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Bashmouth is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant unnamed species/unknown hybrid.


Bashmouth's appearance is based on a husky or werewolf. He has bluish grey and cream colored fur, with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. He has a tail that is small. His eyes and the inside of his mouth are red. He wears a dark orange and red armored vest, black pants, black gauntlets, and an iron shoulder pad on his right shoulder.

While under the influence of Dr. Animo, Bashmouth's eyes were glowing white.

Bashmouth has the Antitrix symbol in the center of his vest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Retractable Metal Teeth
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Speed/Quadrupedalism
  • Powerful Roar

Bashmouth's signature ability is his ability to generate metal from various parts of his body. One known example of this is generating scaled armor plates from his forearms that are dense enough to harm a Tetramand.[1]

Another way Bashmouth generates metal is though his sharp teeth, which can crunch through concrete. The metal teeth retract over his normal teeth. Even when not using his metal generation, Bashmouth's bare teeth are strong enough to cause a Vaxasaurian discomfort by biting his tail.[2]

Bashmouth is strong and agile enough to easily handle Four Arms, Rath and Humungousaur in direct hand-to-hand combat.

Bashmouth's roar is strong enough to demolish a building[1], launch a Vaxasaurian against a wall,[3] and push Ekoplektoids.[4]

Bashmouth has enhanced dexterity as he can run on all fours while carrying a human.[3]


Bashmouth is similar to Rath, in the sense that his instincts can take over. For example, the carnivorous aspect of his husky physiology will make him divert his attention to meat.[1] The same thing can happen with sticks.[5]

Bashmouth can also become easily enraged, such as when he began attacking Breaker One-Nine relentlessly for inadvertently scratching his armour.[6]

Despite the durability of his forearm plating, Bashmouth can be harmed by an Ekoplektoid's durability if the latter duplicates enough times.[5]

Due to Kevin's alterations to the Antitrix, Bashmouth is too powerful for the inexperienced Kevin to currently utilize to the fullest.



Ben 10

Season 3

Season 4

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Italian Zannanera From zanna nera, black fang. Possibly a pun on Zanna Bianca
Polish Piącha From pięść, fist
Russian Ударный коготь
From ударный, percussion and коготь, claw
From the original English name
From the original English name
From гром, thunder
Spanish (HA) Noqueador
Turkish Darbe çene from bashmouth


  • Bashmouth's name is a reference to the popular band Smash Mouth.


  • Bashmouth is the first and so far only one of Kevin's aliens that Ben has never had access to.
  • When the storyboards for his debut episode were being made, Bashmouth had neither a tail nor the ability to retract his metal teeth.[Forosha 1]
  • Bashmouth's species and home planet will be revealed much later than Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie.[DR 2]
  • From studying Bashmouth, he appears to be a equal counterpart to Rath, due to his animal instincts taking over and making him do the stereotype dog act and has a huge amount of rage and wild animal attack skills.


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