Astrodactyl is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from Terradino[1].


Astrodactyl resembles a cross between a pterodactyl and a glider. He has a beak-like mouth. His wings are rather small and resemble a glider which are connected to a 'jetpack' like structure on his back. He has a large yellow beak, green eyes, red skin, black and green clothing on his shoulders and waist, green braces around his wrists and ankles, and yellow wings. His wings are also retractable.

Astrodactyl wears the Omnitrix symbol on his left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

  • Astrodactyl using his Jetpack
  • Astrodactyl using his propulsion blast
  • Astrodactyl using his energy whip
  • Astrodactyl's energy beams

Astrodactyl has the ability to fly with his 'jetpack'.

Astrodactyl has some kind of internalized star power, that he can use as propulsion for flight, and different forms of weapons.[2] The weapons shown are energy whips, a propulsion effect from his jetpack, and an energy beam from his mouth.

According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Astrodactyl can survive in the vacuum of space.[3]

As shown in Collect This, Astrodactyl was shown to have a degree of enhanced strength, as he was able to rip off goo that was difficult for Ben and Rook to get off.


In A Fistful of Brains, it is revealed that Astrodactyl is vulnerable to electricity.




Ben 10: Omniverse



Evil Ben-bots

Video Games

File:Ov 2, 2.jpg

Ben 10: Omniverse 2

  • Astrodactyl is a playable alien character in the game.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) Astrodáctilo From astrodáctilo, astrodactyl
Spanish (Latin American) Astrodactyl From name original
Italian Astrovolante From astro, and volante (flying)
French Astrodactyle From the original English name
German Astrodactylus From astro, and Pterodactylus, pterodactyl
Chinese 极光翼龙 From 极光(Jí Guāng),aurora and 翼龙(Yì Lóng) ,pterodactyl


  • 4" Astrodactyl


Astrodactyl's name is a portmanteau of the prefix "astro-", meaning star, and "pterodactyl", a flying reptile.


  • Astrodactyl is based on the first identified pterosaur, a flying reptile named Pterodactylus (Pterodactyl for short).
  • Sometimes, when Astrodactyl talks or becomes excited, he "squawks" like a parrot.
  • Astrodactyl was designed by Steven Choi.[4]
  • Astrodactyl shares the same planet as Humungousaur, Terradino.


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