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Astrodactyl's Species are a species of humanoid pterosaur-like beings from Terradino.[DJW 1]


This species resembles a cross between a pteranodon and a glider. They possess a beak-like mouth. Their wings are rather small and resemble a glider and are connected to jet pack-like structures on their back. They have large yellow beaks and yellow wings. Their wings are retractable.

Only males of this species have been seen, so it is unknown what females of them look like.


Sometimes, when members of the species are excited, they squawk like parrots.

Powers and Abilities

This species is capable of flying through the aid of their 'jetpack', with their retractable wings providing stability for this ability. They can create propulsion blasts from their jetpack[1][2] using some kind of internalized star power to enhance their flight.[DJW 2]

This species' star power can be used to create different forms of weapons,[DJW 2] the most common weapon being energy whips.

Besides energy weaponry, this species can also shoot out stars.[DJW 3]

This species can use their star power to fire an energy beam from their mouths.[3]

This species can survive in the vacuum of space.[4][DJW 4]

This species possesses enhanced strength, as Astrodactyl was able to carry No Watch Ben in the air without any trouble[2], rip off goo that was too difficult for Ben Prime and Rook to break free from[5] and lasso a Techadon Robot into a wall.[6]

This species can combine their strength with his energy weaponry, as seen when Astrodactyl pulled and swung around a Techadon robot that was tied up in his energy whips.[6]

This species' strength also extends to their prehensile feet, as Astrodactyl can carry and lift a Cerebrocrustacean[3] and a Segmentasapien[2] using his feet.


Astrodactyl's species is very reliant on their jetpacks for flying, meaning if it somehow got damaged, they would be at a disadvantage.

This species is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Cerebrocrustacean.[3]

This species has a durability limit, as Astrodactyl's head hurt after he crashed it against a ship.[3]

Despite their flight, propulsion blasts, and space survivability, this species cannot jump into hyperspace.[DJW 5]

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids



Derrick J. Wyatt

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