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Ball Weevil's Species is a small insectoid species from an unknown planet.


This species are small insectoids. They are yellow in color with black eyes and pupils. They have four stick legs and a beak along with an antenna.

Only male members of this species have been seen, so it is unknown what females look like.

Powers and Abilities

Ball Weevil's species can spit round, green, sticky balls of plasma[1][2] that absorb matter and explode upon impact, or whenever they want it to.[3] The size of these balls depends on how much matter they absorb.

This species' plasma balls can be in more shapes than just spheres. The bigger the ball they create, the larger the explosion.

This species can spew out plasma in a controllable stream to act as a rope to tie up an enemy. The plasma is strong enough to momentarily hold a Tetramand.[3]

This species' plasma balls can absorb energy, as seen when Ball Weevil absorbed both a Prypiatosian-B's radioactive energy blasts and an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts into one of his globules.[4]

This species has enhanced agility and balance, being able to roll on their plasma balls and can climb on walls with ease.

This species seems to be pretty strong for their size, as shown when Ball Weevil stopped his giant plasma ball rolling at a high speed.[2]


This species can be hurt by their own plasma balls if they are reflected back at them.[5] They can also get stuck in their own plasma.[3]

This species is vulnerable to being trapped by a member of Terroranchula's species, as shown when Ball Weevil was caught in one of Terroranchula's energy webs.[6]

This species' plasma can be neutralized by a Terroranchula's webs.[5] It is also useless against a species capable of withstanding it, such as Arburian Pelarotas.[DJW 1]

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids


Ball Weevils species Concept art


  • This species comes from the same planet as the Atrocians.[DJW 3][DJW 4]
    • Because Atrocians are horrible slobs that are unable to clean up after themselves, the species evolved as a natural sanitation solution to the Atrocian garbage problem.
    • Once a week, this species roll through Atrocian villages, sticky-balling up all the filth, then exploding it.
    • Since developing faster than light space travel, this species have started highly successful sanitation services on many other planets.
  • The online game Galactic Champions refers to the name of this species as Insectoids.[CN 1]


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