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Whoever said "The sky's the limit" never met Astrodactyl!

– Astrodactyl.[1]

Astrodactyl is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from the planet Terradino.[DJW 1]


Astrodactyl resembles a cross between a Pterodactyl and a glider. He has a large yellow beak-like mouth, green eyes, red skin, black and green clothing on his shoulders and waist, green braces around his wrists and ankles, and small, yellow, retractable wings that resemble a glider in appearance which are connected to a 'jetpack'-like structure on his back.

Astrodactyl wears the Omnitrix symbol on his left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

Astrodactyl is capable of flying through the aid of his 'jetpack', with his retractable wings proving stability for this ability. He can create a propulsion blast from his jetpack[2][3] using some kind of internalized star power to enhance his flight.[DJW 2][note 1]

Astrodactyl's star power can be used to create different forms of weapons,[DJW 2] the most common weapon being energy whips.

Besides energy weaponry, Astrodactyl can also shoot out stars.[DJW 3]

Astrodactyl can use his star power to fire an energy beam from his mouth.[1]

Astrodactyl can survive in the vacuum of space.[5][DJW 4]

Astrodactyl possesses enhanced strength, as he was able to carry No Watch Ben in the air without any trouble[3], rip off goo that was too difficult for Ben Prime and Rook to break free from[6] and lasso a Techadon Robot into a wall.[7]

Astrodactyl can combine his strength with his energy weaponry, as seen when he pulled and swung around a Techadon robot that was tied up in his energy whips.[7]

Astrodactyl's strength also extends to his prehensile feet, as he can carry and lift a Cerebrocrustacean[1] and a Segmentasapien[3] using his feet.


Astrodactyl is very reliant on his jetpack for flying, meaning if it somehow got damaged, he would be at a disadvantage.

Astrodactyl is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Cerebrocrustacean.[1]

Astrodactyl has a durability limit, as his head hurt after he crashed it against a ship.[1]

Despite his flight, propulsion blasts, and space survivability, Astrodactyl cannot jump into hyperspace.[DJW 5]




Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
Season 8

  • Ben 10 (Issue 3)
  • Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War! (Issue 1, Issue 3, Issue 5)

  • Video Games

    Astrodactyl in Ben 10: Omniverse 2

    Ben 10: Omniverse 2

    Astrodactyl is a playable alien in the game (not on 3DS).

    Naming and Translations

    Language Name Origin
    Bulgarian Астродактил From the original English name
    Chinese 极光翼龙 (Former)
    光鞭翼手龙 (current)
    From 极光 (Jí Guāng), aurora, and 翼龙 (Yì Lóng), pterodactyl
    From 光鞭 (Guāng Biān), light whip, and 翼手龙 (Yì Shǒu Lóng), pterodactyl
    French Astrodactyle From the original English name
    German Astrodactylus From astro and Pterodactylus, pterodactyl
    Italian Astrovolante From astro and volante, flying
    Polish Astrodaktyl From the original English name
    Portuguese (Br) Astrodáctilo From astrodáctilo, astrodactyl
    Romanian Astrodactyl From the original English name
    Russian Астродактиль From the original English name
    Spanish (HA) Astrodactyl From the original English name
    Turkish Astrodactyl From the original English name


    Astrodactyl's name is a portmanteau of the prefix "astro-", meaning star, referencing his abilities, and "pterodactyl", a flying reptile, referencing his appearance.


    • The crew came up with Astrodactyl's name first before figuring out his appearance and powers from there.[DJW 7] His appearance was eventually designed by Steven Choi.[DJW 8]
    • Despite both of them being flying animal-inspired aliens with green energy-related abilities, Derrick J. Wyatt does not consider Astrodactyl to be Jetray's "replacement" in Omniverse.[DJW 9][DJW 10]
      • The reason for this is because the crew never intended or even wanted to replace any aliens.[DJW 11]
    • From Arc 4 of Omniverse onwards, Astrodactyl replaces Bloxx in the opening intro of the show, particularly in the part where the latter used to appear alongside Shocksquatch, Way Big, and Crashhopper.
    • Whenever Astrodactyl talks or becomes excited, he "squawks" like a parrot.


    1. Alternate versions of Astrodactyl are shown possessing star power in different colors. For example, 17-year-old Mutant Kevin's star power is colored red.[4]
    2. Considering how Astrodactyl's DNA was already in the Omnitrix, it is implied that he was never locked.[DJW 6]


    Derrick J. Wyatt

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