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Arburian Pelarota (also called Tortugans)[pop-up 1][1] is a species from the once peaceful planet Arburia. The more primitive Vulpinic Pelarota live on Vulpin.[pop-up 2][2]

Their evolved counterparts are Evolved Arburian Pelarotas.


Arburian Pelarotas are hulking, broad-shouldered aliens covered in natural, yellow armor plating on their back, shoulders, and the backs of their arms. They are mostly white with black on their upper half and have four claws on both of their hands, having a color scheme and claws similar to that of a panda. Arburian Pelarotas are covered in fur across the thickest parts of their body, while every other part except for their elbows and knees is short fur.[DR 1]

When Cannonbolt turns into a sphere, he rolls up into a ball, with his backplates and the plates on his hands covering him. His sphere form has semi-circular stripes across his body, with black lines around the circular plates, and his side plates are the plates on his shoulders.

Adults have the same appearance as children, only with sharper claws and small lines near their fingers.

Female Arburian Pelarotas appear to have a slimmer torso and pelvis, their armor is also smaller and they have feminine lips.

There are two species of Arburian Pelarota. The more primitive kind lives on Vulpin.[pop-up 2][2] It is unknown if they are still in existence or not.

Powers and Abilities

Arburian Pelarotas can curl into a ball, encasing themselves in their plating. In general, the Arburian Pelarota species mostly used this maneuver for defense, like an armadillo.

When rolled up, Arburian Pelarotas become like motorized wheels that can move at great speed (because of chemicals in their exo-plates that reduce friction)[pop-up 3][1] and can increase their rotational momentum to slam into and/or run over enemies. Arburian Pelarotas are able to maneuver around their surroundings in ball form thanks to the short fur on their body, registering shifts in air and motion around them. Between that and their excellent hearing, Arburian Pelarotas receive something akin to echolocation - giving them "eyeless" vision.[DR 2][DR 3]

Arburian Pelarotas can ricochet and bounce off surfaces like a pinball in sphere form, suffering little-to-no loss in momentum.

Arburian Pelarotas can use their sphere form to increase their agility by quickly opening up their ball shape while airborne, create shockwaves, and spin into a fierce tornado.

Despite their top-heavy bodies, Arburian Pelarotas have enhanced reaction time, reflexes, dexterity, and balance, allowing them to quickly change in and out of ball form to suit their immediate needs.

Arburian Pelarotas can house people and fairly large objects within their spheroid form.

Arburian Pelarotas possess enhanced strength, being able to fight on par with enemies about his size.[3] They can also break free from traps made of Lepidopterran slime.[4]

From inside their shells, Arburian Pelarotas can withstand twice the heat of reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.[pop-up 4][5] Similarly, their shells are resistant to acids and lava,[6] as well as cold temperatures of places such as Mikd'lty,[7] and can withstand the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil's species.[DJW 1]

An Arburian Pelarota's shell can deflect lasers, even when not in sphere form.[8] Because of this, they are practically nigh-invulnerable[DJW 2] when curled into a ball.

Arburian Pelarotas are capable of withstanding the vacuum of space, but they still need to breathe. Without an oxygen supply, Arburian Pelarotas are limited to holding their breath.[9]

Arburian Pelarotas can be empowered by electrical abilities, such as those of a Gimlinopithecus. This way, they can gain much more power and momentum when in sphere form.[10]


Arburian Pelarotas are subjected to the physical laws of reflection and conservation of momentum, meaning that they have difficulty stopping or controlling their direction if they pick up too much speed.

An Arburian Pelarota's bipedal form is top-heavy, making them very unbalanced and clumsy because their are made to spin rather than walk like most other sapient species.[pop-up 1][1]

Arburian Pelarotas can occasionally emit some sort of odor that people housed in their spheroid form can find repulsive.[5][11]

Arburian Pelarotas can be trapped by either adhesives[12] as well as beings that have as much or more strength than a Chimera Sui Generis.[13]

Arburian Pelarotas cannot roll on slippery surfaces, such as puddles made of a Murk Gourmand's slime.[14]

Despite their shells being resistant to extreme heat while reentering Earth's atmosphere, Arburian Pelarotas can still suffer a mild amount of pain from the force of impact.[5][10]

Unlike their shells, an Arburian Pelarota's skin is not heat resistant.[15]

Arburian Pelarotas have a weakness against magic, as shown when Cannonbolt was constrained by Addwaitya.[16]

Arburian Pelarotas can be incapacitated by electricity, such as that generated by a Transylian.[17]

In their uncurled form, Arburian Pelarotas can be controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas.[DJW 3]

Notable Arburian Pelarotas

Notable Arburian Pelarota Hybrids

Video Games

In the Protector of Earth Timeline, Arburian Pelarotas are capable of rolling in a circular pattern to damage enemies, compressing themselves tightly and then releasing the pressure to create a sonic blast. Arburian Pelarotas are able to flop onto the ground to create a shockwave, as well as rotate quickly to generate a miniature tornado.


The name Arburian Pelarota is based on Arburia (the Arburian Pelarota home planet), pelota (Spanish for "ball") and rota (a play on "rotation").


  • Arburian Pelarotas are believed to be extinct from the universe, but it wouldn't surprise Eugene Son if there are a few alive somewhere.[ES 1]


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