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Trust me, you're gonna want to go Ben. Thanks for making me realize that.

– Ben 10,000 to 10-year-old Ben.[1]

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson, nicknamed Ben 10,000, is one of Ben Tennyson's futures from an alternate timeline in which he is a full-time superhero.[note 1] Ben 10,000's nickname comes from the fact that Ben now has access to at least 10,000 alien forms.


Ben 10,000 has a tall, muscular build, which is due to the various adventures he has experienced that have left him in shape.[DR 1] He is 6'3".[TP 1] He wears a customized skintight outfit and sports a full beard.

In Ben 10,000, his outfit consisted of a round-neck short-sleeved bicep-length black t-shirt tucked in his tight army green slim-fit pants pulled up to his waist. His shirt had a white stripe around his neck and on the front, and a matching one-inch trim on the sleeves. He also wore a black belt, with matching fingerless gloves and calf-high boots.

In Ken 10, his hair is more tousled, still sporting the beard, and his hair is graphite at the back and bottom sides of his head. He wears a skintight version of his outfit when he was 10. He wears a round-neck short-sleeved bicep-length white T-shirt tucked in his tight army green slim-fit pants pulled up to his waist. His shirt has a black stripe around his neck and on the front and matching one-inch trim on the sleeves. He also wears a black belt, with matching fingerless gloves and calf-high boots. In addition to wearing his classic look, his belt has pouches.


When he is introduced, Ben 10,000 was portrayed as being serious about the hero business to the point where it was almost obsessive. He spent most of his time as XLR8 to patrol the planet[pop-up 5][1] and brutalized criminals as quickly as he could, while rarely appearing in human form. He had also stopped naming his aliens, which Ben Prime considers "half the fun" of using them. Ben stayed this serious for fifteen years until Gwendolyn brought Ben Prime to talk to him.

After taking on Vilgax alongside Ben Prime, Ben 10,000 started to lighten up in time for Max's 80th birthday. Over the following twelve years, he changed his clothing to something akin to his youth, returned to naming his aliens again, and spent quality time with his son. Furthermore, he and Gwendolyn rely on each other now since their relationship has grown.[pop-up 6][3]

While he tries to be close with his son, Ben 10,000 can doubt his abilities as a parent and become over-protective due to the various dangers of crimefighting. He can also be somewhat obtuse, not realizing where his son got his attitude from and grasping the obvious to Max's annoyance.[3]

Despite his change to a more light-hearted and relaxed person, Ben 10,000 has a ferocious temper that returns him to his more aggressive and grimmer personage he displayed up until his thirties. The best example of this is when he transformed into Way Big and viciously pounded Kevin 11,000 into the ground for attacking Ken.[3]



Ben 10,000 had stayed cocky and happy until he was 15.[pop-up 2][1] It remains unclear on the details about what happened that caused this change, but it caused him to become strict, cynical, and distant from his family for 15 years. During this period, he mutilated Vilgax and put away his remains in a stasis pod to make sure he could no longer harm anyone.

Ben 10[]

B10Mil (617)

In Ben 10,000

Ben 10,000 first appeared in his self-titled episode, when Gwendolyn brought his and her Prime Timeline counterparts to help them fight Animo and a resurrected Vilgax. As Gwen Prime pointed out, Gwendolyn brought Ben Prime so that Ben 10,000 could get a major attitude adjustment. This interaction with his younger self caused him to lighten up.

In preparation for his son's 10th birthday, Ben used his smartest aliens to create a replica Omnitrix[pop-up 6][3] that behaves much like the first one he wore in his youth.


In Ken 10

In Ken 10, Ben 10,000 defeated Vulkanus just in time to attend Ken's birthday and gave him his own Omnitrix. They then worked together to defeat villains such as Sploot and Mot Snikrep. However, Ben barely gave Ken a chance to contribute, to his disappointment. Ben 10,000 and Ken rekindled their relation when working together to defeat an escaped Kevin 11,000. Kevin's son, who also helped defeat his father, was given the opportunity to live with the Tennysons following their victory.

Ultimate Alien[]

In Ben 10,000 Returns, Ben 10,000 was mentioned by Kevin and another Ben 10,000 when Professor Paradox mentioned that they traveled into cross-time.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ben 10,000 is highly acrobatic, able to execute a backward somersault off a hoverboard in mid-air.[1]

Ben 10,000 has enhanced reflexes, allowing him to dodge attacks with ease.[1]

When presented with a problem, Ben 10,000 presents a quick and logical response to it. His intelligence is most evident by his creation of Ken's Omnitrix via the collaboration of multiple intelligent transformations.[pop-up 6][3] His sharp mind allows him to take advantage of most situations and turn the tide in his favor.


Ben 10,000 can transform into any of his aliens at will, due to having unlocked the Master Control. As Ben got older, the Omnitrix also transformed, thereby giving him more control and access to more aliens.[pop-up 7][1] Ben 10,000 has mastered his alien forms and is capable of using their powers to their fullest potential. This is thanks to both years of practice and Ben enhancing each of his aliens with nanotech.[pop-up 8][1] As such, the aliens themselves have changed, with their appearances being different and their abilities being at greater levels.

Ben 10,000 carries Null Void Containment Eggs to imprison his enemies.[3]

Ben 10,000 owned a hoverboard, which was destroyed by Vilgax.[1]


Prior to meeting his Prime Timeline counterpart, Ben 10,000 would use a repeated method over several years, and as such, anyone who has knowledge of his tactics such as Vilgax would easily overcome him until Ben 10,000 began using juvenile antics.

Much like any version of Ben, Ben 10,000 is unable to take on any stronger enemies without the help of the Omnitrix and he can be a bit of a hothead.



Gwendolyn Tennyson[]

K10 (308)

Ben and Gwendolyn talking about Ken

Gwendolyn and Ben rely on each other since their relationship has grown in the twelve years following their team-up with present Ben and Gwen.[pop-up 6][3]


Ben 10[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


Cartoon Network Action Packs[]

Ben 10[]



  1. The Ben 10,000 from Omniverse is stated to be Ben Prime's true future self.[DJW 1]
    • This is evidenced in-show by the fact that both the Ben 10,000[4][5] and the future Dr. Animo[6] from Omniverse recalled characters and events from the present day. Chrono-Spanner also frequently visits present day with effects of his actions manifest in his present.[7] This would not be possible if these characters belonged to an alternate timeline.
    It was also stated that the Ben 10,000 from Omniverse is the same character as the Ben 10,000 from the Original Series.[DJW 1][DJW 2][DJW 3]
    • This was due to the crew's preference of the original Ben 10,000 over the Ultimate Alien portrayal,[DJW 3] as well as executives wanting everything to be more like the Original Series.[DJW 2]
    • Derrick J. Wyatt made several statements to corroborate the story, expanding on what is known from the Original Series, such as the backstory for the Biomnitrix invoking the plotline of Ben 10,000,[DJW 4] and the defining tragedy in Ben 10,000's life having now occurred at the age of 20,[DJW 5] "shifted" from the original age of 15.[pop-up 2][1]
    • The writing of the show also indicated this viewpoint, with Ben identifying the future Dr. Animo from Animo Crackers to be the same as the one he encountered in Ben 10,000, and other efforts made throughout the last few seasons to align the story with the future timeline.
    However, the above two statements are inherently contradictory, because the Original Series Ben 10,000 was from an alternate timeline[8][2][pop-up 3][1][pop-up 4][3] in which he never travelled to the future when he was 10, and consequently did not give Max a cake on his 60th birthday, while Ben Prime did.[1] Thus, the Original Series Ben 10,000 did not recall the events of the episode.[2][DM 1][DM 2][DM 3]
    • Derrick responded to the matter by saying: "Your 'plot holes' are irrelevant. Time isn't completely fixed, it's shifting. Events can be subtly altered. But Ben 10,000 is the future for the Ben Prime timeline."[DJW 1] This can be interpreted as a retcon. This wiki, however, considers the two Ben 10,000s, and by extension, the two futures, separate.


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