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Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson, nicknamed Ben 10,000, is a future version of Ben from an alternate timeline.[2]


Ben 10,000 wears a short sleeved black t-shirt tucked in with white stripes around his neck, on the front and back, and a one-inch white stripe on the sleeve. The rest of his outfit includes tight army green slim fit pants pulled up to his waist, a black belt with pockets around it, black fingerless gloves, and black knee-high boots.

For the majority of Ben 10,010, Ben had an overweight build similar to his grandfather and sported a full beard. Following the defeat of the Xerge, Ben has become fit and shaven off his beard. He now wears a green jacket with white stripes and the number 10 surrounded by a black circle on it over the left side of his outfit.


Prior to meeting his younger self, Ben 10,000 has been out of touch with his family for a long time, and has seemingly gone slightly insane from it, as shown when he was concerned when Louis's (who is actually a defunct scrapped robot) head fell off. He also became depressed and lost his confidence, blaming himself for letting everyone down. But after fighting alongside his past self, family, and former villain-turned allies, he regained his confidence and decided to go back into action full-time.



Some point after gaining the Omnitrix, he inadvertedly sent a signal that reached out to the invading species known as the Xerge, which later reached Earth.

During an incident, Ben failed Max and Kevin, resulting in Max being trapped in a hologram and Kevin in Humungoraptor.

Ben 10

After years of distancing himself, Ben emerges from hiding to fight off the invasion on Earth by the Xerge. Hex arrives looking for Ben to join the resistance. Ben wasn't interested at first, until Grandpa Max comes in and convinces him.

Hex takes Ben to the White House, where he sees a lot of his past enemies. He eventually reunites with Gwen for the first time in a long time. After a bit of arguing, Ben prepares to leave. The Xerge then breaks into the base, and Ben transforms into Buzzshock to fight them off. Buzzshock has a vision of his 10-year-old self.


Gwen Tennyson

Max Tennyson

Ben loves his grandfather and blames himself for his "death". When he saw Max show up, he was joyful and ran in for a hug until he realized he was a hologram. When he went back in time to fetch his younger self, he hugs Max joyfully when he sees him alive and well.

Powers and Abilities

Ben 10,000 is equipped with the Omnitrix.

In human form, Ben 10,000 is strong enough to lift his younger self.


Due to his extended isolation, Ben 10,000 severely lost his fighting edge after getting out of shape, as General Hex took little effort to defeat him even after he transformed into Spidermonkey.

Due to his age and poor physical condition, Ben 10,000 suffers from occasional back pain if he moves too much, which also transfers over to his aliens.


Ben 10

Season 5

Video Games

Cartoon Network Arcade

Ben 10, 000 (named Ben 10,010 on the app) is a rare collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.


  • Ben 10,000's design in the reboot is generally based on the original Ben 10,000's appearance in his debut episode.
  • Ben 10,000's jacket is similar to the one that Ben Prime wore during Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
  • Ben 10,000's inclusion in the reboot was first hinted when Duncan Rouleau dropped vague hints on what to expect for Season 5.[DR 2][DR 3]
  • This Ben 10,000 is voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who voiced the original Ben 10,000 in the original series.


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