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Armodrillo is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Talpaedan from the planet Terraexcava in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Ben as Armodrillo

Armodrillo is a yellow ten-feet-tall alien[1][2] with an armored, robotic-like body. His head is similar to a Greek Corinthian helmet with two ears on it, giving him the appearance of an armadillo. Armodrillo has a gray tail and jackhammer parts on his elbows, wrists and hands, creating the impression that he is a digging robot. Despite his mechanical appearance, all of these aspects are, in fact, biological and natural to his race. He also has blood that is grey and partially translucent.[3]

In Omniverse, Armodrillo looks similar to his Ultimate Alien appearance, but his ears are slightly longer, he has grey bolts with black markings on his shoulders and a metal circle on top of his head. His face has been restructured a little bit, his arm-drills are now much larger, and his feet are now yellow instead of grey while his toes remain grey. His fingers now have a small horizontal line design along with his tail and the black parts of his limbs, his arms, upper arms, and thighs are now more chain-like, and his forearms and shoulders are now much bulkier.

Armodrillo wears the Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Albedo as Negative Armodrillo

Negative Armodrillo resembles Ben's Armodrillo in Omniverse, except his armor, eyes, and Ultimatrix symbol are all colored red.

Powers and Abilities

  • Terrakinesis
  • Drill Hands
  • Earthquake Generation
  • Enhanced Digging
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Jackhammer Arms
  • Jackhammer Propulsion
  • Gas Immunity
  • Shock Waves
  • Enhanced Jumping
  • Arm Extension
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Fissure Creation

Armodrillo has incredible digging capabilities thanks to his jackhammer arms, and can transform his hands into drills to help himself burrow underground and move through it. Armodrillo can even dig through solid rock.[2] His drill hands can also be very useful in battle, as seen when Armodrillo fought Slamworm.[4] His drill hands can also cause a lot of pain to a Galilean.[5]

Armodrillo possesses enhanced durability, courtesy of his armor. He is durable enough to withstand attacks from many powerful opponents, as well as being thrown through walls and other solid surfaces.

Armodrillo possesses enhanced strength, as he was able to destroy ten robots from Dimension 12,[6] lift up a Mucilator,[7] and hold his own against Trumbipulor.[8]

Armodrillo can jump exceptionally high.

Armodrillo is immune to gas.[8]

Armodrillo can create destructive earthquakes by placing his hands on the ground and pumping the jackhammer pistons on his elbows.[9] He can also do this by slamming his hands onto the ground.

Using his jackhammer arms, Armodrillo can propel himself very high into the air by punching the ground, as seen when he avoided getting rammed by Crabdozer.[10]

Armodrillo can extend his hands by pushing in the screws on his arms.[11]

Armodrillo is able to create fissures in the ground, although he may have to first dig deep underground to do this.[12]

Using his jackhammer arms, Armodrillo can create shock waves to blast away larger enemies with a single punch[4] and launch objects he is holding.[11]

Armodrillo can create enough vibrations to collapse buildings into rubble, as demonstrated by Andreas when he destroyed a Forever Knight castle.[3]


  • Vulnerability to Electricity
  • Out-of-Control Vibration
  • Ineffective Drilling
  • Trapped by Slamworm
  • Durability Limit
  • Suffocation

Even though Armodrillo's armor is highly durable, it is not strong enough to keep Argit's quills[3] or Zombozo's bowling pins from hurting him.[8]

Certain weapons can cause Armodrillo's nervous system to go out of control and make him unable to stop vibrating his arms.[13]

Armodrillo can be suffocated if a large amount of matter covers his whole body and compresses it enough.[14]

Armodrillo has a weakness against electricity.[13]

Being a Talpaedan, Armodrillo is vulnerable to being trapped by a Slammoid.[7][10][4]

Armodrillo's drill hands cannot cause pain when used on Tetramands, as they only cause a ticklish feeling for them.[15]


Ben 10

Ultimate Alien



Video Games


Armodrillo in Cosmic Destruction

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Armodrillo is one of the Andromeda Galaxy aliens playable in the game.

Armodrillo is vital for progression on the Devil's Tower, Tokyo Nights, and The Colosseum levels of the game.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Армодрило From the original English name
Chinese 犰狳金刚 From 犰狳 (Qiú Yú) armadillo, and 金刚 (Jīn Gāng), Vajra
Croatian Oklopnjak From oklop, armor; the name itself means "armor carrier"
Dutch Armadriller Portmanteau of armadillo and driller
French Le Tatou From le tatou, the armadillo
German Panzerkralle From panzer, armor, and kralle, claw
Greek Βραχιονικό Τρυπάνι From βραχίονας, arm and τρυπάνι, drill
Hungarian Karófúró From karó, picket, and fúró, drill
Italian Armadillo From the English word armadillo
Polish Armowiertło From the English armor and the Polish wiertło, drill
Portuguese (Br) Armatu From armado, armed and tatu, armadillo ("Armedillo")
Romanian Armoburghiul From burghiul, drill
Russian Армодрило-землерой
From aрмодрило/armodrillo and землерой/zemleroy, navvy
From землерой/zemleroy, navvy
From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Armadillo From the Spanish armadillo, armadillo
Spanish (Spain) Armadillo From the Spanish armadillo, armadillo
Swedish Pansarborren From pansar, armor, and borren, drill
Tagalog Tagalog version of Armodrillo
Turkish Armadillo From the English word armadillo


Armodrillo's name is a combination of the words "armor", "drill", and "armadillo".


  • Armodrillo and the other Andromeda aliens have their powers related to a basic element; for Armodrillo, it is earth.
  • Armodrillo was the Alien of the Month in August 2011, though his name was misspelled as "Armadrillo".
  • Armodrillo's arms resemble those of Big O, the robot from the Japanese anime The Big O.
  • Armodrillo was designed by Steven Choi and Chap Yaep.[DJW 1]


Derrick J. Wyatt

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