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Area 51 is a top-secret U.S. military base containing a subterranean prison that has been in commission by the United States Government for around 50 years.



Area 51 was established nearly 50 years ago. A prison was built underneath the base and used to contain 775 "alien combatants" arrested by Colonel Rozum on charges of being possible threats to humanity.

As depicted in a flashback in Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51, when Blukic and Driba accidentally started the ship meant for Luhley, they reached Earth with the Galvanian Skeuomorph, where they were captured by Rozum. Incidentally, their arrival was what began the infamous Roswell Conspiracy. Put in separated cages, Blukic broke them out. They were joined by Max, who decided to help them by hiding them in his pockets. Exiting to Area 51's yard, Blukic tried to leave when Driba said that they must find the weapon to stop a big threat on the planet. When Benevelon arrived, claiming that the humans' passport to paradisaical peace awaits, B.L.R.R.T. started to destroy Area 51. Max used a jet to bury B.L.R.R.T., prompting Benevelon to leave. Though Blukic and Driba were free, they were stuck on Earth. When asked Max how he could help them, Blukic asked if Max had work for them.

Ben 10[]

Area 51 was first mentioned in Framed as the place the Special Extraterrestrial Containment Team sends their alien prisoners to.

Ultimate Alien[]

Area 51 first appeared in Prisoner Number 775 is Missing, where Old George arrived and knocked out the guards single-handedly before entering one of the warehouses. A bright yellow light glowed inside the warehouse before it exploded, causing all of Area 51 to completely disappear.

As Cooper found no traces of either crystalized glass or scorch marks, it was proven that Area 51 was neither teleported nor blown up. When Big Chill phased through the unearthed prisoned, he learned of the alien prisoners. To Rozum's surprise, one of the aliens, a Merlinisapien known only as Prisoner 775, was somehow able to escape. Though Prisoner 775 was eventually taken into Plumber custody, Max was disappointed with Rozum's management of Area 51.

In Solitary Alignment, Gwen tracked George down to the displaced Area 51 using a piece of his hair that Kevin had pulled out during their earlier fight. While Gwen and Kevin battled the Forever Knights guarding the area, Ben fought George as Ultimate Humungousaur before they made an agreement that, if George lost to Dagon, he would give Ben his sword.

In The Beginning of the End, Sir George rallied the Forever Knights here.


In Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51, when Ben, Max, Blukic, Driba, and Luhley arrived at Area 51, Benevelon arrived soon after. B.L.R.R.T. emerged from the ground and took a plane, wreaking havoc at Area 51. Meanwhile, Blukic and Driba searched for their saucer in the warehouse. Driba accidentally fell on something, which happened to be the saucer. They entered the saucer and found the Galvanian Skeuomorph, which had been left turned on for years. To make matters worse, it was probably overloaded because the battery had been charging for a few decades and would explode any minute now. The two then started to panic. Outside, B.L.R.R.T. destroyed half of Area 51. Blukic and Driba ran with the Skeuomorph but Blukic dropped it. Four Arms reacted quickly and launched the Skeuomorph into B.L.R.R.T., destroying it and 40 planes in a big explosion. Benevelon was then captured and made prisoner, as Luhley left for Galvan Prime.

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  • The prison within Area 51, and ultimately the base itself is a direct violation of both Plumber protocol and interstellar law.[1][2]

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