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Atrocians are a fat, blob-like alien species from an unknown planet.


  • The Worst
  • She-Worst
  • Pink-Worst
  • Orange-Worst
  • Blue-Worst
  • Green-Worst
  • Purple-Worst
  • Violet-Worst
  • Slim-Worst

Atrocians resemble potatoes with warts on their heads. They have short, stubby arms and legs, with black fingers and toes (though females tend to have pink fingers). They are short in stature. Yellow, blue and pink colored members of this species, including both males and females, have been seen.

Atrocians can grow curly hair on their heads like humans, although this has only been shown on females. Males have eyebrows and lumps or spots on their arms while females don't. Their tongues can be pink or blue.

Powers and Abilities

Atrocians are in all respects, indestructible. As The Worst was able to withstand several blows from Liam mutated with Vaxasaurian DNA, and even a three-hour assault from Malice.

Atrocians can withstand lava and gastric acid (that can even melt a Talpaedan's armor) with no difficulty.


Atrocians are indestructible, though they still feel pain when hit.

Notable Atrocians

Notable Atrocian Hybrids


Atrocian comes from the words "atrocity", which means a horrifyingly wicked act, and "atrocious", which means something being done particularly awful, referring to how the species tend to act, from personality to even how they deal with trash.


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt:
    • Atrocians come from the same planet as Ball Weevil's species.[2]
    • Atrocians are horrible slobs that are unable to clean up after themselves, which caused Ball Weevil's species to evolve a natural sanitation solution.
    • After Ball Weevil's species' successful space travel, Atrocians have followed suit, showing up on alien planets at inappropriate times, saying unfortunate things in loud voices.
    • Atrocians are not vulnerable to Terroranchulas, who are predators on their home planet.[3]


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