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Argit's species are an unnamed porcupine-like species from an unknown planet.


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The members of this species are a humanoid porcupine-like species. They are shorter than the average human. They have big yellow eyes and black quills for hair.

So far, only males have been seen. It is unknown what females look like.


Pierce, half this species and half-human, had darkened skin, a humanoid shape, and thorns on his face and elbows.

Powers and Abilities

This species can shoot their quills, which can paralyze targets or make them fall asleep. Even beings as powerful as Kevin, either with stone armor or mutated by the Omnitrix, can be affected by the quills, as well as a To'kustar or Talpaedan.

Members of this species can stop their pulses and play possum.[1]

This species is stronger, more durable and more agile than normal humans, enough to smash through a boarded up window by jumping through it, fall several feet unscathed while being blasted by a Sonorosian, be almost completely uninjured from being hit by some as powerful as Ultimate Kevin, survive unscathed while being hurled several miles by an explosion, move on all four limbs at great speed, and have superhuman acrobatic and gymnastic capabilities.


Human hybrids are known to have the ability to be able to grow quills and thorns from anywhere on their body, as well as retract them and even break them off to use them as melee weapons.


Argit's Species appears to be a carnivorous one, as seen when Argit was seen roasting and eating rats in an alley. [2]


Being fairly small and only good for their spikes, this species' own strength and durability is not always enough against more powerful opponents. They can be knocked out with his own quills.

Their quills can be glued to their heads so they can't shoot them anymore. They can lose all of his spikes (and also their fur) if they fire too many or are scared enough.

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids


  • Argit is considered one of the few members of his species most people have ever seen.[DJW 2]


Crew Statements

Dwayne McDuffie

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Derrick J. Wyatt

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