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Prepare to get bashed... right in the mouth!

Quad Smack before turning into Bashmouth.[1]

Bashmouth is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant unknown species/unknown hybrid.


Bashmouth mirrors a cross between a husky and a werewolf. His fur is dark blue-gray with parts of his body being cream-colored. His hands have four claws and three toes on each foot. His eyes are solid red orbs with no pupils or irises. Bashmouth stands at above average height, being much taller than Four Arms but smaller than Humungousaur. He wears a dark orange vest with a red center line, black pants, vambraces, and an iron pad on his right shoulder.

In My Bodyguard, Bashmouth's eyes glowed pink while under the influence of Zombozo's hypnotism.

In The Monsters in Your Head, Bashmouth's eyes glowed white while under the influence of Dr. Animo.

In De-Fanged!, Bashmouth's vest and shoulder pad have a yellow stripe. His eyes sport thick black lines connected to his mouth. Spikes protrude from his forearms, his palms are dark orange and resemble fingerless gloves, his pants have purple markings running along it, and his lower torso has a spiked iron belt.

Bashmouth wears the Antitrix symbol on the center of his vest.

Powers and Abilities

Bashmouth's signature ability is his ability to generate metal from various parts of his body. One known example of this is generating scaled armor plates from his forearms that are dense enough to harm a Tetramand.[2] What type of metal Bashmouth generates and how it affects his bone structure shrouds in mystery, however they are extremely strong enough to shatter a Petrosapien's crystal projections.

Another way Bashmouth generates metal is through his sharp teeth, which can crunch through concrete. The metal teeth retract over his normal teeth. His metal teeth are able to deflect lasers.[3] Even when not using his metal generation, Bashmouth's bare teeth are strong enough to cause a Vaxasaurian discomfort by biting his tail.[4]

Bashmouth is strong and agile enough to easily handle Tetramands,[2] Appoplexians,[5][6] Vaxasaurians,[7][4][8] and even Chimera Sui Generi[1] in direct hand-to-hand combat.

Bashmouth's roar is strong enough to demolish a building,[2] launch a Vaxasaurian against a wall,[7] and push Ekoplektoids.[9]

Bashmouth has enhanced dexterity, as he can run on all fours while carrying a human.[7]


Bashmouth is similar to Rath, in the sense that his instincts can take over. For example, the carnivorous aspect of his husky physiology will make him divert his attention to meat.[2] The same thing can happen with sticks.[10]

Bashmouth can also become easily enraged, such as when he began attacking Breaker One-Nine relentlessly for inadvertently scratching his armor.[8]

Despite the durability of his forearm plating, Bashmouth can be harmed by an Ekoplektoid's durability if the latter duplicates enough times.[10]

Bashmouth has a weakness against magic, as shown when he was trapped by one of Charmcaster's spells.[4]

Bashmouth is vulnerable to Zombozo's hypnotic mind control.[7] Similarly, he can be brainwashed by hacking into the Antitrix.[11]

Due to Kevin's alterations to the Antitrix, Bashmouth is too powerful for the inexperienced Kevin to currently utilize to the fullest.


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Video Games

Ben 10: Power Trip

Bashmouth in Ben 10: Power Trip

Bashmouth is a playable alien in the game (multiplayer only).

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
German Wolfsmaul From wolf, wolf and maul, mouth
Italian Zannanera From zanna nera, black fang. Possibly a pun on Zanna Bianca
Polish Piącha From pięść, fist
Portuguese (Br) Mordida From mordida, bite
Romanian Dinți de Fier From dinți, teeth and fier, iron
Russian Ударный Коготь
From ударный, percussion and коготь, claw
From the original English name
From the original English name
From гром, thunder
Spanish (HA) Bashmouth From the original English name
Turkish Darbe çene from bashmouth


Bashmouth's name is a reference to the popular band Smash Mouth.


  • From studying Bashmouth, he appears to be an equal counterpart to Rath due to his animal instincts taking over and making him do the stereotype dog act and has a huge amount of rage and wild animal attack skills. This is further shown when he is used as Power Trip 's equivalent of Rath.
    • Although unconfirmed, should Bashmouth not be a counterpart of Rath, this would make Bashmouth the only one of Kevin's aliens that Ben does not have an equivalent of.
    • In addition, should Bashmouth not be an Appoplexian, he would be the only one of Kevin's aliens whose species Ben never had access to.
  • When the storyboards for his debut episode were being made, Bashmouth had neither a tail nor the ability to retract his metal teeth.[EA 1]
  • Bashmouth's species and home planet will be revealed much later.[DR 2]
  • Bashmouth is Kevin's favorite alien in the Antitrix.[DR 3]
  • Bashmouth's metal generation powers were chosen as a reference to Kevin's Classic counterpart's matter absorption powers.[DR 4]


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