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Arburian Carcharodons, known colloquially as the "Beasts with a Billion Teeth", are a species of megashark from the planet Arburia. They sometimes prey on Arburian Pelarota.


Arburian Carcharodons are massive sharks with dense armor, huge mouths containing hundreds of teeth, and possessing ten eyes. They also have eight relatively insignificant fin-like limbs running along their bodies. They have green skin and long tails with spikes on them.


Arburian Carcharodons stalk the oceans of Arburia, and are a common threat to beach-going Pelarota that are just trying to relax.

Powers and Abilities

It can breath underwater and have sharp teeth.

Arburian Carcharodons possess enhanced durability.


Arburian Carcharodon are vulnerable to blunt force attacks.

Their ability to survive on land is unseen.

Notable Arburian Carcharodon

  • Arburia Natives


Arburian refers to their home planet of Arburia, Carcharodon refers to a specific genus of sharks that includes Great White Sharks.

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