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Bellwood is the main setting for Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse. Founded in 1638 as "the Most Normal Town in America",[1] is it the home of the Tennyson Family and various members of the Plumbers.


Bellwood's population is approximately 20,000.[DM 1]


Not much has been revealed about the climate of Bellwood, though it has a coast side climate as it has always been warm enough outside for characters to wear their summer clothing.

In Bellwood, winters appear to lack snow.[2][3]

Education System

Madison Elementary School is the main elementary school[4] and there are only two known high schools.[5][6] It is unknown how many middle schools and colleges there are.

Locations and Landmarks

Notable Inhabitants

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  • The local newspaper is called The Bellwood Bugle.[citation needed]
  • A different version of Bellwood exists in Rex's Universe.[8]
  • Bellwood is 26 miles away from Grover's Mill, Alan's hometown.[9]
  • In Alien Force, the crew were told that Bellwood was supposed to be a small city in the Southwest, but the needs of telling a story have made it more generic.[MW 1]


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