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This article is about the original TV series. You might have been looking for the comic book series, or the 2016 reboot.
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Ben 10, later known as Ben 10 Classic or Classic Ben 10, is an American animated series created by the group Man of Action and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The pilot episode And Then There Were 10, aired on December 27, 2005, as part of a sneak peek of Cartoon Network's Saturday morning lineup.

It is the first series of the Classic Continuity, and also the first series of the entire francise.

This series was followed-up by three sequels called Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse, and was later rebooted.


Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson, his ten-year-old first cousin Gwen, and their paternal Grandpa Max start a summer camping trip across the United States. Ben and Gwen don't like each other's company and start fighting from the moment they set off. At a stop at night, Ben wanders into the woods to cool off and is almost crushed when a meteorite crash lands in front of him. Upon examining it, he discovers it is an alien cargo pod housing a mysterious, watch-like device called the Omnitrix. As Ben reaches inside for it, the device attaches itself permanently to his wrist. The device gives Ben the ability to transform into ten unique alien life-forms, each with their own physiques, powers, and abilities (though he retains his ten-year-old personality).

Over the course of the show, the family trio meet and fight dozens of villains, ranging from petty thugs, supernatural beings, and everything in between; more is learned about what the Omnitrix can do, and what Gwen and Max are capable of to support Ben in discovering how to use it; and Ben must learn what it means to be a superhero.



Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Tennyson Family



Gwen 10

Goodbye and Good Riddance


Main Villains

Secondary Villains



Gwen 10




Future Aliens


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Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Future Gwen
Wildmutt (Ghostfreaked Out)
Sumo Slammer Collecting Boy
Lucy Mann
Mrs. Fang
Sandra Tennyson
Policewoman (The Krakken)
Woman (Tourist Trap and Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Waitress (Lucky Girl)
Elderly Woman (Lucky Girl)
Old Lady (A Small Problem)
Computer Voice (Ultimate Weapon)
Volunteer #2 (Midnight Madness)
Female Guard (A Change of Face)
Doll (Merry Christmas)
Kid (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Cheerleader #1 (Perfect Day)
Little Kid (Ready to Rumble)
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Pretty Girl (Ben 10,000)
Cheerleader #2 (Perfect Day)
Student #1 (Goodbye and Good Riddance)
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Future Max
Camper (And Then There Were 10)
Security Guard #2 (Washington B.C.)
TV Announcer (Washington B.C.)
Seasoned Pro (Truth)
Firey Buddy (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Radio Chatter #2 (Ben 4 Good Buddy)
Thug (Ready to Rumble)
Announcer (Ready to Rumble)
Soldier #1 (Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1)
Bird Villain #1 (Goodbye and Good Riddance)
Dee Bradley Baker Wildmutt
Stink Arms
Eye Guy
Cash Murray
Mutant Cockatiel
Acid Breath
Interpreter Alien
Amazing Alan
Mr. Zu
Joel Tennyson
Camille's Ex-Boyfriend
Immovable Object
Carl Tennyson
Security Guard #1 (Washington B.C.)
Robber #1 (Permanent Retirement)
Kid (Tourist Trap)
Gang Member #1 (Kevin 11)
Cop #2 (Kevin 11)
Officer (The Alliance)
EMT (The Alliance)
Punk #1 (Lucky Girl)
Trapped Worker (Lucky Girl)
Thug (Side Effects)
Computer #1 (Truth)
Male Vulpimancer (Truth)
SACT Soldier #1 (Framed)
Robber #2 (Gwen 10)
Security Guard (Ultimate Weapon)
Tuba Player (Ghostfreaked Out)
Teen (Ben 10,000)
Mall Cop #1 (Midnight Madness)
Mall Official (Midnight Madness)
Thief #2 (A Change of Face)
Server (A Change of Face)
Doggy Buddy (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Kitty Litterer (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Eskimo Teen #2 (The Visitor)
Priest (Big Fat Alien Wedding)
DJ (Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1)
Student #2 (Goodbye and Good Riddance)
Prisoner #1 (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Security (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Steve Blum Heatblast
Heat Jaws
Future Vilgax
Four Arms (Don't Drink the Water)
Steve Cummings
Mr. Mann
Edward White
Nightmarish Alien
Regis (Washington B.C.)
Robber #2 (Permanent Retirement)
Bystander (Tourist Trap)
Radio Announcer (Kevin 11 and The Big Tick)
Barker (Last Laugh)
Female Vulpimancer (Truth)
Robber #1 (Gwen 10)
Security Guard (Ghostfreaked Out)
Fisherman (Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray)
Tour Guide (Back with a Vengeance and Don't Drink the Water)
Volunteer #1 (Midnight Madness)
Handy Buddy (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Narrator (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures)
Steve (Monster Weather)
Band Member #2 (Monster Weather)
Eskimo Teen #1 (The Visitor)
Alien Fly Prisoner (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Jim Ward Diamondhead
Diamond Matter
Hotel Guard
Gordon Tennyson
Mr. Beck
Piscciss Volann Prisoner
Ranger (And Then There Were 10)
TV News Anchor (The Alliance)
News Reporter (Secrets)
Commander (Truth)
Manager (Truth)
Larry (Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray)
Mall Cop #2 (Midnight Madness)
Newscaster (Midnight Madness)
Announcer (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures and The Unnaturals)
Security Guard (Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures and Under Wraps)
Radio Announcer (The Return)
NASA Engineer (The Return)
Referee (Ready to Rumble)
Soldier #2 (Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1)
Security (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Richard McGonagle Four Arms
Dr. Kelly
Cop #1 (Kevin 11)
Driver (The Alliance)
Radio News Announcer (Lucky Girl)
Fred Tatasciore Ripjaws
Way Big
Ben 10,000
Dr. Doomacus
Coach Finn
Thief #2 (Last Laugh)
Policeman (Last Laugh)
Alarm Voice (Secrets)
Computer #2 (Truth)
Soldier (Truth)
Employee (They Lurk Below)
Tourist (Back with a Vengeance)
Vendor (A Change of Face)
Thief #1 (A Change of Face)
Kappa Statue (Game Over)
Convict #2 (The Return)
Guard (Divided We Stand)
Security Guard (Don't Drink the Water)
Guard #2 (Ben 4 Good Buddy)
Train Conductor (Ben 4 Good Buddy)
Richard Horvitz Grey Matter
Lepidopterran Prisoner
Robber (Washington B.C.)
VIP #1 (Washington B.C.)
Teen (The Unnaturals)
Dwight Schultz Dr. Animo
Future Dr. Animo
Police Officer (Washington B.C.)
VIP #2 (Washington B.C.)
Father (Tourist Trap)
Driver (Tourist Trap)
Monitor (Ben 10,000)
Jennifer Hale Rojo
Boy (The Alliance)
Tour Guide (Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1)
Adam Wylie J.T.
Young Max
Khary Payton Hex
Punk #3 (Lucky Girl)
Forever Knights (Ultimate Weapon)
Foreman (Ultimate Weapon)
Driver (Tough Luck)
Boy #1 (Under Wraps)
Convict #1 (The Return)
Automated Voice (Be Afraid of the Dark)
Richard Doyle Enoch
Mr. Jingles
Dr. Shueman
Umpire (The Unnaturals)
Thug (Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1)
Dave Fennoy Tetrax
Radio Newscaster (The Alliance)
Doctor (The Alliance)
Prisoner #3 (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Prisoner #4 (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Cree Summer Frightwig
Jeff Doucette Thumbskull
Robin Atkin Downes Jonah Melville
Miriam Flynn Vera Tennyson
Walker Edmiston Marty
Billy West Kraab
Guard (Lucky Girl)
Punk #2 (Lucky Girl)
Charlie Schlatter Kevin Levin
Devlin Levin
Kevin 11,000
Michael Reisz Kevin Levin (Kevin 11)
Mikey Kelley Attendant (Kevin 11)
Helicopter Pilot (Kevin 11)
Gang Member #2 (Kevin 11)
John Kassir Zombozo
Thief #1 (Last Laugh)
Nancy Linari Tour Guide (Lucky Girl)
Reporter (Lucky Girl)
Woman (Lucky Girl)
Computer Voice (Side Effects)
Larry Cedar Howell Wayneright
Head Scientist (A Small Problem)
Nolan North Brad
Forever Knight (A Small Problem)
Rosalind Chao Councilwoman Liang
Nicholas Guest Clancy
Robert Patrick Phil
Rookie (Truth)
Robert Picardo Leader Alien
James C. Mathis III Enforcer Alien
Michael Gough Lieutenant Steel
SACT Soldier #2 (Framed)
Vanessa Marshall Tini
Four Arms (Gwen 10)
Diamondhead (Gwen 10)
Cannonbolt (A Change of Face)
Policewoman (A Change of Face)
Salesperson (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Grey DeLisle Heatblast (Gwen 10)
Camille Mann-Tennyson
Mrs. Mann
Kari Wahlgren Charmcaster
Grey Matter (Gwen 10)
Young Hex
Kid (Tough Luck)
Bill Ratner Narrator (Gwen 10 and Goodbye and Good Riddance)
Bird Villain #2 (Goodbye and Good Riddance)
Armin Shimerman Slix Vigma
Jack Angel Technorg
John DiMaggio Vulkanus
Baron Highway
Tom Kane Arctiguana
Donovan GrandSmith
Greg Ellis Synaptak
Kim Mai Guest Andy
Young Elsgood
Dave Wittenberg Upchuck
Road Rage
Escape Artist (Tough Luck)
Emcee (Tough Luck)
Eskimo Teen #3 (The Visitor)
Prisoner #2 (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Kath Soucie Eddie GrandSmith
Joan Maplewood
Boy (Ghostfreaked Out)
Boy #2 (Under Wraps)
Cowgirl (Under Wraps)
Patricia Lentz Mildred (Tough Luck)
Gypsy Woman (Tough Luck)
Jennifer Malenke Missy
Bettina Bush Kai Green
Miguel Nájera Wes Green
Clancy Brown Kenko
Keone Young Ishiyama
Josh Keaton Tim Dean
Kid (Don't Drink the Water)
John Cygan Abel North
Kane North
Rob Pinkston Todd Maplewood
Mark Thompson Vance Vetteroy
Jess Harnell Band Member #1 (Monster Weather)
Announcer (Monster Weather)
Michael Dorn Frankenstrike
Richard Green Snare-oh
Rob Paulsen Ditto
H. E. Grady (Ready to Rumble)
Monitor (Ken 10)
B. J. Ward Betty Jean Tennyson
Neil Ross Lawrence Wainright
Guard #1 (Ben 4 Good Buddy)
Radio Chatter #1 (Ben 4 Good Buddy)
Jason Spisak Gaterboy
Cathy Cavadini Cooper
Robert David Hall Azmuth


Theme Song

Main Article: Ben 10 Theme Song (Original Series)

Every episode of the show starts with the Ben 10 theme song, which is used as the main theme for the series. It is sung by Moxy. A rock cover of the song was made for Ben 10: Race Against Time.


All of the show's episode-to-episode soundtracks are synthesized, comprised of digital instruments and sounds made popular in the early 2000's. Most songs feature stringed instruments, synthesizers and drum samples to serve as modest background music, but sometimes during periods of high action, some rock elements like the electric guitar and more wild-sounding samples will come out. The soundtrack in some instances emulates the "alien sound" featured in classic Hollywood sci-fi movies of the 1950s, popularized through use of the theremin and other such electronic instruments.


  • The series was initially set to run for only two seasons.[1]
  • The entire series takes place over the three month summer vacation.[pop-up 1][2]
  • In the initial stages of the Original Series' development:
    • The title of the show was Ben to the Tenth.[pop-up 2][pop-up 3][3]
    • Gwen was written as a classmate who happened to be friends with Ben, and had no familial relation to him.[pop-up 4][3]
    • Gwen canonically wasn't even supposed to come on a road trip. She was going to a summer study program instead.[pop-up 5][4]
  • The black dots in the transformation sequences are Kirby dots.[AC 1]
  • Ben 10 was produced in both 16:9 (HD) and 4:3 (SD/widescreen) formats, but was only aired in 4:3 due to restrictions put in place by Cartoon Network. As of June 14, 2015, all four seasons are available in HD and widescreen format on iTunes. Amazon Instant Video and Google Play has all four seasons in widescreen format.
  • In 2016, Ben 10 was renamed Classic Ben 10 to differentiate from the 2016 reboot.
  • In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, episodes 22 and 23, 24 and 25, and 27 and 28 switched places.
  • In the latest reruns, the theme song has been shortened (except in the episodes Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1 and 2). The current airings on Boomerang have now gone back to the original theme song's length.
  • In Poland, episodes 50, 51, and 52 were switched in airing.

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