicus
Warrior #2 (X = Ben + 2)
Vicki Lewis Serena
J.K. Simmons Magister Prior Gilhil
Robert David Hall Forever Knight (Good Copy, Bad Copy)
Counterman (Good Copy, Bad Copy)
Highbreed Guard (War of the Worlds: Part 1 and Part 2)
Tim Curry Joseph Chadwick
Beth Littleford Sandra Tennyson (Grounded)
Don McManus Carl Tennyson
Wallace Langham Tyler
DNAlien (Inside Man)
Diedrich Bader Simian
Brian George Mayor Coleman
Alien #3 (Fool's Gold)
Powers Boothe Sunder
Diane Michelle Cosmic Mom
Dave Fennoy Tetrax
Pamela Adlon Kevin's Mother
Ioan Gruffudd Devin Levin
Robot Guard (Vendetta)

Live-Action Cast[]

Actor Role
Ryan Kelley Ben Tennyson
Galadriel Stineman Gwen Tennyson
Nathan Keyes Kevin Levin
Alyssa Diaz Elena Valadis
Barry Corbin Max Tennyson
Herbert Siguenza Victor Valadis
Dee Bradley Baker Big Chill
Alex Winter Nanomech
Jeremy Decarlos Helio
Brian Beegle Genaro
Eric Mendenhall Fitz
Tony Larkin Ship-It Employee
Wendy Cutler The Queen
Patrick Cox Big Ed
Michelle Wang Molly
Joyce Kurtz Computer
Aaron Munoz Psycho 1
Justin Welborn Psycho 2
Wilbur Fitzgerald Financial Guy in Suit
Deborah Duke Nurse
Nicole Krausen International Plumber 1
Shankar N. Mahadevan International Plumber 2
Cesar Aguirre Mechanic Zombie
Grace Baine Alien
Stephen Bise Robe-Wearing Zombie
Factory Worker Zombie #1
Erin Leigh Bushko Factory Worker Zombie #2
Jon Gould Stand-In
Factory Worker
Travis Grant Zombie College Student
Jevocas Green Assembly Line Zombie
Ashley Harvin Factory Worker Zombie #3
Roger Herrera Forklift Driver
Barry Hopkins Factory Worker Zombie #4
Shawn Knowles Zombie Street Hoodlum
Micheal Leath Zombie College Student
Candace Mabry Factory Worker Zombie #5
Lynn McArthur Waitress Zombie
Katherine Neslund Zombie Assembly Line Worker
Bill Pacer Factory Worker Zombie #6
Timothy Douglas Perez Forklift Operator #1
Tammy Luthi Retzlaff Zombie Mom
Lauren Rothermel Business Woman
Sean M. Sellers Factory Worker Zombie #7
Jimmy Shaw Zombie Worker
Sonya Thompson Factory Worker Zombie #8
Joe Walsh Mind controlled Zombie
Steve Warren Factory Worker Zombie #9
Ken R. Wheeler Forklift Operator #2
Erika J. Wood Factory Worker Zombie #10
Factory Chasing Zombie


Theme Song[]

Main Article: Theme Song (Alien Force)

The theme song shows a slideshow of Ben's first ten aliens in Alien Force. Initially in the first season, the tenth alien, Alien X, was kept as a mysterious silhouette. His full image was later shown after his debut. The melody is an orchestral remix of the two verses of the Original Series' theme song.


  • Many scenes take place in the dark because Glen Murakami likes shows that take place at night. It has the element of teens sneaking out and getting into trouble. It also added to the air of mystery.[GM 1]
    • The network complained about there being too many episodes taking place at night.[AC 1]
    • In response to fan complaints that the backgrounds were too dark at times, T.J. Collins stated that it was probably from the color correction of newer TVs. Glen was always very aware of how the colors would appear on the television and would never want to lose detail.[TJC 1] The crew watched every episode that came back and, because the TVs they used were calibrated the same as the computer monitors they had used to do the art, nothing ever looked too dark.[TJC 2]
  • Glen and Dwayne McDuffie were developing a new show for Cartoon Network. The network asked Glen if he would do a revamp of Ben 10. After daily discussions with Dwayne, Glen asked him to be part of the project. The network had a lot of creative ideas and Glen and Dwayne went through them. The network wanted to age Ben up and have Kevin as part of the team. That wasn't set but Glen and Dwayne both liked the idea. They mixed and matched between what the network thought up and what they wanted to do.[DM 2]
  • It took about nine months to complete one episode of Alien Force.[DM 3]
  • Although the first 26 episodes were conceived and produced as one season, they were aired as two seasons of 13 episodes each.[DM 4][TJC 3]
  • By April 22, 2008, Season 1 was in post-production, as scripting and voice acting had both been completed.[GM 2]
  • Writing for all 20 episodes of Season 2 was completed sometime before March 29, 2009.[DM 3][DM 5]
    • The original plans for the season were that Kevin would mutate to save Gwen. However, the original plans were scrapped by network executives and the season ended up being very different from what Dwayne and the crew had hoped to do. Luckily, they came up with something else they liked[ES 1][DM 6] while the original plans involving Kevin were later reworked into Ultimate Alien.
    • Glen had wanted to do a Cthulhu arc where Vilgax's "squid face" was to be used to some advantage, but it was not to be.[DM 7] The idea was later used in Season 3 of Ultimate Alien.
  • When Glen and Dwayne started coming up with ideas for the Omnitrix aliens, they decided to combine the powers of two different aliens into one alien, such as Swampfire, who has the powers of Heatblast and Wildvine. An exception to this is Humungousaur, who was created because they thought it would be neat to have a "big strong guy".[GM 2]
    • The crew was told to keep a lot of the silhouettes for the aliens very humanoid and more of a standard strong superhero build. A lot of consideration was taken into fitting them onto a blister card and onto the toy shelf.[GM 3]
    • After the aliens were fleshed out, Man of Action looked everything over.[DM 8]
  • On iTunes and PlayStation Network, Season 3 (in the airing order) was split into two seasons to make Season 4 (Primus is the first episode of Season 4).
  • The credits font for the text in this series and Ultimate Alien is Antique Olive Nord.


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