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Bashmouth's Species are an unnamed race of husky/werewolf-like[DR 1] aliens from an unnamed planet.


This species' appearance is based on a husky/werewolf. They have blue-ish grey and cream-coloured fur, with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. The inside of their mouths are red.

Only a mutant hybrid version of this species has been seen, so it is unknown what a non-mutant hybrid looks like.

Powers and Abilities

This species possesses enhanced strength and agility enough to keep up with Tetramands in direct hand-to-hand combat, and strong enough to smack through concrete.[1]

They can generate metal plating on their body for enhanced defense as well as on their teeth for enhanced biting ability.[1]

The vibration of their roar is powerful enough to crack concrete.[1]

Only a mutant hybrid of this species has been seen so far, so it is currently unknown what a normal member's abilities are.


Because of their carnivore instincts due to their husky physiology, they can be overwhelmed with the consumption for anything to do with meat.[1]

Similar to Appoplexians, their temper can take over and not let them think straight.

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids


  • The name of this species and their home planet has yet to be revealed.[DR 2]


Duncan Rouleau

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