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Atrocians are a fat, blob-like alien species originally from the planet Atrocius 0.[DJW 1]


Atrocians have short, stubby arms and legs, with black fingers and toes (though females tend to have pink fingers). They are short in stature and have warts on their head. Yellow, blue, and pink colored members of this species, including both males and females, have been seen.

Atrocians can grow curly hair on their heads like humans, although this has only been shown on females. Males have eyebrows and lumps or spots on their arms while females don't. Their tongues can be pink or blue.

Powers and Abilities

Atrocians are indestructible on the outside of their bodies, as they are able to withstand heavy physical attacks due to their soft, blob-like body.[1][2][DJW 2]

Atrocians literally absorb hits, making their skin a little malleable.[2]

Atrocians can survive energy attacks, such as Exo-Skull's laser.[3]

Atrocians are resistant against extreme heat and immune to acids.[3]


Atrocians are indestructible, though they still feel pain when hit.

Atrocians have many attributes that could hinder them in battle.[DJW 3]

Atrocians need oxygen to breathe, meaning that they can neither breathe underwater nor survive in the vacuum of space.[DJW 4]

Atrocians are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[DJW 5]

Notable Atrocians

Notable Atrocian Hybrids


Atrocian comes from the words "atrocity", which means a horrifyingly wicked act, and "atrocious", which means something being done particularly awful, referring to how the species tend to act, from personality to even how they deal with trash.


  • Atrocians have developed a symbiotic relationship with Ball Weevil's species.[DJW 7][DJW 1]
    • Atrocians are horrible slobs that are unable to clean up after themselves, which caused Ball Weevil's species to evolve a natural sanitation solution.
    • After Ball Weevil's species' successful space travel, Atrocians have followed suit, showing up on alien planets at inappropriate times, saying unfortunate things in loud voices.
    • Atrocians are not vulnerable to Terroranchula's species, who are predators on their home planet.
  • The Atrocians currently live on Atrocius IX, Atrocius XII, Atrocius XVI, Atrocius XXI and throughout the galaxy.[DJW 8]
  • Atrocians are easy prey to many predator species. However, predators in question consider Atrocians to be tough and unappealing.[DJW 9]
  • All the Atrocians are based on Jae Hong Kim's storyboards, as that's the way he would draw aliens.[DJW 10]
  • An Atrocian predator would have been a large alien mosquito strong enough to pierce an Atrocian's skin to drink their insides.[DJW 11]


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