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Bellicus is Alien X's voice of rage and aggression.


Bellicus looks like a male green human face with very realistic features (such as the wrinkles on his face).


Bellicus is a moral manifestation within Alien X together with counterparts Serena and Ben Tennyson. He represents the voice of rage and aggression and thus is often angry and intolerable. Unlike his counterpart Serena, he is typically opposed to Ben Tennyson's will and ideas for Alien X; this suspends unanimous agreement between the three parties. He is generally selfish, lazy and intolerable, and is seen to be wishing to not be disturbed by Ben Tennyson. It takes a lot of persuasion to convince Bellicus of ideas.


Bellicus first appeared in the episode X = Ben + 2 when Ben transformed into Alien X, and Ben quickly discovered he was locked inside the form because of the eternal debates between the two entities who control its body, Serena and Bellicus. He is the one who states that Ben is the voice of reason in this part of the transformation. Professor Paradox is not allowed to be closer than 500 light years to him and Serena, or any Celestialsapien for that matter.

Powers and Abilities

Bellicus, along with Serena (and by extension Ben), has the ability to warp reality.


Due to Alien X not being able to do anything without a consensus from two of the three parts (in Omniverse, all three parts) of its personality, Bellicus is relatively powerless on his own.

Bellicus, like all Celestialsapien personalities, can be terrified by Toepick's face.[DJW 1]


Ben 10: Alien Force

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Video Games

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Ben got him and Serena to allow him to control Alien X before Vilgax took over the world.


Bellicus' name seems to be derived or based off "Belligerent" or "Bellicose", meaning very eager to fight, which describes much of Bellicus' personality.


  • Bellicus seems to have a fondness of the dinosaurs, as he tried to persuade Ben into preventing their extinction in X = Ben + 2.
    • Bellicus' tabled motion to save the dinosaurs was argument number 80 million and 3 (80,000,003).
  • Bellicus and Serena are sort of part of Alien X's DNA.[DM 1]
    • Bellicus and Serena probably exist in alternate versions of Alien X.[DJW 2]


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