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Aranhascimmia, also known as Arachna,[1][2][merch 1] is the home planet of the Arachnichimps.[merch 2]


From space, Aranhascimmia is lime green with darker green spots and large clouds. When viewed from the surface, its atmosphere gives its sky a purple color.[3]

Aranhascimmia is full of rainforests, with giant green and brown trees and rock suspended at different elevations. Layers of canopy can surround below as if it were a layer of floor. There are also large bodies of green water, where Root Sharks reside.[3]

It is always dark below the canopy on the trees, which contributes to a fast-seeming day cycle.[1][3]


It is normally hot on Aranhascimmia, and it never naturally snows.[1][3]


Aranhascimmia is a dangerous planet for creatures, mostly Arachnichimps, as they are reputedly the most delicious creatures on the planet.[merch 3] Almost every predator on Aranhascimmia considers them a delicacy, especially the Root Sharks.[1][3] They can sneak underneath at least one layer of canopy, and can jump up through it to surprise Arachnichimps when hunting them. This behavior is also observed in at least one other predator.[3]

Arachnichimps are thus forced to live a nomadic lifestyle up in the treetops, and constantly watch their back.[merch 3]


Alien Force[]

Aranhascimmia was mentioned by Simian in Birds of a Feather.

Ultimate Alien[]

Aranhascimmia first appeared in Simian Says. Simian brought a Xenocite queen to Aranhascimmia and it began turning all the Arachnichimps into DNAliens, nearly driving their entire species to extinction until Ben, his team and Simian returned them to normal.

Known Inhabitants[]

SS (546)

Unnamed shark-like predator

Known Visitors[]


Aranhascimmia is a combination of aranha (Portuguese for "spider") and scimmia (Latin for "monkey"), effectively translating to spider-monkey.


Ultimate Alien[]

Season 3[]



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