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Ben 10,000 Returns is the seventh episode of the third season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the twenty-seventh episode overall.


Eon is back and it's up to an older and wiser Ben from the future to help the crew defeat him using the Hands of Armageddon to win the battle.[CN 1]


B10kR (5)

Eon's return

Twenty years into the future, Eon is attacking Ben 10,000's headquarters. Ben 10,000 criticizes Eon's decision to attack him alone. He is then attacked by Eon's servants, but Ben 10,000 fights Eon and his servants with his Ultimatrix. He evolves into Ultimate Ben and uses the powers of Ultimate Humungousaur, Arctiguana, and Heatblast. As Eon is about to hit Ben 10,000 with a time ray, Ultimate Ben uses Clockwork's time ray and apparently destroys Eon and his servants before reverting to his normal form. Suddenly, Paradox appears and tells Ben 10,000 that the fight with Eon is not over and that it has barely just begun.

Back in the present, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are investigating a signal the Ultimatrix found. They find the Hands of Armageddon, and when Ben touches it, it releases some of Eon's servants. Ben transforms into Spidermonkey to fight, but after defeating them, they disappear. In the future, Paradox tells Ben 10,000 that Eon is not dead, and he is destroying alternate versions of Ben. Realizing he is targeting his past self, Paradox and Ben 10,000 go to the past to meet the gang after Gwen uses a spell to use the Hands of Armageddon to see through time. Soon, Paradox and Ben 10,000 appear.

B10kR (206)

Ben meets Ben 10,000

Ben 10,000 reveals he is a different future version than the one Ben met when he was 10 and that he is Ben's real future. Paradox informs them that the Hands of Armageddon is the source of their troubles, so Four Arms and Ben 10,000 strap the Hands of Armageddon in the Rustbucket 3, and Paradox explains cross-time to the team. After the explanation, the Hands of Armageddon reactivates and releases more servants. Ben attempts to transform into Rath, but he transforms into Goop instead and Ben 10,000 evolves into Ultimate Ben, who uses Big Chill, Spidermonkey and Ultimate Humungousaur's powers to fight. When the ship goes down, Ultimate Ben uses Jetray's powers to land the ship safely.

Paradox appears again and tells them that the Hands of Armageddon must be destroyed. Ben transforms into Way Big and Ultimate Ben uses Clockwork's powers while Gwen protects herself, Kevin and Paradox from the blasts. However, both of their Ultimatrix symbols glow purple and a portal is opened for Eon to emerge. When Way Big tries to stop him, Eon fires a blast transforming Way Big into a disintegrating statue, eliminating him from the Ultimatrix.

After Way Big transforms back into Ben, he is still safe, and transforms into Swampfire then evolves into Ultimate Swampfire to fight while Ben 10,000 uses XLR8's powers. Eon destroys both Swampfires, and as he was about to destroy Ben, Ultimate Ben protects him with Diamondhead's diamonds. He then gets him away from Eon using XLR8 again. While Kevin and Gwen fight Eon's servants, Gwen uses another spell to freeze them in place. They take off the helmets of Eon's servants and discover that they all have Ben's face.

B10kR (484)

Eon reveals his identity

Eon reveals that instead of destroying the Bens he defeats, he absorbs them and turns them into his slaves. Eon takes off his own helmet to reveal he has Ben 10,000's face and reveals his plan to create a new timeline where he is the only Ben Tennyson in existence. Soon enough, Eon is defeated when Jetray destroys the Hands of Armageddon, causing all of the timelines Eon altered to be restored to normal. While helping Ben get Way Big and both Swampfires back, Ultimate Ben unlocks all of his remaining aliens from since Ben was age 10, as well as several new aliens for Ben "because it'll annoy Azmuth". Before leaving, Paradox gives a warning to the team about Old George and "the creature from beyond".

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

Character Debuts[]

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts[]



Aliens Used[]

By Ben[]

By Ben 10,000[]

Spells Used[]

By Gwen[]

  • Ostendo specialis
  • Statua

By Ultimate Ben[]

  • Contego


Ben: Are you...?
Ben 10,000: That's right, Ben. I'm you, only even more awesome!
(He grabs Ben's hand and shakes it, as Ben is left completely stunned.)
Ben 10,000: Ben 10,000, at your service.
Kevin: I heard about you. You're the jerk from the future.
Ben 10,000: I'm a different Ben 10,000. But I do remember going to that future back when we were ten. What a buzzkill that guy was...

Gwen: You just landed a spaceship!
Ultimate Ben: (giving a finger gun) From the outside! Don't forget the cool part.
Ben: How do you do all that without transforming?
Ultimate Ben: I haven't bothered to for years. Not since I discovered my best transformation.
Gwen: "Ultimate Ben"?
Ben: What power comes with that?
Ultimate Ben: Pretty much all of 'em. You'll figure it out some day.

Eon: Tennyson! Prepare to die!
(Eon readies a time ray.)
Ultimate Swampfire: Maybe later.

(Ultimate Ben rushes Ben to his allies, as Kevin starts removing the helmets of the other servants. Likewise, they are all also Ben.)
Ben: This raises some questions!
Kevin: Yeah, like where did you learn ninjutsu?

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Ben 10,000 visszatér Ben 10.000 Returns
Italian Il ritorno di Ben 10.000
Portuguese (Br) Ben 10,000 Retorna Ben 10,000 Returns
Russian Бен 10,000 Возвращается Ben 10,000 Returns
Spanish (HA) Ben 10.000 Regresa Ben 10,000 Returns
Spanish (Spain) El Regreso de Ben 10.000 The Return of Ben 10,000


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Eon (masked)
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Jetray
Four Arms
Way Big
Ultimate Swampfire
David McCallum Professor Paradox
Sean Donnellan Ben 10,000
Eon (unmasked)




  • When Eon's servants charge towards Ben 10,000, Eon's neck overlaps his cape.
  • When Eon is hit by the time ray in the beginning, he doesn't have his cape. Also, the fire around him is gone.
  • When Ben 10,000 changes from Ultimate Ben to normal Ben, he still has the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Heatblast DVD misspell Arctiguana's name as "Arcticguana".
  • In the museum, Kevin keeps shifting between human and metal form.
  • When Gwen makes vocalizations while fighting Eon's servants, her mouth does not move.
  • Spidermonkey is much bigger before he reverts back to Ben.
  • When Ben shakes hands with Ben 10,000, it is shown to be with the right hand, but when the scene changes, they are shaking with their left hands.
  • Ben and Ben 10,000's heights change throughout the episode. Ben is initially shown to be a head shorter than Ben 10,000, but later, he is taller.
  • When Ben 10,000 tells Ben about that he defeated the third Vilgaxian invasion, his Ultimatrix's dial is facing the wrong way. This error occurs again when he tells Gwen that she saw into an alternate timeline with the spell she casted earlier.
  • While Paradox explains cross-time in the Rustbucket 3, Ben says "Hand of Armageddon" instead of "Hands of Armageddon".
  • Goop's hologram is darker than usual and is missing the Anti-Gravity Projector.
  • Even though Goop says that he wanted Rath, it can be seen that Goop's hologram was active on the Ultimatrix.
  • Before Ultimate Ben uses Spidermonkey's powers, his Ultimatrix symbol's colors are inverted.
  • Before Ultimate Ben uses Jetray's powers, his Ultimatrix symbol is fully black.
  • When Eon begins to emerge from the Hands of Armageddon, Ultimate Ben is missing until Eon disintegrates Way Big with a time ray.
  • When Kevin absorbs a stone to fight Eon's servants, the stone he absorbs is brown, but his armor is shown to be grey.
  • When Ultimate Swampfire grabs Eon, his Ultimatrix symbol is slightly shifted.
  • When Eon throws Ultimate Swampfire on the ground, the four spikes on the Ultimatrix symbol are missing.
  • When Ultimate Ben takes Ben to run from Eon, his Ultimatrix symbol is gone.
  • Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are noticeably shorter in this episode.
  • Before Ben transforms into Jetray, his hologram is drawn incorrectly.



  1. Ben 10,000 (as Ultimate Ben) used an alien's powers off-screen, and as the camera panned back to him, he was shown to have shot ice out of his hands. As Big Chill is the only transformation to have demonstrated this ability in the show,[2] it is assumed that Ultimate Ben used Big Chill's powers in this scene.


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