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Newredomni.png Characters and/or events in this article appear in official media of the franchise
but are non-canon to the TV continuity.

Banana Alien is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet. He is a joke alien made for an online short.


Banana Alien's appearance resembles that of an earth banana, albeit much larger. He does not have a visible Omnitrix symbol.

Powers and Abilities

Banana Alien is capable of balancing himself, being able to stand upright, despite the lack of legs due to being a banana.

Similarly, Banana Alien can jump high up in the air.

Banana Alien possesses reflexes far beyond those of a regular banana, being able to dodge a barrage of Hex's mystic bolts.

Banana Alien is resilient enough to withstand several mystic attacks from Hex.


Durability Limit

Despite his resilience, Banana Alien can be overwhelmed by sufficient force, which will cause him to fall to the ground.

Banana Alien doesn't seem to have any skills in combat, making him unsuitable for battle.



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