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Appoplexia is the home planet of Appoplexians.[note 1]


The Appoplexian Empire has been led by 99 supreme commanders, with Vexx being the 99th.

The people of Appoplexia have a sense of shame and always wear clothes.[1][2]



It is said that some of the Appoplexians have died due to their short temper and always wanting to get into fights.[citation needed]


In Food Around the Corner, the people of Appoplexia and Lewoda seem to be at odds with each other and only just settled on a truce.

Notable Inhabitants


The name Appoplexia is a play on the term "apoplexy" (or "apoplectic"), which is a word to describe the state of being overcome with rage.



  1. Appoplexia was first added to the wiki to the disambiguation page for Rath (which served as the page for the Classic Continuity version of Rath at the time) by an anonymous user on January 13, 2010. It was added to the page for Appoplexians on February 18, 2010 upon its creation, by another anonymous user. This page was later created on February 28, 2010 by a user named Linkmadara. No source for the planet's name was provided in any of these instances. Derrick J. Wyatt would later provide some information about Appoplexia, albeit without mentioning its name.[DJW 1] Appoplexia was not mentioned in any official media or merchandise until the Rath AW3: Endless Party Planet short, which takes place in the Reboot Continuity. Thus, the canonicity of Appoplexia in the Classic Continuity is dubious.


Derrick J. Wyatt

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