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Argit o.O

Argit stealing the Anihilaarg

Argit returned in Omniverse in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies, where he stole the Anihilaarg for one of the Incurseans. However, he is double-crossed and forced to not only face his former employee, but Ben, Rook, and the Vreedle Brothers. The Vreedles later free him from a closet he accidentally locked himself in, in exchange for the Anihilaarg. Argit was destroyed along with everything else except Alien X when the device went off. However, he, along with all of the universe, is brought back thanks to Ben. He is later forced to have smoothies with Ben and Rook, not believing Ben's story that he was a copy of his original self.

Argit appeared in Many Happy Returns, where he was getting strangled by Princess Looma for information on Kevin's whereabouts. It turned out that he and Kevin were looking for an indestructible engine for Kevin's car a few years after they got out of the Null Void; Kevin beat Looma to get it, but refused to marry her, leading her trying to find him for the next 3 years. He tried to warn Ben about what would happen if he beat Princess Looma, but Kevin kept him quiet to end her constant trying to marry him. Oddly, this is the first time he has helped Ben without being bribed or threatened.

TFoW2 (82)

Argit with Ben's team

Argit then appeared in The Frogs of War: Part 2, and was among the resistance fighters but it was revealed that he secretly made a deal with Attea and sold out Ben's Team to the Incurseans, but Attea went back on their deal and locked him up in Plumber HQ after Ben's team took off. He was set free by Blukic escaping outside, only to be met with a Mutant To'kustar. In a panic, he let loose a flurry of needles all over his body into the To'kustar's lower leg, taking it down. Left naked and being filmed on camera, albeit hailed as a hero by a fireman, he asks for a pair of pants.

In OTTO Motives, Argit and Kevin find Otto at the Khoros Auto Show and are able to deal some payback by stopping him from stealing four extremely valuable cars.

Argit appeared in The Ultimate Heist to help Albedo as Ben and Rook, but later he defeated Albedo with his quills before Khyber took Albedo to his ship. He is also shown to have used his newfound "hero" status to his advantage, setting up a business with Solid Plugg and Fistina as his "muscle."

Argit 10

Argit with an Omnitrix

In And Then There Was Ben, an alternate Argit was briefly seen in a timeline where he got the Omnitrix. His Omnitrix, the Argitrix[1] is gold and he seemingly used it to make money. He was visited by No Watch Ben, Gwen 10, Ben 23, and Professor Paradox who then immediately left after No Watch Ben decides not to recruit him.

Three days before the events of Cough It Up, Argit stole a Dehydrated Techadon Army Cube. It revealed that this item is really important for Psyphon, so he sent bounty hunters after Argit. Psyphon told the hunters and Spanner that the guards of the item were poisoned by quills. Spanner told Ben and Rook to meet Argit at his office. Shortly after they arrived, Kraab got into his office and told Argit to give him the weapon. Fortunately, Ben defeated Kraab as Frankenstrike, so they were able to escape using one of the emergency exits before the other hunters would arrive.

Argit techadon

Argit's Techadon robots

They hid in an abandoned storage room, but the Sotoraggian trio found them. Spanner and Buzzshock tried to protect Argit, but Sevenseven was able to take him. In the Black Hole, Psyphon told Argit to give the weapon to him immediately. Argit threatened them that if they don't let him go, he swallows the weapon. Psyphon thought he was bluffing, so he sent his men on him. Since Argit swallowed the army, it no longer remained dehydrated and started to grow inside of Argit's stomach. He then started to cough up cubes which transformed into Techadon robots. Ben got the factory out by transforming into Toepick and caused Argit to vomit out the factory along with other objects he has eaten. He commanded them to catch Psyphon and the bounty hunters, sending them out of Undertown. Thanks to this, the citizens of Undertown worship and love Argit, which he enjoys. He then says that perhaps he should run for mayor. 

Argit kevin electric

Kevin, giving back Argit's memories

In The Rooters of All Evil, Argit is seen working in his office. Suddenly, Kevin appears with Zed. He projects a red energy from the fingers and blasts Argit with it. The shock makes Argit remember everything about the Rooters. He, Kevin and Zed leave Undertown and start to warn the Plumbers' Helpers about the upcoming danger.

In Weapon XI: Part 1, Argit and Kevin went to warn the other Amalgam Kids about the Rooter's intensions and give their memories back. They attempt to warn Alan until they were attacked by Swift. After Kevin enters the Null Void, Argit is confronted by Ben, Gwen, and Rook, who force him to join him in following Kevin. During the battle against the Rooters, Argit hides. He later escapes with the others when Kevin turns against them.

In Weapon XI: Part 2, Argit leads Ben and the others to one of his old hiding places, and tells him the story of how the Rooters put together a "Ben hit squad" five years prior, and erased all their memories when they failed. When the group attack the Rooters' headquarters, Argit crawls through the vent, and ends up in the same room as Phil. When Phil transforms, Argit becomes scared, firing all the quills on his head at him, putting him to sleep.

In The Color of Monkey, Argit sets up a security company, Argitstix, with Simian as an employee. He attempts to illegally transport a Tiffin, but is double-crossed by Simian, who sends Rojo to steal it. After Rojo is defeated, Argit knocks out Simian, preventing him from ratting him out to the Plumbers, and Ben seemingly returns the package to him. However, Argit learns that Ben switched the contents for artificial Tiffin when the buyer (Jarett) opens it. Argit sourly remarks "Well played, Benjamin" and has his Techadons attack the iratated Jarett.