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Bashmouth's species are a race of husky/werewolf-like[DR 1] aliens.


This species' appearance is based on a husky/werewolf. They have blue-ish grey and cream colored fur, with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. The inside of their mouths are red.

Only a mutant version of this species has been seen, so it is unknown what a non mutant looks like. Since he does look like a werewolf it could be possible that he could be half Loboan.

Powers and Abilities

This species possesses enhanced enhanced strength and agility enough keep up with Tetramands in direct hand to hand combat, and strong enough to smack through concrete.[1]

They can generate metal plating on their body for enhanced defense as well as on their teeth for enhanced biting ability.[1]

The vibration of their roar is powerful enough to crack concrete.[1]

Only a mutant hyrbrid of this species has been seen so far, so it is currently unknown what a normal member's abilities are.


Because of their carnivore instincts due to their husky physiology, they can be overwhelmed with the consumption for anything to do with meat.[1]

Similar to Appoplexians, their temper can take over and not let them think straight.

Notable Members

  • Unknown (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of this species)

Notable Hybrids



Duncan Rouleau

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