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The following is a list of episodes for the original Ben 10 series. There are a total of 49 episodes, 3 movies, 9 shorts and 1 special. Although the series was produced as two seasons with 26 episodes each, it was written and aired as four seasons with 13 episodes each, with the movie Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix serving as the first three episodes of the fourth season. Furthermore, several episodes aired out of order.[note 1]

This article is about the Ben 10 episodes in production order. You might have been looking for the U.S. airing order.
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Season 1: 2005 - 2006 (Episodes 1 - 13)

Image Title Number Overall Overall (franchise) Original Airdate
OS01 (Widescreen).png And Then There Were 10 1 1 1 December 27, 2005
Ben gains a device, the Omnitrix, which allows him to transform into many aliens with incredible powers!
Washington b.c..png Washington B.C. 2 2 2 January 13, 2006
A sinister and cruel scientist by the name of Aloysius Animo wreaks havoc on Washington.
The Krakken.png The Krakken 3 3 3 January 14, 2006
A man named Jonah steals the Krakken's eggs, causing the lake monster to go wild.
Limax.png Permanent Retirement 4 4 4 January 21, 2006
Ben visits his great Aunt Vera in a retirement home, but discovers that creatures called the Limax are taking over residents' bodies.
Hunted.png Hunted 5 5 5 January 28, 2006
Vilgax sends three bounty hunters to get the Omnitrix, but they have a tough time doing so.
Last laugh.png Last Laugh 6 6 6 February 25, 2006
When an evil circus clown kidnaps Gwen, Ben must conquer his fear of clowns to stop him.
Kevin11.png Kevin 11 7 7 7 February 11, 2006
After a fight with Grandpa Max, Ben makes friends with a kid called Kevin, who goes mad with power!
Tourist Trap.png Tourist Trap 8 8 8 February 4, 2006
Ben visits Sparksville, a town full of cheesy exhibits, and unintentionally lets loose an alien with a dangerous sense of humor.
The Alliance.png The Alliance 9 9 9 February 18, 2006
When Grandpa Max gets injured in a fight, Ben decides that he and Gwen are better off without him.
Lucky Girl B10.png Lucky Girl 10 10 10 March 4, 2006
When Ben gives Gwen a luck charm, she decides to become a hero called "Lucky Girl".
Small Problem4.png A Small Problem 11 11 11 March 11, 2006
Ben (as Grey Matter) gets caught by a man named Howell, who hands him over to the Forever Knights.
Side Effects.png Side Effects 12 12 12 March 18, 2006
Ben catches a cold, which turns out to have interesting side effects on his aliens when he battles a bug villain named Clancy.
Secrets vilgax ben.png Secrets 13 13 13 March 25, 2006
Ben encounters his most deadly enemy yet: Vilgax, who plans to steal the Omnitrix and use it to rule the universe!

Season 2: 2006 (Episodes 14 - 26)

Image Title Number Overall Overall (franchise) Original Airdate
Truth.png Truth 1 14 14 May 29, 2006
The gang meet an old colleague of Grandpa who is not all he seems.
Great One.png The Big Tick 2 15 15 May 30, 2006
Ben has to face a new, extremely dangerous threat, using a brand new alien.
Framed.png Framed 3 16 16 May 31, 2006
Kevin is back! This time he frames Ben of being a menace, before merging into an incredibly powerful form!
Gwen 10.png Gwen 10 4 17 17 June 1, 2006
Ben wakes up in an alternate world where Gwen finds the Omnitrix.
Grudge Match.png Grudge Match 5 18 18 June 7, 2006
Ben and Kevin are taken on board an intergalactic wrestling ship. Now they must put aside their differences to escape...if they survive first.
Galactic Enforcers.png The Galactic Enforcers 6 19 19 June 13, 2006
A group of super heroes team up with Ben to defeat SixSix and Vulkanus who plan on building a bomb that could destroy the solar system.
Ghostfreaked Out.png Ghostfreaked Out 7 20 20 July 25, 2006
Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix and vows Ben's body!
Sword of Ekchuah.png Ultimate Weapon 8 21 21 July 6, 2006
Grandpa Max starts behaving differently when the Forever Knights plan to steal the Sword of Ek Chuaj.
Camp Opinicon.png Camp Fear 9 22 22 June 21, 2006
Ben goes to a camp which has been taken over by alien plants.
Tough luck.png Tough Luck 10 23 23 July 12, 2006
Gwen needs to become Lucky Girl again when Hex and Charmcaster return for vengeance.
They lurk below.png They Lurk Below 11 24 24 July 18, 2006
Ben encounters the cause for the Bermuda Triangle.
Mutated Crab.png Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray 12 25 25 August 25, 2006
Dr Animo returns whilst Ben has some problems with his alien forms.
Kevin 11 Heatblast Vilgax.png Back with a Vengeance 13 26 26 October 9, 2006
Ben unlocks an unstoppable combination on the Omnitrix! And since Vilgax and Kevin join forces, he's going to need it!

Season 3: 2006 - 2007 (Episodes 27 - 39)

Image Title Number Overall Overall (franchise) Original Airdate
Midnight Madness.png Midnight Madness 1 27 27 December 2, 2006
An evil hypnotist prepares to turn all the people in a shopping mall into his own slaves...forever!
Ben 10,000.png Ben 10,000 2 28 28 November 25, 2006
Ben travels to the future and meets his older self but finds out he is not all he expected.
A Change of Face.png A Change of Face 3 29 29 December 9, 2006
Charmcaster returns with a new, mastermind plan to get the Omnitrix.
Max Santa.png Merry Christmas 4 30 30 December 11, 2006
Grandpa Max is kidnapped and turned into a fake Santa Claus.
Fgh.png Benwolf 5 31 31 February 17, 2007
Ben is attacked by the Yenaldooshi and is beginning to turn into a werewolf - or is he?
Game Over.png Game Over 6 32 32 February 24, 2007
Ben and Gwen are sucked into Ben's favorite game, Sumo Slammers!
Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures.png Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures 7 33 33 February 24, 2007
Ben finds people making shows about his alien forms.
Mummy.png Under Wraps 8 34 34 March 10, 2007
Ben faces a tough fight with a Mummy who possesses a strange crystal that could turn everyone into a monster!
S.A.M Monster Weather.png Monster Weather 9 35 35 March 24, 2007
A weather machine goes out of control and starts making weather monsters!
Unnaturals.png The Unnaturals 10 36 36 March 17, 2007
Ben finds out that Cash and J.T. are playing a baseball match. However the opposing team is not real. They're too perfect...
The visitor.png The Visitor 11 37 37 April 21, 2007
Grandpa Max's alien friend Xylene returns to Earth to give him the Omnitrix and Ben unlocks a brand new alien.
TheReturn.png The Return 12 38 38 April 7, 2007
Dr Viktor, the Werewolf and the Mummy team up to bring Zs'Skayr back.
Be Afraid of the Dark.png Be Afraid of the Dark 13 39 39 April 14, 2007
Zs'Skayr plans to block out the sun and make the Earth a dark, dark place....

Season 4: 2007 - 2008 (Episodes 40 - 52)

Image Title Number Overall Overall (franchise) Original Airdate
1SOTO (33).png Secret of the Omnitrix 1 - 3 40 - 42 40 - 42 August 10, 2007
The Omnitrix is set to self-destruct, so Ben must go with Tetrax to find Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix!
Ben and girls.png Perfect Day 4 43 43 July 14, 2007
Ben has a great day! But when the Forever Knights are shown to be behind it, it turns out to be a nightmare.
Ditto22.png Divided We Stand 5 44 44 July 19, 2007
Ben unlocks a new alien, Ditto! Meanwhile, Dr. Animo returns with plans to utilize the Omnitrix for himself.
Drink (732).png Don't Drink the Water 6 45 45 July 26, 2007
Hex returns for the water of the Fountain of Youth.
Big Fat Alien Wedding.png Big Fat Alien Wedding 7 46 46 August 2, 2007
The trio attend a wedding between a Tennyson and an alien.
GB (798).png Ben 4 Good Buddy 8 47 47 September 22, 2007
Three crooks steal the Rustbucket.
Ready To Rumble.png Ready to Rumble 9 48 48 September 29, 2007
Thinking he broke Gwen's laptop, Ben signs up for a wrestling tournament to get the money required to replace it.
DevlinKenny.png Ken 10 10 49 49 October 6, 2007
In the future, Ken, the son of Ben, gets an Omnitrix... and a new best friend. But that friend has a connection with Kevin...
Riddance (147).png Goodbye and Good Riddance 11 50 50 April 15, 2008
Ben's done with summer, but Vilgax isn't done with Ben!
Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 Part 1.png Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1 12 51 51 March 9, 2008
Driscoll, the Forever King, creates a team to destroy Ben.
Negative 10.png Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 2 13 52 52 March 9, 2008
Ben prepares for his greatest battle yet!


Image Title Original Airdate
Ben-10-race-against-time-umd-movie-psp-cover.png Ben 10: Race Against Time November 21, 2007
A new enemy called Eon comes for the Hands of Armageddon.
Ben-10-Destroy-All-Aliens-post.png Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens March 23, 2012
Ben becomes targeted by an evil Mechamorph Warrior called "Retaliator", who mistakenly blames him for something he did not do and threatens to destroy all aliens!


Image Title Number Original Airdate
Hijacked.PNG Hijacked 1 July 14, 2007
When Max and Gwen trust Ben to look over the Rust Bucket, two people make the mistake of hijacking the RV.
Snack Break.PNG Snack Break 2 February 18, 2008
Ben tries to cheat a snack vending machine by turning into Grey Matter.
Survialshort.png Survival Skills 3 March 10, 2008
Max makes Ben build a campfire warning him not to use the Omnitrix but Ben still disobeys.
Radio Dazed.png Radio Dazed 4 March 24, 2008
Ben goes Upgrade to get the radio station that HE wants to hear!
Sleepaway Camper.png Sleepaway Camper 5 April 7, 2008
Ben gets fed up with Grandpa Max snoring, even after he tries several ways of falling asleep!
Dogged Pursuit.png Dogged Pursuit 6 April 21, 2008
Ben chases a robber who stole an old lady's purse, but then he finds the old lady as a bigger problem!
Let The Games Begin.png Let the Games Begin 7 July 1, 2008
Ben tries to cheat at Bingo by first using XLR8.
Handle With Care.png Handle with Care 8 July 8, 2008
Ben transforms into Diamondhead when a couple of robbers break into a crystal art museum. He tries to keep the eggs away from the robbers, but also tries to avoid breaking them.
NoImageAvailable.png Destroy All Aliens 9 April 13, 2013
Ben and Gwen find themselves on Petropia and have to work together to traverse the planet.
Zzzben10roadtriprumble0.png Road Trip Rumble 10 March 12, 2012
Ben and Gwen's backseat bickering escalates into an all out battle between Ben's Omnitrix and Gwen's magic. Ben fights Gwen as Four Arms and Upgrade eventually destroying their surroundings, upsetting Grandpa Max.


Image Title Original Airdate
I10 Logo.png I-10: The Ben 10 User Generated Experience April 14, 2008
Cartoon Network gives the Ben 10 fans a chance to say what they like about the show, as well as revealing behind the scenes facts, sneak peeks of the upcoming series, and promoting fanmade videos.


  1. Although Washington B.C. was produced as the first episode of the original series, and by extension, the entire franchise,[KM 1] since And Then There Were 10 chronologically takes place before it and lays the foundation for the rest of the series, the wiki considers And Then There Were 10 to be the first episode and Washington B.C. the second episode.


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