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Arburia (alternatively spelled as Aruburia)[pop-up 1][1][pop-up 2][2][merch 1] was once a peaceful world and the home planet of the civilized species of Tortugans; the Arburian Pelarotas.[3]


Cities on Arburia were connected by thousands of roller tunnel systems, like a hamster cage.[pop-up 1][1][merch 2]


With many resources and an ideal climate, the inhabitants of Arburia lived in harmony. Arburia was considered a vacation spot by many species, but was later destroyed by the Great One who visited.[pop-up 3][1][merch 1]

Ben 10

One week prior to The Big Tick, the Great One visited and destroyed Arburia.


Arburia had celebrations where people dressed up in costumes.[pop-up 2][2]

Notable Visitors


  • The image of Arburia features a creature very similar in appearance to the Knobby White Spider from the Star Wars expanded universe. It is unknown if the image from the card is intended to depict the planet before or during the Great One's arrival.




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