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Atomix's species are an unnamed species from an unknown planet.


They are robotic in appearance. They have large cylinders on their arms, near their wrists, that are full of a liquid with spheres. They are mouthless.[DJW 1]

Although Atomix has a Galvan tech symbol on his chest, it doesn't mean that this species is related to the Galvan.[DJW 2]

Powers and Abilities

  • Atomic Blasts
  • Chemical Generation
  • Heat Generation/Evolved Arachnichimp Webbing Dissolving
  • Nuclear Punch
  • Nuclear Kick
  • Fissile Whistle
  • Nuclear Winner
  • Fusion Cuisine/Photokinesis
  • Space Survivability
  • Flight/Enhanced Speed
  • Jet Feet
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability

Members of this species can create and manipulate atomic or nuclear energy using their hands, which can do a massive amount of damage to its surroundings. Fundamentally, they are walking nuclear reactors.

The way they create their nuclear blasts is by chanting "HAA-MEE-NA HAA-MEE-NA HAA-MEE-NA-HA!"[DJW 3] It is not crucial for them to chant every attack, but doing so will focus an attack's power and cause substantially more damage.[DJW 4]

They are able to activate their cylinders on their arms and their Omnitrix-shaped chest to melt nearby objects, such as an Evolved Arachnichimp's webs.[1]

They are capable of flight and, as such, they can perform a flying ramming attack called the Fissile Whistle.[1]

They are strong enough to take out an Evolved Vaxasaurian with a single punch, and kick an object up nearly past a planet's atmosphere.[1]

They can generate a massive blast of energy dubbed "Nuclear Winner". This move can easily knock out enemies, as well as devastate the surrounding area.[1]

Their hard body gives them substantial protection against physical attacks.[2]

They can generate an orb of nuclear energy called a Fusion Cuisine, which can burn up Ectonurites and greatly harm Vladats. The light generated by the orb is shown to be very bright, as everyone present gets blinded by it.[3]

They can produce nuclear energy shields for defense.


MA (306)

Energy Usage Limit

They are boundlessly overconfident and can cause a total meltdown.[DJW 5]

They can get tired after using up most of their energy.[2]

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids


Crew Statements

Derrick J. Wyatt

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