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Battle Ready was the first Ben 10 game on the Cartoon Network website.


Up, Down, Left and Right - Move
Space - Attack
X - Transform


In the first Ben 10 game ever, Gwen and Grandpa Max have sent Ben to an abandoned Sumo Slammer Card factory to train with his new found powers, but the simple exercises turn into a trial when the evil Vilgax detects the Omnitrix's power signal and sends his robot drones to retrieve the device at any cost! Training can wait—IT'S HERO TIME!

Locate mission markers scattered around the warehouse floor. Mastering all 10 of Ben's alien forms through these training missions is the only way to defeat Vilgax's ultimate robot.

Collect ENERGY to increase your health. Collect SUMO SLAMMER CARDS to complete missions.

You walk around the abandoned Sumo Slammers warehouse. Vilgax's Drones will attack you at any opportunity. You hold the X key and all of the aliens pop up in turn. You let go to select your alien form. When you are that alien press SPACE to attack. There are computer terminals where Gwen gives you a mission as a certain alien. In these missions you cannot turn back to Ben. Once all ten of these are completed there is a hole in the wall somewhere in the factory. When you enter there is a giant robot like the one at the end of And Then There Were 10 which attacks you relentlessly until you defeat it.

Playable Aliens

Alien Power Exclusive Characteristics
Wildmutt Spinning Invincible when dashing
Four Arms Punches Can defeat most enemies in a single punch.
XLR8 Tail Swipe Speed
Grey Matter Punches Barely does any damage except in his training level
Upgrade Laser Has a long range attack, can defeat most enemies in a single hit
Ripjaws Bite Survives underwater
Stinkfly Goo Balls Can fly, has a long range attack and rapid firing
Ghostfreak Tentacles Can fly, can phase and attack through walls
Heatblast Fireballs Has a long range attack
Diamondhead Diamond Projectiles Has a long range attack


  • Ripjaws' name is misspelled Ripjaw.