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Aranhaschimmia, also known as Arachna,[1][2][merch 1] is the home planet of the Arachnichimps.


From space, Aranhaschimmia is a lime green planet with darker green marks.

Aranhaschimmia is full of forests and many predators.

It is a dangerous planet, which is why Arachnichimps only live at the tree tops, as their species is considered a delicacy to predators such as the Root Sharks.

It is always dark below the canopy on Aranhaschimmia.


It never snows naturally on Aranhaschimmia.


Alien Force

Aranhaschimmia was mentioned by Simian in Birds of a Feather.

Ultimate Alien

Aranhaschimmia first appeared in Simian Says. Simian brought a Xenocyte to Aranhaschimmia and it began turning all the Arachnichimps into DNAliens, nearly drove the Arachnichimps to extinction until Ben, his team and Simian returned them to normal.

Notable Inhabitants

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